Follow Up To My Last Post

When they were little, I hand fed two of these turtles in the home of the person where they were raised.

Hi again from Shhhh! Digital Media and myself, Brian Joseph Johns.

I'm certain that griping about being abused and harassed by many people over the last decades isn't very becoming of a person, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. I'm not going to apologize for protesting that sort of treatment because I don't agree with it not to mention, nor does the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act.

If you've never experienced anything like that, then I'd advise you to be careful when you come to an opinion on the matter. You never know when you might be next, though I wouldn't wish that upon anyone except perhaps for the people that do it.

Consider that during this crisis and in its midst, that there were a group of abusive people who rather than use their time to complete anything productive or create something that inspired optimism or direction, they instead chose to use their time abusing and harassing other people. 

If I'm shallow for protesting that, then what does that make them?

During this crisis I honestly did everything that I could to support the infrastructure and those people working to overcome COVID-19 in whatever way I could. It shames me to think that I was essentially bullied by a large group of people and  many of whom conducted this activity under the impression of me being someone else completely different from my own person (as if that makes it excusable), or because they thought that I somehow "vampired" the ability to write or do anything in my life from other people, which of course is complete and utter nonsense seeing as I've been doing similarly creative things since my early childhood.

So, while people were struggling to survive and some were dying, I did my best to keep people's spirits up with the creative content of Shhhh! Digital Media and others abusing and harassing me did their best to do just that. I'm not accepting the responsibility for their activities at all and if you judge me harshly for me protesting their abuse of me, then perhaps you should reconsider your own values. That would be like persecuting the woman who screams during a rape, or the guy who screams in pain after being shot.

The truth is that I'm grateful for my life and health and always have been. I just don't do the dance of positivity versus negativity or love versus hate or red versus blue. It might be fun to watch on the field of sport or to play in a video game or perhaps as a hidden plot device for the narrative in a movie, but in real life, it completely sucks and is very counter productive to society. Especially when people take it too far.

I considered my protests almost like a message in a bottle, but you know what? Nobody came to help. During my last twenty years of life, I've been involved in situations where I was physically injured coming to someone else's aid, including being attacked by someone wielding a metal pipe after I stopped him from using it upon the skull of a nearby woman. Actually, he assaulted me and threatened me, not to mention that it took a day and a half for that wound to stop bleeding. There've been a couple times at least where someone nearby screamed for their life, possibly being raped, where I was the only person to show themselves and confront any potential attacker and that's not a lie or something I grabbed from a movie or from a first responded, or better yet, from one of my own fictional stories. I don't steal other people's lives at all.

I've even upon seeing physical scars inflicted upon the upper chest area of two completely different women  who did not know each other (each of whom were wearing tank tops which left the scars very visible) reported that to the Police as possible victims of a violence against women. I did all of these things while not knowing that I was actually being spied upon illegally by the kind of organized crime that could have caused me some serious harm. You know what happened? These people were using me to fuel their lives. So what I actually did in real life, they stole to take over as part of their lives. They similarly did the same thing with my books as well. So I was basically a cow for their milking. Not only would they steal aspects of my real life, but also my fictional worlds as well. These are the same people who conducted nearly non-stop harassment for decades.

That's pretty rough and I still can't believe that things of that nature are allowed to operate in society because for the most part, they're ignored as are their victims. These are people that during the COVID-19 crisis spent most of their time abusing and harassing me. Maybe in order to make me appear to be a complainer to my online readers or something of that nature in order to discredit me and destroy Shhhh! Digital Media.

Considering that I produced everything on Shhhh! Digital Media and the sites that spawned it on a poverty level income, and continued to do so through thick and thin, it was a gargantuan effort and certainly caused a stir around the world, though I didn't make one penny from it and in fact, I spent more than a thousand dollars keeping it alive, while most of what I received was hate and abuse from my stalkers. 

So during my protests, and even the ones in the midst of this crisis, these people were harassing and stalking me during that crisis. While other people were dying. If you think of me as a complainer, then what do you think about them?

I did learn much about people and their true nature because when I, a person who responded to nearly every cry for help that I've heard over the course of my life, tried to cry for help when I needed it, nobody came.

The last thing is that when I express being wronged like this, the very stalkers claim that I'm someone else whose life they're collectively trying to fuel again with aspects of my real life. Some of the people who do this believe that when you do something good, its because you're possessed by someone else. But when you get angry, its you. They use this justification to steal aspects of your life from you. That's what I was protesting because to me it seems impossible that a cult of that magnitude could even find purchase here, let alone operate and run society behind the scenes.

So, that's why I shut down Shhhh! Digital Media. I will be renewing the domain in June, but I won't be posting any new content for some time, if at all.

To those who've lost family and other loved ones in the midst of COVID-19, I send my heart felt condolences. 

I hope that my protest of this harassment activity didn't undermine your confidence in life and society or make light of your loss. Please consider that if protesting that sort of activity makes me bad, then what does that make those who conduct that kind of harassment and abuse, especially during a crisis of this nature?

People who do that kind of thing are trying to polarize us all, or just one of us against everyone else. Be careful because you have no idea what its like to live as being the one who is polarized against everyone else, through harassment and abuse. We live in an age where identity has become a weapon, that someone can transfer their worst to someone else, who will then get abused and stalked as if they were somehow responsible for that. What's worse is why are people even doing that? The harassment I mean? Because they want to make you carry the burden of other people and its the people who conduct the harassment who set the price and value of that burden. Keep that in mind.

FYI: Bobby is not Weltherwithsp, and I'm not Bobby. Annika isn't the Butterfly Dragon. 

Furthermore, I'm an Atheist that leans towards Buddhism and Taoism and I don't want or need a sponsor for any sort of membership to any ideology.

Somewhere, there might be a king of the pirates, but that's kind of like being king of the dip-shits, especially if you stalk and abuse people in order to steal their output in life or prevent them from progressing. That's just so wrong.

Stay Safe And Be Well.

Sincerity before and after polarity, but hold the polarity.

Brian Joseph Johns