Dixon Hall And Heyworth House Aren't Shhhh! Digital Media But...

Sorry for the mini-novel here, but this is important and not just to myself but to many others in the world as well. Too long? Don't read.

Far be it from me to ever attempt to take away the rights of other people, much less their own creative ventures and expression in the form of media. However, I do have to clarify a fact and that is that Shhhh! Digital Media, The Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative aren't produced at Dixon Hall or at Dixon Hall Heyworth House at all.

In addition, Weltherwithsp the dragon does not represent anyone that resides there and has no connection to Dixon Hall or their clients, with all due respect.

Allow me to clarify the issue at hand here. I've been writing in this capacity since around 2010 and at that time, I was a resident of Dixon Hall Heyworth House, as I'd been homeless for 8 years from July of 2004.

Over that period, a group (most likely of a criminal nature and possibly organized crime) operating from within the shelter system attempted to take my identity from me and replace it with someone else's. During that process, anything connected with my own identity was also attempted to be taken from me and given to the credit of others.

Any time I've attempted to clarify and demonstrate that fact, there has been a fairly large effort on the part of what can only be described as abusive stalkers to prevent me from claiming my own identity and the association of things related to my life, such as my own creative works. On other sites, I've attempted to describe this as being erased, which is fairly accurate. In a sense, what I experienced is similar to what George Orwell described as unpersoning or vaporizing. Where one's social identity is devoured by others, who then wear the aspects of that person's life as if it were their own. The vaporized person continues to live and be productive however they can in those circumstances, while those who devoured them wear that person's output as if it were their own.

Any time the person victimized by this socially coordinated effort attempts to claim their own identity, they are attacked and stalked and often discredited. One of the means by which this occurs is where such a group attempts to transfer the identity and reputation of another person to replace their victim's original identity. This is something like what has occurred with my own person. The people responsible for this are criminal in nature, conducting illegal surveillance to assist them in doing exactly this and justifying doing it based upon the logic and reasoning that I am someone else other than my own original identity.

I have very little to do with any lifestyle associated with narcotics as I don't use them. I am an ex-cannabis smoker, so I'm a bit liberal of attitude, but I don't partake of narcotics at all and am not involved in their distribution or any aspect of their presence in society. I supported legalization for cannabis certainly, but I don't even smoke it and haven't for a years. In fact, I don't even smoke cigarettes, having quit eleven years ago.

So this thieving ideology has taken my own efforts from me and worn them as their own for years, while painting me as being someone else much different from my actual identity of Brian Joseph Johns. Including and certainly not limited to forcing me to live by the rules of a religion of which I'm not a part and never have been. In fact, I'm an Atheist and have been since 2007. From that point in my life, I chose to start exploring and leaning towards Buddhism and Taoism, though I am not devout by any means and certainly don't pretend to be.

Whomever you believe to be writing The Butterfly Dragon or A Lady's Prerogative as it has been produced here on Shhhh! Digital Media since 2016, and previous to that, Tales From The Sanctum and (formerly https://talesfromthesanctum.blogspot.com) and The Butterfly Dragon (formerly https://thebutterflydragon.blogspot.com) and before that, Poetry, Fiction, Software, Graphics, Music and Ideas (currently https://poetryandfiction.shhhhdigital.com), you've been fooled, unless of course you knew me and who I was. In other words, large groups of bullies attempted to steal my creative works from me and wear them as their own. 

When I attempted to expose and explain this several times, the very bullies guilty of doing this attempted to turn the tables on me, casting me as the bully, and them as my victims. FYI, that is the number one modus operandi of how ideologies of this nature operate. They trade places with their victims and attempt to present it to the public that way by distinguishing from the online identity and the in-person identity of their victim. So in my case, the people doing this to me, would stalk and harass me to the point where I'd verbally confront them, which might make me sound a bit confrontational, though I was only being defensive of what is rightfully mine. So my own defense in that regard would be used to vilify me to others, in a giant society wide game of love and hate and other people might be inclined to wonder how could this guy, who has a very bold presence (after twenty years of stalking and harassment by groups of people), be the person who created The Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative books from as far back as 2012 (online publishing date though they were written much earlier)?

I can only say that I am the author and that is for certain. I just happen to be living in the midst of the largest bullying gang there is. I'm sure that there are many people out there who can concur with what I'm saying and hate is not love and love is not hate. The people who do this bullying operate under that guise. That hate means love and love means hate. That's their way of getting around sincere people. Reversing the context of their expression by ganging up on them and regarding everything expressed by them as meaning the opposite of what they expressed, which I can assure you is not the case with myself. I say what I mean, and I mean what I say. Despite what group bullies like ideologies of this nature might claim, you can't stop the truth. Actually, if you hear others saying: "truth ripped" or "truth broken", then chances are, you're on their turf or at least a place where they feel confident enough to actually challenge the truth of reality.

So when someone like myself exposes the truth, they try to break it. Breaking it might include implying that everything that I create comes from someone else other than myself and using all of that output to fuel their life. They're real life gang bullies. They operate in such a way where they spy illegally on content creators, and attempt to steal their content from them and attribute it to other people. When someone exposes this, they do everything they can to hide that fact and this is something taken part in by many people by the way.

Consider it this way. If you protect what they're doing, the same thing will happen to you eventually. This isn't a case of positive attitude versus negative attitude. It isn't a case of a loving person versus a hateful person. That's the pitch they use to try and sell it to you, because who's going to side with someone negative or mean, a person that has been victimized by large groups of people who bullied them to the point where their own defense of their rights seems like negativity and meanness. They might even label you as a complainer. 

If your rights were violated in that way, and you protested that sort of treatment whole heartedly, you'd see the other side because you'd be singled out, then labeled as a complainer or a bully. Here's one for you. This ideology are notorious for switching the histories and roles of real life bullies and real life bullying victims, from as far back as their early childhood. So if you were a victim of that sort of thing when you were young, they'll dig far back into your life and reverse the roles. Even if you're like me and had forgiven your childhood bullies. They'll dig it up from your life, verbally stalk and abuse you in large groups, so that your reaction seems consistent with the bullying role from your own childhood of being bullied, and from that point on this ideology will hold you as the bully in those situations. That's how they rewrite things, and when you expose this, they'll rewrite your identity in doing so by claiming that you're someone other than your real and true self.

Their method of taking from people is abuse conducted in large groups and that includes attempts to take the online creative content from myself. So I've had a very bad experience in dealing with the people who do this sort of thing and I'm doing what I can to expose it and reclaim the ownership of my identity and my own content. This isn't Homer's Odyssey or the Iliad as much so as this isn't Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? It's reality. Beware, because like Nazis, the people who specialize in doing this sort of thing are experts at manipulating the public impression, casting their victim as the hate side, while they take on the love side. Don't get me wrong, I love red, but I don't live by colour symbolism. Colours aren't a prison for the mind (the way this ideology uses them to take over communities). They're an important part of nature and artistic expression.

I don't play guitar by the way, and I've never owned a guitar in my life. That should eliminate a few more people who are wrongly being credited for my work and efforts, though in all fairness, they likely aren't fully aware of this fact because the people doing so operate behind the scenes and keep such efforts hidden from those they attempt to credit with the works of others. The truth is, we're both being played and likely against one another.

One thing I've noticed about this ideology is that they don't regard their victims or targets if you will, as having their own consciousness. For the most part, they largely operate under the guise that their target is possessed by an outside consciousness that has essentially carjacked the body of victim, and taken it over. Unfortunately, this is a sell they try to make to anyone stupid enough to believe it. So I'm not possessed by anyone or anything and never have been. A person's body is NOT a chair in a giant game of musical chairs where a group of consciousnesses compete for ownership of a body before the end of the game. It doesn't work that way and subjecting anyone in society to the rules of such an idea is actually a violation of their rights and the law. Groups of people that would go along with that premise are throwing away the law and the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms (in Canada where I live) or the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights under the United Nations (in any country in the world).

So I'm not Bryant Thompson by the way (one of my childhood bullies). I hold no grudge against him as I'm fairly certain that he isn't responsible for what masses of bullies do on his behalf. There are other bullies from my life and past as well, but I don't hold a grudge unless you support mass bullying to turn the tables on your victims. I'm not Darren O'Brien (aka the rapper Snow) either, though he wasn't really a bully himself. He did speak up on my behalf once against his friends at that time, which was better than most people did. These are people I knew of growing up, but mostly as a result of being on the victim end of their bullying end. Still, people change with time, but its unfortunate to see people who become mass bullies. Almost like a blob, where a bunch of people give up their individuality to become akin to a giant social monster, that singles out and devours those of enough courage to maintain their stance against such activity.

Keep in mind that mass bullying is something I've contended with since the early 1990s and for no good reason, though it wasn't recognized and didn't have a name back then, or was simply hidden by calling it mental illness (sweeping it under the carpet). That doesn't mean that mental illness doesn't exist. It just means that its not a convenient scapegoat for mass bullies and stalkers to get away with what amounts to being organized crime. I'll leave the organized crime investigation part to the professionals though.

I used to work for a company called Ferretina in the west end of Toronto. To my friends from Ferretina Film Production Ltd and Animation Group Ltd, John Marshall and Bernard, I hope that you're doing well, where ever you are. In some instances there, I was a very mean to you and really, given my experiences with being a bullying victim, I should have been more sensitive. However, I suspect that these mass bullies were playing us both. You were just pawns in their attempt to turn the tables and make me appear the bully so they could steal my own history from me. Back then in 2001 and 2002, much of what was going on in that regard wasn't exposed by that point, and from what I have uncovered, there was actually quite a bit to that whole thing. Not just Ferretina, but elsewhere and by some very nefarious forces at play.

Regardless I apologize, as I was under immense stress as a result of mass bullying and being stalked at that time. Again, I suspect that was actually the intended outcome of these mass bullies. To turn me from a quiet, peaceful and mostly timid person into someone that they could sell to others as being a mean bully, so they could swap my history of being a victim of bullying with one or more of my childhood bullies. They also seem to be "builders" that revel in turning people into willful meanies. There are times and places where being willful and even delicately forceful can help many difficult situations, but simply crafting someone into a meanie takes no skill or craftsmanship. So in that regard, I don't suspect that real Freemasons (or Rosicrucians of compassion and virtue) are behind any of this malice.

Also, in case you haven't noticed, Ferretina was illegally under surveillance, but not by the legal authorities (ie the Police or Federal Police) but by a local criminal ideology, who still possess the original recordings until this day and use them as part of their war chest. I haven't ascertained if that included video in addition to audio, but I have verified that they do have full audio recordings throughout the course of my own investigation. So even things you or I said in jest can show up in their war chest. Heads up.

Although what I described about the illegal recording has little to do with unions (I hope), I suppose if I were in a union too, there might be many bullies who'd act on my behalf despite who was right or wrong. This is something that needs changing. Any Ombudsman out there care to take up that challenge? Unions are about workers' rights, not mass bullying citizens. Mass bullying citizens is what the Nazis did to turn the vote in Hitler's favour when he grabbed power from the Chancellor. Actually the vote in that situation was just conducted to give legitimacy to his taking over the leadership of Germany, because they actually took that power by intimidation.

I still love red by the way, just not Nazis.

So, I'm the real Shhhh! Digital Media. I'm Brian Joseph Johns. Nothing created on Shhhh! Digital Media, even as far back as 2010 (or before that as far back as my childhood), has anything to do with Dixon Hall Heyworth House or its clients and involved nobody else in their creation other than myself. However, having lived homeless and lost everything for eight years (as a result of mass bullying), I can certainly relate with how difficult the struggle is surviving in the shelter system. I can't however imagine how difficult it is given COVID-19, either for the fair and honest workers who don't play into the dynamics of abusive ideology, or the clients of the same ilk and virtue as those workers, staying away from manipulative social dynamics. When you blindly follow symbol more so than what it is supposed to represent, you're prone to become monsters. This is certainly the case with the abusive application of colour symbolism to keep people in a prison of their mind, and that is not a criticism of Japanese use of colours or any Asian culture. I stand with Asians by the way. Its more a criticism of the fervor that many North Americans currently seem to be placing upon the use of colour symbolism to take over communities. Almost like gangsters. Wake up people!

Before I finish up here, I'm a strong supporter of wearing a mask! I've never left my residence without it (well, once about six months ago I actually got a block away before realizing I wasn't wearing my mask and promptly covered my face with my shirt and proceeded home to get it). I am also a supporter of the vaccination program. I vote. I file my taxes. I do my best given these constraints to take part in and contribute to society. Again, I'm not a member of any ideology that plays musical chairs with identity or consciousness and will continue to expose nonsense like that as often as it takes to do away with it, seeing as it is a violation of the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights.

There will be new chapters up soon for both The Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative, I just have to recover from the latest harassment attacks that occurred between Friday April 2, 2021 and today, Tuesday April 6, 2021.

I'm a United Nations Foundation and United Way supporter, both in word and financially.

Update: On the day I posted this post, there was an increase in the overall amount of harassment that came from my neighbours and others in my building of residence, especially trying to replace my identity with that of someone else and likely to steal my output to give to someone else's credit. I don't want anyone else's identity at all. I'm certainly not the king of hell at all and never will be (something my abusive neighbours include in their verbal harassment). I'm an atheist. I don't even believe in any Abrahamic religion whatsoever. So, just a heads up to others out there that probably, these people are trying to take my stuff from me and unfortunately, this effort seems to involve people I've known and trusted. So to clarify things, I'm not Bob Federer with all due respect to him. I'm not a part of the ideology of which my mother appears to be, though I mean no disrespect in that statement. I'm not a part of any ideology that attempts to force people to live by colour symbolism where the colour blue means being mean to people all the time. 

That's how my neighbours live and they're very constantly verbally harassing and abusive, constantly attempting to create conflict and part of an ideology in my own community that replaces the identity of their victims with alternate identities as part of an effort to erase a person's original identity and existence. Its a shame when even members of your own family are a part of something of this nature. I do however stand by my father, David Schindler (Wayne Buttery was never my father with all due respect to him and his estate). Also, I'm not a Jehovah's Witness (obviously if I'm not a member of any Abrahamic religion). Likewise, I'm not a member of Prince Hall either with all due respect to those that are. And as I've stated many times truthfully, my own love interest is Mandarin Chinese and I'm not Italian or Irish by the way, once again, with all due respect to members of those cultures. I'm not a member of any religion that believes in possession by spirits or disembodied consciousness either. It seems that the people harassing me believe in something of that nature and actively set about denying other people of their own identity based upon that belief despite the legal discrepancies of doing so. However, whenever they're abusive to this level, I have another site where I take apart and expose their methods publicly for the assistance of those investigating such activities. Some of the people that conduct this harassment believe themselves to be exercising such possessions from people and their goal is to create reactions from their subject that indicate their expressed opinion contradicts any aspect of whom or what they believe that person to be possessed by. I don't believe anything of that nature. Also, I'm not from Nova Scotia and I've never been there in my life and I don't do colour symbolism.

I'm Brian Joseph Johns writing this post from my residence in 200 Sherbourne Street in apartment 701 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

This is Shhhh! Digital Media at https://www.shhhhdigital.ca

I'm also on Twitter at https://www.twitter.com/MediaShhhh