I'd like to express my condolences to the to the Royal Family Of The United Kingdom, to the House Of Windsor, and to the people of Britain and the Commonwealth for the loss of Prince Philip, Duke Of Edinburgh, Consort Of The British Monarch, Admiral Of The Fleet, Field Marshall, Marshall Of The Royal Air Force, Captain General Of The Royal Marines and active Commander thereof.

Though he lived a remarkable and full life, it is always with great sadness that we bid those with whom we've become so familiar their farewell, in their departure from this stage of our existence.

Here is one of his most remarkable statements, taken from his 1969 address to Canadians on the issue of republicanism and certainly an example of his humble regard for the service of the Monarchy:

"It is a complete misconception to imagine that the monarchy exists in the interests of the monarch. It doesn't. It exists in the interests of the people. If at any time any nation decides that the system is unacceptable, then it is up to them to change it."

Prince Philip, Duke Of Edinburgh

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In Canada he is also remembered for having commented on the importance of physical fitness for young Canadians. Though at first he was criticized for his statement by the implication that he was saying that Canadian children were unhealthy. As society began to take his remarks seriously, advocating and creating fitness programs such as Participaction, he was later applauded for the impact of his encouragement for youngsters to make a pursuit of physical fitness a priority in their daily lives.

In this sometimes difficult and confusing age, we can truly draw inspiration from history and those who were part of it regardless of their beginnings (or endings), be they humble or grand. The struggles with which each of us deal on a day to day basis are not so different as we pretend them to be, whether we strive in the midst of poverty or walk with the rulers of nations. There is something to learn from everyone, regardless of our propensity for pragma, dogma, stigma and cliche. I believe that Prince Philip was a shining example of this attitude throughout his life and that given his position, he was subject to challenges much the same as are we all. However, he always rose to overcome them and as such, set an example for all.

As certainly as the people struggle against the currents of their own understanding and misunderstanding, so do those representing our interests struggle in a similar current that sometimes opposes our own. Somewhere in the middle of the two, there is the insight for understanding that will allow us all to progress, together rather than in purposeful contravention of one another. As if simply by opposing others we are liberating ourselves, when in all truth, such automatic opposition in action is simply relinquishing our liberty by another means.

I believe that this truly represents the importance of our tradition, with regard to the Monarchy and its relationship with the people. Something which was defined by Prince Philip's life and through which we may all find unity rather than conflict.

On behalf of all contributors to Shhhh! Digital Media, Shhhh! Digital Media itself and myself, Brian Joseph Johns, I express my heart felt condolences for the loss of Prince Philip, Duke Of Edinburgh.

Brian Joseph Johns