Commander Weltherwithsp From Elite Dangerous...

I play as Commander Weltherwithsp on Elite Dangerous by the way. I don't play frequently, but when I do, I often play as a female Asian character.

I've stated how I often have people attempt to steal my identity, both online and offline and replace it with the identity of other people. There's a pretty crappy and goofy cult in society right now doing things of that nature, all governed by their use of colour symbolism, which in Canada is actually a violation of the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act.

Using colour symbolism, this cult attempts to take the best of a person, and transfer it to other people, while dumping their worst onto the person from whom they've taken their best and this is a cult that spies illegally upon the communications devices of its citizens in North America so far as I've seen, but only specific people.

So there you have it, that's my character on Elite Dangerous and I'm Commander Weltherwithsp and I've been playing since 2014, though I bought and played the original Elite back in 1984. The cult in question attempts to steal the nerdier aspects of their victim's lives and replace it with criminal aspects. 

From what I've seen, they're trying to rewrite history and the reputations of specific people this way. Of course, the online world offers all sorts of channels through which to use colours as this cult does for the purposes of identity theft and the transference of activities from one person to another.

Its not so much that with my work or play that I am against fuelling the lives of other people. What I'm against is that this cult operate on racist ideas in that regard, whereby they oppose mixed culture relationships between certain people. I've explained how they're against my love interest being Mandarin Chinese because I'm a white guy (pinkish yellowish skinned but really that shouldn't matter).

They're a bizarre cult by the way. They don't regard people as being themselves, but rather as the collective of society being like a giant game of musical chairs where consciousness jumps around from one body to another in such a way that nobody is guaranteed to be the same "them" according to this cult. In other words, you might have the body of a specific person, but that body becomes occupied by a different person every day according to this cult. That governs how they treat specific people and the ways in which they violate the rights of such people.

Often these boundaries between identity are exploited by this cult by a person's online activities and their in person life, whereby the cult will attempt to steal and replace either through the use of social stalking and bullying, that relies heavily upon the kind of colour symbolism you'd find amongst criminal gangs. Its unfortunate that its moved beyond the realm of criminal gangs and is now the way that so many other people operate.

This cult's whole method is governed around trying to trick other people into verbally contradicting their own previous words and actions as a justification to make the claim that if you aren't consistent, how can you claim to be the same person as you were yesterday or even last year? Another ploy they use is if you don't accept the bad things of your own history, then how can you accept the good things as well? So this cult makes it a social game of trying to abuse others in such a way that they both contradict their own previous words and efforts, and seem to contradict aspects of their own history. Using the justification that if they're not consistent with their own past, that are not the same person. Therefore they take those parts of a person's history and give them to someone else. That's the nature of this cult operating in society right now. If you aren't consistent with yourself from any point in the past, then you aren't yourself at all. According to that logic, if you aren't wearing diapers as an adult, then you aren't the same baby you were during your first year or two of life.

The history and reputation that the members of this cult are trying to give me is way off from the truth. For instance, I've never used cocaine, heroin or opium in any form. I've never had or given anyone else a sexually transmitted disease. I've never cheated in a relationship by sleeping with or even becoming romantically involved with someone else while still in a relationship. I've never stolen or taken the credit for anyone else's content. I've never been incarcerated in jail or prison either. I'm not a pedophile and am not a sex offender either. Also, I do exist in this world as Brian Joseph Johns and have for 53 years. As if keeping your own existence a secret is the only thing leading to your continued existence or having to buy a sponsor in order to be considered to exist at all? That's pretty goofy is you ask me. Now saying all that might make me sound pretty insensitive, but the truth is that I'm not. I'm sensitive to being abused and harassed excessively about things that are unrelated to my own life and I've done more than my fair share of carrying the load throughout my life despite not even being a member Christianity.

I'm certainly far from perfect and I've made my share of mistakes in life, but I'm not going to accept anyone else's identity but my own, and expose anyone or any ideology that attempts to take that or any of my efforts from my person and I encourage others to as well. I think this cult harasses people for such things because they want to make certain people seem insensitive about such issues, while they make others seem compassionate and caring (by never harassing them in the same way they do the people they're trying to make appear insensitive).

Most insensitivity in other people is triggered through this cult's use of the symbolism regarding the colour blue. Everything they attempt with it is about provoking a person into a reaction that is taken to be the opposite of what they're expressing and the reason that most people who are expressing such views are doing so is because they're tormented until they do. They conditioned by a stalking cult, that the harassment and torment will continue until they react against it in a hostile or confrontational fashion, which at that point is taken to mean the opposite of what they express as their reaction. This is how cults use the symbolism of colours in a way that violates the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act.

For this cult, the colour blue is like cooties. A disease that they transfer from person to person via the colours blue and white. Store it up like ammunition, and then unleash it on someone else, either by the clothing colours you choose or by the colour of software or emails you use and send. Or, if the cult members are spying on specific people and their computer activity, then according to the colours of the software they're using.

Especially when you express that your love interest is someone of a different culture of whom this cult don't approve. Not only that, but my own love interest is someone with whom I was in a relationship and she's also older than myself and I'm 53 years old. We were in such a relationship when I was 39, and she was likely grilled and stalked by this cult for dating a younger man as much so as to break us apart because of our cultural differences with her being Mandarin Chinese and me being a "white" guy. Even in explaining that, this cult even tries to take my identity and existence from me, replacing my identity with other people's whose lives they claim I'm stealing from in terms of their identity, which of course is nonsense. This is a cult whose most frequent statement I've heard is : "truth broken" as if the mere stating of the truth somehow breaks it. If these are secrets they're so desperately trying to keep, then why do they pile them onto other people and then torment the crap out of them for it?

Kind of like secretly pinching the baby's leg when the politician arrives to shake hands with the baby so that the baby cries upon seeing the face of the politician? Its the same kind of shallow motives and reasoning behind that sort of thing. Make one person look better, by abusing another person about things that have little to do with them until they deny having anything to do with them at all. They end up sounding insensitive, while someone else who isn't stalked or harassed in the same way might appear compassionate by comparison. A lot of my writing has a compassionate perspective so the members of this cult want to make me appear to contradict that in person, because they believe that proves that I am not the person who wrote it. That's the kind of logic they apply because they believe that your body can literally become hijacked by disembodied spirits that make you do good (or bad) things. Alright to believe that, because quite honestly, you're free to believe whatever you want. When you violate the rights and identity of other in society however, then it becomes a legal issue.

Besides, members of this cult don't seem to like when a person promotes other people or is thankful for the lives of other certain people. I think its because this cult wants hate to mean love and love to mean hate or some kind of nonsense like that. So that we're all operating according to an opposite policy to that which we all profess by which to live.

Likely, this cult sees it as an opportunity to milk me of anything "red", as that's how they seem to operate. If you express something heartfelt, they take it from you and use it to fuel someone else's life. Like milking a cow. After they think they've gotten everything heartfelt from you, they begin abusing and harassing you in order to cycle you from being "red" to being "blue". This whole thing is dictated by their understanding a book called the Kybalion, which they use as a sort of guide to govern how and when to cycle their victims between red and blue (or any dualistic dichotomy) in order to milk them. 

Now I'm not saying that the Kybalion is good or bad, but what I am saying is that this is how this particular cult chooses to use it. The cult that do this then try to make the claim that I'm criticizing Chinese ideology which is nonsense. I'm lean towards Buddhism and Taoism and I can tell you that is not a part of the philosophy. Using Yin Yang theory to alternate a person between two diametrically opposed concepts in order to milk them of any potential gain? No. If anything, the philosophy is exactly not that. So this is obviously an attempt by the members of this cult to make it sound like I'm opposing Chinese culture and philosophy, by using Gnosticism as a stand-in for Yin Yang theory, when the two are similar but unrelated.

More recently, they've also been using the movie The Fifth Element in attempt to make it appear that I am speaking out against Five Elements theory. The cult members conduct an abusive and harassing series of verbal attacks upon their victim that go for days upon end, and if you react with anger or hostility, they consider you to have failed their little test. They even indicate that if you criticize it, you're criticizing the move the Fifth Element and are then more like the bad guys than the good guys so to speak. They also then extend that to make it sound like you're criticizing Chinese Five Element theory (using the film's name as a gross general reference to Five Element theory). 

This cult knows that I have intense and scholarly interest in the subjects of Yin Yang and Five Element theory, so they're using western cultural references, using them as part of a harassment effort and twisting them in a way to sound as if when someone defends themselves against such harassment they're against Chinese culture when in fact, its the cult conducting this harassment that are. This is their most recent attempt to swap places with the people who've historically protected Asian culture. The members of this cult are notorious for swapping places with their victims in such a way that the victim becomes the perpetrator and the perpetrator becomes the victim. However, these are the same people who've spoken out and stood against Asian culture previously. So they're just trying to weaponize their efforts, and put the blame for them onto people who've historically protected them. I have evidence of that in my email account as well and my protection of Asian culture. The members of this cult want to steal anything like that, and trade places with their victims. I know, because I've been victimized like this by them before in exactly the same way.

So because this post was written after my heartfelt post for Prince Philip, they started harassing me before and after the post and very aggressively in both cases. I believe that their intent was to wait and see if I wrote anything in response to his death and then attempt to take it from me and attribute it to someone else's life. If they abuse you and you protest it, they literally believe that you're possessed by a "complainer" and will refer to you as that from then on. So I guess they earned my exposing them.

Also, there seems to be evidence that this cult are swapping my internet with someone else's, though getting this investigated has proven to be difficult but not impossible. The idea is that the cult members have physical assess to the network connection for my connection, the floor I live on, or possibly for the entire building and are able to at key times, hot swap my internet connection so that it appears to be originating from somewhere else nearby. I believe that they're using this as  means to give other people who also spy on others' internet connections the impression that anything that comes from Shhhh! Digital Media is coming from a different location than it physically is. So everything that is produced by Shhhh! Digital Media comes from 200 Sherbourne Street in apartment 701, with the exception of items listed on the Credits page. The cult members switch the internet connection physically at the connection point of presence near the junction box or somewhere between my apartment and the junction box, so that any internet activities originating from my apartment appears to originate from another apartment entirely different to this one. In turn, they could also make it appear as if their activity comes from my apartment. I'm not saying this happens for certain, but I have noticed that the internet connection is regularly interrupted in timing with the harassment of the members of this cult and often at the beginning of the weekend or the end of the weekend or both. As if over the weekend, they want everything to appear to originate from somewhere else. So when I say cult, I mean a large organized group that are more akin to organized crime than anything.

So any time I put up any pictures or posts here with images of my online activity, it serves as proof of with whom this account is linked in terms of my own identity. The content from Shhhh! Digital Media is produced mostly by myself, Brian Joseph Johns, with artwork always credited prominently on the Credits page. All of it is produced at 200 Sherbourne Street in apartment 701 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

So just another heads up. I turned this post in so that it doesn't replace my condolences post for Prince Philip, as I want to leave it up front for at least three days (until Tuesday Morning) to respect and honour him and his family. So this post will actually be posted into the past by two days (on Friday April 9, 2021 at 9 PM).

See you this week of April 12 - 19, 2021

Brian Joseph Johns

As stated, I'm an Atheist that leans towards Buddhism and Taoism. 

I don't do colour symbolism in the way this abusive cult does and I won't keep anything about their activities in this regard a secret.

I'm not a Jehovah's Witness or a member of Prince Hall with all due respect and never will be. I have every right to believe as I choose as that is a part of law in Canada and not to have someone else make that choice for me. In fact, to do so is a violation of the law.