My Condolences To Georgia...

 It's certainly a sad state of affairs in the world, for such violent attacks to occur. Especially targeting women, either workers or clients of peaceful healing institutions like Aromatherapy and professional Massage clinics.

Sad, really. Ironically this occurred just after my release of the beginnings of the Epilogue of What Different Eyes See, which takes place in Seoul, South Korea. This is ironic seeing as four of the eight victims were of Korean ethnicity.

Now despite the fact that my books and stories seem to garner world-wide attention in an underground sense of the word. That is, the stories become part of a subculture that iconifies such content, and as a result, a lot of people seem to express a hidden sort of alliance in this regard. My site receives very few "hits", but the stories themselves seem to follow through into this underground and I see reflections of that even in distant places throughout the world.

So the question begs, if nobody is reading my content through the web, then how is it making its way into this subculture underground? I'll get to how this relates with this horrible tragedy and please keep in mind that this isn't an attempt to capitalize upon the murder of these people. I'm not trying to earn free advertising by associating this site with that kind (or any kind) or tragedy. I'm revealing to you that there's more going on here than that of which most people are aware.

There's a few aspects to having an underground following. Its a great feeling, especially amidst the damaging and abusive Cancel Culture present in society nowadays. Something that I've likely become a victim of myself and that may even be connected to a far more sinister and even criminal group, helping such activity along its way.

Its no secret that I'm stalked in my community. I've written many emotional rants after having been stalked and abused socially just about any time that I step out into my community. Keep in mind that I've no criminal history. I'm not involved with any criminal activities locally (or anywhere for that matter). I'm not a pedophile or sex offender, which is a stigma that would certainly result in such treatment. I'm not a womanizer. That is, I don't socialize with and pickup different women and then dump them when I've had what I want from them. I've never been that way. 

I've never been a part of the dating and booty call culture, with all due respect. I love sexuality, but that's something to be cherished between a committed and loving couple in my perspective. In the absence thereof, then erotic content can sometimes stand-in for commitment free sexuality that harms nobody, however, I don't sexualize everything I see. Especially that one would find online. So there's no real good justification for any group to stalk me and to subject me to that sort of thing, not to mention, I'm an atheist. Most of my ex-girlfriends would agree as well.

Where this connects to the news of these shootings is that some of my subscriptions on YouTube are from Asian Massage channels. These aren't sexualized or exploitive channels but more along the lines of ASMR, which for the most part is a form of peaceful relaxation more than anything. Though it may seem coincidental, this is the first evidence that connects some of my preferences with how this place may have been targeted.

In order to conduct the stalking in my community, the groups responsible are connected with a vast criminal network. This network employs illegal means of surveillance upon their victims or targets and most certainly has membership amongst the supremacist community, both black and white. This means that just about everything I do on my computer is most likely monitored by such groups, and possibly by a local group heavily involved with organized crime. I'd be willing to bet that it wouldn't take much for information about my preferences having been illegally absconded by such a criminal or hate group, making its way into other parts of North America, where someone already radicalized enough to act upon their hateful tendencies towards Asian culture might perpetrate these crimes. 

As a matter of fact, I urge the RCMP to look into this connection, as I do live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Also keep in mind that this isn't a rant fueled of stress or mental illness at all. I thrive from stress and I'm not mentally ill, with all due respect to those who struggle with such a stigmatic challenge in life.

So this revelation should have some serious implications, though I am certainly not claiming that I am responsible for any such attacks as my efforts are always in support of the Asian community.

One thing that I can tell you about hate groups and criminal organizations is that they often operate along the lines of something called reversed polarity. What this means is that the intent of their expression is almost always reversed to be interpreted as its contextual opposite. I've exposed this more than a few times, both here and other places where I take on this activity directly. So the idea is that if such a group forcibly associates someone who promotes and protects the Asian community, that promotion and protection would be interpreted as its contextual opposite. Essentially as hate directed towards those communities. Colour symbolism is often used by such groups and very often, the colour blue is used to symbolize such a reversal, that is, when organized crime hasn't deemed that it represents cocaine.

Even as I type this, there's workers outside of my apartment harassing me right now. Likely I'm right on the money with this revelation. There is definitely a need for this phenomenon to be formally investigated by Federal authorities. Especially those of a Policing nature as the evidence indicates an extensive crime or hate network. Possibly QAnon?

I'm going to continue releasing my writing as I usually do, as I'm not responsible for the actions of any criminal gang or hate group operating under anyone's interest and never by polarity reversing the context of any language or communicative expression. Once you buy into that scam, you'll forever have no anchor upon the context of the intent of your expression. It is important to note that not all forms of duality are reversible. It might work with electricity (alternating current) and with subatomic particles (electrons and positrons, matter and anti-matter etc), but it doesn't work with linguistics.

I'll illustrate my point with the concept of love and the concept of hate, a duality often used for the purposes of the polarization of people along the lines of extreme emotion, in order to force them towards a more blood centric approach to defining people.

Love and hate are not the same thing. Therefore, they are mutually exclusive in definition and cannot be polarity reversed because they aren't the same thing. Not even nearly. I've written this explanation online as far back as nine years ago, and based upon my own research.

Hate is an extreme emotion that occurs when the human body is sufficiently destabilized in terms of hormonal balance. Most of our core behaviours and mannerisms arise from our hormonal balance. An imbalance can occur as a result of any number of causes such as stress, which also relates to any emotion that can arise as a result of stress. Our physiology is designed in such a way that we have the benefit of our logical mind until we are under such a grave threat, that our mind is more of a hindrance than a help to our survival. This is part of our evolution or design if you believe such things, though that is irrelevant in relation to this particular topic and certainly beyond the scope of this explanation. We have the benefit of our logical mind as long as we have a hormonal balance within a specific threshold that is unique for each of us, and based upon our physiology.

When we cross that threshold in terms of losing hormonal balance, we essentially lose the benefit of our logical mind. This is called fight or flight syndrome and is a natural part of our evolution as a species. If ever in our distant history, we were subjected to a sufficient threat to our continued survival, that stressor along would trigger the body to alter our hormone production enough so that we crossed the threshold of balance and became more primal than anything. We lose the benefit of our analytical mind, but gain the ability not to filter our thinking so that we may act and react instantaneously. As a result, in any physically challenging situation, our chances of survival increase tenfold. That evolutionary strategy was very effective in harnessing our ability to survive against other specialized predators, with whom we were competing for food, or from whom we were running in order to avoid being food.

In modern times, this response is no longer beneficial to our survival because the logical mind's means of survival has been to alter our environment in order to eliminate those physical threats to our survival. Instead most of our competition occurs on a cerebral level, where we think and choose courses of action based upon our ability to reason and to compete with our minds, not our brawn. So being sensitive to hormonal imbalance is actually a disadvantage, because once you reach the state of fight or flight syndrome, you lose the advantage of your logical mind. It is interesting to note that this is exactly the same case with hate. Hate is physiological and has its origins in our hormones, if we consider hate to be the point at which we act without thinking based upon our own internal prejudices. We all have them.

What this means is that people can sometimes work together to create stressors for a solitary person in attempt to push them to that point where they cross over into fight or flight syndrome. Where they give up their rational mind and instead are on autopilot in survival mode. Essentially, when a person reaches this point as a result of stressors and their hormonal balance having been breached, they lose control.

There are people and groups that practice affecting others in such a way, essentially trying to subject their victims to a sort of teeter-totter treatment with regard to emotional extremes, in attempt to tip them over onto the side of the fence where they explode and become hateful, having reached fight or flight syndrome by their body's imbalance of hormones. For groups that do this, they regard this as the means to control other people and for them, its a joke and you'll never find any one of them admitting to the fact of their actions in this regard especially if their radicalization of others results in harm. There are even ideologies founded on this principle.

That's one end of the spectrum and a solid definition for what hate actually is.

Love is very different because love is actually not the opposite of that state by means of hormones, because you can't make someone love you by altering their hormones. You can make someone hate you by altering their hormones and saying the wrong (or right) thing at the wrong (or right) time, hence triggering them to react in a violent manner towards you (or others). However, there is no way to achieve the same thing with regard to love. It can't be done.

Love and hate are NOT the same thing. One occurs as a result of the fight or flight syndrome and really is in essence one losing control of their own body, because its on autopilot from that point on until their hormonal balance is once again achieved. Thousands of years ago, this was the difference between surviving and becoming the meal of a large predator. Nowadays, its a liability.

You can make someone hate you, but you have to earn every bit of their love.

These anchor points in our universe are very important to us because they defy the notion of polarity, and without them, we literally have no compass. Gravity is just such another anchor point as is the flow of the direction of time and the maximization of entropy. Without these concepts, we have no compass and therefore no measure of progress, or even a concept of where we come from and how we got here. So this notion of the difference between love and hate is very important despite it seeming to be specific to conscious beings and creatures. The loss thereof is purely hormonal. To have the other one, you have to earn it and therefore it is the true symbol of free will. 

Love is free will. Hate is absence of free will.

Now that doesn't mean that we don't have room for fantasy in our being. Many of us (including myself) love fantasies involve control in one aspect or another. The difference is that some people pursue their fantasies in real life despite the morality of violating someone else's free will while others don't.

To limit someone's actions according to a set of rules that protect the health, peace, free will and rights of others is called morality, and sometimes even law.

To limit what others are allowed to think, is called control or denial of free thought.

Most problems arise when others cannot tell the difference between fantasy and reality, or when others choose to reverse the context of the two. Fantasy becomes reality and reality becomes fantasy. It becomes wrong to think certain things, but right to do them.

Cause and effect also become effect and cause, reversing order completely to accommodate the opposite in terms of order of occurrence.

Without these universally hard coded anchor points, we have no compass. At its core, the real struggle of humanity is a competition to prove that the universe is either irreversible or reversible in terms of polarity. If you opt for the reversible one, keep in mind what you're giving up.

Your protection from those who seek to make their fantasy into reality.

Your free will. Sure, fantasy will become reality, but hate will also be considered love, and as a result, you'll lose free will if you ever cross the hormonal balance boundary and experience fight or flight syndrome, and most certainly in such a situation, there are people that would constantly try to push you over that line in order to deny you of your free will.

Your free thought. You can do what you will, but you can't think what you want. Do anything, but you don't have the right to think anything.

Your past (there is no definite past or future in a polarity reversible universe).

The order of cause and effect. Anything you've done to help others in life will have occurred the other way around. Anything in which you were wronged by others will have occurred the other way around.

That's just the tip of mountain so to speak.

So, to summarize my point. Nothing here that I say or do in protection of women's rights or to promote the Asian community is polarity reversed. Ever. It doesn't create imbalance either, because these are people who for much of their share of history have been denied their fair share of that balance but this isn't about that. Its about a world that includes all of us.

So be careful of those who'd attempt to force you onto that great emotional teeter-totter in order to polarize you emotionally, possibly even to an extreme with which you don't want to find yourself. 

One thing for certain is this: awareness of a problem breeds its solution. This isn't about sorting out who the good people are and who the bad people are. Even that becomes another teeter-totter competition to create imbalance that yields contempt and eventually conflict and violence. One upmanship.

Cancel Culture often seeks to deal with the people it targets by denying them of their existence. It achieves this by taking everything a person says or does and attributing it to others around them or in other places. Denying them of their own existence and being. Even replacing the identity of the people they target with that of someone else. We're living in the age where identity has become a weaponizable commodity. We're being conditioned to strive for the better identity while dodging the worse identity, neither of which is our own personal identity, which in most cases has already been taken from us.

So there is no polarity reversed messages here on Shhhh! Digital Media. I don't operate that way and never will. Sincerity before polarity is my motto, as much so as it is that of Bryce Maxwell.

My heart felt condolences to the victims and the families of the tragic Georgia shootings.

Please to the authorities, the sooner that you become aware of these elements in such activities as radicalization, the sooner we'll arrive at the creation of policies that protect people from such possibilities. The evidence points towards radicalization being a group phenomenon in modern society that seeks to radicalize and weaponize people towards the commission of such heinous crimes. 

That isn't to say that the suspect in custody isn't responsible if they did indeed commit those crimes as much as it is to say that they likely had a cheering section that radicalized them towards such action. Willingly or possibly even unwillingly. 

I'd be willing to bet that this cheering section has an intricate network throughout North America and are civilian in nature and conduct illegal surveillance upon innocent people throughout their communities. George Orwell's Big Brother isn't the Government. The real life version of George Orwell's Big Brother is a grassroots civilian movement. Something that has become the very monster that it was trying to prevent in the first place.

In February of 2021, I even commented on a YouTube video put up by Yeonmi  Park in a comment related to this very topic, though the context is related to liberation of the North Korean population. My point is that while we're here in the arms of liberty (or a sometimes cruel approximation thereof), we should be careful about how we rile those who can bring about harm to the very people we're trying to liberate.

From my point of view, it seems that the stalking criminal gang and the Cancel Culture cult who most certainly keep an eye on my activities, have singled out this comment and used it in the context of this recent attack in Georgia, as if this attack was timed in such a way so as coincide with my release of the Epilogue for The Butterfly Dragon II: What Different Eyes See. That would lead me to believe that if this attack actually did occur (which I believe it did), and that it was timed in such a way, that organized crime and possibly a large scale organized group is actually behind this and that it should be immediately investigated by the Federal authorities of Canada and the United States. Keep in mind that this sort of activity is something of which I've made the authorities aware a number of times. 

This is a social phenomenon that needs to be formally investigated at all levels, with information about it being made available to the public and shared openly.

Who knows. Maybe its some more fake Freemason building, keeping in mind that I'm not anti-Masonic at all. There are people who prey upon supporters of groups like the Freemasons or Rosicrucians by pretending to be craft Masons or craft alchemists. They prey upon others with regard to the innocence and naivety surrounding the topic, often seeking to exploit them for their allegiance to what they see as pagan beliefs. Sorry, but I'm a Pagan as charged, though I have as much right to be a part of the fold as anyone else.

I don't do hate means love or love means hate or love means blood. Technically I don't do the blue team in that sense as I don't operate via colour symbolism and I'm certainly not a cannibal.

None of what I've expressed here is a part of any aspect of colour symbolism. Its as sincere as one can get.

Brian Joseph Johns

Please keep in mind that I am truly an atheist and that I lean towards Buddhism and Taoism.

I live in 200 Sherbourne Street in Apt 701 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I'm 6 feet tall and weigh about 170 lbs. I am light skinned and have red, yellow, green eyes. However, I'm not Irish or Italian. I don't do colour symbolism and I'm not on the blue team. Just to give you an idea, I'm not on the red black blue white team. I don't do colour symbolism. I think its wrong quite honestly, and I'm not a gangster. My love interest is Asian by the way. I don't do colour symbolism because I'm way smarter than that to fall into such a foolish cage.