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Livestream Post By Brian Joseph Johns With Quick Intro

Alright. So I went out today to turn in some empties and buy some food to keep me going until payday.  Actually, I have food, as I budget pretty effectively even in these tough times, but I needed some seasoning and variety to add to my meals. Before I get into this, here's a livestream I did yesterday discussing what's coming up on Shhhh! Digital Media and that also talks about some of the issues I've dealt with in regard to the latest book, The Butterfly Dragon III: The Two Dragons. If you're not interested in what I have to say or seeing what I look like, then keep reading, because it was certainly an interesting outing today. Or, you could just close up this browser tab and go do something else. The choice is yours. So, while I was out, there was a big harassment attack, which for the most part seemed very coordinated. Most likely the goal was to provoke some kind of reaction that resulted in making me seem mentally ill, schizophrenic or generally paranoid, possibly

Happy International Women's Day

I created this image especially for International Women's Day 2021. Please use this image freely for the purpose of promoting Women's Rights and International Women's Day.

Multimedia: Women's Footprint In History (care of UNWomen)

Take the Equal Everywhere Pledge

Support #Equal Everywhere

Support Amnesty International's efforts for Women's Rights

More to come for A Lady's Prerogative soon. Epilogue for Butterfly Dragon II soon.

This is something these cruel groups do literally by the way, but this isn't the worst of it because they do things like this that are far worse to women all over the place. 

Stay safe and be healthy.

Thank you sincerely,

I'm Brian Joseph Johns and this is Shhhh! Digital Media