Just A Sunday Blurb And Some Good Advice...

Hi. Brian Joseph Johns of Shhhh! Digital Media here. You know, the guy who writes the Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative stories here that are often stolen by an abusive identity thieving cult that utilizes colour symbolism to accomplish their methods of crime and social abuse. You know the kind of people, those who treat you like you've lost your identity if you verbally or in writing, share details about your identity with someone else. They treat you like it is no longer your identity, even transferring it and the reputation of your accomplishments to someone else. 

They're an abusive cult. What did you expect?

They're also known for erasing people too as they frequently do with my own person. Hence why I often expose them.

So, anyway. I live here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in Regent Park. I'm certainly not a rich person and am like many right now, one notch above the lowest point in terms of poverty. That's not a "pity" story at all, I'm not seeking pity from anyone at all. Its just the truth.

I don't play guitar and I've never actually owned a guitar at all in my life. I am a piano and keyboard player though.

I'm in my early fifties in age. Actually I'm 53 years old (54 in November).

I'm a guy. I'm six feet tall. I weigh about 170 lbs and am in fairly good shape for my age, though I could certainly improve it by working out more frequently.

I'm not Italian or Irish and I mean no disrespect to anyone of those cultures. I'm certainly not Ron Jeremy. I've never worked in adult film at all, though I do enjoy Japanese erotic content from time to time, though such things are certainly not a replacement for a serious relationship.

My real life love interest is Mandarin Chinese and I will never change that stance.

I'm partly Welsh, Spanish, French and Cree, though I'm not big on blood centric cults, especially those that bar a person from receiving blood transfusions or taking pharmaceuticals.

I'm truly an atheist. I do however lean towards Buddhism and Taoism. I have been an atheist formally since 2007, though I've always been into science for my entire life.

I'm not a member of any cult or abusive ideology that plays musical chairs with people's identity. I don't steal others' identity, so I don't like it when others steal mine.

I don't use, buy or sell narcotics, though when I was younger I did experiment. I supported and still do the movement to legalize cannabis.

I also support LGBTQ2 rights and marriage and always have though I am heterosexual myself.

I am not nor have I ever been, anti-Freemason or anti-Rosicrucian. I even petitioned the real Freemasons for membership back in 2001/2002, and I am not stealing anyone else's identity in making that claim (ie my friend John Paul Young from Halifax, Nova Scotia).

I'm not big on harassment cults or hate groups that gang up on individuals. I've noticed in life that most bullies congregate to groups. Actually there are studies that show that the kind of people who bully others, especially in groups tend to be real life spousal and child abusers (1,2). Ironically, when children see adults behaving in this manner, they're learning by example. This includes the practices of social abuse and social stalking of individuals in a community. Others in communities that see this sort of thing happening learn in a monkey-see/monkey-do approach to social learning and behaviour, often failing to filter learned behaviour through their own moral filters. Many people of this ilk regard a violent or abusive nature as coming from hereditary sources but science shows that it is a socially learned behaviour. Possibly, stalking in groups is a form of transference in this regard, whereby people who behave in that way attempt to transfer their past behaviour to the responsibility of others, whom they then punish by way of harassment. In a sense, it would be like taking your own crimes, making them the responsibility of someone else, and then abusing them for those crimes and if they react to that abuse, they've purchased your crimes. That's the thinking of social cults that operate in this way. These groups often use colour symbolism extensively in much the same way that criminal gangs do.

Be careful when you point something like that out, because the very people responsible for that sort of behaviour will attempt to lure you into reactions that make you appear similar to them in terms of such issues. They're not very nice people and often use colour symbolism as a form of transference, to rid themselves of their actions and behaviour onto others. Another method of their transference.

Actually, ideologies that operate that way, weaponize identity. That is, they'll take the worst reputation and identity of someone and use it as a form of attack against others, whereby they replace their victim's identity with the identity of a worst case identity. The victim will then be mistreated socially by these bullies as if they are that person. To them, they've transferred the crimes (and sins in the case of ideological abuse) to another person and made them entirely responsible for those aspects about that person. Meanwhile, the people who do this never stalk or abuse the original criminal (most likely for fear of actual retaliation by the real perpetrator or just plain hypocrisy). So they'd abuse an innocent person in place of the guilty party in attempt to transfer the crimes of the guilty party to someone else.

The people who do this sort of thing will call my response to it "complaining". Anytime someone protests abusive treatment, members of this cult often refer to it as complaining and they'll even use that to discredit their victim.

Here's an example of what such a cult does. When I'm harassed and the cult uses colour symbolism as part of their harassment methods, and I happen to protest that and point it out that colour symbolism is used as a method, they'll refer to my exposure of this as complaining. Then, they might use many people who are bling as part of their attempt to make the victim appear to be a complainer. I mean if your eye sight is good, then why would you protest the use of colours? That's the logic the cult uses when someone exposes them. So they exploit blind people, in attempt to make their victim appear like a "complainer". A completely healthy person who is whining about life, and about how mean people use colours to hurt them. They neglect to bring up the social abuse part of it though or the fact that they're exploiting blind people for this purpose, because someone exposed the abusive cult for what they are and their methods of achieving these goals.

I love colours and art, absolutely as much as I love them in reality. Its a shame when a group of bullies creates a system of symbolism as a method to abuse or attack people, so that they aren't detected by the larger part of society when conducting such activity. Its a shame but it happens.

You give someone a knife and they might use it to butter their bread. Someone else might use it to injure or kill people. 

Language and symbolism is the same way. You make a language out of colours, and some people create beautiful artwork with it or photos and videos of their experiences and sights in life and share them for others to enjoy. 

Yet others take the same language, mould it so that they can use it as a weapon to take over communities and to torment and harass people, possibly leading such persons they abuse to their own demise. Some use colour symbolism as a means to steal the identity of other people and wear it as their own.

So which one are you? Whose example are you going to learn by? If you're going to be a follower of others, choose carefully who you learn from and always filter what you learn. Don't just accept everything without considering your own point of view. If you're going to set an example, make sure the example that you set represents what you're about.

Most of all, don't let people turn your private life into your puppet strings. We all deserve to have aspects of our life that are private. The ideologies that operate in the way I've explained here most often try to trick others into violating the their privacy, so they have the justification to violate the privacy of their victim. In other words, they setup situations purposely in order to trick their victims into breaking their privacy so they have the justification to spy illegally on their victim's computer and communications devices. That's the nature of the beast you're dealing with here. People who weaponize the golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. They rewrite it to mean: trick others into doing unto you, so you have the right to do the same or similar thing back to them.

That version of the golden rule might actually be the polarity reversed version. The exact opposite of the golden rule. This ideology seem so operate using opposites quite often in order to get away with their abuse. I mean if its a hate crime what they're doing to a person, then in the case of polarity reversal, its love and anyone truly expression love or goodness is regarded as spreading hate. Be careful of that aspect to their methods as well.

That version of the golden rule, the reversed one is just one example of how they'll use that to attack people. Other examples include reversing the order or causality (cause then effect becomes effect then cause). Victim and perpetrator become reversed. Guilty and innocent. Yes and no. Love and hate. Get it?

Keep in mind that none of this affects reality in any way. It only affects things socially and perceptually, and hence the kind of pressures to which you'll be subjected socially, which is a pretty powerful pressure with regard to the experiencing of life but ultimately, reality remains unaffected. What can happen though is that you can end up in the wrong in situations with which you have no involvement. You can end up in the wrong with situations from your own past where you were in the right. Your entire past and even existence can be taken from you using these methods as practiced by the ideology in question. It won't change anything about reality, but the social record might be changed drastically. So in other words, what people think they know about you might change drastically and you might even inherit someone else's life or history as a result of the efforts of such an ideology. 

I'm just trying to make you aware, and what I have to share is valuable because it cost me a good portion of my life to learn this.

The kind of people who do this sort of thing are like cannibals. They try to erase a person by eating everything that comes from them, and making it appear that what does come from them is coming from someone else. So in essence, you cease to exist or at the very least, you cease to be the source of your own output. Everything, especially that which you produce online or with your computer is often stolen from you and attributed to someone else's output. Even your identity might end up like this. For instance, my harassers often attempt to force the identity of a Jehovah's Witness or Prince Hall onto me, despite the fact that I am not a member of either and never have been. When you lose your identity in that way, you're suddenly subjected to the rules of the replacement identity and ideology, which can be very disconcerting. Ideologies that operate like this are bullies. Groups of bullies. So it takes a very resilient person to last against such efforts. But you can take solace in the fact that more and more people are learning who and what they are. Their illusion is mostly gone and there is more and more apparent the disparity between sincerity and social manipulation. Trying to be the side of the fence that appears to be founded on what is right (based upon long fought for civil rights), but quite often just another attempt to sway people into another competition of sidedness of extremes while turning all of the different sides into "brands", to be exploited for the purpose of association with the different sides of this struggle.

I Brian Joseph Johns do not own women's rights. I am a part of the movement, but I don't own it. Shhhh! Digital Media doesn't own women's rights. Shhhh! Digital Media is a part of it, but doesn't own it. Much the same for Asian rights, something I've long fought for here on Shhhh! Digital Media and through my books and stories. I don't own anyone's rights. I am just a part of a movement. Those rights are not a brand that I'm trying to claim as my own, but be careful of people who do. That's how those movements will become divided if they're not careful. They're not a brand to be exploited by others to promote their own sidedness to one of the various extremes.

Finally, be careful of those who claim to be puppeteering, possessing or controlling others. That's another form of identity and content theft that is very prominent nowadays. Consider it to be like spiritual car jacking, whereby the members of the ideology believe themselves to be able to in groups hijack a human's body, possessing it and remotely controlling it so they can take the credit for whatever that person says or does. All of this is also based upon colour symbolism and for the people who do this, its almost like a game of poker. They're doing it because someone has a lot of chips in their basket. By chips, I mean they have a reputation they've earned through their efforts that is a part of them. Often the people that this ideology targets in this way are people whose work is mostly online and people whose work is kept secret so that no single person can lay claim to it, except who this cult chooses.

The idea is that the cult is literally possessing and remotely controlling the victim. Some of the people who believe this and operate according to this ideology refer to it as the holy spirit, and believe it to be a person being possessed and manipulated by a large group of people. So anything that person accomplishes during that time, is stolen from the person who physically did it, and given to the credit of someone else that is a member of this ideology or cult. This is their preferred method of content theft and unfortunately there's a lot of corrupt people who will assist it using their own local access to resources, meaning that the victim can have their output stolen from them via illegal computer monitoring and even hacking in some cases. The hallmark sign of this cult is that they keep the real creator of the content a secret and never mention their name or advertise for them in any way that will result in their prosperity. Most often, they'll just give that person's content to the credit of someone else in their cult, and then have other members harass the victim if they lay claim to their own content.

That might sound far fetched, but this is something that is actually going on and in many places and against many people. Many online content creators contend with this form of theft early on in their online careers and some never get their brand or product off the ground as a result of it. This is mostly a social activity that is centered around organized crime and cult ideologies that spy illegally upon their victims for the purposes of content theft.

So that's enough for now. That pretty much exposes more about this cult. I don't do hate means love or love means hate at all by the way. I say what I mean and mean what I say.

Brian Joseph Johns