I'm Considering Quitting Writing As A Result Of Harassment...

 Well once again an abusive religious cult in my community has got the upper hand and been conducting a lot of abuse against me. They're part of an ideology that claims that my ability to write comes from their members. People from my own past that were and possibly are members of their ideology.

So in other words, if I write books or short stories, according to this cult its because I'm possessed by their members and being controlled or puppeteered by them. This is the cult I've spoken about that uses colour symbolism a lot to accomplish these goals upon people, and no, I'm not referring to anything to do with Japan by the way. Japan and other countries of the Far East of Asia treat this topic very differently than do the abusive ideologies to which I'm referring.

So whenever I do anything, the members of this cult find someone with similar skills and give the credit for my activities to that person. So every time I do something different, they give it to a different person, but the whole time they basically keep it from me, while giving me a very different identity from my own and often abusing me excessively for the activities of that identity.

In the past they've attempted to replace my identity with that of Jeffrey Johnson (a Jehovah's Witness and friend I'd known from my youth even though I'm not a Jehovah's Witness, much less a member of any Abrahamic religion at all). They'd to the same with Robert Tozer (another published author and childhood friend of mine). If I do anything related to computer programming, then they'd give me Wayne Buttery or Bob Federer's identity more recently. So in order for me to do those things, I'm forced by members of this cult to pay for sponsorship from people like that. If I don't pay, I don't get the credit for what I do. This is the same cult that has taken my own identity away from me as well.

This was probably their goal so I've decided to cease writing as of Monday February 8, 2021 as a result of an aggressive harassment and shunning campaign conducted by multiple the members of this cult over the weekend. Keep in mind that I'm not a Jehovah's Witness and never have been, not to mention that I'm an atheist that leans towards Buddhism and Taoism more so than anything. I don't live in California and I'm Canadian, living in Regent Park in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 200 Sherbourne Street in apartment 701.

This is the cult of whom I've spoken previously that operates via colour symbolism very excessively and uses colours and their symbolism to manipulate people quite frequently. Not to mention they're identity thieves as well.

I'll keep posting the updates to A Lady's Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth but beyond that I won't continue with A Lady's Prerogative III: Singularity, something this cult were definitely eye balling to steal from me in much the same way.

Likewise, it might be some time if ever I decide to write the epilogue for The Butterfly Dragon II: What Different Eyes See.

In the meantime I'll continue my programming projects but I'm searching for a way to get out of Toronto while retaining my housing subsidy in order to get away from this destructive identity and creative property stealing cult.

Its unfortunate because there are a lot of good people in Toronto, however its very difficult to see the rest of the forest through the trees if you know what I mean and some people just live by love and hate or blood and fire a little bit too much and too abusively.

Just to give you an idea about this abusive cult, they're the kind of people who harass you for long periods of time in groups (usually always at least two or more people) that attempt to push you to the point that you protest their abuse of you. They call that complaining rather than protesting abuse by the way. When you express your disdain with their abuse, they'll usually cite someone else with physical or mental challenges in life (eg someone paralyzed, someone with no arms or legs, someone blind or deaf etc), and then point out how good they're doing compared to the person they abuse. They use the person with developmental challenges in that way to make the person they abuse look bad and like a complainer. If this cult abuse you until you protest their abuse verbally, and you're completely healthy, they'll call you a complainer and then as I stated, they use people with physical or mental challenges to make you look bad by comparison. In other words, they're using those people just for the purpose of making someone who stands up for themselves against abuse look bad. They use people with physical and mental challenges to discredit other people. That's why this cult always try to abuse their victims to the point where they can be said to be complaining. This is an activity conducted by many different kinds of hate groups (both black supremacists and white supremacists) as well and it really undermines the people in charities that are helping those with physical and mental challenges, because the abusive groups are using them as political fodder to discredit people they've labeled as complainers, because they verbally defend themselves against verbal harassment. This is a tactic practiced by many groups that operate in that fashion.

I hope that information helps some of you.

I'll be working on coding projects for most of the evening and then in my spare time, I'll be playing Total War: Troy as I have for the last few nights as the Amazons (yes, I'm a guy playing as an all lady faction). Just thought I'd try other ways to promote the Girl Power thing. I'm guessing my abusive and identity stealing neighbours aren't too happy with that either.

FYI, there's a lady named Karen that lives in our building or nearby, and I just wanted people to know that I have nothing to do with her. I've never in my life been in a relationship with any woman by the name of Karen. I don't use, buy or sell narcotics and I certainly don't involve myself in any related activity such as prostitution or the use thereof. I mean no disrespect to the women who are often lured into that line of work by the use of substance abuse as a means of control over them. I don't even smoke cigarettes by the way. Also I'm not Irish, Italian or Jamaican and the only reason I say is because there seems to be a group around here that attempt to replace my identity based upon the colours of my eyes, which are naturally green, red and yellow. As I stated, this cult operates by the excessive use of colour symbolism and enforcing it upon others in a very aggressive manner. 

I do however have a long time friend named Karen who lives in Oshawa and is married to another friend of mine, who are hard working and responsible people that have raised a family and did well for themselves for whom I've very happy.

If the situation changes, I might change my mind but for now the situation looks pretty grim and they're not letting up. As a matter of fact, they're verbally harassing me as I write this. They're saying things like "blue head out" and "star out" and "you completely ripped up the blue brown mafia". That's literally what they're saying to me in addition to many other things, and this has been going on pretty much solid around the clock since Friday. That, has been going on, from as far back as 2003, starting out with relatively little harassment by comparison and then ramping up over years to become unbearable at times. So its not like I woke up, had a bad morning and suddenly decided to quit. Not to mention these are people that have been attempting to steal anything I do in life to wear as their own.

Not to mention this sort of thing is all over the place in the community, and the members of this cult harass me for the activities of someone else's life and conduct. I can only take so much.

I'm not on the blue team and never will be. I don't live by colour symbolism at all. Most people don't even realize that they're the puppets of the kind of people who do and that these people spy illegally on others all the time, and attempt to puppeteer others with the use of colour symbolism. I'm not anti-Government or anything like that, but the people doing this try to control others using these means. They probably try to push people to appear anti-Government because for the most part what I've noticed about this cult is that they try to create criminal substitutes for their activities. Someone that they put the blame onto for their crimes, and then throw them away after they've destroyed their victim's life.

Also, keep in mind that mind that I'm not anti-Masonic or anti-Rosicrucian, and nothing about which I'm speaking is directed at them or their membership, however I still stand firmly by the fact that I'm an Atheist that leans towards Buddhism and Taoism and that my love interest is Asian (though not Filipino with all due respect). 

I'm 6 feet tall and weigh about 170 lbs. I'm 53 years old as well. I'm actually in pretty good shape considering my age. My picture is below at https:www.shhhhdigital.ca

I don't do hate means love or love means hate, and never have.

Brian Joseph Johns