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Red Versus Blue - Polarizing Society

Please don't take the use of colours in this post as being anything related to the symbolism of political party colours, because that's not what it relates to. Colours are symbols. Ambiguous and can literally mean and be interpreted as anything.  Problems always arise when you worship the symbol more so than what it stands for. In these times, polarization refers to being bounced around between diametrically opposed symbols, via colours. So these colours are not a reference to party politics. Here's something quite interesting, and its certainly indicative of a much larger and more complex challenge in society. On the morning of the Uvalde school attack in the United States, in my own community in Regent Park in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and about two to three hours before the actual time of the attack, several people in my community, many of whom I refer to simply as a cult, began harassing me excessively. This started in the wee hours of the morning of 24th of May of this

A Great Meditation Session...

On Monday night I was fortunate enough to attend an online meditation training session hosted by the Shaolin Quanfa Temple Institute of Toronto in Chan-Dao Meditation, along with a full class of students.

The session was hosted by Master Dao Shi, Chief Instructor at the SQTI and focused on the stress management aspects of Chan Dao Meditation, with guided instruction on technique over three sessions as well as a lecture on stress management. 

The entire class lasted for a little over two hours and yielded great results for the class in attendance and for myself as well.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank SQTI, Shi Fu Dao Shi and everyone who attended. I'm very grateful that I had that opportunity and am very much looking forward to the next class.

Brian Joseph Johns