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Shhhh! Digital Media is created and edited from 200 Sherbourne Street in apartment 701 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by Brian Joseph Johns.

The apartment 701 of 200 Sherbourne Street has only one resident and the lease is in that person's name and that name is Brian Joseph Johns.

Shhhh! Digital Media started out initially as my blog: Poetry, Fiction, Software, Graphics, Music, Ideas back in May 2012. Over the course of two years this blog grew and blossomed into many new sites. The first two were Tales From The Sanctum and The Butterfly Dragon, with the stories from both those properties having outgrown their place on Poetry and Fiction, I decided to give them their own respective venues. In 2014 I introduced Shhhh! Digital Media as a platform from which to launch my software projects, but quickly adapted the project to become a publisher of all sorts of different media, including software. I then merged The Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative into Shhhh! Digital Media in 2015 and in 2018 I closed Poetry And Fiction.

After giving Shhhh! Digital Media its own domain, I recreated Poetry and Fiction from backup files as a subnet on Shhhh! Digital Media where its been ever since.

Over the nine years of my work on sites, I drew upon experience I had from years earlier working for Compuserve Markham between 1989 and the early 1990s as a Computer Technician, certified by over 30 hardware vendors (certification back in those days was at the vendor level as A+ Certification didn't exist at that time). Before that I was working in 1985 as an intern for CS Computing, where I worked as a programmer on a Pascal based language with a database backend. All through that time, I worked nights gigging with a alt-rock band as a keyboard player for The Act. Back in those early days of MIDI, I would also work on MIDI gigs as well, composing for MIDI sequencers, mostly for entertainment and occasionally for studio gigs, as I had followed in my parents footsteps (at least musically).

Its unfortunate that we live in a day and age where there are people who will take our history and identity from us and wear it as their own and in some places, you might end up surrounded by communities that actually replace your identity with someone else's and work together to keep that identity switch in place despite the legality of doing so. Its a pretty horrible thing to experience and even more horrible when the kind of people who do that try to use popular media and culture to cover it up. For instance, when you make that kind of accusation, they might imply that you're referring to a book, movie or even a video game plot, so that others who become aware of something of that nature in reality are ultimately convinced that anyone exposing such activity is referring to books, movies or video game plots.

It only takes a few people in a community to collaborate for such an effort, and the kind of people who do often believe some pretty crazy things. For instance, some of them believe that you can become possessed by other people's disembodied spirit, and make it a contest of determining whether your are more yourself or someone else. 

Now if that's not crazy, I don't know what is and just because you haven't experienced anything like that, doesn't mean that it doesn't happen. For years before smartphones and highway cameras, there had never been any film or photo footage of an accident as it occurred, yet there is proof of there having been car accidents in their aftermath. So not having witnessed an accident didn't mean they didn't exist. It just meant that there was no record during their occurrence, but they clearly happen. 

Its the same thing with what I'm talking about with identity theft, identity swapping and identity denial. Sure, its a difficult thing to prove, but its there and its very active.

When I check out YouTube channels or post comments for articles that I read, I find it quite ironic that sometimes for days afterwards I'm hounded by people in the community about having taken some aspect of another person's life. Like if I exhibit any sort of computer knowledge from my previous years working as a technician or programmer, I'm taking it from someone else's life rather than my own and that I must pay that person for it. Does that seem odd to anyone?

I mean if I had skills back then and I was employed at a professional capacity, and thirty years later I remember some of my experiences or skills and share them on a post, causing people in the community around me to require a payment to someone else from whom I allegedly stole those skills, doesn't that seem very odd? Like they're charging me for something that I already knew. Then again, if they're crazy enough to believe that I'm possessed, chances are they're not too great on the uptake when it comes to the social accounting of the source of a person's skills and knowledge. Almost like dealing with the thought police from George Orwell's 1984, where you could be charged with a crime for merely thinking the wrong thing.

The Orwellian nightmare is actually a hive mind born from propaganda slogans like freedom is slavery and slavery is freedom, forcing people to seek the safety of the social collective and relinquish their individuality entirely. The Thought Police were merely there to enforce collective cohesion and to weed out those who defied it or outright broke it.

I don't think we're living in a time where Government is acting in that fashion, but I do believe that more and more communities, religions, gangs and sometimes even unions are becoming the Orwellian nightmare from that famous book.

So now when I recall times from my own history and past, am I to be charged a price for recalling something that others believe to be related to someone else's life? What if one day, you don't behave exactly the way others expect that you with your identity would? Would that mean that you're someone else? What if you rarely used hand sanitizer, and most people know that about you. Instead, you just wash your hands and try to maintain your sanitation. Then you read a convincing article online stating the fact that hand sanitizer is actually quite effective at curbing the spread of certain diseases, so from that point on, you start buying hand sanitizer to keep with you, using it every so often and so you have it conveniently for your travels.

Someone you know notices that you've started doing this and becomes confused seeing as it is so unlike the you of days earlier. They are suddenly convinced that you are no longer you simply based upon this minor change and you made as a result of a new understanding arising from having simply read an article. So now you have to prove that you are yourself to this person, lest they assign you with a completely different identity that is consistent with your new habit. Keep in mind that they'll also assume that your previous identity is now in someone else's body and might set about hunting for it with others who believe the same crazy thing (and there are ever many more who do).

Before you know it, the people who believe this start treating you as if you're someone else, and someone else as if they're you. Sure, you might find that your identification doesn't need to reflect this change, but even showing your identification to others causes them to utter words like "identification ripped" or "identification broken", meaning that because you revealed your identification that it is somehow no longer the truth. 

Have we entered into the age of the democratic concept of identity? Where your identity is no longer your right, but approved by people in your community based upon you jumping through some hoops that delineate your consistency with your previous self from the day earlier. Perhaps you might even have to pass a test based upon the approval of someone else that knew you years earlier which would mean that if you changed as a person, you might not be approved as being yourself.

Personally, I think we've got the beginnings of a very big problem. In my community this is a regular occurrence, where your identity is denied you by many others who work in conjunction with one another using these methods, and from that point on you're often abused and mistreated for the activities of someone else, often someone the people doing this are forcibly trying to connect to you. Perhaps to create the situation that might lead to a romantic relationship between you and them in the future? Or even to prevent a relationship by disconnecting you from someone else. The motives seem to be along these lines. To turn you into a power source for the other person's life and the same for them of you, however it rarely turns out that way in my experience.

Experiencing this sort of thing for years slowly wears at your drive to accomplish anything, because what happens is that your efforts are fueling someone else's life and the heart you pour into those efforts is often lost to someone you don't know, and with whom you have no vested interest. The people who do this, do it for their own reasons and often as part of fueling the lives of the parishioners of their own religion, often while creating a tremendous burden for the person they do this to. Its a very one sided approach not to mention that its a violation of our rights.

What I've experienced is that if I protest this, I'm called a complainer which is very low on the scale of things of the people who do this sort of thing. It also seems to be a means to rope their victim in and trap them with someone of their religion. So obviously I have nothing in common with anyone in this religion and I regard them as nothing more than thieves and criminals who steal from other people via a very complex social scam, yet they steal the very essence of a person and their output. So much so that the person eventually just gives up and stops producing anything (which is the point I'm approaching as a form of protest and I'm beginning to get quite mean about it too).

There is also a racist element to this and its a doozie.

The religion doing this also label me as King Lazy. Not really actually. I'm information hiding this. They actually refer to me as KN, which stands for King N#gger, and the N word means lazy by its dictionary definition. I just use the word lazy whenever they refer to KN or King N#gger. Keep in mind that just because I'm a "white" guy doesn't mean that I'm a member of the KKK, or the Hell's Angels or the Panthers or a member of any hate group because I'm not and never have been and I don't say the opposite of what I mean. I tend to be quite direct. I'm not Irish or Italian either with all due respect and in fact, I'm an atheist that leans towards Buddhism and Taoism, so there's no Christianity involved here because I'm not a member of any Abrahamic Religion. That certainly doesn't mean that I'm anti-Jewish or anti-Muslim, because I'm not. I believe in everyone's right to believe as they choose but application of one's religion must fall within the confines of the law and the human rights code. The first wedding of any of my friends that I've ever been to was a Jewish wedding, and my first girlfriend is Jewish as well.

So I'm far from being a member of any hate group. In fact, my last girlfriend is Korean (from 2010) and the last one before that is Mandarin Chinese (from 2006). My current love interest is a Mandarin Chinese lady, but apparently the religious cult that runs this KN thing, the King Lazy thing doesn't agree with a white person being with a Chinese person. I'm not a mixed culture white person in the sense that I'm partly white and partly black and if I was, there'd be nothing wrong with that, but I'm not. The same thing would still apply and to tell the truth I'm far from lazy but I'd much rather use a Buddhist approach to protest than the alternatives. Even as I write this, my neighbours are literally regarding me verbally as being someone else other than myself. So they're convinced that the person writing this is someone different than it actually is, as they spy on other people's computers illegally (for real).

It turns out that many people are aware of this sort of thing and do little or nothing about it to stop it. Many people are a part of it and help it to keep going as well.

With this cult, the idea is based in the racism of keeping a white person from being in a relationship with a Chinese person by convincing everyone that the white person is possessed (and being controlled) by a black person so that what the white person wants is actually thought to be coming from the black person. Also, anything the white person creates or produces or works on is credited to the black person (who is possessing them). The riskiest part is for the white person to reveal this because it could make them sound like a racist, when in fact the people doing this are part of a large scam and very much so the racists. No blue love ie no hate means love and love means hate. They're really doing this and trying to get away with it.

As I stated earlier, I'm the writer of The Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative, both of which I published on this site (or Poetry And Fiction) in 2012. So the whole idea here is that as long as my love interest is Mandarin Chinese and not someone of this cult's choosing, I'm possessed by a black person who is controlling me into writing and creating this online content and has been since 2012 and before that, even as far back as when I was around eleven years old, because that's when I started writing what became A Lady's Prerogative and The Butterfly Dragon, in 1979. Keep in mind that I'm not a Mormon or a Jehovah's Witness either and never have been (just to clarify my identity as someone who this cult assumes was controlling me might have been either a Mormon or a Jehovah's Witness for all I know).

The problem isn't my beliefs. Its the fact that if enough people believe this cult, they might back them up and I legally could lose what I created from the start, including my own identity too because identity seems to be democratic process rather than based upon any other legal foundation according to this cult. So they can gang up on me and decide I'm someone else other than myself.

Also consider the fact that if I don't convert to their religion, they might actually do this to me. In other words, they're holding my content hostage based upon the extortion attempt that if I don't convert to their religion, I won't be considered to be alive and therefore the owner of my own creative property, which they would then go about stealing and giving to someone else's credit. 

I won't join any religion on those grounds and if any group would betray me and steal my life's work from me, they'd be in for one hell of a legal fight.

Just in case there's any question, I didn't have my Facebook account taken away from me. I actually deactivated it and deleted it. The reason is that this religious cult uses the symbolism of the colour blue in a weaponized form. 

Here's how it works. If you receive any emails or communications that contain the colour blue as part of a logo or that symbolize the service or company from where the communications are originating, the religious cult of whom I speak will harass and torment you shortly after the arrival of such communications. All it takes is the colour blue. That's how they symbolize the colour blue.

So what happens is that there are some people out there who are aware of this and are part of this cult and know to use colours in this way in their communications with people they're trying to destroy. Those communications are sent, maybe as part of a mailing list or in the case of Facebook, they're sent as part of a daily digest of friends' posts and messages. Upon their arrival in the email inbox or shortly thereafter, the members of this cult will come to life and begin verbally harassing and tormenting the receiver of the message sometimes for hours on end, and it almost always coincides with messages that utilize the colour blue.

It turns out that this is a convenient method of disconnection or shunning for this cult, as most people who have a Facebook account also communicate with their family through it. So if every time you receive a message, you're tormented or harassed by your neighbours, eventually you'll put it together that it coincides with your Facebook communications. Try reporting that to the Police without them marking you up as a lunatic. Same with Facebook. So the only other option is to deactivate your Facebook account, and risk losing contact with your family (which is exactly what that cost me).

When you combine these two elements, they conveniently form the basis for the method of a group to literally steal a person's identity, their history and all of their work and creative output to credit to someone else. Seeing as this cult seems to be vast and have a large dispersed membership, it can create a very difficult situation.

My harassers often try to claim they're members of the Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn (which I know they aren't) or Scientology (I'm not sure if they are though many of the local cult members use narcotics so I'd highly doubt that). The real HOOTGD members that I knew were liberators, not destroyers, thieves and grave robbers nor did they take upon themselves the role of Ammit to devour any person whose heart failed to balance in the after life. Heck, at my lowest points in life, some members even gave me employment to help me onto my feet rather than try to crush me and steal everything from me. Likewise with other orders of mysticism often associated with conspiracy. Just because I'm not a member doesn't mean that they harbour resent to destroy a person's life unlike some other religions in the world as a method of aggressive conversion.

When religious cults abuse people, most often their goal is to curb their power of manifestation and positivity. Such groups often define the colour blue as hate means love and love means hate. Opposite manifestation. So if you're like me, a white guy who claims to have a Mandarin Chinese love interest, and you're hit by this wave of opposite manifestation (symbolized by the colour blue), your power of manifestation would be polarity reversed as crazy as that sounds. So quite literally what these impostors are doing is trying purposely to sabotage positive manifestation that finds me succeeding and ultimately uniting with my love interest to replace it with opposite manifestation, which would ultimately destroy any future of that nature. Also, if I retorte to their abuse with hate of my own, that's just the same thing as me sharing my own love with them, which would benefit them.

So that's their goal from what I surmise and that's how they use colour symbolism, so be careful you don't have your manifestation polarity reversed by this cult.

Nothing on this post is polarity reversed and is very much presented exactly as its intended. 

Keep yourself aware so you can protect yourself as well and keep in mind that I'm not Steve Vitali, in other words, I'm not possessed by him and recalling aspects of his life as if they're mine.

Likewise, I'm not Australian (another identity switch). The people who think I'm Australian have me mistaken with Eugene Andre Francois, someone this cult purposely swapped my identity with years ago. Eugene has nothing to do with Shhhh! Digital Media or anything created within. I'm not a guitar player. I'm actually a piano and keyboard player. 

Brian Joseph Johns