The Heart Of The Jam...


I've heard of tell of this instrument of humanity (amongst many like the MRI or the Atomic Bomb). 

*They* say it produces melodic sounds on strings of steel unlike none in the hands of those who wield it whole heartedly...

They call *it* the guitar...


Pearls of white and black...

It always has your back, the cards of this deck remain unstacked.

Each key unique yet similar to its neighbour,

differing only in aural flavour.

They call *it* the piano.

The Dessert...

It pounds rhythms. They call it drums because it thums... and THUMS...

It pounds and PUMMS...

The foundation and backbone of all music.

Yet not its sum.

They call *it* the drums.

The Heart Of The Jam

Many troupes throughout history have gathered and combined their finesse to hit that *moment*, a point when time stands still and when many become as one. Producing art that transcends their individual contribution to become a part of something grand.

Alone, musicians and the musically talented can be quite enjoyable for both the audience and the musician themselves.. 

Together, as a group, they become something entirely beyond.

Like all artists, there is no musician that can describe it when they collectively hit that moment where they transcend their individuality and become a unit, but many have experienced this.

Bands like Heart, Rush, The Tragically Hip, Alanis Morisette, The Guess Who and The Band have tread that ground many times, yet what each of them experienced is beyond their ability to describe. 

I speak of Canada, but honestly this applies to the world. After all, I'm a citizen of the Earth, or as I know it, the Aerth

After all, this is about us all.

Even those involved in modern music, and in a solitary capacity, such as DJs experience this moment too. When everything comes together and that musical finite moment becomes infinite in time.

This is the heart of the jam...

This is that of which I speak...

Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), Josh Homme (Queens Of The Stone Age) and Trent Reznor (NiN)

Live Performances by many classic rock bands...

Fleetwood Mac, Heart

Like the modern version of a maestro or conductor, DJs wear many musical hats and they too have those moments in the heart of the jam, during a great set.

There are many instruments that follow the equal temperament scale or eastern scaling systems of music composition and notation. 

ne of the most present and delicate of which is the human voice and quite honestly, this is the core instrument upon which EVERY single instrument is based.

It is joined by many others such as the violin, viola, cello and fiddle.

The battle horn, trumpet, flugal horn, tuba, french horn and trombone.

The whistle, reed, shinai, shakuhachi, oboe, flute, piccolo and clarinet.

The guzheng, mandolin, lyre, sitar, ukulele and guitar. 

The harp, harpsicord, clavinet, the piano and synthesizer. 

The gong, bongo, kettle, toms, timbales, snare and cymbals. Even the washboard, spoons, washtub and banjo.

And of course the mixing board and the turntable.

The truth is that all of these instruments alone are appealing, but together, they're a band. En masse, they're an orchestra and very much illustrate the importance of collaboration and cooperation.

Thank you to HeartShania Twain, Alanis Morisette, Ronnie Hawkins, Robbie Robertson, Nile Rodgers (producer of Duran Duran's singles The Reflex and Wild Boys) and Jack Richardson (producer of the Guess Who and my parents' [Rita Johns and David Schindler] own single She's In Love [with her radio]), who've all harmoniously and inclusively furthered Canada's presence on the global stage not to mention having brought to the forefront the lives and cultures of many global populations. They illustrate the true power and music and art to impact progress.

Happy Holidays!

Brian Joseph Johns