Back For What's Right


Hi, I'm back again though this time without a gripe. I won't take back anything I said in the previous posts as they were honest and direct confrontations to the social abuse I was experiencing.

I do feel a little bit better after a stressful day that saw a bit of the same thing. I coded for a little bit this morning, working on one of my side projects, creating and optimizing a multi-threaded count pattern which sounds a lot more complex than it really is. Certainly far from rocket science and more like your typical day of a programmer/analyst and coder, one of the many hats that I'm sure that many of us wear nowadays.

I've substantially healed from the abuse, not quite like Wolverine because I'm nothing like that great Canadian character (except for the propensity for the occasional drink). I've healed more like Alicia (Night Style) or The Butterfly Dragon (Heylyn Yates aka Ai Yuanlin Ying) or even Weltherwithsp (who doesn't have a typical nervous system and therefore feels no pain or pleasure).

Healing from social abuse is about keeping one's own compass. As soon as you lose your bearings, you're done until you find those bearings again and learn from having lost them. A harrowing experience.

What separates most people is the fact that their bearings never remain consistent and that's not a test that anyone else can give you. Its a test for yourself and only you know when you're passed or not.

So I've got two possibilities for the night. One of them will result in my postponing any future posts of the Butterfly Dragon, A Lady's Prerogative, Stories From The End and everything else until an indefinite time in the future.

The other is this one. If you're reading this through the wed and not some illegal spying technology, it won. If not, and you're reading this, then you're spying on my computer illegally and you're scum.

I hope this one wins, because it will allow me to continue the stories I love and doing what I love. Not only that, but I'll even post some of my coding projects online and I have a few. Some of them are killer apps. I mean killer apps that I've been using for years, developing them, perfecting them.

It also means that the readers that I really care about, the ones who sincerely love and benefit from what I produce, receive more of the same and hopefully even better having grown from my own personal learning. 

I do however stand by the fact that the Butterfly Dragon is Ai Yuanlin Ying. I stand firmly by that. She's Chinese and if you don't like that, too bad. 

If you don't like the multicultural cast of What Different Eyes See, too bad.

If you don't like the multicultural cast of A Lady's Prerogative, too bad.

They'll stay the same as they are and I stand by that.

If you're seeing this post, Stories From The End will continue and shortly. If not, then I hope I live long enough to finish it.

For my loyal readers, the ones to whom this is all dedicated, I do this for you. For both myself and for you.

I hope that what happens tonight leads to this post making it rather than the other one.

If you're seeing this, then we're all happy about it. But I'll let the posts speak louder than words.

Brian Joseph Johns