It's voting day in Canada for York and Toronto Centre region. I hope that if you can vote, you will as this is the front line of participation in our system of Government.

I managed to use the early voting option, having voted on October 19th, 2020

Tonight at around 8:30 PM the election results will be available from

A fairly abusive night for harassment in my neck of the woods. Something must have triggered my abusers because they showed up in force from the morning and have been going throughout the whole day from neighbouring apartments. The kind of people that try to switch your identity with that of other people, so they can lay claim to whatever you do, and burden you with whatever they do. I'm weathering it well though, all considered.

I managed to work on a bit more writing for The Butterfly Dragon II:What Different Eyes See today as well and will be posting a new chapter this week after doing some new 3D art and rendering to accompany it.

Happy voting...

Brian Joseph Johns