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As I've stated, I don't use, buy or sell narcotics. I happen to live in an area where crack cocaine's presence seems to rise and fall in cycles, and one of the protected symbols for the colour "blue" is cocaine. I'm not sure where that came from but that's the way it seems to be. So in communities where this is the case, you'll often find a coordinated effort amongst many to break down every other symbol for the colour blue and leave that one remaining in secrecy.

In fact just this morning while disposing of some garbage, I found the hallway of the building stinking of smoke (probably from crack cocaine) as if someone had been traversing the halls and smoking it en masse. As stated, I don't use the stuff (or any narcotic for that matter) and I certainly don't appreciate someone polluting my living space with the smoke from it, not to mention that a couple of young children live in one of the apartments down the hall from mine. If they stepped out into the hall and got a whiff of that, they'd likely be severely affected by it. Young children between 4 and 6 years old. So when I speak out, I'm speaking out for more than just myself. I'm not a security guard here or anything. I'm just fed up with this sort of thing.

In this way, such ideologies believe that the colour blue and everyone who wears it or associates themselves with it in some way will bear that weight, though sometimes, such people try to bundle everything up in that regard and place that burden upon a solitary person. That person then becomes the leader of their ideology as is the case. In my case for some reason, I often end up as the target of such efforts, probably based upon the fact that I don't have blue eyes. My eyes instead are green, yellow and red, a very rare colour for eyes.

Colours often play a big part in how others manipulate or even puppeteer people in the populace. By creating such a burden and attempting to place it upon a solitary person, such an ideology is likely hoping to manipulate that person or many others who then are forced to dodge ending up with that burden themselves. All this through the symbolism of colours.

What does it mean to be burdened? Well, you'd suddenly be treated as if you were involved in such activities yourself. If you reacted appropriately upon this social pressure, you'd be regarded as having bought that burden yourself, maybe even regarded as being "possessed" by "demons" or disembodied spirits, from people for whom substance abuse is an issue. From that point you'll be treated as if those problems were yours, regardless of the fact that they aren't.

So in order to avoid ending up with that burden, many people are suddenly prompted to do things that contradict that lie. To do something that defines an alternative for their symbol for the colour blue. Hence, most people react reflexively, hence the impression of those people who work together to create this burden feeling that they are "controlling" the person in question. The person really just doing whatever they have to do in order to avoid ending up with a burden of that nature, because with that burden comes social harassment by the people who are measuring to see if you're the one carrying that burden or not. 

That's another one of their biggest secrets and this is also a secret of how they attempt to manipulate people in popular media. They definitely seem to be moving towards attacking popular media influencers in this way as well.

The whole idea is that this "cult ideology" for lack of a better term, get their kicks from seeing the impact of their attempts to create burdens of that kind ripple through society, especially popular media and public figures and celebrities. The way it manifests in that arena is that often in order to clear themselves of that burden, the public figure or celebrity is required to say or do something to contradict the nature of that burden. The pressure they experience is likely on a much different level than most of us who aren't nearly so publicly known, though I can honestly say for myself that I can relate with their level of pressure.

What the ideology looks for is signs in the public appearances or performances of such public figures and celebrities that they are attempting in some way to avert themselves of or dodge the burden of such an attempt. When the ideology recognizes such efforts on the part of public figures, they kind of get off on it. Like they're manipulating people on the "big stage". Probably something that many public figures have to get used to early on.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to kick down the people who struggle with substance abuse issues. I mean I used to be a cigarette smoker myself, so I can kind of relate in some tiny way. Though I did quit cold turkey after having been a smoker for 27 years and that does take a lot of willpower, let me tell you. I just don't get along with the people for whom its a problem, especially those that try to make their problem the problem of someone else. I believe in harm reduction for certain, but not crack cocaine at all. I think that by supporting the harm reduction stance, I've already done everything I can to help those people. Besides that, its not my job and I'm not equipped to deal with it and as I said, I tend not to get along with the people involved. 

They have an entire economy built around keeping their secrets. One of the methods by which they force others to keep their secrets is by finding the (potentially damning) secrets of the people they attempt to burden in that regard. If they can't find them, they make them. Another form of puppetry and control. 

If you tell others our criminal secrets, we'll reveal your dirty secrets. If you don't have dirty or damning secrets, we'll set you up and create them. This is the entire basis of how Alomera Zek, aka Mr. Zek, a rich industrialist, the character from my book The Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Our Own, manages to gain control of the world's elite. By paying to investigate their dirty secrets, collecting evidence of those secrets and keeping that evidence in his own custom data warehouse and war cabinet. If they were found to be clean, he'd arrange to set them up in compromising situations as he didn't want to leave any of the elite that he couldn't manipulate or even control with these crude and dire puppet strings, making him the most powerful man in the world.

We are all prone to this form of manipulation in one way or another, especially in the age of social media. Look at Jeffrey Epstein. It is my personal view that he is one example of a person who actually put this into practice and we're living in the age of the fallout from that situation and his efforts. Having, tempting or creating the dirty secrets of the powerful and the world elite could potentially give someone great sway to manipulate the world itself through global politics. A very tempting proposal for some.

The way that most people help others in their circle or their peers when such issues come to the public front is to shoulder those issues as a form of misdirection or substitution. I mean if you're a personal and good friend of someone who is in the middle of a scandal as such, chances are you'll help them shoulder that burden as a sort of substitute. The attention won't reach you, and it will alleviate some of the pressure for your friend. We all do things this way from time to time and this is what connects us to the people in our circle.

Consider what this other ideology is doing then to be kind of like forcing their burdens upon one person in much the same way that a good friend might take the load for another friend temporarily in the presence of pressure. So these are people unbeknownst to the person they're trying to purposely burden with this aspect, giving that person a great weight, often in attempt to manipulate them to some form of action in order to avert receiving such burden. Another form of control. Very similar to the form of control Zek was using, though in this case, an innocent person is receiving the full burden of responsibility for something they have nothing with which to do. Carrying such a burden can be as destructive to one's life and career as being responsible for that burden oneself. Especially if you already have much attention upon your person for whatever reason. Good or bad.

Earlier this weekend I claimed that I wouldn't be manipulated into writing a new chapter for either of the main stories (The Butterfly Dragon II: What Different Eyes See and A Lady's Prerogative III: Singularity) over the weekend but instead would resume my writing schedule sometime between October 26 - October 31. This isn't a new chapter for either of my flagship projects, so I did stick with that assertion. There are some people that believe I'm being mind-controlled by a Guyanese fellow whom they worship as underground icon: a dragon and king tut and innumerable other things. I can assure you that I'm not being controlled by him or anyone at all. I spent most of my weekend bouncing between doing some cleaning in my apartment, caring for my ailing and aging Cat, working out and playing RimWorld.

As far as my dirty secrets go, I think most people already know that I love Japanese eroticism and their playful and adventurous spirit when it comes to sexuality, which is only rivaled by their ingenuity. I also love the propensity of the Chinese culture for their values when it comes to the distinction between public and private matters. The secrets between two lovers are of monumental importance. A very important bond that should always remain between the two. I've never regarded the female body (or my own male body) as a thing of disgust aside perhaps from my own personal tastes, accepting the fact that I am also subject to the tastes of others, and certainly as you get older, you slowly feel less attractive though in truth I find that women are like wine in this regard. They just get better with time. So I don't think there's any real dirt in there with which to control me or manipulate me. 

I've been involved in one or two situations that were definitely orchestrated by this cult ideology and certainly as the means to create future puppet strings through which to attempt to manipulate me, but honestly, I have no dirty secrets. As stated, I made choices that kept me well clear of crack cocaine, cocaine and heroin too and just about every other narcotic. I've certainly experimented when I was in my late teens and early twenties using a bit of cannabis, hashish, mushrooms and even LSD once or twice, but I managed to stay clear of everything short of becoming a cigarette smoker. That's not a confession as I'm an atheist, leaning towards Buddhism and Taoism though certainly not devout.

This post wasn't about me though. It was about the fact that I wanted to share with others the way that you yourself might be manipulated if you're not careful. We're seeing evidence of this sort of thing all over, but the more people who become aware of it the less power it has.

Its like the case of Jeffrey Epstein. He obviously had a propensity for very young women and a wide variety of them and the evidence strongly points in that direction. He went to great lengths to construct a trafficking ring to supply himself with fresh women under the impression that they'd be given a career and wealth, never knowing they'd be thrown away when he had no use for them. He obviously got many other people involved once he'd setup this circle so that he had the power to protect himself if he got caught. His means for doing that were a blackmail empire. 

You can often tell these people because when you produce something good, they'll often try to steal it and apply it to someone else's life, as if it came from them rather than you.

There are people out there who don't have your best interests in mind. There are many more who do. Be mindful of the ones who don't and appreciate the ones who do.

And when you see someone who falls victim to such manipulation:

Have a heart.

I signed a petition with regard to the Artsakh (Nagorno Karabagh) conflict asking Canada to take action in supporting the peaceful population of Artsakh (Nagorna Karabagh). I certainly do support humanitarian aid for the devastated civilian population, but I'd also like to say that a peaceful solution to this crisis involving compromise by both sides would be the ideal goal. There have been atrocities committed on both sides of the fence that should be dealt with through peaceful negotiation. 

Its not like I'm not a world leader or elected official or member of the Royal Family, so this is just my own humble opinion.

Again, I don't do hate means love or love means hate or love means blood. 

Its not what you keep secret, or what you express. Its the two combined that matter.

With all due respect, I'm an atheist that leans towards Buddhism and Taoism, though I'm certainly not devout by any means.

Brian Joseph Johns
photo taken October 25, 2020,
about ten days after the picture below

Brian Joseph Johns

Someone was smoking it outside in the hall of my building. Likely a setup attempt to stick that to my person or to manipulate me into saying or doing something to contradict it.