Thank You To The Food Bank...

Brian Joseph Johns
Hi. Just a quick thank you to the Yonge Street Mission Food Bank for the food this afternoon. Its incredible to see the amount of people that you service just about any day of the week. I'm very grateful and very sincerely as much to all the staff and volunteers.

Working mostly on something in Delphi (a Pascal based multi-platform application development environment for Windows) lately so writing has mostly come to a halt, save for the occasional rant against abusive people and cults.

As stated in prior posts, I'll get back to writing and soon, but I wanted to make it clear that you never reward abusive people for their abusive behaviour. No matter how they twist or try to alter the context in terms of polarity. I don't put up with it. Women should always never put up with it. Most of all, don't reward it by giving in.

Value what you have to offer, and when you're being mistreated or being taken for granted, take back your life and what's yours and keep it. If someone is going to abuse you, one person or a thousand people, they're not deserving of what you have to share and you're not deserving of their abuse.

So in a way, I'm backing up people, especially Women who are mistreated or taken advantage of and whom need to learn to be confident in themselves enough so not to let people treat you that way and not to give in when you're laying down the law in dealing with such things. 

Even if you're dependent upon someone else (we all are in some way) that does not give them the right to mistreat you in any way or to hold you hostage under the guise that should you defy them you'll be denied of that for which you depend upon them. When people do that, they're holding you hostage. 

Don't let anyone do that to you.

For many people, such things that involve abuse is a tug of war involving social debt for or against them as a form of manipulation. A lot of women get played by guys who operate that way and knowingly use that form of manipulation to their benefit to both shape women and to get what they want from them before throwing them away.

As I've stated in other posts, some people who conduct that kind of abuse do so knowing that at some point in the immediate future, after you calm down from being mistreated, that your body will bounce back, producing hormones that will make you feel good, and in many cases, guilty if you reacted harshly to being mistreated by them. If you express that guilt to them, you'll be playing right into their trap, because that's what they want. To abuse you to the point you react with harshness in your own defense, then later calm down and upon feeling better, start to feel guilty about your reaction to their abuse. If you give in, you're rewarding their abuse and they'll continue to do so again and again. There are literally people who live by this as a form of manipulation and practice this upon both men and women as a form of human trafficking. 

When you give in to the people who do this, you're letting all of the other victims of this sort of thing down, so don't give in. 

Besides, would you honestly want to reward someone for abusing you?

Don't you think that you deserve better in life?

Start treating yourself like you do by not letting people get away with that against you.

I'm certainly not saying I'm the perfect guy, as I've got my own baggage in life as many people do and there are a lot of great guys out there as well, who'd back me up on this sentiment. This also equally applies to any sort of relationship, romantic or otherwise involving the opposite or same sex, whatever the case may be with you and your situation.

Respect yourself and your rights and most of all, be fair. 

Oh, and don't let people take those things from you and then treat you as if what you have to give originated from someone else. People like that are full of bull caca.

Alright, I'm going to work on my coding for a bit, then later, play a game of XCom: Enemy Unknown followed by a good smattering of Japanese erotic content for my bedtime sexual appetite. This is the burden all Scorpios bare. Sex, mystery and death.

Look forward to new chapters for BFD II: What Different Eyes See and ALP III: Singularity soon.

Oh and remember that my love interest is Mandarin Chinese and not Filipino with all due respect. I have nothing against anyone Filipino, but I'd rather people understand that I can tell the difference between cultures in that respect. One of my first girlfriends is Filipino (Melinda) whom I dated when I was 15 or 16. There are some people who in a very racist sense believe that it is wrong for people of two differing cultures to be together and mix blood. 

For instance, there is a cult that believes that because I have French heritage, that its wrong for me to have been with someone Chinese or to want to be with someone Chinese. By the same token, because I also have Spanish heritage, the members of this cult feel that its alright if my love interest was Filipino, because they are connected to Spanish heritage. So this is a very racist ideology with ties to a very blood centric religion, that is radical about making sure that people don't mix cultures incorrectly. In other words, they're blood centric racists. Because I'm partly French, this cult also make numerous attempts to force me to be with blood compatible people, most often African or Caribbean as if I'm some kind of reward for those women. This is much the same way that some women are treated by ideologies like this, being awarded to men as prizes for supporting this cult. So I'm not a member of anything like that and don't take this in a racist sense, but I'll never date or be in a relationship with anyone African or Caribbean, as I've had a very, very bad experience in that matter, and when I was actually trying to do something good for someone else. Never again.

I also have Cree heritage, which would actually put my genome in East Asia as well, because the Cree population is theorized to have been seeded by Asians who crossed the Bering Straight land sea bridge some 35,000 years ago from what is now Northern China and Kazakhstan. The cult that conduct the harassment try to force the identity of a Jehovah's Witness onto mine, despite the fact that I am not a Jehovah's Witness and never have been. Really, the cult that conducts the harassment is the real problem as I'm an atheist, and don't believe in any religion. Especially after being abused by this cult locally.

My advice to others who become victimized by cults like this, be careful. They generally like to operate in some form of a dualistic nature, with two sides in extreme opposition to one another. They then bounce their victim around between the two sides. Often this takes place around some form of colour symbolism representing race, such as black and white, with those shades representing black supremacy versus white supremacy. In such cases, the two sides actually aren't enemies at all and are secretly working together in order to play their victim against each side of this duality. As they do, the victim is pushed around between each of the two sides, benefiting them each in turn. If the victim responds to the harassment of any of those sides, it tends to work out in benefit of that side. So this encourages the two sides to surreptitiously abuse the victim, hoping that the victim will speak out against one of the sides to their benefit. The cult generally follow the teachings of the Kybalion when conducting this form of calculated abuse against their victim. Hence their use of duality and polarity. Also, timing this sort of thing for the maximum gain is something of a goal for this cult, which they refer to as the rhythm as taught in the Kybalion, and not the rhythm as referred to in music theory.

So its generally two racist teams playing a victim between two sides to their mutual benefit, while literally destroying their victim. That's why I say be careful, as getting caught in the middle of this sort of thing can be very emotionally and mentally destructive to a person and the people who do this have NO conscience whatsoever in doing things of this nature to people. Their conscience is based upon whether other people know what they're doing or not. If other people don't know, they don't give a crap. If other people find out, they pretend to be regretful and sorrowful, but secretly continue the same treatment of their victim. Even to the point of pushing them to death. Death or not, to this cult its a daily game.

Also, keep in mind that using colour symbolism in such a way is a violation of the Constitution, The Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act of Canada.

Once again, I don't keep secrets for assholes. Ironically, the members of this cult often try to replace my identity with that of Snow, the rapper. He's someone that I used to know in Willowdale as he went to the same public school that I did, but he generally hung around with the people who were mostly my bullies. To his credit, he did once ask his friends to leave me alone, which was good considering they were the kind of people who'd show up with five or six people and start pushing me or hitting me or something of that nature. That's me on the left when I was the age that sort of thing was happening. As you can see, I wasn't exactly well suited to athletic pursuits at that time, being a bookworm-nerd and all the cliche that goes with those terms. That's literally what I looked like, so that's who these guys were ganging up on six at a time. What I'd find out in life forty years later is that bullies of that kind often try to turn the tables. So they basically try to steal your identity as a nerd, and push their reputation and history as a bully onto you, so that you're mistreated by everyone else in society who thinks that's a fitting punishment. So imagine that. A bullying victim being punished by the kind of religious people who punish bullies later in their life, because the bullies swapped their history and identity with the bullying victim.

A lot of the people responsible for that later in life tried to label me as a member of the Hell's Angels or something of that nature, which I'm not and never have been. Likely so they could dump the reputation of my bullies onto me, and take my reputation as a nerd to replace their reputation. So, Snow (aka Darren O'Brien), one time tried to tell his friends to stop. They ignored him, but I guess I appreciate the effort.

One thing this cult tried to do was to label me as being in a relationship with a lady named Karen who lives around here and whom allegedly has ties to Hell's Angels, meanwhile I don't know her and have never been involved romantically with any woman by the name of Karen. So that's another aspect of this cult trying to transfer the history and reputation of someone else to replace my own identity and reputation. Keep in mind that this has been going on for 25 years, so I've been wrongly labeled as being someone else for around 25 years to get their reputation as a bully or something similar from their back, to replace my reputation as a nerd. 

The cult that does this are pretty evil people by the way. The first time that I tried to explain this, they accused me of trying to steal the identity of someone named Chuck Knights, who like myself was a fellow computer nerd. The way this cult works is that they believe that if you have a quality or aspect to your persona, that it most likely came from someone else. So they believe that my identity as a nerd never existed and the cult tried to rewrite my history as having been a Hell's Angel or something similar of that nature, when in fact around the time most people were listening to the band Kiss, I was still listening to the Muppet Movie Soundtrack. As I said, this cult that do these things are evil. They literally play switcheroo between people and their history and reputations in such a way that when their victims stand to be redeemed for having been punished for someone else's crimes, the cult then turn it all around against the victim, once again hiding their switcheroo by claiming the victim stole someone else's identity. That's precisely what this cult did with Chuck Knights and I in order to hide their game of switcheroo and having stolen my history and identity and applied it to someone else's life.

In order to avert having to answer for that, the cult create lie after lie after lie and numerous such switcheroos all to keep their web of lies hidden, especially where it involves history and identity theft. Most of the effort to keep that hidden occurs long after the crime of having stolen their victim's identity occurs. So by the time the victim figures this out, its already too late. Most of the damage has been done to the victim's reputation and history. For instance, I've never been to jail or prison, yet somehow I've been branded as having been so, and even in some cases as being a pedophile, which is definitely not the case. Then, when I try to explain my real history and truth, the members of this cult steal it from me and apply it to the lives of other people, while denying me my own identity. Hence, I keep the RCMP well informed of this sort of thing and in Regent Park, its rampant. My own neighbours spend nearly 24/7 keeping this whole thing in place, doing so in shifts. 

Their cult has several apartments which they control in the building, so its a group effort and they utilize the reserved apartments in this building for such purposes, switching people in and out of those apartments strategically as part of this ploy and I kid you not. The weekends are a virtual nightmare as the cult members have guests into their apartments who assist with the harassment. So the weekends are twice as bad as the weekdays, and keep in mind that this is organized crime that conducts illegal surveillance upon my computers for the purposes of stealing my output from me and crediting it to others. That's why I literally have to keep changing my desktop backgrounds to the most recent picture of me, so that the cult members have a difficult time claiming the activities that go on with my computers as coming from their apartments. Most of their activities center around a religious group with ties to organized crime. That aspect is even protected by local unions in many cases, so any crimes against me generally go answered, including years and years of harassment. We're talking decades.

Also, this cult attempt to force you to pair up with a girl before the end of the night. If you don't then you're considered to be homosexual. This seems to be an aspect about this cult's religion of which I am not a member. I certainly have nothing against anyone from the LGBTQ2 community, homosexual or not, but in defending their rights, I do not give up my own identity as a heterosexual male. I'd never ask any member of the LGBTQ2 community to pretend to be straight to avoid embarrassing me when they were hanging around me, and as such I expect the same decency and respect as well when it comes to my being a heterosexual and I don't think there's anything wrong in expecting that. In fact, that's actually what they're fighting for. The right to be themselves. Why deny someone else that right?

A good family friend from my youth was a Constable in the RCMP and she was a member of the LGBTQ2 community herself. She was a friend of the family for a long time as well, coming over to our house on Lisburn Crescent for weekend barbecues with her girlfriend at that time, and I never thought anything wrong with it as a kid or later as a teenager. She remained a friend of our family right up until I was in my late teens at least, so I tend to take that aspect seriously and she was one of the first, if not the first female Constable of the RCMP. She was also one of the Constables that discovered Paul Volpe's body in the trunk of a car parked at Toronto International Airport on November 13, 1983.

Today its a much different world than it was in the 1970s and 1980s and certainly the social environment is way different, especially with this cult operating in society the way it does. I have to wonder if the level of intelligence regarding activities on the street is making its way up the chain of command to the Federal level, because at the street level, thanks to this form of collectivist cult tactics, its a very difficult place to survive in. Imagine being isolated by a large group, who deny you your own identity and instead take every aspect related to your history and identity and give those aspects out to other people, while replacing those aspects with the life, reputation and history of other people you don't even know, and living by and operating according to colour symbolism in such a way that it undermines self-determination and the Constitution, the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act of Canada. When you protest this fact, you're called a complainer and punished for complaining. I'm guessing that's an aspect of this cult and how they deal with people who protest their treatment of others? I'm not a Jehovah's Witness and never have been. For some reason the cult, being the people who harass me attempt to replace my identity with that of someone from that religion, or Mormism, Presbyterianism or Seventh Day Adventistism despite the fact that I'm an atheist. I don't believe in any religion. We're living in a time where ideologies of this nature are operating unchecked and in violation of the country's founding principles. 

I guess this is probably how the Aboriginal people felt when the first settlers arrived here and started taking over the land, and then telling them their indigenous religion is heathen and pagan, and that Christianity is the real truth. Imagine having survived 35,000 years without the interference of colonials, and living mostly in harmony with the land and the people of the land, with your own nature based belief system and then a group of settlers arrive and start telling you that everything you believe is a lie and wrong, and that Christianity is the truth, only a century after those same people were murdering others for telling them the world is round and that the world revolved around the sun.

I've generally not experienced the same thing from Asian cultures, though they too aren't pushovers and shouldn't be treated as such.

Stay safe and be well, more chapters sometime soon...

Brian Joseph Johns

I'm not Seb... I'm an atheist and I'm not a Jehovah's Witness and never have been...

Nothing on Shhhh! Digital is produced by a guitar player with all due respect. Its a great instrument and very expressive, but I don't play guitar and I've never owned one. I'm a piano and keyboard player all the way, but I'm not Italian. Its a form of identity theft practiced by this cult.

This cult actually did the same thing to Stan Lee and have done this to many other people as well. Some famous and some not so famous, but all victimized in the same way by the same modus operandi. Really the members of this cult are like grave robbers that don't have the patience to wait for their victims to die before they start stealing elements of their victim's life to wear as their own. 

The cult members believe that they can take elements of their victim's life and integrate those elements into their own life, taking them from the victim. The whole cult then treats the victim as if they no longer possess that element of their own life, because as far as the cult is concerned its been taken from them.

The cult also believe that what you express is lost forever to people who keep it a better secret than you did. So if you reveal elements of your life, the cult members believe that those elements become a part of their life, as long as they keep it secret while the person who revealed the elements of their life, loses those elements as if they no longer apply to that person's life or history.

The cult members believe that if you sit down and listen to someone else talk for an hour, that you become them and the more you listen to them, the more you become them. In this sense, the cult believe they can actually possess you by those means and that if you express elements of your life, you lose them. So by these means the cult believe they can actually take a person's persona and transfer it to someone else's body, while replacing the person whose persona they took with that of another person entirely different. The cult then operate together treating the victim as if the victim is no longer themselves but someone else.

So watch out for abusers like that because they're getting more and more common, and they prey upon people more frequently the older that their victim gets. Like grave robbers or vultures that don't have the patience to wait for someone to die before they dig in.