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Author J.K. Rowling
After reading a number of news articles attacking a few different writers, I thought I'd use my meager space here and step up to bat for them. Actually I'm going to defend a particular writer who has become the target of attack by many people who feel her work is causing harm to the transgender community.

I'm speaking of J.K. Rowling of course, who is better known for her Harry Potter series of books and more recently for her Magnificent Beasts series.

There has been an ongoing feud on Twitter in which she's being attacked for her comments relating to the transgender community. More recently, she'd been set upon by advocates such as Ugla Stefanía Kristjönudóttir Jónsdóttir, who is stated as saying "It's really sad to see this road J.K. Rowling appears to be on," in a CBC news story I recently read.

First of all, she's in her right to write as she deems for the fiction she creates and people should never engage in any kind of pre- or post-censorship of an author's works in this way, especially where it deals with character creation.

Most of this has to do with the branding of such issues in such a way that creates purposeful divisions in society, that arise from making the issue a "brand". As if to say, its them versus other brands of gender, race or <insert your issue here>.

Tropes in fiction where they involve specific characters with specific identifying qualities that fall into these brand categories are not a representation of all members of the trope of which they happen to be a part. That's just gross generalization on the part of those criticizing her work.

Thomas Harris' Silence Of The Lambs, a classic work of fiction that did much for the impression of women as leading characters features a transgender serial killer being pursued by the FBI, amongst which our protagonist is female agent.

The truth is that in reality and in fiction, any person of any trope can be the criminal, the bad, the antagonist and that's just the way it is as real life is proof of that. That isn't to say that social pressures upon such people don't influence their lives when singled out and mistreated as pariahs, but that's a different issue and a very important one nonetheless. Some of the worst monsters in history have been produced this way but so have some of the greatest heroes.

To apply a rule that states that all people transgender are good and none are capable of being criminal, is actually a form of wrongful bias. Its exactly the same thing as saying all transgender people are bad and criminal. So to omit any trope from the possible role of being the antagonist or of a dire nature on the grounds of it creating a negative impression for such persons in society is exactly the same thing as saying that all people of a particular trope are good, or bad, or angelic, or evil and that's the very basis for the kind of bias that leads to hate crimes against any of such tropes in the first place.

Ironically, there has never been a petition on the part of any community to save the white male, who have been cast in negative tropes in reality and without so much as a banter from any rights movement. The point is that you have good and bad in everything, and to project any trope in such a way that it solely represents any of those extremes (good or bad) without balance is unfair to the trope and everyone else.

Even in my writing, there are exceptions to the tropes within which you might find the protagonist. Dragon Butterfly is one example of the antithesis character to the Butterfly Dragon, though Dragon Butterfly the character will appear in Butterfly Dragon III: The Two Dragons. She had appeared in the original sequel to The Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Our Own, but I changed the timeline and the book was replaced by the reworked novella What Different Eyes See, which blew up into a full fledged novel. Dragon Butterfly will definitely return, though the story is going to be very different from the original one I penned in 2015.

I believe that with most good authors, that's the case. You'll find that anyone is capable of being the protagonist as is anyone capable of being the antagonist in such a story where these two concepts exist. Keeping in mind that protagonism and antagonism don't mean good and bad respectively. You can have a bad protagonist by society's moral standards, as Oliver Stone has done with his movie Natural Born Killers, where the protagonists are mass murderers, which he created as a very bold statement about the state of media sensationalism in the 1990s.

I absolutely believe in the rights of transgender people as I do for all of the LGBTQ2 community and that's even in the midst of people who believe that I'm being mind controlled by such people in order to show them support. That is, there are people that believe that if you protect others' rights, that you're being controlled by them. So imagine that someone would still defend their rights in the midst of such an impression which essentially denies them of their own individuality and identity. Such groups that create this kind of nonsense are trying to prevent people from sticking up for each other. Perhaps J.K. Rowling is a victim of such a group?

The bottom line is that I believe that the criticism leveled at J.K. Rowling and her fiction is wrong.

Remember, that there are people who try to manipulate content creators in such a way that their creative works reflect this manipulation, because such people doing so are narcissists. They revel in seeing their own reflection in other people's creative works. That's certainly not to accuse the transgender community of anything.

I'm not talking about easter eggs which are hidden tributes within creative works that praise the creative works of other creative people, put there by the original content creator. I'm talking about people that attempt to manipulate the actual content itself in such a way that can later be detected by the group doing the manipulation upon the creative work's release. 

There is nothing more frustrating that trying to create something and having other people trying to manipulate the outcome of your creation in such a way that they'll be able to see their own reflection in it when its released.

Regardless, how she or any author creates their characters and the nature of those characters is something that should not be set upon by those trying to strangle the creative process and creative life out of content creators.

Having posted this, I still stand by my love for a Mandarin Chinese woman, and would never define myself as being "blue" in the sense of any special symbolic blood centric or religious representation. So expressing my protection for others does not mean "sucking" their blood, nor does my impatience, firmness or anger towards others mean love. I never polarity reverse the context of my statements and I'd never use any blood centric concept to force a burden onto the culture of my love interest. Anything of that nature is conducted by others, not me and I don't live by the rules of their ideology and never will. Furthermore, nobody controlled me into writing this and I am not a follower of the Kybalion and never have been with all due respect. 

Also, I don't live by or participate in love/hate or blood and fire ideology and never have. I'm actually an atheist. I'm not a Gnostic and never have been, though I am a big fan of Carl Gustav Jung, having read all of his works and studied his theories thoroughly.

Oh and hi to Dollies Unlimited. I used to work for Dollies Unlimited (a great moving supply company) when there was a pause in production at Ferretina Film Production Ltd. Working there was a big change in terms of pay, but it certainly kept me busy and I scraped by during that rough time. I worked in the warehouse and didn't have anything to do with computers at that point. Actually, the boyfriend of one of the girls who ran the business at that time (who ironically was a dead ringer for Shania Twain) was a mainframe programmer who did all of their coding on an old VAX or IBM system they'd procured cheap from someone. I'd worked with mainframes before (VAX VMS) but only in a limited capacity for Compuserve in Markham, Ontario in 1989 when I wrote a PC utility for their inventory identification system. In the competitive business of moving supplies I understand that there's a low margin, meaning there's not a lot of room for salary expansion. They are great people to work for though and they certainly left a lasting impact upon my life.

They're up on Warden Avenue and Ellesmere Road, just north of Ellesmere Road on Continental Avenue. Ironically, I saw one of the former sales team, Mark Stone, down here in Regent Park about a year ago. I hope he's well and that all is going well for Dollies' and their business. After working there for about half a year, Ferretina started back up and I resumed my old contract there.

I'm not American and I've never lived in America with all due respect, but I've had some great and enigmatic American friends. I'm Canadian and live in Regent Park, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Tonight after coding I'll be gaming a bit from about 9:30 PM EST until midnight or so.

Brian Joseph Johns

With all due respect, I'm an atheist. 

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