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Quick Update...

I was going to write today, but I was promptly harassed the moment I sat down to do so earlier in the afternoon. So I've changed my plans. I'll write sometime this week and try to get the A Lady's Prerogative story finished so I can focus on Butterfly Dragon. Hopefully, I won't be harassed to the degree that I was over the last six days as this was one of the worst in a long time as you can probably tell by the previous post.  Hopefully the Canadian feds read that post and filter through the immediacy and get to the nitty gritty of the intelligence I've provided there because it is very accurate and perhaps the best picture of the dynamics of what is going on, short of what's coming up in other venues I'll be taking to.  So I'll see you sometime this week and I'll make it up my readers who aren't members of a stalking and harassment cult that steal the credit for other people's writing. Everything still stands that I stated on the previous po



I'm binge watching The Boys on Amazon Prime this weekend. I'm on episode 5 so far and what an amazing show, and I say that in all sincerity. 

A very insightful and satirical look at the world of pop culture icons and the process of iconification through the metaphor of the superhero genre. Certainly intended for an adult audience.

I'd highly recommend it for any adult fans of the superhero genre. It really takes on hypocrisy and I'm loving it.

Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street Apt 701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Oh, and I don't do hate means love or love means hate. 

Sincerity before polarity... because gravity loves us, that's why its always pulling us closer ;-)

I love being an Atheist...

I'm not a Freemason or a Rosicrucian or a Scientologist or a Gnostic with all due respect. I am most certainly myself and not a member of any cult that would deny a person of their identity. I don't believe in the holy spirit or the holy ghost either. 

I don't do or live by colour symbolism either. So what a person keeps secret isn't their reality and what they expose isn't a lie. I think that whole thing is bullcaca, much like the people who live by it.

I've never been in a relationship with anyone named Karen. I'm not Roman Catholic. I'm not a member of ANY blood centric cult and never will be.

My love interest is Mandarin Chinese, and I still love Japanese eroticism and have no problem that.