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Fortunately I received my GST/HST Cheque today but out in the community of Regent Park it was literally a nightmare. There was more harassment than most other times, not to mention that my neighbours also did the same thing for all of Monday, into the night and through the morning. So I was already exhausted by today, though I did sleep from about 7 AM until around 11:30 AM. 4 1/2 hours is better than nothing.

Everything was fine until I cashed my cheque, and then the harassment antics started. A few times the locals brought up the names of people I know, including Kerri (my sister in law), Lawrence Ritchie, Bruce Richardson, Phil Thomspon and John Penny. I did my best to defend them, though they also tried to swap my identity with that of Eugene Andre Francois, a guitar player and Prince Hall fan. I'm not Eugene and he's not me with all due respect. I also managed to defend women's rights and LGBTQ2 rights without losing my identity as a heterosexual male which makes sense, because I'd never purposely burden either women or members of the LGBTQ2 community for any reason, nor should they be.

That whole idea comes from the misapplication of religion (that's coming from me who is an atheist) in the sense that women are labeled as the reason for humankind's downfall through original sin, while members of the LGBTQ2 community are regarded as sinning. Hence, Western society has been developed under this imposition of this debt of sin towards women and the LGBTQ2 community, and that fact really demonizes men, thanks to the risks posed of women and men of questioning interpretation of religious texts by men who used the concept of sin to impose a system of debt during ages when Europe and the Middle East were essentially theocratic. By keeping people in the debt of sin, they make them pay for that debt by carrying the weight of other sins so that others may go about living free of pressure in order to make the world a better place. 

That's essentially the concept of a Rose. The real true concept.

The good of that is that (real) Roses are very much representative that noble idea. To carry a burden or a good, so that others can go on making the world a better place without the pressures such burdens impose.

The bad of that is that some corrupt people, who interpreted religious texts to their benefit used the concept of sin as a debt to control people and determine who was going to be the burden carriers and who wasn't. That whole idea is still ingrained into us to this day.

All men aren't bad and many would have nothing to do with that, even if they benefited from it. The problem is that if you questioned that, especially back then, you'd be publicly flogged and likely executed. If you weren't, you'd be murdered by someone else to punish you for stirring up the way of things. So most women and men who stood against this, did so secretly and silently at the risk of their own lives and it took nearly two millennia for things to change, and things still haven't completely changed and there are still hurdles when it comes to the rights of those people.

I'm not trying to convert anyone at all, but I am trying to open people's eyes. The Bible isn't at fault. I honestly don't believe it in the sense of how its used and weaponized to control people. To put people in debt. Hence why I'm an atheist. Despite that, I learned something amazing about some of the people in history through other forms of mysticism that give the other side of the whole story. So because the Bible is based upon the Torah, don't blame the Jewish people for how its used by a few bad Christians. 

They completely ignored the Shekinah, which is the divine feminine light and the root of Jewish mysticism found in the Talmud. This isn't an ad telling you to go out and buy the Talmud or anything, I'm just asking that you consider that the truth you learned was not the whole truth and that the people teaching you were using their own course materials to put you in debt, so they could use you as pack mules, for their activities and control you by using knowledge of your sins as puppet strings. What better way to control someone than by knowing details of their most private moments. Thoughts, words and actions. We're still enslaved to ideologies that operate this way and most people don't even know it. Look at how quickly people conform to colour symbolism without questioning it. Meanwhile it really is used like prison bars. If you don't believe me, try just for one day to not conform to the rules of colour symbolism. I don't mean rules like traffic lights or stop signs or fire trucks, police or ambulance or your belt level in the Kyu system of progression in Japanese martial arts. Go about your day, and appreciate all the art you would in the same way, but when someone tries to hold you to a symbolic representation for a colour that undermines your own freewill and choice on the matter, don't let them. Watch how quickly things unravel when you try breaking away from the "program". We're our own prison guards and we don't even know it.

That's a big first step, but nonetheless its a step. That's because colours are used symbolically to determine who and how gets burdened with the daily social burden we create by our thoughts, words and actions and that burden is a commodity to people that use it to control us. Just ask women, because for the last 2000 years, they've been pressured into carrying every weight of ours on the grounds of original sin. Most great feats that occurred in society occurred because women were keeping that artificial pressure off of the backs of the men whose feats they were. So that's what the whole women's rights movement is all about, and many men throughout history tried to change this so that women were included, at the price of their lives.

A much for women, later as society began to acknowledge homosexuality, that burden slowly became theirs as well on the grounds of the fact that most people who teach the subject of religion cite that its a sin, much the same as Eve being blamed for original sin.

Liberation is about being freed from the chains that one knows are not rightly imposed and then taking effort through thought, words and action to free oneself. In the case of women and the LGBTQ2 community, the chain has always been sin which they've not committed but was imposed upon them from the time of their birth or from the time of their coming out. A debt that's always been there for them from the beginning of their lives, even before they took their first breath.

There are lots of good men who realize this and are fighting for those rights, when and where necessary so don't blame all men but don't let anyone in society lead you along the lines of the idea that putting you into a debt before you've even taken your first steps in this mortal coil is anything but wrong. Consider that for all women, and most if not all members of the LGBTQ2 community (which had no name until very recently in history), this was the case from their very beginning in life.

If you don't believe me, why not test the tightness of your own chains. Try going for a length of time defying colour symbolism, and don't deny that you know what I'm talking about because you most certainly do. If you can live for a week defying it without experiencing adversity for it, I doubt you're defying it at all.

So generally my regard for women and their rights in this way began when I noticed this for the first time. A lot of people blamed it on different sources than the actual real sources and with investigation I managed to learn a lot about the nature of society and certainly truth.

The Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Our Own and A Lady's Prerogative I: The Yearning And The Learning were both written from this sentiment and mostly to liberate.

I'm not a movie star and I don't live in Hollywood or even California or the United States. I'm certain that there are many people in the United States who are also similarly harassed and abused, but I'm distinguishing myself on the grounds of retaining my own identity. I'm a Canadian. I live in Regent Park, Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 200 Sherbourne Street in apartment 701. I'm certainly not rich financially, but I'm rich in a lot of other ways. I go out into my community and do my grocery shopping roughly twice a month, probably the same as most people. I've been dealing with the harassment thing for a long time, so I tend to be quite defensive when experiencing it.

Let me explain it to you this way. For the cult that does this, its like their victim is a puppet on a stage and each of the cult members try to convince others that they're the ones pulling the puppet strings so they can take the credit for whatever the puppet does. That's essentially a simple explanation for what this cult does and why they conduct harassment. Its all about trying to be the one puppeteering the victim. They also do this to others as well, including many public figures and in doing so, they believe they are controlling those people as well and hence, take the credit for their creative efforts. with the power of a collective to back them up, all using colour symbolism and a variety of other means of harassment and abuse. Their goal is to steal the identity of their victim and everything they produce. They operate under the idea that if you keep it secret, then it can fuel the lives of many people. When someone takes credit for it, they can't do that anymore. If someone is on the verge of being financially successful with any material made while the victim was being harassed by this cult, the cult tries to steal it from the victim unless the victim is a member of this cult.

Recently I received notice for some money I applied for over a class action lawsuit in regard to some CRT monitors from the late 1990s to early 2000 being overpriced. I had bought a few CRT monitors back then and hence I received a whole $20 CDN recently as payment. The problem is that my bank account closed a while ago and I no longer have the means to receive Interac payments (which didn't happen often anyway). So I'll likely be required to ask one of my neighbours to deposit the sum and I only have one neighbour in the vicinity that I'd actually trust, and that person is a member of the LGBTQ2 community. I'll just split it with him.

So after today, I almost decided not to publish the new chapters for Butterfly Dragon as I don't like rewarding abuse, but nobody from the Asian community abused me. Also, I thought to myself in this case, I said I would release the material and its far better to do that. Besides, it brings the Western delegation to South Korea, and to meet with their Northern Counterparts as well. Times and situations like this are an opportunity for creative and inventive people to find common ground despite our political borders, for that is almost as good as good diplomacy itself, and certainly covers ground that can sometimes be difficult to tread. Some people see winning as making their enemies look much more vile than are they. Some begin that way. Some are provoked into responded that way, vilifying them by way of their reaction. The real way to win is to find common ground while breaking new ground and coming to a common consensus, whether that be to agree, to disagree or to agree to disagree. Vilification is not the means to every solution, and certainly not any means to a solution not involving those who aren't vile. 

Easier said than done, and modern hate has evolved to be anything less than negotiating or accommodating to its more peaceful counterpart. Some problems don't want solutions for they only want more problems. 

I can only write these words when there is little or no harassment of the earlier nature and not because I'm incapable at any other time but because dealing with harassment and being creative at the same time is very counter-productive and often results in horrible writing. I've discarded more writing under those circumstances than I'd care to confess, including multiple chapters of books that no longer exist, like the original Butterfly Dragon II: Dragon Butterfly, elements of whose storyline will resurface in The Butterfly Dragon III: The Two Dragons. Neighbour says: "Eugene hit". I say: "I'm not Eugene".

Also, I have to channel my father David to help me write one of Bryce's tunes and fix the lyrics, and certainly I have to bring Wayne to the stage as he's there in spirit for the next chapter of What Different Eyes See as Mr. Wade Sunny.

So with all that out of the way, and my belly somewhat full, I should get to work making sure that I stick with what I promised I do, and that's two chapters of Butterfly Dragon II: What Different Eyes See...

Also, one more thing. I had a friend named James (actually I've had two friends in my life named James). One from my teenage years whom I referred to as JSR, his initials. A friend of mine with whom I used to play Intellivision, though he was always more the sports fan. He's one of the inspirations for Barris, the other is a gentleman named Elliot I. The two of them mixed with a shot of Jaegermeister or Bombay Gin would give you the rough equivalent of Barris. James is an achiever, I believe who went into accounting, hence some people in this cult believe my propensity for using Excel comes from him which isn't the case. James and I had a great friendship and he introduced me to playing tennis as well, otherwise I'd have likely never played any sports. I didn't actually become athletic until long after I'd left school and was well into my working career, and mostly as an issue of balance, both financial and physical. So James was a good balancing force in my life, not to mention that he had very talented parents who were key players in live theatre in downtown Toronto, much like my own parents who were professional musicians, they had their own night gig as well and I was lucky enough to see them on more than one occasion. I saw them once perform a Neil Simon play called Plaza Suite, and another one, an original penned by one of the theatre playwrights. James S. R. and his family had a lasting impact upon my life for certain. We lost contact with one another when we graduated from Junior Highschool.

The other James I know, was someone I'd met in 2004/2005 who at that time had come into a similarly rough predicament. Certainly one of the most intelligent guys I know and very charismatic, we were very good friends for about a year and a half, after which time I lost track of him. He's certainly an influence upon how I'd eventually write Jasmer, and a good fit for Walton Norler, though they have a much different regard for self discipline than did my friend James. From what I remember he is a cabinet installer and carpenter, working mostly in related fields. He's one of the people who inspired me to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, which I enjoyed immensely the volunteering experience, but certainly not the harassment on the way there and back. I think that when I mention I've volunteered for Habitat, that people who are aware of this James to whom I'm referring think that I didn't volunteer and that I'm just stealing his volunteer work, which isn't the case. I still have pictures from the job site I think. Anyway, I hope that James is doing well. He's always a welcome friend in my life.

The Change and A Lady's Prerogative III: Singularity will return very soon too... I always miss writing for Butterfly Dragon, especially the core characters and Zheng, Bryce and Doctor Briggs (Katya and Victor Piotr will be getting their own short story soon), but I can't explain how sometimes I really miss writing Mila, Nelony, Shaela, Yirfir, Jasmer, Barris and of course Mishima Sato. Especially in this situation, though its difficult to write with Barris around so many unfamiliar people and almost all of his dialog with Mila and Sato is going to have to be done across the bridge of time as it already has occurred a few times thus far...

Stay Safe And Be Well, and I wasn't kidding. Try testing your freedom from colour symbolism, though without testing against anything that could compromise your health and safety (like traffic lights, Firefighters, Police and Ambulance and what I mentioned above). You might learn something about just how free you really aren't. Remember, if you want to break that which traps you, you have to learn to see it and understand it first.

Oh so you know what's coming, here's a quote from Doctor Briggs...

"It also sits in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul. It would be considered saber rattling if we did attend the site. Let us say that it is a site dedicated to Women who often fall victim to sexual abuse and are often used as sexual cattle during times of war. I discussed this with Valerie and Professor Iseul and they agreed that we should keep this visit away from such matters. After all South Korea and Japan have been very active council members in the United Nations movement for Women's Rights. To make such a visit would be to open scars that might set Women's Rights back a step. Turn it into a circus rather than a serious matter that deserves careful attention. In my opinion, and Zheng's I'd almost certainly guarantee, I'd say we avert such issues given our track record with publicity lately." Doctor Briggs spoke answering Katya's question diplomatically.

Brian Joseph Johns


No matter what anyone says, I'm an atheist. I'm not a Jehovah's Witness and never have been.