Shhhh! Digital Media On Hold For A Month Or Two...

Shhhh! Digital Media will be on hold for a month or two as a result of abuse and harassment from my stalkers in Regent Park, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - where I live in 200 Sherbourne Street in apartment 701.

I never reward harassment or abuse, so this is the case with my hiatus for Shhhh! Digital. Mostly, this hiatus applies to The Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative.

I might write a short story, something that directly targets my harassers and their various cults however. I certainly will choose a selection of secrets of which I'm aware about these stalkers and reveal them in order to make others aware and so they can protect themselves as well. For instance, did you know that when some stalkers refer to mental health, they're actually metaphorically referring  to the misuse of mentalism, hermeticism and the Kybalion for the ends of abuse and gas lighting of a solitary victim, under the guise of a variety of different groups that utilize such principles. Most stalking takes the form of the misuse of these principles for some form of profit at the expense of the victim. Sometimes this is even referred to as "milking a cow".

In addition, I will never be joining Freemasonry though I have nothing against real Freemasonry or Freemasons. I'll never join Rosicrucianism, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Mentalism, Scientology or any other religion, as a result of organized abuses experienced from members of a variety of religions over the course of the last twenty years, including some of my own relatives. In fact, I'm beginning to wonder if this isn't shunning or disconnection of some form. An attempt by a religious cult to force me away from my own family, while making it look like I'm the one doing the distancing. It seems to me that cults would operate that way, rather than allowing themselves to bare the stigma of conducting shunning themselves. Hence why I'm an atheist. If I thought it would keep this cult away from me, I'd burn a whole stack of Bibles or (insert a religious text here). Their modus operandi seems to be to abuse their victim so that their victim reacts and behaves unreasonably and intolerably, which preserves the cult's reputation while destroying the repute of their victim(s). A means by which the cult makes themselves appear the love side while the victim appears the hate side. In fact this appears to be one of the possible motives for stalking and harassment.

The groups that do this rarely reveal themselves as belonging to a specific group or ideology. Instead they keep it very well hidden while abusing the victim so that the victim's reaction makes them appear as the hate side of a love/hate battle. Of course, I'm not a member of any religion based upon love hate or blood and fire. Besides, the blue side of the fence seems to use the colour blue to symbolize a polarity reversal such that hate means love and love means hate. That way if you react hatefully to their abuse, its redefined to mean love for the cult members. That's how they milk their victims. I don't do polarity reversals at all. I'd never become a Jehovah's Witness or a member of Prince Hall for that reason. The evidence points more and more towards soldiers of the Salvation Army and possibly some operating on behalf of Scientology as being the culprits, though I'm still far from verifying this. I believe in everyone's right to believe whatever religion they choose, but nobody has the right to subject others to the laws of their religion where those laws violate the civil rights of others, especially where the victim isn't a member of the religion in the first place. For instance, I'm truly an atheist. A choice I made resulting from this cult's abuse. I don't believe in the Bible or the New Testament or the Quran or any other religion as a result of abuse conducted by people who believe themselves to be members of such religions.

These abuses include numerous attempts to steal my history and identity, and to erase my existence, while the same people who do so, steal any of my output and wear it as their own. So my motives for taking yet another hiatus are very reasonable considering the situation.

I am NOT a member of the blue white or blue brown team at all (stalkers most frequently use colour symbolism and associate themselves as being on the blue white team or blue brown team). I live in Canada and part of the Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act states that's a pretty big no-no, to use colours in such a means. For all intense purposes, I'd consider myself to be on the red white team, though I'm not a member of any hate group and certainly not a satanist or anything of that nature. I'm Canadian. Most stalkers refer to their hateful treatment of their victims as "blue love" which to them is defined as meaning "hate means love" and "love means blood". So its a cult with which I want nothing to do. A cult that believes they mind control people for real, and actually practice doing so in large groups. What a bunch of goofs.

I mean, I enjoy thinking about that sort of thing erotically and even watch adult content of that nature too (for which I pay legally). Its a fun role-play game with a romantic partner. This cult however try to really do it to their victims and use that justification to steal the credit for anything their victims accomplish. So if I write something they want to steal from me, they abuse and harassment shortly after I've written it, and try to provoke a hostile reaction from me. Upon doing so, they believe themselves to be controlling me and then justify stealing my content from me and wearing my output as their own. A lot of people get involved in this too. Union members galore. Passersby on the street outside of my apartment. My neighbours, nearly around the clock. Police. Ambulance and Fire Fighters too. They all seem to get involved on the basis of colour symbolism as well, which is crazy because when you do, you're basically spitting on the Canadian Constitution and the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act. Remember that without those documents, those people aren't Police, Medics or Fire Fighters because they're foregone their oath. They're just a bunch of people driving around in equipment they don't own.

There's involvement possibly by Hell's Angels and Traditional Organized Crime as well (Mafia) too, seeing ass there seems to be quite a bit of narcotics related activity that accompanies the harassment, either before, during or after. Racism too. For instance, this cult are racists against mixed culture relationships between Caucasian persons and Asian persons. I know because this cult stalked and harassed two of my former girlfriends, both of whom are Asian. One being Mandarin Chinese I was in relationship with in 2006, a professional Opera singer well known by the Chinese community. The other being a South Korean woman with whom I was involved during 2010/2011. I'm Caucasian and they're against my being in a relationship with someone anyone from the Far East of Asia. They'd rather force other relationships onto their victims that go along with their ideas about mixing blood and their ideas about "superior" cultures, often symbolized by the colours blue and brown or even purple. So basically what that means is that they're hardcore racists and supremacists too, both white and black that steal from other people their creative and intellectual output on the grounds they believe that they are "controlling" those people with their superior blood and heritage. Truly goofs and scumbags.

I don't use, buy or sell narcotics by the way.

I really don't like having to write gripe posts like this, but I prefer to expose this cult for what they are and to explain why I sometimes close up shop here at Shhhh! Digital Media. I don't accept hate as love from anyone. That part is personal between myself and my love interest and nobody else.

For some reason the members of this cult seem to be trying to replace my identity with someone Tanzanian, which as I stated, I'm not African or even biracial African or Caribbean. I'm not Italian, Polish, Scottish, Nova Scotian or Irish either with all due respect. I'm not South American as well. I state this because most of the stalkers attempt to replace my identity with that of someone from one of those parts of the world. In other words, they attempt to use my output to fuel the lives of specific people of those cultures, while the cult attempt to make me carry the social burden for narcotics related activity, despite the fact that I don't use, buy or sell narcotics. So they take my good output from me, and give me their garbage. As stated, they're truly a bunch of blood centric goofs that believe their heritage to be superior to that of other people.

A Lady's Prerogative has nothing to do with an old acquaintance who refers to himself as "Celtic King Ron". I don't recognize his status as royalty and I'm not a member of Prince Hall or a Hell's Angel. Many of my harassers seem to believe that someone on the blue brown or purple team is "mind controlling" me, hence their motive for stealing anything I produce. In payment for their abuse, I reveal the secrets of how their cults operate. The more they abuse me, the more I reveal about their cults.

Thank you to the good people out there that don't resort to abuse or harassment and steal the output of their victims and that prefer to treat people with fairness and as themselves rather than someone else. I never steal aspects of other people's lives and never will, so my recount of my prior relationships are entirely true and members of the Chinese community would confirm that as well, seeing as they knew I was involved with her. Likewise, I'm sure that the Korean lady would confirm my relationship with her as well.

Oh and keep in mind that I'm not mentally ill or schizophrenic. If I was, I'd be making a ton of more money than I make now, but with only a hundredth of the credibility I currently have because of the cliche and stigma surrounding real mental illness. Gas lighting is an effort by groups of people attempting to create a misdiagnosis of mental illness for, and to discredit their victim socially. So, I'm truly not mentally ill.

Also, I'll never set foot in any church ever again for the rest of my life and I haven't been in any church for about six months, with the last time I was being for the fact that it was being used as a food bank, which I rely on to survive. Also, I'm not a rapist, pirate or a pedophile. I believe that this cult transfer the responsibility for their crimes onto people like myself whom they use as substitutes for their crimes. This activity involves cars parked outside of the building that take part in the harassment or at the very least, conduct illegal surveillance. They're not Police or even local security, but quite often independent freelancers or members of the cult doing this illegal computer spying. I believe they're connected to or paid by organized crime to conduct illegal surveillance, which would explain why the local authorities seem to ignore them. Possibly Mafia or Hell's Angels related, with neither of which I have anything to do.

Also, I'm not a guitar player and have never owned a guitar, though my music theory is pretty solid and advanced, so I could probably learn to play with very crappy technique, but a great understanding of chordal harmony. I have no interest in learning to play the guitar, as I love playing piano and keyboards.

I think the cult conduct this abuse also so that when posts like this appear, it makes people think I'm behaving very differently than usual. The truth is that I mostly try to push that treatment under the carpet, but every once in a while I have to reveal and expose it. The members of this cult are thieves. They spy illegally on people's computers and steal the identity of anyone who produces anything worth stealing, while dumping the responsibility for their crimes onto the victims they steal from. Then they attempt to replace the victim's identity and history with that of one of their members, so that the victim is abused for that person's crimes, rather than treated well for their own good efforts. The cult use identity as a commodity that can be transferred or even stolen and applied to other people. This definitely involves a group that is very keen on cocaine and crack cocaine in the area. I don't use, buy or sell narcotics myself, I just tend to notice that every once in a while things get out of hand around here, and that even the Police sometimes take part in the accompanying harassment. It sometimes seems like they're helping to protect the cocaine and crack cocaine, by helping the cult members make someone like myself appear mentally ill (which I'm not). I'm not a rose, I'm not transgender and I'm not gay, but I support LGBTQ2 rights and marriage. I'm certainly not a Hell's Angel or a satanist as I don't believe in the bible at all.

Ironically this cult timed their harassment with my having played the game Total War: Three Kingdoms last night, which is a game based upon the book Romance Of The Three Kingdoms, a Chinese classic. As stated they're a racist cult and they want to make it appear that Chinese blood has a bad affect upon me and make it seem like African, Caribbean, Italian, Polish or Irish blood has the best effect upon me. That's how racist cults operate. They abuse their victim, timing it to coincide with any interactions with cultures they want people to believe have inferior blood. That's probably one of their motives for spying on people's computers. They want to create that illusion because they're scumbag goof racists against Caucasian people being in a relationship with Asian people. They probably want to force me to be with someone French, Polish, Irish, Italian, African, Caribbean or South American, many of whom they believe have superior blood to Asians. So this is a serious racist cult of goofs. Big time. So they timed their abuse of me with that to make this reaction appear like it came from my love interest being Asian and from the Chinese culture. Hence why I'm truly an atheist.

I personally have nothing against anyone on the basis of culture, but as a result of bad experiences I definitely have constraints upon whom I'd date or have a relationship with, based upon culture, religion and experience. I believe there's nothing wrong with any mixed culture relationship. Its up to the people in the relationship so long as they're both consenting adults. Other than that nobody else has any say. I won't however date anyone Italian, Irish, Polish, Filipino, African, Caribbean or South American based upon my life experiences and preferences. That's not to say that there aren't good people in those cultures as much as it is to say that as a result of experience and my treatment by other people, my preferences have been drastically altered. I'd only date European and Asian women generally, more so Chinese and Korean women with whom I've had very good experiences relationship wise. The only reason I'm not in such a relationship currently is because of racist cults in this city, who would stalk the woman with whom I'd be in a relationship based upon their racist ideas. This has happened before and we broke up only to protect her.

One thing I've noticed about being abused and harassed by masses of people is that they're never held responsible for their words or actions and often, when their victim reacts they turn it into a debt. So they're never held responsible for their abuse of others or have a debt imposed upon them for harassing one person as a group, but their victim has debts imposed if they react. Not to mention they attempt to replace their victim's identity with that of someone else completely different from their own true identity.

For instance, for my references to having worked for Ferretina Film Production Ltd often result in the cult around me attempting to replace my identity with that of another network technician who worked on call for Animation Group (what Ferretina was before it became Ferretina Film Production Ltd), the cult members tried to replace my identity with his, Kevin Benton's, though as I've stated, I'm not Italian. That brings up another issue. How is it that my neighbours and people in my community have detailed information about my time working at Ferretina and are trying to remove me from my own history and past, and replace my identity with that of someone else, most often someone involved in narcotics despite the fact that I have no involvement with narcotics. So there's a group in Regent Park, made up of people who have connections to the local narcotics community that have detailed information related to Ferretina Film Production Ltd., including information about some of the former employee names. They've often mentioned John Marshall, though they apparently have a person around here named John Marshall, who is Jamaican, rather than the John Marshall that I worked for at Ferretina, who is probably Canadian British and now lives in BC, probably Victoria or Surrey from what I understand.

Also, the members of this cult often attempt to replace my identity with that of a man named an Italian guitarist Steve Vitale, a guitarist that I knew when I was around 12 or 13 years old. He lives in Los Angeles from what I understand and has some success there in music production. So for some reason this cult keeps trying to replace my identity with that of other people, like its trying to erase me from my own life and history. I'm not Italian by the way. So the members of this cult are clearly abusing me and trying to replace my history with someone else's. Not to mention the level of harassment is unbelievable sometimes. Its like they aim to get the worst possible reaction they can. These are the kind of people who attempt to radicalize others to violence, and they're the kind of people who likely resulted in the majority of mass shooters over the last twenty to thirty years. I'm not on the blue team and never will be, so that means I'm not the "blue king" and I certainly never will be. I don't do things according to colour symbolism like this cult does. It violates the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act.

Also there's a lot of effort trying to force the identity of a presbyterian onto me but I'll never be a presbyterian, ever. In fact, at a presbyterian food bank called St. Bartholemew's is where I experienced the worst harassment. It was so bad I ended up making the decision never to set foot into another church for the rest of my life. I haven't been back to that food bank since and I'll keep my promise and never set foot in a church.

Far too abusive and these are people working for the church who believe its their job to exercise people of "spirit possession" or some kind of nonsense like that. That's their motive for the harassment and some of them actually believe they can mind-control people using this harassment. So based upon my experiences I won't set foot in any church. I had similar experiences in the seventh day adventist church around here called St. Luke's and similarly won't set foot in there or any church ever again.

So the members of this cult believe that their victims are possessed by disembodied spirits that control them into behaving in ways they normally wouldn't behave. We're talking about an abusive cult that attempts to use social abuse conducted by large groups of people to trigger anxiety attacks in their victims. I believe its responsible for a lot of ills in our society. I believe Tourettes results from this sort of thing. Epilepsy. Anxiety. Mass shootings, in the case where one or more shooters are involved in violent attacks against crowds of people. All of these result from the abusive activities of this cult. These are religious nuts who believe they're weeding out Cain blood or the mark of the beast from society by finding people who react to their abuse. So as I stated, its a cult whose secrets I'll never keep and the more I learn, the more I'll reveal. The worse they treat me, the more I'll reveal about them, but only truth, never lies.

Another thing about this cult is that they believe that if you react to this abuse and harassment that its because you still have unconfessed sins. So much of this activity appears to be related to extrapolating confessions for the sins of the victims, even if they're not a member of the religion(s) that conduct this activity. So if you react, according to this cult you still have unconfessed sins, for which they'll continue to harass you until you reveal something. Once you have, they test you again and the process continues indefinitely until you don't react again. So they're a cult.

I've noticed that the cult members who conduct the harassment actually make bets with each other as to which symptoms the victim will suffer from first as a result of this harassment, choosing from a list similar to what I exposed above: epilepsy, Tourettes, severe anxiety, PTSD, schizophrenia or ADD (attention deficit disorder) etc. So they actually bet as to which of these symptoms their victims will experience first after a long time of subjecting their victim to this sort of treatment. They also bet on how long they expect the victim will live in terms of their age before they succumb to health problems caused by the abuse and harassment. I've witnessed the harassers speaking about this subject on occasions when they had no idea I could understand them and of what they were speaking.

They're very secretive about communicating such ideas with each other and often use strong symbolism and double entendre to keep it hidden. These aspects occurred relatively recently, as far back as 2010 and as recently as 2012/2013. Ironically the age they predicted for me (having the gall to talk about it in front of me thinking I couldn't understand them) was 52 years old, my current age. So they bet that I'd succumb to health problems resulting from their organized abuse by the time I was 52 and die as a result. I've got three and a half months before that runs out in mid November and I become 53. I should have bet aloud that I'd have reduced their cult so much by 2020 that they'd have to completely change their modus operandi and operate while being recorded without their knowing by other people watching my back that they'd never suspect who present such evidence anonymously to authorities.

I caught the stalkers once talking about attempting to trigger epileptic seizures in a co-worker of mine for fun, though upon me catching them, they insisted it was a joke. Ironically, half a week later that same co-worker had a severe epileptic seizure on a job I wasn't working, resulting in his being off work for three weeks as a result of an injury sustained during his seizure. This is something that happened in the late 1980s though at that time I never suspected that anything like that was connected to what we'd eventually come to know as stalking and organized harassment. What a bunch of assholes.

Instead its all a part of their effort to force their victims onto the blue side of the fence so that hate means love and love means blood (or hate). I'll never be a part of any cult that operates that way and I'll never be on the blue team in the sense of blue white or blue brown. I think its completely racist and a cult that violates the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act of Canada.

Hate isn't love and love isn't hate.

Design docs for some of my current coding work...
Today and for the next few weeks, I'll be working on programming using Delphi, on the network, user and session management for one of the applications I've developed and adding an android version.

Part of the actual source code to the project I've recent been working on...

On the left is a portion of the source code from what I've been working on for the last couple of days.

I get the love of coding from father, David. The stalkers will try to convince others that I'm more like Wayne, which couldn't be farther from the truth. I think the Wayne side of my family would oppose me being in a relationship with someone Chinese, while my father David and his side of the family would most likely welcome it. For some reason this cult wants to associate me with one side of my family more so than the other, and most often that comes down to a game of red white versus blue white. Not my family's doing but definitely the doing of the cult around here in Regent Park who are completely abusive scumbags. For them its a competitive game based upon colour symbolism, and like most scumbags who play and conduct such abuse, they're basically spitting on the Canadian Constitution and the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and Human Rights Act.

It appears that Donald Sebastien Des Rosiers and others from Salvation Army in 2004 took part in an effort to steal aspects of my past and history while dumping their past and history onto me. For instance, Donald has involvement with crack cocaine and prostitution by his own verbal admission, but he and his supporters in Regent Park tried to transfer that responsibility onto substitutes like myself, who have nothing to do with anything like that. So these are people who do not take responsibility for their own actions, but instead try to transfer them to other people, while stealing the actions of the people upon whom they dump their's. They then proceed to harass their victims as if the victim is responsible for these other people's actions. Meanwhile, they're walking around with the credit for what I accomplish. Apparently John Paul Young was a victim of this as well in 2004 and 2005, and even knew Donald during that time. John Paul Young now lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia and is working as a crossing guard for the Police.

What I've pieced together locally is that the gangs that protect Donald tried to transfer Donald's activities in this way to me and make them my responsibility, while they tried to steal my history and transfer it to the credit of Donald's and his son, someone they call Jake N. The TPS involvement in this is that they're under the impression that I'm Donald or Jake N, which I'm not. Likewise, I don't use, buy or sell narcotics at all. So the people in Regent Park involved in this scam are trying to swap my identity with someone else's so that I'm held responsible for their use of crack cocaine and prostitutes. Likewise, they're trying to transfer the responsibility of someone at Jane and Finch involved in piracy onto me as well. So this is an organized criminal gang that dumps the responsibility for their criminal actions onto other people they use as criminal substitutes. Meanwhile, they attempt to trick the rest of the public into believing the victim did or does that to other people, which I don't do that to anyone. I take responsibility for my own actions. The members of this cult don't take responsibility for any of their own actions, and they take the credit for the good efforts of other people. They attempt to turn situations around by creating setups they later use to turn the tables on their victim and double victimize them. So they're experienced enough at doing this to plan far in advance their entire scam.

For instance, while dealing the RCMP in 2001, I was later approached by someone who claimed to have intel for the Federal Police in 2003, which I passed along as intel to them in September of 2003, eventually dealing with them again in 2004. Years later, the same person tried to claim that I stole the credit for their intel, which I never did. I was dealing with the Federal Police before I even knew that person, so their seeking me out to give intel to the Federal Police was possibly a ploy by them to trick me into revealing my own contact at that time, or to later claim I was trying to steal the credit for their efforts. It turns out that person was part of a network of spies that were the early version of organized stalking, and were trying to uncover my contact in the RCMP and the CBSA. So I managed to keep that protected even after reporting the second intel for this other person trying to phish out my RCMP contact and CBSA contact. So this appears to have been a setup orchestrated with this exact outcome in mind, though trying to get at my first RCMP contact and CBSA contact, so they could later claim that I tried to steal the credit for this other person's intel, which I didn't but I took ALL of the risk for them. So I took the risk, they got the credit and then accused me of trying to steal the credit for their efforts, which never happened. Meanwhile I was providing intel with regard to a completely different matter and managed not to blow that, and almost got assaulted and possibly even killed for it years later when I was assaulted by a man wielding a lead pipe and four other men.

Organized Crime and Gangs run the show in Regent Park right now, and organized stalking and harassment seems to be their work and the work of local religions too. Even some union involvement.

So building up a nearly unbelievable series of events against their victims are what this cult call weaving a web around their prey. In fact, this is symbolized by tattoos as well, which to members of this cult have special meaning. If you have a spider's web with a spider in it on a tattoo, you're the spider, weaving the web. If you have a tattoo of a spider's web without a spider, you're the one caught in that web. This is visual symbolism that the members of this cult use to try to indicate to their victims that they're weaving a web around the victim. A web is really just a bizarre series of setups and circumstances that destroy the victim's life and that make the victim sound crazy should they try to explain it. That's another one of their big secrets by the way and as I stated, I don't keep secrets for assholes.

Another person whom the cult attempt to swap my identity is named Terence, a 6'2" Somalian fellow who they imply is my senior with regard to having studied martial arts (he allegedly studied Karate) and allegedly had involvement with a young girl of 15 years who lives in the building. So the members of the cult try to swap his identity with mine, including his responsibility for the relationship with a 15 year old girl. Also, he's allegedly a Jehovah's Witness and the members of this cult seem to be geared towards forcing that identity onto mine, despite the fact that I'm not a Jehovah's Witness and I don't date 15 year old girls. I'm not a pedophile at all and I think the closest I'd come to youth is maybe a girl in their early 20s, but I find myself attracted to women mostly between their late twenties and older. There's nothing wrong with relationships of two consenting adults, as long as they're consenting and they're adults. I studied Goju Ryu, Goju Jujitsu Ryu, a bit of Aikido and Chen Style Tai Chi, all formally.

One thing I've noticed about this cult is that when you have an income and you take extra-curricular courses like martial arts or other training, the cult members very quickly arrange for you to lose your income source whether that be hourly or salary employment. So self improvement is out of the question. If you do manage to study such classes, the cult members steal your identity and wear it as if they're the ones studying. This happened to me several times over the last twenty years and this seems to be something that happens more and more frequently as part of scams that steal other people's identity. They seem to target people with Masonic or some other association frequently, as if they're attempting to take over someone's family line.

Eugene Andre Francois has nothing to do with Shhhh! Digital Media by the way and I've never worked for an escort service as a driver who then went on to operate as a pimp, running his own jobs with girls from the same escort service for which he worked. I don't accept responsibility for others' actions. Eugene's allies arranged to use me as a substitute for his actions from about 2004 onward, and that's something which I'd like to see cleared up.

Eugene and I both however dated Lillian F, a responsible and hard working woman and accountant. That's the only thing we have in common. Operating as Prince Hall usually do, they attempted to switch Eugene's and my identity around the time I was working for Ferretina and there afterwards.

They likely are directly involved in the harassment I experience every day as well and probably with other harassment cases as well. The way they operate is that if you complain about being abused and harassed, they try to burden you with the most negative things about the other person, while the other person gets the credit for your most positive things. Prince Hall in this sense works with Jehovah's Witnesses to accomplish this. In many areas, these religions and ideologies work together to dump everything onto one person and that person is usually harassed constantly and for decades upon end, while the other people for whom they're forced to carry the weight experience little or no harassment whatsoever. So this ideology did this to me for years and still does it every day as well. The last couple of days was the worst attack for a long time, even with many union members and first responders taking part in it as well, which I find disgusting seeing as they're spitting on the Canadian Constitution in doing so. Hate is not love and love is not hate. I'm not American and I'm certainly not a Presbyterian and never will be. From my experiences Presbyterians take part in social abuse and harassment very frequently. One of the reasons that I'll never be a part of any religion ever. Likewise I'll never join Prince Hall, ever.

So I'm clean and I will not carry anyone's burden for them. If anyone forces it onto me I'll reveal what it is and who it came from. Likewise I don't use, buy or sell narcotics and I'm not a pirate. As well, I'm an atheist and definitely not a member of any black supremacist or white supremacist group.

The cult responsible for all of this attempt to turn the victims upon whom they dump everything into "guns". In other words they attempt to weaponize their victims by turning all of the social burden they dump onto their victims into ammunition and then turn the victim into what they call a "blue rose". Then the cult members try to provoke the victims into reacting harshly against the people or groups they want to "shoot". The people or groups the gun person reacts harshly towards are then considered to be "shot" which results in them being stalked and harassed and treated as if they are responsible for that burden. If they react to any of that harassment, they're considered to have been "hit" by the shot from the gun. So turning someone into a "blue rose" is most often one of the secret blues they attempt on a daily basis, especially when they're trying to turn that person into a gun. I'm not a gun or a rose and if anyone tries to use me in that way, I consider them a goof. So if anyone tries to use me as a gun, they're the first person that are shot, which is a fitting punishment for anyone who tries to turn others into weapons of that nature, don't you think? As stated, I don't keep secrets for assholes. This sort of activity is something that goes on very frequently and quite often the cult members trap the people they try to use repeatedly as guns. This probably has something to do with sexual orientation or eye colour. I'm heterosexual but I have red, yellow and green eyes. So I think when you have unique eye colours, the cult try to weaponize you in some way. I support LGBTQ2 rights and marriage, but I retain my own identity as a heterosexual male that loves women, especially Asian and European women.

I'm not on the blue team and never will be, meaning I tend to like red much more than blue. I absolutely am an atheist and I don't believe in the holy spirit.

I'll see you in about four to six weeks, maybe longer.

Brian Joseph Johns