My Sincerest Condolences To The Passing Of Wayne Buttery


Last night while searching the web on Google, I discovered that my mother's boyfriend and husband Wayne Buttery, Blues guitarist extraordinaire died on July 6, 2020.

For the last few years I've kept my contact with my family very scarce though not as a result of anything to do with them. More so, as a result of a socially abusive cult which I've been exposing little by little over time, even with posts like yesterday's.

You see, any time I'd spoken with Wayne or my Mother, Rita Johns-Schindler, I would be subject to extreme harassment locally in my community of Regent Park where I live in 200 Sherbourne Street in apartment 701. This harassment would originate from members of the community and sometimes even union members too. Certainly not the result of any paranoia or mental illness as I have none, not to mention over the years, I've had numerous witnesses to the harassment as well, some who've even reported to law enforcement on my behalf.

Really there is no justifiable reason for doing as such for I am not a sexual predator or pedophile nor am I a threat to anyone in the community. So this is something I rack up to the efforts of a an abusive religious cult (of which I've heard complaints from others as well) and likely local organized crime mostly related to the narcotics scene which mostly seems to be based around crack cocaine, heroin and possibly methamphetamine. I myself don't use narcotics (or smoke) so I tend to keep my distance from such things. I am not a member of any ideology that operates with statements representing the exact opposite of their intent. I say what I mean and mean what I say not to mention I'm not a big fan of the Kybalion. Also, I don't regard love and hate as being the same thing. That's because they're not and there's scientific proof for that.

Usually, such ideologies that operate by such means are seeking to make their victims the hate side of the fence in a giant game of love and hate or blood and fire. As an atheist, I don't take part in such activities, and the furthest I'd go with love and hate would actually take on a romantic context with no harm involved. Cults on the other hand seldom concern themselves with the psychological damage their activities inflict or the disparity they cause. Not to mention that my love interest is from the Far East of Asia and there are some people who disagree with a Caucasian person being in or having been in such a mixed culture relationship. Whatever the motives of this cult, they're abusive and scumbags for they stole a lot of time from myself and my family. I'm sure their activities have probably caused a lot of career damage in my case and possibly the case of some of my family as well.

So my long delay in finding out about Wayne's passing mostly has to do with the abusive activities of this cult. Wayne was never my father (as my father is David Schindler), but there were times he did his best to be a good friend not to mention even driving a 200 km distance to the city to pick me up for a vacation up at his property on Orr Lake.

Wayne Buttery at a gig with his guitar
Like my own father (who happens to be a piano player like myself), Wayne is one of the most talented musicians I've known, being a reknowned blues guitarist and a staple of the local music scene in Canada for many years, originally starting his gigging career with Bananas, a tribute band to the 50s and 60s group Sha Na Na. Him and I shared some commonalities. For one, we're both Scorpios. He's an old school Cobol programmer as well from what I understand while I'm an old school C/C++ and Pascal programmer, though I'd never known that he was a programmer as well, only having found out in recent years. He tended to be mostly on the blue side of the fence while I struggle to stay on the red side. Likely, there were many people who wanted to force me to the blue side of the fence, possibly to follow in Wayne's footsteps. He was certainly suited to it, with his blues guitar skills and I admired him for that, though I've never been a big fan of red versus blue. Seems a bit un-Canadian to me to rely on colour symbolism in that way when the founding documents of our country defy such ideas and Wayne certainly did well representing blues music in Canada. That's much better than those who symbolize blue as an excuse to abuse and bully everyone else, possibly trying to bring out the worst in others as much so as they do themselves. The truth is, if you have to abuse others to make yourself or your friends and icons look good by creating a harsh response from others, then you, your friends and icons probably aren't that good to begin with. More likely, just bullies trying to impress the leviathan of public opinion while it isn't paying attention to your abusive behaviour.

So as it stands, I found out of his passing more than a month afterward if only because I could not contact my own family without the possibility of extreme harassment coming to them on their end of the fence and me to my end of the fence here in Toronto. We seem to live in a time where assholes have control of our means of communication, wrecking family and social aspects of our lives. If I were calling the shots, there'd be an aggressive investigation into that kind of activity.

Its a shame that such people steal so much from us, some more so than others and that there's a crazy segment of the population that believes this to be god's will or the casting of certain members of society into hell and what not. I don't believe in the Bible (or any book of religion, though I state this having read most of them), so I certainly don't believe in hell, not to mention that I've done nothing worthy of ending up there nor do my family deserve being subject to any adversity. I wonder how differently my life may have been enriched if Wayne, my Mother and I hadn't been purposely isolated from one another. Ironically this cult did the same thing with my father as well. I have a feeling this cult isolates a lot of people from their families and friends by character assassination and social abuse.

The are certainly of the belief that their targets become possessed by different people every day, as a result of the previous night's collective hate ritual. I'm dead serious. So their whole belief is that you become possessed by one of their "spirits" and most of this is based upon colour symbolism as well. To them its a form of craft alchemy. Modifying your persona with bits and pieces of other people's. The harassment they subject their victims to is all about getting a reaction that implies the target is possessed by someone else. Its really just nonsense as the cult members just turn any form of duality into a battle. Anything they can fight over with someone else, is all they're about and usually its about ganging up on one person and either making them the hate side or having everyone subject them to hate. 

This does actually result in suicide too as well as violence and there are emerging studies that reveal these facts. This cult believe they're subjecting their victim to "hell" hence many of them are abusive religious psychopaths justifying their mistreatment of others through their religion or belief. I believe in everyone's right to believe, but that must include the protection of a citizen's right to peace as well under the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act. I think that some of them even try to claim that I'm Baphomet or something of that nature.

For those of you who don't know, Baphomet is a demi-god sort of figure, an androgynous half human/half goat that from a religious standpoint, represents the embodiment of the devil. Baphomet is essentially the poster child of the Kybalion, hence the Kybalion is often regarded as a pagan or heretical book. I myself am not a fan of the Kybalion mostly based upon how I've seen it misused. It does however match up very eloquently with some aspects of the Physics of Electricity/Electromagnetism and even to a small degree with Quantum Physics in the sense of a rough description of wave functions and some of their properties from the perspective of symmetry.

Baphomet is known for eliciting the idiom "as above, so below and as below, so above" as is obvious in its rendition. Interestingly enough, Baphomet was allegedly worshipped by the Knight's Templar, the Christian Order of Knights who fought most of the crusades before being hunted down as heretics on the orders of Pope Clement V and the King Philip IV of France in the first two decades of the 1300s. So anyway, the cult that abuses me, tries to imply that I'm that. Baphomet, likely because my Chinese zodiac sign is a Goat. I'm not sure whether to take that as an insult or a compliment. I tend to look at the whole "as above, so below..." idiom as indicative of Jungian Synchronicity more so than Hermeticism, though I'm not a Gnostic. The cult members actually believe they're mind controlling me into realizing these concepts, but really, by believing they're mind controlling me, they're creating a social paradigm that denies me my own identity and the credit for my own efforts, and propping up their friends and peers for other people's work and effort. So you could say that's a social crime in a sense. I mean collectively, any group of people could envelope anyone and take just anything from them, but because there are many people involved, doesn't mean its right. In a sense its kind of like a denial of one's existence.

I could go further into how the Christians that had taken over Hong Kong after the Opium Wars, had influenced Hong Kong enough to change their Astrological sign of the goat to the more Christian friendly sheep. Hence Hong Kong Chinese Astrology is just a bit different from mainland China's Astrology. That also goes to show you how cultural annexation can change cultures in ways that most people don't initially notice.

I hope nobody tries to accuse me, a Caucasian person of cultural appropriation for my writing of the Butterfly Dragon stories and a A Lady's Prerogative, as I go through a great deal of effort to protect and preserve the cultures that are a part of my stories.

Some of the other more racist elements of this cult refer to me as "King N#gger". Replace the # symbol with the letter i and you'll see what I mean. That word by the way means "lazy" and was a common word used to refer to slaves in the south that didn't perform well for the slave owners. It was later repurposed as a direct insult against various non-Caucasian races. The term was then taken over by African and Caribbean society, both as a slang term referring to other members of the African or Caribbean culture or as an insult against Caucasian persons. 

The term King N#gger (KN) was actually created by Africans and Caribbeans to refer to an icon in society they elevate to be their collective leader. Most often against their will. A sort of proxy or stand-in for the leader of the Black Panther Party, a terrorist organization sometimes touted as a rights movement responsible for the deaths of many members of the public, politicians and police officers, mostly in the United States, with some murders occurring in the Carribean, specifically Bermuda. Their negotiations were conducted through murder and terror rather than meaningful discussion and debate to bring about positive change.

I apologize for my "to the point" response to these situations, but sometimes its best to deal with issues directly. Something I'd like to think that I got from Wayne and my father. The ability to face down conflicts and issues directly and mostly tactfully if not sometimes a bit scathingly and sarcastically.

I do know one thing. That I'll never have a chance to discuss music in further detail with Wayne. Its a shame that such an ideology took that away from us. The world truly lost a gentle and talented human being.

Rest In Peace Wayne,

Brian Joseph Johns

I'm not Donald Sebastien Des Rosiers or Vern Sergeant or Steve Vitale by the way. I'm a Canadian atheist and not a Presbyterian. Also I'm not Shane.

As stated many times over, my love interest is Mandarin Chinese. I do however love Japanese culture and eroticism too. Likewise I find much about Vietnam, Thailand and Korea to be very enticing. Along with Europe, India and Malaysia, these are all places I'd like to go before I die. I'm 52 now so that doesn't leave much time...