Rocket Science coming soon, philosophy for now...

Rocket science is on hold today while I work on getting the historical research and accuracy correct for A Lady's Prerogative.

I will try to work on both ALP and The Butterfly Dragon today in order to give a little needed balance before the weekend.

By the way. In case you didn't notice, Xuxu (Xenxi's spirit form brother) often operates in a form of speech where his emotional intent is the opposite of what he expresses. So he might refer to the people he cares about in a sometimes hateful manner, especially in their absence.

Why? Firstly, because this isn't reality. It's a story and nobody's feelings are going to be hurt by such displays of rampant expression. Secondly, because the people involved have a history with one another and they trust each other. What one says, that comes out derogatory is of little consequence to the other, for they've already proven their dedication and loyalty through their actions, more so than a harsh word or two.

Don't expect this sort of connection through with just anyone because it is something that is earned, and often it is a two way street. If you're so willing to humble your own peers so harshly, then be prepared to be humbled as harshly so yourself.

Xenxi and Xuxu both originate from ancient China (A Lady's Prerogative is a worldly work of fiction including representation from every continent and just about every culture). In China, duality of this sort was born of the passage of time from day to night in a perpetual cycle perhaps 6000 years ago. Where there is light in the east, there is dark in the west and vice versa. It is from this dualistic thinking Xenxi and Xuxu formed their own duality as kin to one another. Where Xuxu the brother is vile, Xenxi the sister is veritably compassionate. Where Xuxu is perplexed, Xenxi is composed. Where Xuxu is afraid, Xenxi is fearless. Hence, a koan is formed of these dualistic opposites.

This does not arise because Xuxu chooses and forces Xenxi to become his opposite. That would be denial of her own sentience, prowess and more so her freedom. It is in fact something that arises naturally between them and their time as spirits, dating back to the Song Dynasty. The expression of an accepted harmony between two people.

As much as as kin might find such a link between one another that strengthens the bond of family and kinship, there are times when lovers experience and perpetuate the same. In both cases, it is of their individual freedom and will that such a link happens.

Therefore, just because I write such characters does not mean that I invite everyone to become as much to myself. To do so would be a form of rape in fact, not to mention it would be considered very much the same in East Asia. To enter into such a play with someone is one of the greatest testaments one has to demonstrate their trust to another. Therefore this is something not to be toyed or trifled with for it is the union between two people of their own freewill and the formal expression thereof.

So when I go out into the world to do my grocery shopping or any kind of shopping, that doesn't mean that I'm inviting everyone to do the same competitively with me as a measure of my bias for them. My rightful bias is reserved for people that have earned it and deserve it as much so as I'd hope others would keep guard over theirs. More importantly, that bias is mutual between themselves and myself, for anything less is a violation of one's being.

Consider that most artists and creative people have a profound amount to share with those who enjoy their works, be it movies, shows, writing, visual artistry, aural artistry, culinary artistry, mechanical artistry and all the other forms of art and expression and that when they share those things, they're giving up a lot of themselves in the process. So when they venture out into the world to take care of the common tasks that everyone else takes for granted on the grounds that they are not sought out or objectified, that they've already given out much of themselves.

Now consider this. Someone who works as a part of supporting part the infrastructure is never subjected to the same thing, yet their work is very real (non-fictional) and quite often, they are the real heroes. Consider that the arts are the mirror through which the world sees itself, though sometimes the reflection misses the people it is reflecting and those people, who are doing a great deal in society, don't get the recognition they deserve.

Sometimes, people see the reflection, and assume that the reflection is the hero rather than the people it is reflecting. Some people even believe that artists are just siphoning from the reality of others. To tell you the truth, all of these mix-ups are just as wrong as the other. Society just needs to learn to distinguish the reflection from the reflected.

Some people even go so far as to believe they're possessing the artist and responsible for making the artist create art. Mostly because those people are seeking the praise they perceive the artist as stealing from the people they're reflecting through their art. That creates a dichotomy whereby such people seek to take from artists by a variety of different means, never recognizing the fact that the artist is crafting the mirror, not crafting what you get out of what there is to be seen in the reflection.

Artists for the most part, construct the mirror. So don't mix-up the artist with the people they're reflecting and don't think for a moment that most if any artists are taking from others when they craft an invention of fiction. Any rigorous regimen you put an artist through to test the originality of their art can also be applied to anyone of any vocation with the same results. So before you apply such regimens to those creators or those being reflected in their creations, perhaps you should apply such regimens to yourself.

No matter what happens and what you create, it seems that there will always be people who believe they're puppeteering or controlling you into doing that thing. A sort of social sickness where people believe that the expression of one person is coming from another person, usually based upon worship or iconification of the person they believe to be doing the controlling or puppeteering. Some of these people believe that if you can make a person contradict their own creations while they're in public doing their thing (like shopping), that to be proof that they are not responsible for their own creations.

I find it quite humorous sometimes that these people can look me in the eye and think that someone else is driving me around like a car. Someone other than myself. I'd say that qualifies as pretty crazy and downright nuts on their part. Keep in mind though these are people who'd outright steal what other people say and do and wear it as their own, so they're pretty low on the scale being conscious of the impact of their efforts upon others in society from whence they steal. I mean, I'd never take credit for someone else's works, actions or words or wear someone else's life as my own.

My writing comes from me. So does everything else I produce here. I do credit everything that comes from other talented artists and creators on the Credits page. I believe that credit should be given where it is due as for some people, that is their life and livelihood. I also believe in promoting the work of others when and where you can. For me, that happens to be a big part of my writing. Promoting the ingenuity of others. I mean, that's what most of my books and writing is about.

Something to think about.

One last thing I'd like to say is that for all the meanness there is sometimes in the world, that it only takes a small act of kindness to overpower it a thousand fold. Something as simple as holding a door for someone (or having a door held for you, guy or girl).

So I'll try to do a bit of work on both A Lady's Prerogative and The Butterfly Dragon today, but I had initially planned to do some coding. I'll put the coding off until next week and try to release something for both ALP and BFD by the day's end or at the latest by the end of the weekend.

There are friends whom I'd protect with the seeming silence of nonrecognition, even while in their midst, and there are lovers whom I'd protect by my expression of their profound impact upon my life. Hence, upon seeing my friend Maria or thinking I saw Maria, I might retain my silence in her presence but not because I hold any ill towards her, but rather to protect her in a good way as much the same as I'd praise to winds of the East and the West about my romances with Helen Yi Chen and Jasmine Lee. One being a traditional Opera singer from China, and the other a former resident of Seoul, South Korea. These are bumpy roads some of them, and sometimes I can see them a great distance before they're reached.

I know few people in the community where I reside as most of my friends lived in North York and Willowdale in the 1980s. I do know some in my community, though they are few and far between. I did see a neighbour in my building of residence, Yolanda, a prominent member of the LGBTQ2 community this morning before I went grocery shopping. As I usually do, I greeted them and showed my appreciation for their being among the few who have been very good neighbours, even in the worst of times.

Despite the fact that I am heterosexual, I believe my neighbour Yolanda to be a very good person and a decent neighbour too, sincerely. In fact, I don't believe that sexual orientation should affect a person's impression of others, anymore than should their culture. When it comes to the bias of romantic love however, that is never something that can be regulated nor be subject to a quota. The only exception being any such romantic interactions that transgress statutory age or consent.

Ohhhhh, and then there's Stories From The End. Recently revived. Soon to be heavily edited and revised. Its definitely a mirror of many of the heroes I've noticed throughout life.

The point is that what you see in the mirror that artists create is far more important than the artists themselves, including me. That's because in most cases, we're reflecting someone else in real life or at the very least, someone else that should exist in real life.

Have a great and safe weekend and remember to be fair to one another.

Brian Joseph Johns

No disrespect, but I'm not Ralph. I'm Brian Joseph Johns 😊. Even more importantly, I'm a Canadian 🍁 that enjoys the company of good people from every part of the world...