Does Being Well Known And Being Secluded And Isolated Mean Being Full Of Oneself?

An early render of Barris in A Lady's Prerogative III: Singularity
I spend a lot of time alone, writing and designing for what you see here on Shhhh! Digital Media. At this time and during the COVID-19 crisis, its something that's not so unusual as it used to be.

My stories and work here doesn't make money and I'm certainly never directly referred to in the media or by any other outlets that would bring attention directly to my door, but rather those who end up here, often seem to do so by other forces at work. I'm grateful for the fact that there are so many people who seem to be affected by what I do here, but that is never if ever directly acknowledged by anyone. That's alright because my sense of confidence and motivation doesn't require the approval of others at all.

We live in an age where our identities have become separated from our body of works throughout life. You could even say that our identity and our body of work are two completely different kinds of identity. By body of work, I mean all of the works which you've accomplished or been a part, throughout the course of your life. Both good, bad and in between. Everything.

We can no longer guarantee that our own works will be associated with our own identity, because society seems to have become a giant game of musical chairs, where everyone is competing for the best life works, whether they are theirs or someone else's.

Many of us nowadays work with computers in some capacity as part of our labour and vocation. Consider that in isolation, there isn't anyone around for you to act as a witness to their works nor for them to act as a witness to yours. I don't mean this in any religious sense. Jehovah's Witnesses or Prince Hall come to mind, neither of which am I a part with all due respect, as I'm an atheist. I do mean however that we've become a society where people socially compete for the best and worst of us, to wear as their own life. Without others in our midst to guarantee our body of works for the day or from our life, we've become vulnerable to the kind of people who'd take that from us by a variety of means and wear it as their own.

The first few times something of this nature happens, you just shrug and let it roll off of you. But more and more as it does, it grates on even the best of us. I mean who doesn't want at least the reward of accreditation for their own works? Most people who are employed salary or hourly for an employer, receive this by way of their pay cheque. Without their individual accreditation, the cheque would no longer be theirs. Would you put your pay cheque up as the ante to some socially wide sweeping game where others could actually win, taking your pay cheque from you?

Imagine how you'd feel the first few times that happened to you. Probably pretty bad. The more it continued, the more likely you'd become impatient and even angry with such events and the people who perpetrated them, which would further feed the motivation for such a game to take it from you. After all, if you're a meanie, more people will be inclined to mistreat you. Heck, some people even live the idiom: hate means love and love means hate. An idiom I find quite fitting; for idiots, however something that is way beyond myself. In fact, its something of which I've never taken part, except for the occasional nibble here and there by way of sarcasm.

Once you cross that line of love becoming hate and hate becoming love, remember that everyone you profess to love suddenly falls to the other side of that fence. That means, according to the rules of an unbeknownst architect, the people you truly love will end up with the worst of you and your social burden, while the people that you truly have no feelings for or that you have animosity towards will end up with your best. For some people, that's the whole game. Tricking someone out of their best, while burdening the people they love with their worst or the worst of others.

This also forms the basis for peculiar forms of racism, where if your love interest isn't approved by the community or others, you could be subject to this reversal of love and hate. My love interest is Mandarin Chinese. I'm Caucasian. There's some people who don't see that as being right. So rather than allow the best of me to end up shared with member of Chinese and other Asian culture, the people who play this social polarity reversing game try to reverse it before she and her culture can end up with any of it. Something that hurts me a great deal. My situation is likely not similar to that of many others, but there are other people whose accreditation and works are exploited similarly.

I mean if someone can verbally abuse you to the point where you react in a hostile fashion towards them, and this reversal of love and hate is under way, then your hostile reaction is actually an expression of love to them as far as the people who do this sort of thing are concerned. That's what they're after. Your harsh reaction.

That's why love is freedom and hate is slavery. Love is something that results from freewill, while hate is something that results from hormone imbalance within our body, which in turn draws its roots from the fight or flight syndrome that benefited us when we were primitive hunter/gatherers before and during the stone age. So the people that are trying to take your accreditation and works from you are just exploiting that aspect of our being, by forcing you into a social game of their creation. If your reaction is harsh, then that is often considered to be love to such people in the case where hate means love.

Consider that for most of us, this reaction will be the result in every case we're abused. Especially if it hits a sensitivity within us that triggers our fight or flight mechanism, which essentially is the body cranking up production of serotonin and adrenaline. When our hormonal balance is off in that way, we're more likely to react with ferocity. Again this hails back hundreds of thousands of years ago to when we were hunters/gatherers and it was more of a benefit to be physical and at peak performance thanks to hormones than it was to benefit from our analytical and tool making mind. Our body literally denies us our own consciousness and prompts us to act rather than to think. Most humans will, given enough hostile or abusive stimuli respond in this way, meaning that most of us would be cheated out of our best with it ending up with those we reacted against, while leaving our worst and the worst to which we've been burdened as the load for the people we truly care about. Reaction can be very damaging, but this is something built in to our physiology that was more useful thousands of years ago more so than its useful now, unless of course you're a professional athlete.

When this sort of thing happens for years, you become jaded. Mean perhaps. Very distrustful of people and apprehensive of the motives of others. To other people, you'll seem unreasonable. Bitter. Full of one's self. I mean if you spend years and people are trying to take the best of you from you and wear it as their own, that's a good indication that what you have is worth something and that might even negatively affect your ego.

Most people who would play you this way are well aware of the idea that human behavior occurs with regard to extremity in waves. We're confronted with something that causes us anxiety and we experience an extreme of emotions. After some time, as our body adjusts our hormones even over-compensating, we might experience the opposite spectrum of emotion. Then as our body readjusts, we experience the other extreme again, though much lesser until we're at balance.

There are people who've learned to exploit this aspect of our homeostasis and behavior for their own benefit and they're very well practiced at this sort of thing. I'm sure that there are many people who can attest to what I'm explaining here.

After years of the same thing, day in and day out, especially if you already live your life isolated as many of us whose primary tools of creation are computers have been doing for a long time, the more you might become victim to something of this nature and that will affect how you respond to other people. Whether they are a part of this sort of social activity or not.

Most people will draw their conclusions about you based upon your behaviour, which has largely arisen as a result of this kind of treatment. If you become consciously aware of it, then you're probably ahead of the game by and large. If not, it can become any of a variety of serious personality disorders.


There are even some people that believe that they can possess you, using their body's biomagnetic field (which some of those who attempt so call blood or spirit). They believe that you can actually become possessed by many different people at a time, each who play a part in steering your words and actions for the day. This is really a belief upon which a group of people act and use to violate a person's rights and justify stealing the accreditation and works of other people, because they believe those works only happened as a result of "spirit" possession or "spirit" collectivism.

As a matter of fact, there are groups of people who use this justification to steal a person's identity and literally their corresponding body of work and attempt to associate it with a completely different person, while taking someone else's body of works and associating them with the person whose body of works were stolen. Like someone taking your entire history and associating it with someone else's identity, and then associating another person's history with your identity. This is an abusive ideology very prominent in society currently and one that needs to be investigated.

The science behind this has to do with your nervous system. Its basically a network communications system that runs on minute electrical charges emitted from cells in your body called neurons. Neurons make up the entirety of your nervous system and brain. These minute charges have encoded information, relating to your body's functioning. As many of you might know, an electrical charge running through a conductor (the neurons of your nervous system which are mostly made up of water, one of nature's best conductors), that produces a magnetic field. That field will contain all of the same encoded information as did the charge that created it.

When that magnetic field overlaps the body of another person (which is about 70% water, one of nature's best electrical conductors), it becomes a electrical charge once again, still containing that encoded information, however at each step of the process, the encoded information becomes less reliable (as per information theory). Regardless, it is still there at some smaller capacity and that the nervous system is capable of extracting this biologically encoded information.

The idea this ideology operate under is that they practice combining their collective biomagnetic fields (without knowing the science of it), and affecting the body of people they target for such practice. Their goal in most cases is to cause that person's mood and behaviour to become altered in a measurable way.

What's most likely happening is that the target's body manages to reconstruct the encoded information in the resulting charge coming from the combined magnetic fields of such a collective that practices such things, and reinterprets that information as having originated from within the local body. Now the information in most cases would seem to be related to hormone production, and of course as we know by the fight or flight mechanism of the body, that altering the hormonal balance in the body can have drastic affects upon a person's behaviour and responses when given verbal or aural stimuli.

For the most part, the collectives that practice doing such things seem to aim for causing anxiety or anger in their targets. So that means these collectives spend some time previously building upon anger or hatred in their own person, which results in the body's nervous system being flooded with messages to the endocrine system to increase or decrease production of hormones keeping a person calm and balanced. So the instructions for their endocrine system in their nervous system becomes the weapon when those instructions are copied/transported to the body of another person via biomagnetism.

For the people that do this sort of thing, pushing a target over the edge seems to be their goal and upon achieving this goal, they literally believe they're possessing their target and treat their target as such.

Everything I've theorized and hypothesized in the section above is testable by means of the scientific method.


As I stated before, I don't protect the secrets of assholes and goofs and I'm certainly living up to that currently with this post. You see, even a smart person can use expletives on occasion and still be smart.

I truly believe that this activity should be investigated legally by the authorities. If not, at least for statistics concerning its impact upon society. I'd be willing to bet this is the same monster that has been manufacturing mass shooters for the last twenty years. Not all, but most.

How and why people behave and react the way they do, especially when they're in front of a lot of people can sometimes be a difficult thing to fathom. I'm certainly not saying that excuses every instance of misbehaviour. Instead, consider that those people might be under pressures you cannot fathom or understand because you have no experience in the matter.

If you're one of the people causing that pressure to be exerted upon them intentionally, then chances are you have no experience of it yourself.

I find that because the cultures of East Asia have a LOT of experience with this aspect of our being where it concerns biomagnetism, which they refer to as Chi, Qi, Prana and even Mana that they are our greatest allies in coping with it. This is because it makes up a good part of their methods of diagnosis and treatment in five or six countries in the region. As a result, they tend to treat the concept and use of it with a lot more cautious respect and certainly they've been a big part of my ability to cope with its misuse by local ideologies.

You never know the kinds of pressures that people are under, and the factors that result in them determining their trust of others. Think of abused animals in animal shelters and how they react even to the most warm-hearted kindness. Abused dogs will bark or even attempt to bite. That's because they're so accustomed to being mistreated that they can't distinguish the intent of someone angry or kind. So instead they distrust both.

Its like the saying about the Matador and the Bull:

Just because you can't see or hear the Matador taunting the Bull, doesn't mean that the Matador isn't taunting the Bull.

(That isn't an allusion to the Taurus sign of the Horoscope, more so a metaphor)


I'll be working on A Lady's Prerogative III: Singularity for most of the week seeing as I worked on The Butterfly Dragon II: What Different Eyes See for the last two weeks solid, doing a number of rewrites, edits and a ton of art work.

I'm currently trying to catch up on artwork for A Lady's Prerogative as well as considering some big alterations to the Sanctum plot line for Singularity. The changes will still lead to the same place, but the story between the major events is going to change some. Nelony and Mila will be unaffected by this. Shaela will be too, though it might affect Matron Thara's entrance into Shaela's current branch of the story.

Brian Joseph Johns