About The Butterfly Dragon...

The Butterfly Dragon refers to a few different things in my books of the same name.

First of all, I'm not Italian, so I'm not to be confused with Nalin Dasilva (a talented fellow writer) or Steven Vitale (a childhood friend of mine). I make that statement with all due respect.

Steven and I used to jam when I was 12 or 13 years old. He's a bit older than myself by a half decade or more. At that time nearly forty years ago, he was a guitar player along the lines of Eddie Van Halen, while I was just wetting my ears as a piano and keyboard player, following in the footsteps of my father. Steve went on to Hollywood and some good fortune from what I hear. Many congratulations to him on his success.

However, I am not him, and he is not me. I am certainly not dragging on his coat tails at all nor am I trying to do so. I do my own thing and always have. I am not jealous nor is Steve's direction a direction that I want to pursue (yet).

Our lives are similar in that the love interest in our lives is Chinese, though of course we're speaking of two completely different women. I'm not pretending to be Steve. My love interest is a Chinese Opera singer well known to the Chinese community, with whom I was seriously involved years ago (about which the Chinese community also knows). She is still very prominently a part of me and everything that I do. That certainly rings through the most in The Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative. Without her, I likely never would have pursued writing those stories, drawing from earlier works I'd written in my childhood and early teen years.

So Steve and I are two different people. Him and I used to jam together when I was 12 or 13 years old, so he could show off to his girlfriend at the time. Serenade her and what not, while I played keyboards and he played guitar. It was very fun and a learning experience for certain. I always noted that Steve is a great guitarist and I seem to remember him pulling off some pretty awesome guitar work way back then. That would be almost 40 years ago.

As far as writing is concerned, I've been doing music and writing just as long as he has. Longer even, but this isn't about me versus him at all. I'm very happy for him and I truly wish him the best of success, but for his own efforts. Much the same, I'd never take the credit for someone else's accomplishments.

I truly despise the kind of people who steal or attempt to steal mine.

The Butterfly Dragon is NOT produced by Eugene Andre Francois nor am I, a guitar player. Nothing at Shhhh! Digital is produced by Eugene and never has been. However, I am proud to have worked with Bruce Richardson, Phil Thompson and Dielon McIsaac, perhaps three of the most talented and motivated people I've known who are akin to the same spirit of creativity that brought about Microsoft and Apple computers, both of which were essentially developed by computer garage nerds. I think the four of us fit description rather well as we've been like that for most of our lives.

When you do stuff like that, and you're motivated to keep doing it through thick and thin, you sometimes run into people that try to steal it from you in some very crazy and abusive ways. Its almost like they see something they can never achieve, and rather than make the effort themselves to do their own thing, they choose to attempt to steal it from someone else. My advise to anyone involved in creative property is to have records of your publishing and protect your accounts. There are people who will go to great lengths to steal your stuff if they think it will make them rich and they have NO conscience about doing that whatsoever and law enforcement isn't too particularly concerned about crimes of that nature, unless it targets infrastructure (like the recent hacks targeting COVID-19 research). If you think the methods used to steal from you are particularly adaptable to other venues, then by all means report them to the authorities. It benefits us all trying to protect our content by sharing information about the methods attackers use.

I'm finding that the biggest threat currently happening is RF and EMF hacking via SDR (Software Defined Radio) devices, which are very flexible in the kinds of attacks and vulnerabilities they can exploit. Everything from spying on a computer monitor's output by its electromagnetic emissions to hacking RF and door security and fob systems, including keycard systems to WIFI packet interception, to digital and analog radio decoding to Police and Emergency radio scanning to Aircraft flight monitoring. So most system intrusions you'll experience are conducted by people living near you who work with someone in a mobile unit (a car equipped with a laptop/tablet/SDR device and possibly even an Infrared camera). There's some people who do this for money, and even some who do this as a hobby. So keep yourself safe and report anything you believe to be a unique method of attack.

If what I'm doing draws the attention of someone willing to invest or deal in my creative properties, it will happen when and if it does. For myself, its a labour of love and I'll do it regardless. I've already invested more than fifteen years of my life into this and a few thousand dollars as well. The time investment alone comes to a sizable figure, but the price of what I'm doing here is beyond the value of money, though earning a return for my efforts would be nice. I have a million ideas but only a finite amount of time and resources with which to produce them.

Who Or What Is The Butterfly Dragon

The Butterfly Dragon in my books refers to a few different things.

First, it refers to an ancient and timeless Dragon named Karkathrakushk (in Dragon tongue) and Weltherwithsp in english. The name is actually drawn from Weltherwithsp's first encounter with humans, which occurred during a point in ancient history that involved a chance meeting between a Welsh tribe of explorers and a Chinese cavalry scouting party. This will be written about in a future book.

Second, it refers to an ancient order of warriors charged with the protection of freedom and innocence. The Order Of The Butterfly Dragon.

Third, it refers to a "chosen one". A young warrior who is trained to become that generation's Butterfly Dragon.

Fourth, it refers to a school of martial arts training that combines a variety of different martial arts to yield hybrid techniques that would otherwise be impossible. It represents the unity of East Asia by combining techniques to yield powerful hybrid techniques. Very practical in application, while retaining its ties to art through the elegance of performance.

In essence, the Butterfly Dragon represents the combination of the most gentle and the most unyielding forces of the myriad creatures (a term used to describe the universe of everything).

Ai Yuanlin Ying and Weltherwithsp
The current Butterfly Dragon in my books, which started from Heroes Of Our Own, is a little girl named Ai Yuanlin Ying, originating from China whose family emigrates to Canada when her father receives a job offer in Toronto. He and his family move to Toronto where the little girl's mother and grandmother tell her bedtime stories of the Butterfly Dragon. In Canada, she takes up a different name, Heylyn Yates in order to better fit in.

Through her dreams, she has an adventure and meets the Butterfly Dragon, eventually leading her to study martial arts and several other performance and graphic arts, leading to her pursuit of a life as a fashion designer.

In school, she befriends another young girl, a blonde haired Canadian girl named Alicia, who happens to be a shy and somewhat reclusive genius, that is sensitive about her weight problem. It affects her negatively, and Heylyn suggests that for their graduation, she make a dress for Alicia in exchange for tutoring in subjects Alicia is very well suited to teach.

Alicia tutors Heylyn and Heylyn designs Alicia's graduation dress, leading Alicia to become more confident in herself. As a result, instead of withdrawing and hiding from the world, she attends University, studying to become one of the first Quantum Biologists. Heylyn passes her final exams thanks to Alicia's tutoring and goes on to study Fashion Design, eventually becoming a successful designer.

Alicia and Heylyn part ways after their high school graduation, eventually meeting up again in their late twenties when both have achieved success.

However, it turns out that Alicia has invented a compound that is capable of drastically altering the human genome, even in live subjects, by exploiting qualities of information theory and the quantum information inherent in the genome through the use of an isotope. Through this she has transformed herself into an super-powered athlete that fights crime in the evenings to test out the capabilities of her formula.

The formula is stolen by the local representative of a global organized crime syndicate, who wants to use the formula to rule the world.

Alicia implores Heylyn to revisit her roots as an expert martial artist, reigniting the Butterfly Dragon within her with the help of Alicia's compound.

Together and with two other women, they set out to bring down a global crime syndicate and blackmail ring that has secretly been running the world from behind the scenes and to stop them from using the compound to rule the world.

So in my books, the Butterfly Dragon is a Canadian woman of Mandarin Chinese ethnicity.

The Butterfly Dragon does NOT nor has she EVER used crack cocaine, cocaine or heroin or any other illegal narcotics.

The Butterfly Dragon supports modern Western medicine and pharmacology.

The Butterfly Dragon has a birthday and she celebrates birthdays too, but I want to keep it secret what sign she is for now.

The Butterfly Dragon is NOT a prostitute, but in one story she helps break up an international sex trafficking ring.

She doesn't represent any specific religion or ideology. She has her own spiritual and philosophical ideas, but she does not promote any religion and the Butterfly Dragon does not contain any ideology to convert people to any religion, and I personally do not condone the use of the arts as a method of secretive conversion to any religion. The Butterfly Dragon is a Canadian property and a world brand, much like her older sister, A Lady's Prerogative.

She certainly doesn't support non-consensual control of others (ie mind control) and actually liberates others from it in Heroes Of Our Own.

She is a woman, and has her own adult private life about which I do not go into detail in much the same way that I respect the characters from my other franchise: A Lady's Prerogative. In one story, she actually breaks up a crime ring that conducts illegal surveillance upon its victims for the protection of their narcotics distribution network. That story is currently not published, but will be soon republished as a small element of the plot under The Butterfly Dragon III: The Two Dragons.

So that should tell you a little bit more about the real nature of my Butterfly Dragon.