Threats To Our Social Well Being And Shhhh! Digital Updates...

Hi again. Don't run away. This one is interesting and useful too and isn't a gripe. Trust me. Please?

Over time, I've been revealing the means and methods conducted by an abusive cult that uses colour symbolism (in violation of the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act) as a means to rewrite the truth and redistribute the responsibility for words and actions as a form of lottery.

Kind of like musical chairs and very similar to Quantum Superposition, though don't let the terminology scare you away. I'll explain this social threat in a very easy to understand way.

Imagine that you have a situation that occurs in a closed room where six people are located. Three men and three women. This room is located in a house and outside is the rest of society just as it is for us. One of the three men does something wrong. They get in a verbal confrontation with one of the women and there's some yelling between them.

Outside, some passersby hear the ruckus inside of the house and before long, word gets around that there were problems there. The people outside of the house watch as six people leave the house. The three women and three men. They all seem fine but the ruckus has unnerved some of the people so they decide that they're going to investigate.

They eventually find the identities of the people, and many hours after the altercation, they decide that they're going to evaluate which of the people were involved in the ruckus by way of how they behave and react currently to adversity directed towards them. The people involved in the ruckus should then be easy to determine based upon who reacts.

Since the ruckus involved one woman and one man, for it to be kept secret as to which of them were involved, it requires that all six remain quiet about it, and in the case that the women and men become divided, then the three women must protect each other and the three men must do the same for the secret to be kept, assuming that the ones not involved want to keep it secret at all.

After all, it wasn't their fault and they certainly don't want to be treated as if it was.

One of the women though has been under a lot of stress lately. So has one of the men. However, the people involved in the altercation are not the woman or man that has the stress issues.

So during the attempts of the community to figure out who was involved in the altercation/ruckus, they start subjecting each of the six people to adversity, anywhere that they go in public. At first, all of them hold up, but eventually the two who have had stress problems break down and react harshly to the adversity.

The community then decides that the guilty parties are the two that reacted and brands them accordingly, treating them as if they're abusive people.

In other words, the truth of what happened inside of the room was falsely determined much later by a the community using flawed logic, not Quantum Physics.

The people inside of the room when and where the altercation happened are not in a superposition, where any of them are responsible for the altercation or not. Of course, the ones responsible are going to keep quiet if someone else is falsely accused. If the remaining persons who also weren't considered to be the perpetrators are their friends and keep quiet, then the two people who reacted to the adversity of the community were wrongly condemned.

Not consider that there are people in society right now, as I'm writing this that conduct such activities in attempt to create situations that they can use to do just that. Transfer the responsibility for one person's wrong onto another, presumably innocent person, all based upon the reaction they give at the time of being evaluated, rather than the time that the incident occurred.

In fact, the same ideology is in the habit of provoking situations that become the opposite reflection of incidents within a person's history. So in other words, if you were an assault victim at one time, you'll be setup in a situation whereby you're part of a group that assaults someone. After you have the two situations in place, your victimization and a setup that tries to make you appear to be someone involved in the assault of someone else, community groups will play you between being either. Even if you never assaulted a person but were the victim of an assault.

This is a common method that community groups are using to rewrite history. Using these methods, you can go from having been a victim of an assault to being the perpetrator. In fact, over time the members of these ideologies that conduct such efforts attempt to create situations that sway victims over to the side of being responsible as perpetrators. The childhood bully can now become the childhood bullying victim of the true, original victim. This is already happening on an ever larger scale. It might sound a bit confusing, but what's happening is that victim's true histories are being rewritten by these means.

I don't say this so that people can go on being victims. I say this so that you can avoid having your own objective history or truth become rewritten by a malicious group of people that are using these methods to do so.

The idea is simple. If nobody acts as a witness to your good efforts, they can be taken from you, if you contradict being the one responsible for them at a later time when provoked by malicious people who are seeking to take those efforts from you.

Much the same, you can end up with the responsibility for bad actions if you are consistent behaviourally when tested for such consistency at a later time.

So this is a heads up. Be very careful about this. Protect your good efforts and be careful of inheriting the responsibility for someone else's bad actions.

Also more importantly, don't let the actions of such a group affect your ability to be fair and lenient when need be. If you let such people do it, they'll make everyone absolutely intolerant. You choice of fairness and leniency is yours. Don't let anyone force you in any direction with regard to that concept.

Remember that the appearances of being accepting versus the appearances of being intolerant can go a long way to creating a public image with regard to how society regards the quality of character of a person. This is how icons are built.

The kindest and most civil of us have our quirks and faults, and the meanest and most belligerent of us have our redeeming qualities. So don't let anyone mess with your ability to be fair by trying to see-saw you to absolute extremes of emotion or reaction.

That's definitely a reason why sincerity should always come first. The idea of altering the context of  sincerity and truth, is currently creating some big problems. We can be firm without being mean. We can friendly without being affectionate.


On my way back from shopping today, I was a bit apprehensive due to a bit of activity similar to the aforementioned concept where you risk a bunch of people trying to setup situations that they'll later try to apply to your being and reputation. I never operate on a duality involving the polarity of my sincerity. If I say something in kindness, I mean it. Much the same with firmness and sometimes even anger.

Fortunately the stressful challenges that we all face from time to time were not that big an issue today, though I could easily see that there was some effort to create such challenges and further even to swap my history with that of my childhood bullies or other such people and even to attribute my current efforts to other people.

On the way back, there was a fair bit of harassment but I dealt with it pretty well. I had decided that I wouldn't write anything new for A Lady's Prerogative, as I don't believe in rewarding abuse. If you get mistreated by others, make sure they get nothing of yours that is good. They don't deserve it much the same way that abusers don't deserve to receive rewards from their abused spouses.

There was nothing abusive from women today, so I'll forego my decision not to work on A Lady's Prerogative and do something for that story today or sometime later. In case someone decides that they're going to wear my identity and output, I'm an Atheist. I don't believe in god or the devil or anything of that nature or any of the prophets for that matter and I say that with all due respect. That's my right by the way. Likewise I don't believe in spirit possession or anything remotely similar, though I do have a respect for concepts that embody that idea in the sense of lineage and ancestors, as is a part of Shintoism and other similar beliefs, though I'm not a Shintoist myself.

Also, I'm not a Scientologist and never have been with all due respect. Some of my favourite thespians are, though I'll say outright that I don't believe in any ideology that oppresses women, so I'll say that I support Leah Remini and her efforts, because I believe that women should never have to be afraid to liberate themselves or others. Women's rights don't belong to Shhhh! Digital Media or myself, but I do try to promote them. Also Women's rights aren't a fad or brand any more than are human rights.

So I'll try to work on some writing for later on, for there's still a long way to go before we even get into the nitty gritty of A Lady's Prerogative III: Singularity. FYI, Butterfly Dragon III is in the early planning stages and I won't begin writing it until A Lady's Prerogative III is mostly complete.

Between the time that I finish A Lady's Prerogative III and start Butterfly Dragon III, I'll produce one more Butterfly Dragon short story/novella that takes place a few weeks after the events of A Piano, A Full Glass And The Disappearance Of Time.

The Tragedy In Nova Scotia

I've already commented on this issue numerous times on social media and would like to express my heartfelt condolences to the Constable Heidi Stevenson and the victims of the mass murders that occurred in Nova Scotia over the weekend of April 18, 2020. I cannot begin to illustrate how fortunate we are to live in a society where we have such frontline first-responders, a great healthcare system, a social safety-net and our human rights, all of which are being pushed to their limits with the COVID-19 crisis.

Even in the midst of such a time, the RCMP and Police have shown their courage and commitment to protect the public. This is evident beyond a shadow of any doubt with our loss of Constable Heidi Stevenson during her attempts to stop the shooter.

When it comes to protecting our society, that is something that these people take very seriously and not enough citizens take seriously enough. I believe that at some point in the near future, that we're going to find a link between what causes these ever more frequently occurring situations and our own social attitudes and disregard for the founding documents of ours' and other countries in favour of ideologies whose emergent side effect is radicalization and mass murder.

As is the case with any ticking time-bomb, it seldom kills the people who made it, but instead murders innocent people that had nothing to do with its making. People who just happened to be close enough when it went off. I hope that in times to come, we're able to find the people and hold them responsible those who make such ticking timb-bombs.

Maybe when we do, we'll stop seeing such tragedies.

Another FYI

Keep in mind that I recently signed up with Lucky Mobile. Lucky Mobile, much like Facebook uses the colours blue and white in its advertising presence/logo. I do happen to know that the ideology responsible for much of what people experience in terms of stalking, harassment or radicalization uses the symbolism of colours as a motive and to achieve this, because to said ideology, certain colours have contextual meaning to the members. So you can literally end up abused and stalked just become you bought something that was a colour that is linked to the symbolism of this ideology.

So my buying a Lucky Mobile SIM Card (blue and white) from Dollarama (Green, Yellow, White) has no specific symbolism on my part. I bought it out of convenience. Nothing more. So that doesn't mean that I am trying to dump anything related to "blue" colour symbolism onto other people, and it doesn't mean that I'm on any team symbolized by the colour blue.

Remember that when cults and ideologies conduct such activities of this nature, abusing people on the basis of colour symbolism that its a form of operant conditioning, something I've seen directed often at the colours red and blue, especially before and during a Canadian Election, which is a sign of electioneering by the ideologies that operate in this way. which as far as I know is treasonous.

Using colour symbolism in this way is a means to hijack democratic elections and due process. Watch out for the people who do this. Even if you do something about it like speak to authorities, the ideology will do everything that it can to erase you or replace your identity with that of someone else, while stealing anything from you that you've achieved to stop them.

So I'm on Lucky Mobile, but that doesn't mean that I'm a part of this abusive cult or that I live by the symbolism of their colours, because I don't.

Also, I don't have an XBox, but I do use XBox utilities on my PC. So keeping that in mind, I'm still myself, Brian Joseph Johns and not Ron Silk or anyone else, with all due respect. Also I'm still an Atheist and I'm not lying.

Update: I'm going to pass on writing any new content for tonight. I had a bit of abuse from some neighbours involved in this cult of identity theft, swapping and denial, and I don't reward abuse. I apologize to my readers in other places who have nothing to do with this cult or abuse in general.

Stay Safe and Be Well,

Brian Joseph Johns