The Modern Challenges Of Life And Identity

We live in a much different day and age than did many of our heroes.

It would seem that in the past, that there was little confusion with regard to morality and the sidedness of issues faced by many of these people. You either ran with one side or the other. Even the world events that produced these heroes and icons of prior generations were the result of such bifurcation. A much simpler world and accompanying world view that often obscured much more imperative issues such as Women's and Civil Rights, which eventually managed to split the center stage in half and become the current world focus.

A Word Of Caution To Our Icons

But even the rights movement too would become part of what is quickly becoming a circus event for public entertainment more so than to transform our society for we live in the age of bifurcation and polarity. Not the age of compromise but the age of picking a side and knocking the other side down at all costs. Like a world game of Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, where the competitors are riled up like rabid dogs before being set upon one another.

As writers and content producers, it is from within this climate that we have to step very carefully for it has become a minefield of potential scandal and infamy to anyone that triggers these purposely set traps that litter our current social media platforms.

I myself have seen many of my own heroes set foot out into this mess and end up lambasted and lynched by a virtual social media beating as a result of stepping into a trap that in each case was set for them. Like scandal inducing booby-traps, these threats to many of the giants of the prior generations are very obviously designed to do just that, to take down giants by way of manipulation and scandal.

Over my life I've been unfortunate enough to have set foot in a few such traps myself, though more so in real life than in social media but I'm shocked to suddenly realize that these traps have transitioned as a tactic to break people within their communities into planned setups set for giants to lumber into and become ensnared as they're set upon by rabid vermin foaming at the mouth.

And Versus Or

What amazes me about this whole turn of events is that there are people out there who actually plan and calculate such efforts, and I have to wonder to myself, what volatile circumstances would it take to produce such vitriol as a method to ensnare and sometimes destroy others, sometimes using issues that are of the utmost importance for human rights as the bait? Upon using these issues in this way, the issues themselves are undermined a thousandfold in the eyes of many other people the world over, with the risk of setting human rights back more than a century as a result. That doesn't include the credibility issues that arise over the numerous conspiracies that crop up as a result of the misuse of these issues for such efforts as laying social media traps.

That doesn't include the fact that there are also efforts to turn the rights movement into a circus as well via the same form of bifurcation, pitting the Women's Rights movement the world over against the Cultural Rights movement. Is it me or did someone mix-up the use of the conjunction AND rather than OR? Perhaps my being a computer programmer much like my Excel wizard Dad, in addition to being a writer has helped me to remember the importance of distinguishing those two concepts, because one is implicit of inclusion while the other is implicit of exclusivity. Two very important concepts when it comes to the consideration of any rights issues. I tend to be on the AND side of the fence rather than the OR side.

To my fellow writers and to other content producers out there, please be careful when setting foot out into the wilds of social media. Watch out for those traps and snares that are set for you. Please be careful even when you're on what you feel to be safe ground and familiar territory because it can turn on you very quickly and quite honestly, I believe that we all need a torch bearer who leads us through our darkest times. Be at least as cautious as you would if you were dealing with a similar situation in real life as you were in the virtual world of social media because either world can be as damaging but sometimes the social media world can be deadly to one's credibility and career.

The New Identity Threats To Your Local Identity

If you're starting out or have been writing or creating for a long time and have decided to start showcasing your works, you might want to consider the importance of your identity, especially when your showcase is virtual and your content is shown on the stage of the various internet mediums.

First of all, the concept of you being you in real life is an issue of human rights and covered under our right to life. That was something that you could count on right up until the turn of the millennium, when emerged a new class of identity predator. One that involves a collectivist approach to identity.

Don't get me wrong, I completely support social systems within the context of an electoral system and due process, so I am not referring to a political or union collectivism.

I'm speaking of a social collectivism whereby your identity is yours as long as the community collective around you agrees with that. If they don't, then your identity belongs to whomever they decide it belongs to and that you are whomever they decide that you are. Identity in this context means your recent output, good and bad and everything in between. This isn't a rule that I came up with. This is the nature of a predatory social beast that lives amongst us currently and of which I'm certain many people are aware.

With the existence of this destructive predator, you cannot be guaranteed that you'll be able to wear the credit for your own efforts, meaning that if you stand to prosper or benefit in some way from your own push towards accomplishment, you might be denied that prosperity as a result of this predator, who might steal or borrow your identity and prosper in your place for your efforts. Much the same, you might end up with an identity allocated to you by this same predator whereby you bear the social punishment for something that other person did wrong.

The bottom line is that with the existence of this social predator collective you're no longer guaranteed your own identity and even your own history. Being aware of this is of vital importance and will help you immensely especially when and if you have to deal with it legally. These predators will usually run for their lives upon the first sign of official investigation though be careful because some of them are safely entrenched and well protected.

Identity Threats To Your Online Identity

On the other side of the coin, you have the identity predator collective that operates against online identities, helping the local community predator collective to wear your online identity as their own, including making it appear that any effort or work that you conduct to produce your own content and accomplishments appears to originate from the computer of the person they're rewarding with your identity, while they're quite good doing the same when it comes to replacing your identity with someone else's.

So as a result of this form of online predator, your online identity might end up with someone and as much so you might end up with the online identity of someone else. That is, these people might benefit from your efforts while your scorned for theirs. You'll even be treated as if elements that are important to the life of the person whose identity you've ended up with are an aspect of your own life and vice versa. Keep in mind that this entire illusion is kept in place by the online collective and your local community collective as they appear to operate together.

Once again, being aware of this fact gives you a much greater capacity for dealing with it if you should ever come under attack by it.

On Sponsorship And Criminal Extortion

One thing that I'd advise you against doing is falling for any scheme that requires you to pay to borrow someone else's identity or to be paid for the same, as it appears that these collectives use this as a form of sponsorship which they've adapted to a form of criminal extortion, according to the very definition of that crime in the Canadian Criminal Code.

To elaborate, imagine a situation where you use a skill or talent that you have clearly possessed or have been trained in at some point in your life, and that in the use of that skill or talent, you produce something notable that become recognized. The collective I've exposed that operate under the identity theft I've described and this form of sponsorship might require you to pay them for the use of that skill, even though it is your skill and the work resulted from your own effort rather than someone else's.

The collective that does this is conducting criminal extortion upon you. That is, they're requiring you to pay them something in order to be able to make effort towards a certain end. In most cases with this collective, the payment is part of a complex barter system whereby the credit for who accomplishes what and the recognition and notoriety for it has actually become a form of currency. There are people who currently buy, sell and trade based upon this form of currency in such a way that fuels the identity theft network and possibly might be involved with copyright infringement and other similar crimes.

For instance, if you work on a creative property for a great deal of time and this collective has been regularly stealing your content and wearing it as if they produce it, including hacking your computer and stealing original files used in content creation, if your creative content becomes financially successful they might attempt to steal it from you. That's just one of the dangers that this collective pose. So this form of sponsorship and identity theft are both the front door to a much more involved operation. If you encounter anything of this nature, I'd highly suggest that you refrain from taking part in it and protect your content and yourself. Report such crimes to the proper authorities.

The Name Game

The name game is a social game played by these collectives that targets a person and attempts to deny them of their own identity by breaking down the symbolism of the meaning of their name, according to what it means by way of definition or by its sound, phonetically.

For instance, my first name is Brian. It means strong protector. My last name is Johns. It could be interpreted as meaning a group of people named John, or it could mean a group of people that are customers of prostitutes. A John is a slang term used to refer to the customer of a prostitute, so having the last name Johns would be an element used by these collectives in their name game. So one of the first ways that this collective attacked me and my name was by defining it as: a strong protector of the customers of prostitutes.

Now, if I don't protect the symbolism of that name and its definition, I lose my identity according to how this collective operates. In other words, I'll be denied my own identity and it will be replaced with that of someone else.

Its not so much that happens in reality as it happens socially. So everyone in on this sort of thing will from that point forward deal with me as if I am not myself but someone else and this is something that has been going on for some time already. Again, this is something that affects many people, not just myself. 

I have a rule that I don't keep secrets like that for abusive cults. So now your privy to how an abusive cult operates.

Important Notes About Colour Symbolism

Colour symbolism seems to be the main vehicle to facilitate communication and the transference of identity for both of these collectives. The local predatory collective and the online predatory collective, so being mindful of this and learning about how these collectives use colour symbolism in that way will go a long way to helping you combat them if you come under their threat.

Keep in mind that colour symbolism is associated with many aspects of any lawful society and system of human rights, but these aspects of society are in competition with these other elements that operate underground to undermine these things. So consider that their form of colour symbolism is in competition with the colour symbols of society upon which our systems are built. Learning and becoming aware of this will go a long way to helping you cope with it and to lead you to your own path on this meandering road.

The Cult Of Personality

No, I'm not talking about a song by the band Living Colour. I'm speaking about a social ideology practiced by the collectives I've so far revealed whereby these collectives believe that fragments of personality can jump from one person's body and inhabit another person's body, affecting their behaviour and of course, all of this occurs according to the rules of the symbolism of colours that are used by these collectives.

In other words, you could be walking down the street, and if you have the right coloured eyes, hair, clothing or shoes and you walk by someone else, you might inherit a fragment of their persona. A piece of them that jumped from their body to yours that affects your behaviour from thereon in.

Its not that people aren't allowed to believe as they choose, because certainly they are. The problem isn't so much what such a collective believes as much as it is how in the application of that belief your personal rights as a human being are affected in a society ruled by civil law rather than theocracy.

This belief seems to create a foundation for many other of their efforts through which they deny people of their own identity and perhaps even replace that identity and history with that of someone else. All according to the belief that these fragments of persona jump from body to body according to the rules of colour symbolism.

That is another threat to your individuality and identity within society, both online and offline.

Identity And Religion

Another threat I've seen that can quickly take over communities is that upon losing your identity, the collectives that make that possible will work towards replacing your identity with an identity that has a corresponding religion that allows them to continue this sort of treatment of you, if you've been victimized by this sort of thing.

That is, if you were an atheist before (as am I), then your identity might be replaced with that of someone with a much different religious belief than your own, and you'll be treated according to that religion's rules rather than the rules of civil law and your own beliefs. As a matter of fact, this very occurrence is one of the factors that led me to atheism in the first place. What I'm finding is that there are many religions that seem to have rules whereby the parishioners are forbidden from dealing with people who are not a member or are opposed to their religious rules. As a result of this and in order to get around those rules, they collectively work together to deny such people of their own identity and in situations whereby they are required to deal with those people (ie through workplace commitments), the collective will replace the identity and religion of that person socially long enough for their interactions to be allowed by their religion.

Once again, this is a clear violation of human rights and our right to identity yet this is occurring regularly and to many people as well as myself. I've seen the symptoms of it beginning in other people's lives as well, hence this warning. I'm certainly not saying that people should abandon their beliefs and become atheists. You should believe what you choose and for your reasons, nobody else's.

The point is that if you're denied such rights then how long will it be before the everyone else is?

The Web Of History And Connections

One of the most dastardly methods of identity extraction and replacement practiced by these collectives, which seem to be growing in size every day by the way, is an effort whereby these groups orchestrate situations to associate their victim with groups of people and history with which they have nothing to do, while dissociating the victim of their true history and connections with other people such as family and friends.

Consider that each of these elements that connect you to your own history and past are usually associated with specific people in your life. Over time those people tend to become more and more distant as life takes us in different directions.

There are people who prey upon those who become isolated from their circle of family and friends whether this has happened by way of their personal choice, as a result of regular occurrences or by outside tampering by these collectives. This seems to be occurring more and more frequently.

So situations are setup to create associations with other groups of people whom the victim has nothing to do, while the victim's past associations are broken and severed one at a time, until the victim's history is completely replaced with that of someone else or by the very least, the appearances of having been involved with a specific group of people whom they have no similar history or past. Like cutting and pasting someone's background history into that of another group of people.

This might sound kind of bizarre and perhaps even paranoid, but its not. This is something that is very much occurring right now as we speak and there are efforts to break up families and friendships according to the ideas and religions of these collectives that are doing this behind the scenes.

Whether this is occurring as a complex form of criminal substitution or just to rewrite the local short term history of some people remains to be seen. Just keep in mind that this is something that is happening and that colour symbolism also plays a big part in this as well.

These are things of which we all need to be mindful. If you can watch it happen to someone else and do nothing about it, I'd be willing to bet that others will watch as it happens to you and do much the same. Absolutely nothing.

Be mindful and aware.

Also, keep in mind that Shhhh! Digital Media and all of the content produced herein is secular in nature. I have no association with any major (or minor) religion or philosophy whatsoever other than I myself am an Atheist. The Butterfly Dragon was never designed or created with religion in mind nor was A Lady's Prerogative or Stories From The End or The Legendary Of Xarn. Any effort by a group, ideology or gang to take these properties will be met with legal repercussions. Likewise, Shhhh! Digital has nothing to do with Dixon Hall Heyworth House, though we do support the United Way.

I don't consider myself to be a part of the "blue" team or the "brown" team or the "purple" team and that is not meant in any anti-cultural sense. Also, keep in mind that my love interest is still a Mandarin Chinese lady. Nothing has changed except change itself.

Keep in mind that my saying that I'm not a member of the blue team doesn't mean at all that I don't support the World Health Organization because I do. The members of these collectives that use colour symbolism as a means to pit people against one another are very shallow and selfish people quite honestly. They're not doing this out of principle. They're doing it only in order to build a good public image for themselves and to justify stealing other people's efforts by making them appear to contradict their own values. All simply by the use of colour symbolism, which is a violation of the Rights Acts of most countries around the world. So they're throwing civil law and rights laws right out of the window.

I put it right on the front of my web site that I support the World Health Organization and put a link to where you can donate directly to them. I figure that if a hundred million people donated five dollars each, that would make up for the United States' shortfall of funding. That's not much really if you think about it. If you consider that we just passed the million mark in terms of how many people have been infected by COVID-19, that would be one hundred times that many people. It might not be feasible but its possible. We could raise this money through donations if enough people donated if you consider that the 53.6% of the world population use the internet. That's roughly 3.75 billion people. If you figure that of those people, 10% have the means to make a donation electronically, you're almost there if they each donated a dollar. That's 375 million. I know that I'm going to do my part by spreading the word and by donating. I'll try for ten or fifteen dollars, maybe more. I hope that everyone else does so too. That donation address for the World Health Organization is:

So with what these people are doing currently, I have to protect my own creative content from theft by collectives that operate in this way, while trying to do something for the greater good while these collectives attempt to steal those efforts or my identity in order to fuel their barter system, potentially driving me even further into the gutter. I'm sure that there are many people that can contend with that reality. Hence I am sharing this information so that others aren't suddenly set upon in their absence of awareness of these threats.

I hope that this article has been informative to you and that it helps you to deal with this Brave New World, to quote the title of one of Aldous Huxley's great works.

I am Brian Joseph Johns and this is Shhhh! Digital Media