What Is The Opposite Of Vampire?

Languages of the world need a new word. One to properly define one of the opposite contextual meanings for the word and what is implied by the word vampirism.

Vampirism is defined as meaning: The act of preying upon the blood of others. The act of making a living by causing and profiting from the misery of others.

The second sentence in that definition would seem to fit more circumstances in which vampirism might find its way into real life in terms of allegory more so than the mythos related to the undead creatures of the night. They're pretty cool in folklore, stories, movies and games but in real life, they'd suck (literally).

Let's work with the first definition though and we'll regard the term blood as being a metaphor for anything which provides sustenance and impetus for human beings. Food. Money. Emotion. Identity. Ability. Accomplishment. Notoriety. Reputation. Output. Anything that is a part of one person that might be taken from them in order to fuel the life of another.

A vampire then could be defined as anyone who is motivated to take any of those things from other people to use to supply their own life, against the wishes of the person whose things those are.

That would be pretty horrible to experience that in real life. To have a person who thrives from taking from others in order to solely fuel their own life without producing anything of their own in order to contribute something to the whole.

The opposite of that then would be a person who is motivated to give to others to fuel their lives. That antonym would be one correct way of describing the opposite of vampirism.

But that's not the only opposite there is.

What about an opposite that describes a group of people who force those things upon a solitary person in order to benefit from the claim that the person upon which they try to force those things is a vampire?

Perhaps a group of people who observe what that person does within their life, that want to take the credit for it. Their approach might be to force their blood onto that person so that they can lay claim to the output of that person by accusing them of being a vampire.

If such a group of people did that to a philanthropic kind of person. The kind of person who liked to do things to fuel other people's lives. Perhaps they would do something of that nature just so they could vampire that solitary person's efforts and reputation in order to wear as their own, that might be another kind of vampire, or another opposite to the term vampirism.

A group of people who force aspects of their being onto a solitary person so they can profit by the claims that the person they subject to this treatment is "vampiring" from them. Kind of like spying on someone who is motivated do accomplish, and then to find ways to steal that aspect of their life from them, and to do so in groups so that the group can claim that person to be a vampire who is taking from them rather than the truth which is that they're taking from the individual who chooses to share. The means by which a nasty group of people might turn things around on a philanthropic person to steal aspects of their life.

I'd be willing to bet that after many years of this sort of thing happening to them, even the most patient and kind person would probably start to become a little bit frustrated and perhaps even angry about it and short-tempered with other people.

Perhaps "reverse group vampires" are more common than most people believe? I mean, why would groups of people attack a solitary person if not in an attempt to force their blood onto that person, so that they can later lay claim to whatever that person produces down the road?

That would pretty much describe the kind of vampires or the opposite of a vampire that I'm trying to expose. Not because I'm selfish at all but because I'd rather have the choice of sharing and the credit for doing so, rather than having lies created in order to justify stealing what I do while painting me as the person doing the stealing.

So what could you do to test such a proposition?

One way to evaluate that is to prevent such people from those kinds of attacks for a long period of time, and then watch and see what the victim produces without the blood of these people that allegedly gives that person the capability to produce anything. If that person produces anything without the interference or interaction of those people accusing the victim of "vampiring" from them, then obviously the whole thing must be a scam on the part of the group.

That might be a way to expose "Reverse Vampiring". Where a group of people force their blood onto someone so that they can lay claim to whatever that person would have produced without that blood.

One thing that I've noticed is that they don't attack when the victim needs it. They attack when they need it.

I mean what kind of people who make such an implication just so they could steal the credit for what an individual produces on their own, in order to prevent them from being recognized for sharing with others?

I think that would say more about them than it would their victim.

For myself, sharing doesn't carry the implications of any kind of debt other than perhaps a simple thank you or a kind word or kind thoughts. Gratitude is perhaps the most contagious thing there is.

Maybe "reverse vampires" might consider sharing and some gratitude themselves?

Something else to think about...

For the record, I'm not Matt Damon from The Departed or any actor or character from any movie or television show. I've never been a gangster or member of any criminal gang nor am I "corrupt".

If you do ever become a victim of these "reverse vampires", be careful because they'll steal your own history from you and attempt to swap it with that of your own childhood bullies.

Also, watch out for their movie game. That's a social game that they play where they try to pit you as a bad guy from a movie or television show, while pitting the people "reverse vampiring" you as the good guys, using any elements of how you've responded to their abuse and harassment to apply to that insinuation to your person.

Another aspect of organized stalking, especially if you point out the truth about what they do in that regard.

I don't keep their secrets anymore and I never would have had I known what they were up to for so long. I'm purely an atheist and my only addiction is breathing. Not cocaine or any other narcotic and I or Shhhh! Digital certainly aren't Ba'al with all due respect.

Nothing at Shhhh! Digital Media is produced at Heyworth House and I haven't lived at Heyworth House since April of 2012. None of the stories or creative properties is related to or about anyone from Heyworth House, Dixon Hall or anyone that has lived there.

Have a good day

Brian Joseph Johns