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Livestream Post By Brian Joseph Johns With Quick Intro

Alright. So I went out today to turn in some empties and buy some food to keep me going until payday.  Actually, I have food, as I budget pretty effectively even in these tough times, but I needed some seasoning and variety to add to my meals. Before I get into this, here's a livestream I did yesterday discussing what's coming up on Shhhh! Digital Media and that also talks about some of the issues I've dealt with in regard to the latest book, The Butterfly Dragon III: The Two Dragons. If you're not interested in what I have to say or seeing what I look like, then keep reading, because it was certainly an interesting outing today. Or, you could just close up this browser tab and go do something else. The choice is yours. So, while I was out, there was a big harassment attack, which for the most part seemed very coordinated. Most likely the goal was to provoke some kind of reaction that resulted in making me seem mentally ill, schizophrenic or generally paranoid, possibly

Biography Of My Own Custom Designed Characters From My Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition Party: Sun Petal Chuang

The image is taken from the stock character portraits included with the game.

Race: Human
Class: Sun Soul Monk
Alignment: Lawful Good

Sun Petal Chuang is the hidden daughter of Ce Tzi and Muen Chuang - both High Monks Of The Temple Of The Sun Soul.

Muen Chuang, originally from Kara-Tur, was raised within the temple walls of the Sun Soul Catcher, a temple capable of harvesting the power of the sun and converting it into soul magic energy, which was used by the temple to preserve the natural environment in Kara-Tur and to maintain the balance between the Water of the lakes and rivers and the fire of the Sun. In the absence of that balance, the land would have become a desert.

Muen fell in love with Ce Tzi, one of the Lady Monks of the order, though their bodies never touched during the course of their love for one another.

Ce Tzi was the nurturer of the waters while Muen Chuang was the cultivator of the fires of the sun. Each did this through their own meditation within the temple walls.

During the reign of the Feng Dynasty in Kara-Tur, the temple was attacked by an army of lost spirits, the deceased remnants of the Earth Spirit Folk, who sought the energies of the Sun Soul Catcher in order to rejuvenate the power of the earth so that the Earth Spirit Folk could rule. During their attack, they destroyed the only reservoir and source of water in the temple, killing Ce Tzi in the process.

It is said that the Sun itself cried a tear, and that the tear fell from the skies and met the waters of Kara-Tur and from that union was born Sun Petal Chuang within the Temple Of The Sun Soul Catcher.

Sun Petal Chuang was evacuated from the temple after her discovery and was raised by Lee Su Ma, an explorer who'd liberated Sun Petal to the Sword Coast, eventually settling within Candlekeep as a guardian and friend of the party's main protagonist.

Brian Joseph Johns

PS: I'm not Ron Silk, I'm not a member of Prince Hall and I prefer red much more than blue...