With All Due Respect... More Identity Theft Related Stuff...

Here's some pretty baffling stuff in the identity theft and how it seems that some Government employees might be coordinating with some members of an ideology that steals or borrows people identities which this cult sometimes refers to as borrowing someone's "head".

Don't get me wrong, I trust the Government and what its supposed to represent. I just don't trust some ideologies because there are some people who will prioritize the rules of their religion above the secular rules of society.

This is likely an ideology closely related to Gnosticism or at the very least a devout religious group of some form, and though I believe in everyone's right to believe as they choose, its wrong for any group to violate another person's rights with the rules of their religion or ideology. Our right to identity is protected within the human rights code under our right to life.

Gnostics used to be very radical and in fact, are likely linked to more modern forms of terror that involve decapitation, a punishment they used to render unto their enemies thousands of years ago up until the 1800s and to those who divulged their secrets, especially those pertaining to alchemy which for all intense purposes is a method they use to craft people (ie to change them for the better or the worse). Turning lead into gold and vice versa, to benefit their plans in society with lead and gold being metaphors for the malleability and value of certain people in society by this cult.

Nowadays the way they do it, is that if you violate the rules of their ideology, you're regarded as having lost your head. Essentially to members of the belief and sympathizing beliefs, you simply cease to exist. In essence, you're erased from existence or the events and actions of your history and identity are attributed to someone else, while you're identity is removed from you and replaced with someone else's.

So when you become active in society, the cult that is responsible for this ideology considers you to have stolen someone else's head. Ie, you're still not yourself, you're operating through someone else's identity and the group that does this will go through great lengths to prevent you from having your own identity, including conscripting members of their ideology in organizations that have access to data that backs up your identity and at key moments in your life, denying you that data or recognition of your own identity. The members of this cult operate in conjunction with people locally as well, often through gangs and other abusive religions that conduct harassment and stalking of their victims. A form of substitution whereby you're harassed about the crimes of the identity that this cult used to replace your own.

A very common experience for me, Brian Joseph Johns. One of the contending issues is the fact that I am no longer a Roman Catholic. In fact, I'm an Atheist. I don't believe in god or the devil at all. Or the Bible. Or the New Testament. Or the Quran. I mean no disrespect but I have every right to feel that way as my existence and citizenship are not conditionally dependent based upon my beliefs. In fact, I deny my own blood heritage for the same reasons on the grounds that this ideology oppose certain mixed culture relationships, especially those between Caucasian persons and Mandarin Chinese persons and I can honestly say this from personal experience. The cult that stands against such relationships is very destructive to a person's life and I know that from personal experience as well. For this reason in fact, I deny my French heritage. Not to mention that every time I say or do something good, post it on here or in my life this cult try to steal it from me and apply it to someone else's life. Sometimes even the Prime Minister. That's an honour, but I like being myself. I don't ask for anyone to fuel my life by me taking the credit for what they say or do. I've never asked for that or expected it and I don't want it. I enjoy being me and I enjoy being able to share that with others according to the criteria that I choose and even to bias people for whom I care. I'm not Dench, whomever that may be (Donald Sebastien Des Rosiers French?)

So getting back on track after having set up some background information, I recently was audited by Canada Revenue Agency about not having rent receipts. I rent from the Toronto Community Housing Corporation, a low-income housing project set up by the Government for which I'm grateful. Without it I'd likely be living in a homeless shelter, as being a stalking victim of this cult tends to destroy your career, relationships and means to a living. So without it I'd be in a much worse situation, but that does not justify the statement: well it could be worse because that's a trashy argument put forth by the kind of people who oppose human rights. The same kind of people who call women who cry rape and then report it, complainers.

So I recently sent my rent receipt in to Canada Revenue Agency electronically, albeit later than I should have, though it did get there and time had been a bit of a problem for me up until recently. Ultimately I did get my receipts sent in accordance with the audit. I received a notice telling me that I owed a (relatively) large sum of money (one day after being contacted by my cellular provider about a large bill that I've got to tackle). No coincidence there I'm sure. I handled it pretty casually though. I did some quick calculations and with the cheque I was expecting from the Province for my Ontario Tax Benefit (basically they credit low-income earners for money they'd spent on taxes and rent the prior year). With that cheque my budget would have been palpable and I'd have been able to handle the finances and budget accordingly.

I get an email (thankfully) telling me that they cannot send me the cheque because of the fact that my rent receipts haven't been processed. A bit frustrating and certainly this is going to be a bit tough because after some bad harassment at a couple of food banks, I've decided that I'm only going to attend purely secular, non-religion affiliated food banks from now on. I'm not on the blue team by the way and never will be. The blue team operates by forcing people to take the position of hate means love and are generally very blood centric. Being nice to someone on the blue team to them is basically sucking their blood. Being hateful to them is being loving to them. So they basically get away with spreading hate. If the red team behaves hatefully, then its regarded as hate. So their whole gig is to provoke people on the red team to behave in a hateful manner. That way, they're the hate side, and the blue team are the love side. Something I don't go for because I don't live by the symbolism of colours in that regard. I believe that people who do are slaves to colours or being enslaved by people on the blue team who use colours to enslave others.

Sorry, I'm free. Anyway, so at the time I received the email from Canada Revenue and after reading the mail on th Canada Revenue Agency website, my neighbours, who conduct illegal surveillance on my internet connection, took it upon themselves to take that as a cue that I don't have an identity or that I'm not recognized as being the one who lives here in my apartment because the Government had indicated in that mail that they had no indication or proof by way of receipts that I am the one living here or that I paid rent at all.

So to the cult locally who illegally spy on people, that's a go-ahead to deny a person's identity. So they'd use that to steal my website here and credit it to someone else. Or anything else linked with my identity. In fact, right near the letter from the Canada Revenue Agency, Humble Bundle had sent out an email I'd received earlier about a free game called "head snatchers", that strangely enough featured characters whose colours are the same as the curtains in my apartment. Did I mention that this cult uses colour symbolism prominently? That's a bit about how this cult attacks people and how they go about denying their victim(s) of their own identity. When you protest this sort of thing, they see that as complaining and try to use it to discredit you or to make you seem selfish or self-interested. That's why they do it.

I mean if in complaining about this, I appear to contradict the good nature of the letter I wrote with regard to the Airliner Crash in Iran, then this cult will do just that. In their eyes, they'll claim that it wasn't me who wrote it, and credit it to someone else on the grounds that of the fact that the person who did is complaining which is actually protesting.

This cult profits by doing that and they're a collective who actually plan and set up situations like that to provoke these kinds of reactions to discredit their victims and to make themselves appear the love side and someone else the hate side. Failing that, they do it on the grounds of blood and fire.

Another motive for doing this is because to this cult, if you contradict your own statehood, then they can give you the identity of someone else from another country. In fact, this cult often swaps my identity with that of people from the United States, and most often to fuel their lives while making me pay for their "identity" to fuel my life. I did say earlier that I don't want anyone else's identity. I like mine. I don't care if you're rich or not or if you have a better body than mine or whatever the case may be. I'm not impressed and I like being me.

Also, this could be a coordinated retaliation by the husband of the abuser of the woman I cited in yesterday's post about Flight PS752. I mean he must be a pretty bad and malicious guy if he could outright punch his own wife in the face and eye regularly in such a way that she'd regularly show up to her day job wearing sunglasses to hide the bruises. I didn't know the guy, but from what I'd heard from her he had some power in the community and the city. If that person associated me as having helped to liberate her, I'm certain it wouldn't be too far gone from such a person's modus operandi to attempt to cause grief in my life, directly or by proxy.

Given the level of recent suffering and loss in many other parts of the world, what I'm saying here might sound trivial but in fact its now. These are issues that if war emerges, will be shadowed over and human rights will take a thousand steps backwards and put us at the level of rights present in the 1900s, just after the first participation by women in an election (in New Zealand by the way). Canada was one of the first five countries on that boat, but New Zealand took that bold step first.

War tends to distract and give power to the cronies who'd push human rights backwards. I'd be willing to bet that movements that have taken strides forward would be very much damaged as a result of the local backlash, which would be well hidden and swept under the carpet during a war. I can't imagine the vengeance that some men might take upon women if a large distraction such as war took people's attention away from those issues as priorities though I'd be willing to bet that most men would be ready for it. If I'm wrong, that would be far too great a loss not to mention the rights of other vulnerable groups like the LGBTQ2 community and minorities.

Brian Joseph Johns
Oh one other thing. I had a friend named James. An older fellow. Scottish. Wilkie was his last name. During my struggles living in a homeless shelter from 2004 until 2012, James had passed away. His family had left me with memorabilia that had been stolen from me at one of the Toronto shelters. From situations I've experienced, it seems like the people who stole that memorabilia are or were attempting to steal my identity from me or to give someone else the impression that they were me and using the fact that they had that memorabilia in their possession to prove it, despite the fact that it was stolen from me. I was with James at the hospital a couple of days before he passed away. Even his family gave me their memorabilia as well. So issues like that really have accumulated and indicate that there are people up to no good in that regard. Often I'm treated as having a narcotics dependency which is definitely not the case at all. I don't even smoke cigarettes. I drink occasionally but am generally pretty easy going and certainly not violent, or possessed by anyone nor do I believe in anything of that nature.

I'm not Roman Catholic at all. As I've stated, I'm an Atheist and have been since January of 2007, looking towards Taoism and Buddhism from that point on but definitely an Atheist in the sense that I do not believe in god or the devil in the way that so many people do. So despite the fact of James' connection to something with Egyptian connotations, I am not a member of the Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn (though Rama is actually a Deity from the Hindu pantheon of Gods). I am not a "blood rose" or a member of any blood centric ideology and certainly not Roman Catholic anymore after the grief I received for having been in a relationship with a Mandarin Chinese woman, which is likely nothing compared to the grief she'd have received if we hadn't parted ways for her safety from racist cults that bar certain kinds of mixed culture relationships. No disrespect meant towards my friends who are real members of the Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn. There's a lot of fakes out there. Believe me. I'm certainly not Satanic or the Devil at all or Baphomet (the poster child for the Kybalion) as I've mentioned before.

Also, I'm not a clown, or a Shriner with all due respect though I do highly respect the work they do.

In fact, I have to worry that what I write here isn't being recorded by someone in real-time and credited to someone else to fuel their life, while this abusive cult just pushes me further and further down, every time I manage to climb up one rung on the ladder.

I live by one idiom. Take responsibility for your own words and actions. When people in society try to sabotage that, expose them because what they're doing is an identity threat. They're trying to trick you into contradicting things about your own nature so that they can claim that you are not yourself by way of the fact that you're contradicting your own beliefs. According to their ideology, therefore you're possessed by someone else and they should get the credit for whatever good you do. That's how this cult cannibalizes people. They try to purposely carry the burdensome aspects of a person and as a result get the credit for the good things, because this cult's ideology centers around the idea that if you can't take responsibility for your own burden, then how can you accept the credit for your own good. They've derived a whole method of stealing the identities of others based upon this idea, upon the symbolism of colours, and very often harassment.

I am not anti-Masonic at all and never have been but I am not a member of the JayZ fraternity, nor will I ever be a member of Prince Hall with all due respect.

Ironically throughout the years, I've had members steal three symbolic items from me. The first, was a book of religions of the world, containing the text of all religions. That was borrowed by Bro. Denis from a New York Lodge while worked for Ferretina Ltd. Next, I had a copy of the Art Of Peace borrowed and never returned from me by a social worker named Osama, who incidentally introduced me to the Kybalion, though I do not follow its teachings. Finally, I had my purchased copy of the movie Firefly: Serenity borrowed and never returned to me by a social worker named Mike (who works/worked for Dixon Hall Heyworth House). All three are affiliated with a form of mysticism based around the Kybalion and they purposely took these things from me to symbolize that they'd taken my: religion, peace and serenity from me. After each of those was taken, the first in 2002, the second in 2005 and the third in 2010, things really got hairy in terms of stalking so I suspect that's connected. Keep in mind I've never used crack cocaine, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine or anything of that nature at all. Likewise, I am not on the blue team at all or a member of any blood centric ideology. I don't keep secrets for abusive people or their clubs. Most of all, I am not a gun or a rose.

I am not on the blue black white team, I am not Wayne Buttery and I am not my mother, Rita Johns, with all due respect. I won't ever join a team that operates by hate means love and love means hate. Never. Likewise I am not a Hell's Angel. I am not a member of the Salvation Army and I am not a hater.

I am not a member of Prince Hall and never will be. Prince Hall has something similar to the way that roses can be used as guns and this attack upon people is called a "slap". It's the same thing socially as a gun.

A gun is someone who's been burdened with a lot of social weight for burdensome things (crimes, sins or anything of negative connotation). The idea is that when they are tricked into reacting harshly towards someone, they unload that burden onto their "shooting" victim. Prince Hall slaps operate similarly, except that they're delivered via a slap, that is someone slapping their hands together, towards an intended victim. In much the same way that a gun is used to burden others with social burdens, a slap operates in much a similar way.

After a person is shot with this metaphorical gun or slapped by a Prince Hall slap, they are usually stalked and harassed by people about the burden which they've inherited from the gun or the "slapper". Prince Hall is generally a collective, that is they operate as if they're a "hive" or an "ant colony", whereby the burden transferred to the person "slapped" is drawn from their entire circle rather than it is with the way that a "gun" works, which the burden transferred to someone "shot" are only taken from the "gun" and not every other rose.

So the idea is that the more social burden that either carries, the bigger a weapon they are and the people who use this means of attacking others make it into a daily game of trying to build the biggest gun or slap possible.

This form of attack can result in suicides amongst its victims and radicalization of the victim as well and when combined with other threats to one's social and civil well being (such as identity theft and identity denial amongst other threats), I believe has been a key factor in triggering nearly all of the mass shootings of the last two decades.

I don't play guitar, I'm not from Nova Scotia and have never been there and I'm not Australian, Irish or Italian with all due respect. In fact, I'm not any culture that would be an obstacle to being in a relationship with someone Mandarin Chinese. I'm Caucasian, I'm 52 years old and have been a victim of this sort of thing for a long time and as I've stated, my love interest is a Mandarin Chinese woman whether you like it or not, and someone with whom I've prior been in a relationship that was sabotaged by the racist cult of which I speak. Also, I'm not American. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in Regent Park where I experience most of this abuse.

I believe that this is also an attempt by this cult to dump social burden from someone who is likely anti-Government onto my person, by trying to provoke a reaction that makes me appear to be anti-Government. That's how the membership of this cult disposes of their poor reputations. They transfer that social reputation to someone else by attempting to set them up to appear to be capable of the same things that resulted in their poor reputation in the first place rather than taking responsibility for their own actions. Likewise, I am not a Scientologist at all.

Usually I'll get attacked shortly after having said or done something good or beneficial for society. If I go outside, I'm literally harassed for the whole time of being outside despite the fact there's no justification for such treatment. I don't believe in Jesus Christ or Allah or Mohammed either with all due respect. I'm not a member of any religion that "purifies" people by abusing them. As I said, I'm an Atheist first.

Also, I believe that this cult in Canada puts the "cross" on their victims. Then that person is forced to carry the weight of burden for others. Generally, it seems they pick one person constantly (me usually) and then give the credit to someone else despite the fact that I haven't been a Roman Catholic since 2007 and I'm not even baptized. In fact, I've always been more of an atheist. The cult responsible for this does all kinds of evil things to you when you're put in this position. Therefore I'd never join any religion of that nature ever. They abuse the crap out of you, then give the credit for carrying that burden to someone else completely different. They'll steal the credit for anything that you accomplish and give it to the credit of others as well and deny you your own identity when you announce that you're an atheist. This is abusive people in a cult doing this, not evil spirits. As I stated, even people in positions in organizations with access to your data will take part in this, ignoring their organizational policy and instead, helping this cult to further the damage to their victims. Zersetstung. Sabotage of one's life to the point of destruction.

I am not Snow aka Darren O'Brien and I didn't grow up in Allenbury Gardens. This cult often swaps my identity with him and others that grew up there despite the fact that I didn't grow up there. I literally have no affiliation with them. They were my childhood bullies. This cult even swaps places between a bullying victim and the bully, attempting to rewrite history to protect the bully and punish the victim.

One thing about this cult as well is that they deny you your own life experiences. So when they abuse you, they imply that your feelings of being harassed or abused originate from someone else. That you're experiencing their feelings about a real situation rather than your imagining it. So they literally deny you of your own life experiences and your history as well. They regularly replace my identity with that of other people. For a good identity, they force you to pay for it by giving up the credit for the good things that you've accomplished. That's not the only form of criminal extortion that they use.

They imply that their victims are possessed by floating spirits that jump from body to body. So part of this cult's abuse is all about removing these possessions from you without your consent by abusing you socially. In doing so, they charge a price that once again amounts to being criminal extortion. Forcing you to pay for services for which they were not solicited and to which you did not agree.

To tell the truth, the people who cause these "possessions" and the people who remove them work together in a sort of scam. One creates the problem, the other removes it for a price.

It is my understanding that this is what this cult did to the abused Iranian woman that I spoke about earlier in this post after she fled her abusive husband. Eventually, she fled the country. Canada. Someone fled Canada for human rights abuses perpetrated by those trying to protect a spousal abuser. They even tried several times to set up situations in an attempt to transfer the impression that I was the abuser (which I've never been).

In fact, a French woman named Natalie used to drop in to a temp agency with which I'd worked years ago called Labour Link. This was years after the situation with the Iranian woman fleeing her abusive husband. Natalie would show up to Labour Link with similar bruises around her eyes. I asked her numerous times to speak to a counsellor. Finally, one day I decided to speak with one of the workers at Labour Link about the issue as she was a counsellor in a local women's shelter. I asked her to speak to Natalie about the bruises. She told me that it was against conduct for a counsellor to solicit anyone into counselling, which makes sense. Eventually, Natalie had to relocate to elsewhere and her situation was never resolved.

However, there were attempts by people in the community to transfer the abuse from the originator, whomever that might have been, to my person in addition to many other attempts to discredit me despite the fact that I've never been a spousal abuse. The counsellor, Diana Galleano eventually left Canada and moved to Venezuela after Labour Link was restructured and merged with Service Canada/Service Ontario. Almost everyone who took part in sabotaging my life and circumstances was rewarded with good lasting employment or other means via a barter system.

Me pointing all of this out at once certainly makes me seem like a bad person, but this attack came at me all at once. I'm just protesting that fact. And as I stated, they purposely timed it with the withholding of monies owed to me by the Provincial Government while I'm pretty much impoverished already and likely will be for the remainder of my life as a result of this cult's activity. No-fault of my own.

I am not a Jehovah's Witness and I am not a member of Prince Hall and never have been, with all due respect. Likewise, I am not a Mormon or Fundamentalist Latter Day Saint and never have been. I'm also not from Nova Scotia and have never been there in my life. I'm not Shane. I'm not Jake N. I'm not Eugene Andre Francois. I'm not Tanzanian either. I'm not Terence. The majority of these people whose names I'm using I don't know personally. They're people that the members of this cult accuse me of being. I get harassed nearly constantly by my neighbours in my place of residence. These are people who consider themselves to be on the "blue brown" team and most of whom are all about protecting crack cocaine locally in the Regent Park community. As I've stated, I don't use, buy or sell narcotics and I'm an Atheist. I'm not Italian or Irish either and I deny my French heritage. I don't want any connection to the heritage that would oppose my love interest being Mandarin Chinese. Most of all, I'm not a Gnostic and I don't believe in heaven or hell. Locally they're a cult that believes that they mind control other people. They fight over the definition for the colour green and usually, they want it to mean something related to the blood of a specific culture. They operate via colour symbolism as well as I've stated and I'm not a member of their cult at all and never will be. Far too abusive for my liking. As I've stated, I'm an Atheist. I don't believe in god or the devil.

Also, I don't work for Videolink Inc. I haven't worked for Videolink since the year 2000. They're a good company and Bruce is a great person that I'd vouch for, as is Phil and Dylan, but I don't work for them. As I've stated, I'm not Eugene and I'm not a guitar player and I'm not on the "purple" team. I believe that members of Prince Hall and possibly Hell's Angels helped Eugene to steal or borrow my identity as they've likely done with other members of the "purple" team. These are all things with which I have nothing to do, other than being victimized by them. I'm not Rob Tozer either with all due respect.

Nothing that goes on with my current computer systems occurs on the property of Videolink or anywhere else other than 200 Sherbourne Street in apartment 701 (ie the writing of A Lady's Prerogative or Butterfly Dragon stories and everything else Shhhh! Digital).

If my own Government won't recognize my own identity and place of residence, then I don't recognize my Government's validity until my own correct identity and residence is recognized and accepted. Likewise with any other country in the world. In fact, I don't recognize the identity of anyone else in the world that doesn't recognize my identity or residence. Likewise, any religion or charity that doesn't recognize my identity, I won't recognize them as a valid religion or charity. I won't recognize any culture that doesn't recognize and respect my individuality and identity. I mean by the fact that I don't recognize my country's validity, without a Constitution, Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act, there's nothing to bind me to recognize anyone else's identity or rights. This abusive cult has been pushing for this for a long time so I'll give them what they want, even though they no longer exist.

This form of identity denial is a big problem for not just myself but many other people as well. This is similar to the process by which people have been erased from various civilizations including the Jewish people in Nazi Germany. I'm certainly not a Nazi and not anti-Jewish. I have many Jewish friends who'd certainly laugh at that proposition. Also, I'm not a member of the Salvation Army. Also, I'm not a pirate. I won't carry the weight or burden of piracy for anyone as I'm not a Christian, I'm an Atheist. Find someone else to bear your cross.

Ironically when you protest against this sort of mistreatment, most others just label you as being crazy or possessed by someone else. In fact, most people contribute to the denial of identity that is so specific to the activities of this cult against citizens in Canada. This is part of their method to destroy someone socially and then to use them as a garbage bag. Then after they've trounced you for years, they show someone else who's supposedly been homeless and then made it to the top (very recently they highlighted someone who earned a Grammy). As I've stated, this is all part of making the people who protest this sort of abuse look like complainers or underachievers. The person in question wasn't homeless for long and probably not targeted the way that some people are by hate groups centred on destroying a person's life.

Anyway, as a result I'm not attending any food banks hosted at Presbyterian or Seventh Day Adventist Churches. I'm only going to attend a food bank hosted by the Roman Catholic Church as long as it takes to find a secular and non-denominational food bank that doesn't commit harassment or stalking activities upon their clients. I'm not a vegetarian though I did try that three times before in my life. Once when I was 23 for about a year which was back in 1991. Once when I was 27 in 1995 for about year and then in 2006 -> 2011 in my late thirties. Chances are I'll go to the vegetarian food bank though I'll probably not become vegetarian.

The last time I was at St. Bartholemew's, a couple of people harassed me and denied me my own identity, instead claiming that I was Tanzanian and on the blue team that had some sort of relationship with a 15-year-old girl, which is complete nonsense considering that I'm Caucasian and that my love interest is Mandarin Chinese and older than myself and a woman with whom I've been in a prior relationship. Not to mention, the two people who conducted this harassment were Asian as well and wearing all black when they did it. One of them was a lady and someone that I didn't know but had seen a few times at the food bank and come to trust them for the simple reason that they'd never participated in the harassment. It's fairly common though to get harassed by the people serving. The harassment was very bad that day and I'll consider that the last day that I ever set foot in a Presbyterian Church or for that matter, inside of any church unless absolutely necessary. They often try to label me as someone who uses crack cocaine which I've never used cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin or any other similar narcotics in my life.

I think this is an effort by people who side with Prince Hall, and try to control people using the teachings of the Kybalion mixed with love/hate and blood/fire ideology. They especially try to see-saw a person emotionally between positive and negative emotions from day to day and that's essentially how they manipulate their victims. They refer to the timing of this effort as the rhythm.

The Kybalion is a hermetic text and many Freemasons and other Hermetic Orders utilize its teachings though few real members of those groups conduct this sort of activity. Real Freemasons have never taken part in the actual harassment though I've had items taken from me by members (Denis from New York who worked on Ferretina took a book of world religions from me, Osama a shelter worker who currently works for the City took the Art Of Peace from me and Mike a shelter worker who works/worked for Dixon Hall took the movie Firefly: Serenity from me). They were symbolic of religion, peace and serenity and taken in that order as I've described in this post. As well even up until very recently, I've had my own identity denied and instead been recognized as being Peter Andrews, a producer on Ferretina who allegedly is/was a member of the Black Panther Party. I'm Caucasian for one, and not Biafran though I believe that there's absolutely nothing wrong with any sort of mixed culture relationship between two consenting adults of any cultures. One of my childhood bullies is Biafran. Kevin Gross. Was a boxer in training and that time and I was an early computer and video game nerd. As skinny as a toothpick and that was when I was around ten or eleven. He physically attacked me once in a store at Fairview Mall, though I'd said nothing bad to him. I went home and told my parents what had happened and my mother went to the store, found him, pushed him to the floor and told him never to pick on her son.

That seemed to set off a war involving Biafran people against myself and my mother, though I'd certainly say that the hate and racism was all Kevin's, because his friends over the course or years went to great lengths to sabotage my life and my family's life and to let us know that it was originating from that moment by using players who looked like him.

Their war is all about stalking, harassing and abusing me so that it makes me appear confrontational so that Kevin and his bully friends from my childhood can rewrite their own past and infer that I used words to lure him into attacking me. Something I've never done and as well, I've never physically attacked anyone unprovoked. Ever.

The people who backed him up were everyone from Allenbury Gardens at that time. So this war quickly spread and became territorial. A bunch of people ganging up on one or two people to destroy their lives. I'm not a Christian so I don't forgive. Their cult believes that they mind control people. So their whole sell on this idea is that they've been mind-controlling me for most of my whole life because I've been so anti-racist and anti-homophobic. The people who did this belief that I am swapped with Darren O'Brien (aka Snow) and they regularly swap my identity with his. He lives in California by the way and was friends with all of my childhood bullies. Kevin was about the only one who was African/Caribbean or partly there so. The others were Irish. So this clearly wasn't about racism on my part or my family's, not to mention that our family friends at that time were an LGBTQ2 couple one of whom was one of the first female constables of the RCMP. My friends at that time were Scott Maple, Rob Tozer, Brian Kwok and Joel Ferrina just to name a few. I don't think that makes me racist seeing as I had a pretty diverse past.

A quick interjection here: I'm not on the blue team and never will be. So no green blue thank you very much. Green is used as a colour to symbolize reset or begin again. So green blue would mean, clear all the other colours and start with blue. The only reason I'd have to make this statement is that I received a very well timed windows notification as I wrote this that had the colours green and blue in it. That's this cult's sneaky way of trying to swing things over to the blue side of the fence. That way, if they disagree with what you say, they redefine blue to mean a polarity reversal, which in essence means that anything you state as a member of the blue team is a lie. Its a way of killing your freedom of speech and credibility by way of the symbolism of colours and just about everyone in this cult gets in on it. Especially those who spy on my computer illegally and those involved in organized crime doing that. In return for their malice, I reveal the way their cult operates every chance I get. Their secret language becomes revealed. One again, my being on the red team doesn't mean that I'm a Nazi or anti-Jewish at all. I'd say that this cult that does the stalking and sabotages people's lives are more like Nazis than anyone.

So this cult made up of Kevin's friends went about destroying the lives of my immediate family. Every time they created a setup that involved Kevin in some way, they'd use someone who looked like Kevin (Gross). So this whole battle is about that and the people who did this are scumbags and goofs. All of them because they protected a bully by trying to rewrite the past to suit their needs. Along the way their bullying victim (me), they sabotaged his life at every juncture they could. They were probably behind the theft of my parent's musical equipment at 20 Edgecliff Golfway in 1985 in Flemington Park? Where my parent's musical equipment was stolen ($50K worth) just two weeks before it was to be insured.

That destroyed my parents' musical career and eventually their marriage and put them in the poor house for years. Meanwhile, my mother had raised my brother and I on a poverty-level income as a single mother until she'd met my father, so we know what it is to be poor. This isn't about the middle class versus the lower class. I live in funded housing now and receive social assistance because of this cult. I am entirely capable of working but because of this stalking cult and their racist ideology, I can't go outside. If I explain this to others, they claim that I'm possessed by someone African. So this cult are racists who deny the identity of their victims and replace that identity with members of another culture because they're racists.

I just received another notification with purple on it. That's usually an effort to push someone into the Prince Hall neck of the woods which I won't accept. They're just as racist and would only try something of that nature because they're intensely scared of being found out because this is the whole root of their motives for what they did not just to me but to my family. To keep it hidden, they deny me my own identity and this includes efforts from people who work within the Government. Not everyone, but many. They'll use that stance to imply that I'm against the Government, which I'm not. How could I be? I don't even recognize the Government currently because they don't recognize my living address and that opened the door for this cult to conduct this abuse recently because they're using that to imply that I am not Brian Joseph Johns that is living in 200 Sherbourne Street in apartment 701. The members of this ideology timed this perfectly with the notification from the Government to that regard. It probably does sound nuts to people who haven't experienced this, but its the truth. This cult are pretty darn bad people and corrupt as all hell. That's why I left the Roman Catholic Church and Christianity years ago and became an Atheist (Taoist Buddhist). I'd never join Prince Hall.

So at every instance that this cult was involved in setting up a situation to benefit Kevin and conduct revenge against me (for being a victim of his bullying?), they used someone that appeared similar to Kevin's appearance. Every single time and the amount of people in on this is unbelievable. Scumbags every single one of them. That's why they try to get me onto the blue team. When you react harshly towards people on the blue team, it fuels their life with whatever is on your palette. If you were a victim of massive proportions by a cult, then they become the victims. If you helped to do a bit of good in the world, then they inherit that as if it was them. They use this method of colour symbolism to trade places with their victims. So their victim becomes the perpetrator and the perpetrator becomes the victim(s) and they benefit from this. All using the symbolism of colours.

Their plan was likely that they would eventually help me to figure out what they'd done, and use my reaction to milk me by forcing me onto the blue team or brown team or the purple team, which in essence would benefit them because if my reaction was hateful or mean, it would in the case of my having been forced onto the membership of any of those team colours, been a benefit for them and detriment for me despite the fact that I am telling the truth. Society works against the victim when they pull this kind of stunt. I'm not a Hell's Angel and never have been. I'm not a Black Panther and never have been. I'm not a member of the Purple team and never have been and never will be. Even Peter Andrews appears like an older Kevin Gross. Clinton, the man whom this cult tried to make me carry the blame for his impregnating my girlfriend at the time without me knowing (I later found out), is a body builder gigolo that was a spitting image of Kevin.

The reason that I didn't point this out earlier is because I just didn't think that people were capable of something like this. What Kevin did was wrong, but that was when we were young and people grow up I hope. Apparently not though because his friends turned that whole situation into a stalking cult game to destoy my life and because I didn't react to the symbolism of them using people that looked like Kevin Gross at all these juncture points in my life, they assumed that I was possessed or controlled by him rather than me having no malice.

The harassment program was likely conducted in order to build up a hateful reproach in me so that they could claim the antithesis of what I just said, that I was being controlled by Kevin. Everything this cult does is about trying to get other people to hate so they can be the love side of the fence. Anyway, I don't forgive and never will. They could drop dead in the street and I'd really not give a hoot. Oh well. What a waste of lives. The same goes for anyone who took part in this whole thing. I'm certain that what comes around will go around. I'm certain that they'll get their chance at 40 years of stalking and abuse by a cult and if they die before that, well who knows. I'm positive that things will balance out.

So throughout all of this, the people in Toronto who took part in this denied me my own identity. That's Toronto for you. Especially Regent Park and Allenbury Gardens, Jane and Finch and Flemington Park I'm guessing. The so-called hoods of Toronto. They're harassing me right now too, so they're watching as this unfolds and still doing the same thing. They have no conscience so why should I? I'm sure that justice will prevail.

That's why this cult tries to hide everything that comes from me. They want it to go to the credit of other people and literally erase me from existence. I'd be willing to bet that Ferretina was actually organized crime and Frank coming into the picture to evaluate the situation and to make a judgement call in the situation as he has a long line of Masonic and Hermetic family and friends. He would have been considered a very senior person in the world with regard to those things. I have nothing to do with organized crime, the Hell's Angels or anything of that nature, but that situation certainly involved that kind of judgement and that's likely why I was so harshly harassed at that time. Because Kevin's side of the fence likely wanted to bring out the worst in me so that it would make me appear to be much worse than Kevin. Also, morons from the Hell's Angels, Prince Hall, and many religions (Salvation Army, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Presbyterians, Seventh Day Adventists, Lutherans) tend to craft guys into knuckle-dragging blue meanies. They seriously believe that's a form of craft masonry. Producing knuckle-dragging monsters that they call men. Worse, there are women who actually like men like that. Knuckle dragging brutes. That's craft masonry? I don't think so. The people that they "craft" on the blue team are actually what they believe to be robots. That should let you know a little bit about how these people regard living breathing human beings. They're Goofs. Every single one that does that.

So that's the truth about my situation and my path and that has continued right up until this day. Something I won't ever forgive for. Never. But as I said, I'm pretty certain that justice will happen, one way or another. I'm not the kind of person that this cult can radicalize (they've tried and often). I usually just reveal their plot and in such a way that it ends up in the hands of the Federal Police.

In fact, I'm certain that this cult tries to create "pressure cooker" situations like this with everyone they're attempting to radicalize or have plans in the future to radicalize. I'm not from Nova Scotia by the way. I've never even been there so I'm not John Townsend with all due respect.

Also from what I understand, many of these people might be what's called "forgers". People who try to create the impression of a person being a Freemason or Royalty or something of that nature, but of course they're not though just the impression that they are can go a long way to contributing to their kind of malice in society. I don't mean real Freemasons or Royalty. I mean the forgers.

So what do I do to get a refund for my forty years of life and the lives of my family from my childhood? Atheism is so wonderful and I'm enjoying it immensely. That's because god to most believers isn't god. Its people. Masses of people. Nothing more. Like Santa Claus for adults. If you want to get away with murder or destroying people's lives, you just have to trick the people which is probably a lot easier than tricking a god, if they do in fact exist at all which at this point, I don't believe that they do. Devils too.

One last piece of evidence has to do with when I attended Overlea Secondary School which is now Marc Garneau Collegiate. I was good friends with a Jordanese woman named Nadia. This was back in 1985. This cult set up a situation whereby they attacked her on the basis of a battle overseeing which "brown" I would side with. Afro-Caribbean brown or Jordanese brown. I'm not kidding. An African or Jamaican woman physically attacked Nadia and I went to step in between them to stop it. I even yelled at the girl to leave her alone. I even said that: "you're picking on her because she's from an immigrant's family!". It turns out that it was a test to see which side I would stand by, in terms of the colour of a person's skin and then in terms of religion because Jordan is the home of the Aga Khan, a peaceful philanthropist family of Muslims. So this was all about Christianity versus Islam and them seeing which side of the fence I'd defend. This was much later than my bullying encounter with Kevin Gross (I was going to Kingslake Public School or Woodbine Junior High at that point). So this situation with Nadia was many years later, and of course, Nadia and I became good friends. Within Flemington Park, I had a few Muslim friends, and this cult of Kevin drew the lines around Christianity versus Islam. From what I can tell they made it into a very big game. Possibly a world encompassing, all in relation to the Kevin Gross situation and the assault attempt upon Nadia. Ironically, one of Osama Bin Laden's wives was named Nadia, so of course, this cult used that to imply that I am possessed by Osama  Bin Laden. That's how scummy and racist these people are that did this, not to mention their anti-Jewish stance, many of them on the Kevin team, though I'm certain that they'll be dancing on that accusation for a while to come just until the heat dies down. Then they'll go right back to their full anti-semitic stance. Not long after that or soon before, the Chinese will become the devil according to their cult and they'll try to paint the Chinese people as the coming of the anti-Christ or something of that nature. Everyone who disagrees with them is the anti-Christ. They're more focused on making other people their adversaries and then destroying their lives than they are about building peace and harmony in this world.

In fact, I believe that my having been forced into homelessness was, in fact, a setup in order to set the foundation for what would become harassment and stalking for the rest of my life and for members of this cult to steal my identity and transfer it to someone else. Probably Eugene Andre Francois and several other people, while transferring someone else's history and identity to me. That would also be in line with the recent denial of recognition of my rental by the Government and that it coincided with a massive attack by the members of the community.

When you protest stuff of this nature, most people just write you off as being mentally ill. So the abusers essentially get away with it. The cult who operates on the blue team believes that blue roses become possessed by other people. They're a cult. So they literally believe that through colours and light, that someone else's thetan or spirit can jump from their body and occupy mine and that all of my behaviours from that point forward goes to their credit until they "opt out". So in this way, they're using someone else to fuel their life. The people who do this, of course, are goofs and scumbags of the highest degree.

Often, this plays out as a battle between the lawful and the lawless, who using the teachings of the Kybalion bounce their victim between the two sides with even Police taking part in it as readily as narcotics dealers. Of course, if you point that out, then you're against the Police and used as a garbage bag by those mixed up in the lawless side of the fence. They tend to provoke conflict as often as they can likely hoping for a violent reaction. A lot of these people are brainwashed by the ideology centred around the Cain and Abel story from the Bible. So if they can provoke you to violence, they consider you to be more Cain than Abel. This is one of the many representations for the shades black and white. As I've stated earlier, all of this cult's activities are related to and cued by the symbolism of colours just like criminal gangs and gangsters. In fact, this cult uses colours to take over entire communities by these methods.

The larger portion of the abusive group actually are more like Nazis and racists and hate groups than anything, but they're very quick to find ways out of that accusation. There's a lot of anti-Jewish sentiment amongst them and most of the most brutal attacks that I experience occur shortly after having any sort of interaction with someone of Jewish denomination. Every time I interact with someone Jewish online, watch a movie or show with a Jewish actor, play a video game with a Jewish character, this cult attacks me for a week or two following. In fact, I used to keep in contact with my friends through Facebook (some of whom are Jewish) though I closed my Facebook account as a result of this stalking and harassment. Yes, the members of this cult spy illegally on people's computers and that often determines the harassment they'll experience. I'm not a pedophile and I don't use my internet for anything of that nature, though I do enjoy erotic Japanese content, but I'm an adult and there's nothing wrong with that. Are these assholes going to start telling me and other people what we're allowed and not allowed to think?

To this cult, victimizing, harassing, stalking and destroying the life of one person isn't wrong if they can get others to vouch for them as not being racists or part of any hate group and if the victim reacts to their abuse. They claim that by reacting the victim is asking for it. I'm a guy, but the logic they're using is the same logic that states that women who dress provocatively are asking to be raped.

As well, in order to keep what I know about this cult contained, they force the identity of being gay upon me which I'm not. I do very much support LGBTQ2 rights and marriage, but I'm heterosexual and always have been. What makes this cult racist is that they make you choose between one of two paradigms. The LGBTQ2 community or the black community and they symbolize this by the colours green (LGBTQ2) and brown (the Afro-Caribbean community). Seeing as my love interest is Mandarin Chinese and a woman, in either case, I'd be denied the right to be with a woman of that culture, and I've already been in a relationship with her once and we both suffered the consequences at the hands of this cult. Hence why we parted ways. For her safety from an abusive cult.

Most of their logic centres around the idea that if you react, you're not conscious or you're not yourself and this fuels their denial of identity attacks upon their victims.

Also because I stated in another post that I'm heterosexual and that if anyone was controlling me that it would be a woman and likely a lesbian. So the members of this cult made it a week-long game to test that out because they worship a Tanzanian male whom they claim is mind-controlling me and whom I claim is just nothing but a goof. Actually, when I've proven that it isn't one person, they come up with another and another and another and another and it just keeps going like that. They're racists. What they can do is affect the production of hormones in my body, via Chi or biomagnetic energy which this cult practices trying to affect other people's bodies over long periods of time until they can do it relatively quickly. Once your bodily hormones are thrown off (and you can physically feel this as it happens), you become very easy to antagonize and provoke to reaction. They believe this reaction to be proof of their mind-controlling other people. Mostly they're Afro-Caribbean so it's likely tied to something like voodoo, or something of that kind. They believe that their blood is superior to that of Caucasian people and that's the motive for their believing that they mind control other people, specifically the males that they target. The motives are so they can claim the credit for anything that their victim says or does during the time they claim to be controlling them. As I've stated, I honestly believe these people to be nothing but a bunch of goofs. They're racists. They abuse their victims endlessly. Not only that but they trick other people who are obviously very stupid into believing that they're controlling other people. Many of these people as well are current or ex-users of narcotics like crack cocaine or heroin. What I suspect is happening is that their bodies likely have poor hormonal balance especially when they're experiencing withdrawal, which is when they attack other people most using biomagnetism. In another healthy person's body, if their body is somehow tricked into producing similar hormones, then it would likely have a very imbalancing effect in terms of their mood and reactions to abuse.

The members of this racist cult want everything that happens on my computer, including what I write here to go to the credit of someone else, usually whose skin is dark because they believe that they are mind-controlling me into what I create on this website. When I do something good, they make it a game of trying to provoke a reaction from me that appears to be unlike me. Even the corrupted Regent Park Police are in on this as well. They actually help these people to achieve this by allowing them to spy illegally on my computer(s). So they're breaking the law too. I've reported this to the RCMP a number of times already. I'm just waiting for the moment when this gets investigated by the proper authorities.

There are people at the Presbyterian Church (St. Bartholemew's) who take part in this pretty much every time I go there for their food bank, hence why I stated after this latest episode that I'll never step foot in another Presbyterian Church for the rest of my life. Likewise any Seventh Day Adventist Church. In fact, I'll only use a Catholic Foodbank until I can find a secular non-religious food bank (which is looking more and more like the vegetarian foodbank). This all coincided with a time when I was expecting a cheque from the Government that would have paid for groceries and my utilities but was informed that because I hadn't provided rent receipts that I wasn't eligible for the Ontario Tax Benefit and instead now have to pay. So this cult somehow knew about this even though information from the Canada Revenue Agency is supposed to be private and confidential. This cult cordinated their harassment upon my receiving that notice and other emails even contributed to the harassment. It was all geared towards trying to making me react in a harsh way, which I didn't. I just wrote this post.

The cult's members then claim something along the lines of me being mentally ill, which I'm not. I'm a victim of organized stalking and harassment and this cult believe that through that and their use of biomagnetism that they're mind-controlling me, which is complete nonsense. They call it trauma-based mind control and likely the reason they're doing it is that I have an erotic mind control fetish and because this cult are religious nutjobs who want to control what other people view on the internet. I'm an atheist. I'm certainly not a pedophile or a pirate. This cult also wants people to think that anything I check out in that way is coming from them rather than me. They want people to think that I have a fetish for African or Jamaican women, which I don't and never have. No disrespect meant at all but they're the racists. They're probably taking advantage of the fact that Prince Harry and Meghan are moving into the country as grounds to attack me.

I totally support any mixed culture relationship at all between consenting adults but this cult doesn't. They only support mixed culture relationships between Caucasian people and African/Afro-Caribbeans. Any other mixed culture relationship that doesn't include at least one member of the Afro-Caribbean community is against their ideology. So they're attacking me because my love interest is Mandarin Chinese and I'm Caucasian. So this is their racism. They did this to me when I was in a relationship with her during 2006, and then when I was in a relationship with a Korean woman in 2010/2011. In both cases, the members of this cult started stalking the women with whom I was in a relationship and they treated those women abusively. Then, in order to cover it up when I revealed this, they claimed that I was someone else different from my own identity. In other words, they denied me my own identity and they continued to do this indefinitely. That was the answer to everything I stated against them. They took my own identity and replaced it with that of an Irish Gnostic who claimed to be an ex-employee of the TTC who dated a short rotund Afro-Caribbean woman. He even claimed to have hepatitis and regularly would spit on people purposely when he talked to them. So this cult tried to swap my identity with that of this other guy (I've never had hepatitis in my life) so that people would punish me for this guy's social wrong doing and then they'd claim that it was one of them that was in a relationship with someone Chinese and someone Korean. They're identity thieves and their liars quite honestly.

I wouldn't type any of this if they weren't abusing me. They're not controlling me. They're socially abusing me. They attacked me like this because I took a stance against pirates. Pirates both in the Caribbean and the Far East Of Asia who were caught by the corresponding navies or military of those regions were often sold into slavery, and rightfully so. I think that's just punishment in days when there was no real judicial system.

So this cult would do everything that they could either to label me as a pirate so that they could try to make me their slave (a burden that I carried for others for a long time before discarding that repute and dropping the religion of Christianity and becoming an atheist). I'm not a member of any criminal gang whatsoever. I'm a computer nerd and this cult is bullying me and has been for decades. On weekends they make it into a game of trying to harass me to the point or a harsh reaction. These are people who consider themselves to be on the "blue brown" team in terms of their symbolism of colours. So they usually pick one person and attack that person for weeks at a time. Possibly I might have been slapped by one of their cult members (Prince Hall does "slaps" rather than guns and roses to attack people). So when you're slapped by a member of this cult, you get abused by local neighbours who support their cult and during the process, you're treated as if you're guilty of the wrongdoing of a multitude of other people. Essentially it works the same way as guns and roses do. A gun is a person this cult uses as a rose. Usually, a blue rose. They pile as much bad social burden as they can onto this person and that becomes their ammunition. Social burden are the things for which members of this cult harass other people, like their crimes, their sins or what have insofar as a religious cult goes. So the idea is that if the gun person reacts harshly towards you, that's the equivalent of shooting you. Then a variety of other people who support that way of doing things will begin harassing the person who was "shot" by that "gun". All of the harassment will pertain to whose ever burdens were in the gun as ammunition. That's their big secret. So the more the burdens they can pile into a person, or the greater the nature of the burden, the bigger the gun. This cult practice building guns that they even use to shoot politicians and celebrities, even in other countries. This is pretty much a worldwide phenomenon too and the people they use as guns usually have their lives completely destroyed. Not to mention the people they shoot with those guns.

Many of these cults are blood centric. That is, they are racists and all about the ruling class being of specific blood and culture. The two most prominent tend to be black supremacists and white supremacists, using the shades black and white for their symbolism. Often, those two groups work together though they appear to operate against one another. Victims like myself they tend to bounce around between either side, each taking turns abusing me despite the fact that I don't know anyone in the building in which I live and I don't socialize with anyone in the community for the reason of this abusive stalking. If I wasn't experiencing this I'd likely be successful and certainly working and earning a living. Instead, I'm abused by a community gang that swaps my identity with other people in the community who've done the community great wrong. So I'm forced to expose this effort which is the means by which many Churches in the area dump their garbage onto other people. That is, the sins they take in, they transfer to other people and its a community effort to do that. Typically they target one of a few different people.

If you volunteer, you won't be used this way but finding a volunteering position where you don't get ganged up on or having your gig sabotaged is impossible for victims. Volunteers will gang up on you and chase you out of such gigs because of its power for them over other people who aren't volunteering or working. So they work together to keep certain people out and from being able to work or volunteer so that they may use those people to put all of their garbage and social burden so they can use those people as guns or as ammunition for slaps (if you're Prince Hall). As I've stated, this cult are scumbags and goofs and I'm not on the blue team. I say what I mean and mean what I say. I've reported them to the Federal Police as well more so for the Intelligence. I mean I don't want the country to one day be caught off guard by this activity when eventually it's used to overthrow the Government despite the fact that some members of this cult operate from within the Government. Essentially misusing their access to information to further the goals of their cult and religion in the communities they operate. Likewise from any other organization they infiltrate.

One last thing I'd like to bring forward is that this cult attack whenever there's something big going on in the world and they want my reactions to their abuse to appear to be related to that incident, whatever it may be. So recently there was the Iranian Airline PS752 disaster, which I actually spent time in Google Earth piecing together from GPS coordinates, the actual recorded flight path and video accounts of the disaster. I did this of my own accord (nobody was controlling me). I'm pretty good with math and physics so I was able to piece together a very accurate trajectory of the aircraft with locations of all of the recorded videos submitted to news agencies in a few hours thanks to some of the crash sat photos and some satellite images, both visual spectrum and infrared.

The cult ceased harassing me during that time, I'm guessing that they believed that I was being controlled by an intelligence analyst of something of that nature. I don't believe in the holy spirit, which is essentially how this cult believes that control of that nature is possible. After I'd went to bed, I awoke to their abuse early in the morning and they essentially continued it all day Saturday which provoked much of the body of this post. Especially after receiving that letter that the Government didn't recognize me as having rented in 2018 which is nonsense. I rectified that by sending in my rent receipts (which were from another ex-Government organization, the TCHC complete with file numbers and the whole works). I'm certain that was all timed and coordinated in such a way so as to make my reaction appear to be related to the Trump missile attack or something of that nature because they had no idea of the Airliner crash at that moment. So this cult often in the midst of calamity or extreme weather events tries to create a reaction in me that seems to coincide with those events so they trick everyone else into buying that illusion. I mean the people who are stupid enough to believe it.

They seem to believe that I'm possessed by the R&B artist Drake, which again is complete nonsense. In fact, as a result of this cult's abuse and harassment of this nature, I don't even like him and won't listen to him. Not because of his culture or his music, but because this cult harasses me all the time with regard to his issues. Also, if I was to listen to him this cult would claim I'm being mind-controlled by one of his fans around here. So once again, I'd lose my own identity. When I'd indicated that my love interest is a Mandarin Chinese woman, they claimed that I was being controlled by Terence Howard, because he'd once dated an older Chinese woman. You see how this cult always has to keep things in their corner in terms of race, which makes them racists. So my own thoughts, words and actions go to the credit of people on the basis of a preferred race by the members of this cult. That's real racism. Something that I don't experience, but I do experience the bias of love towards the people I care about. Probably more of their craft masonry attempts to turn me or others into knuckle-dragging morons that they call men. I don't mean to be arrogant because I'm not commenting on intelligence at all. I'm commenting on this cult's perception of masculinity and how it always seems to involve neanderthal-esque visage of being in terms of body, appearance and mannerisms. Fingers too fat to use a computer keyboard and experience not developed enough for complex language (yet). That's Prince Hall and the blue brown team for you.

I think that their abuse is also geared towards trying to make me appear anything but humble, which I am. Their abuse is geared towards building an impression of a person being mean, belligerent and crass because they want the people they choose as their icons to be humble and kind. They want everyone else to regard them in that way, but not the people that they victimize. They literally want to craft me into a blue meanie but I'll have nothing to do with the blue team whatsoever. I'm Canadian. Well, I'm Canadian as soon as Revenue Canada recognizes the fact that I paid rent in 2018 after they acknowledged that they're received my rent receipts and documentation which I sent electronically a few weeks ago. I'm Brian Joseph Johns and this is https://www.shhhhdigital.com. I don't believe in Cain and Abel and I'm not Chris Cain. I'm not John Townsend. I'm not from Nova Scotia with all due respect. I'm not Irish and I'm not Clarence or Terence.

I'm not on the purple team with all due respect though I believe there's nothing wrong with any sort of mixed culture relationship as long as it involves consenting adults. I mean, much the same way that no means no and yes means yes, love means love. I am not on the blue side of the fence when I make these statements and the only blue I'd entertain right now is the United Nations, intelligence, and strength.

Anyway, enough complaining, I mean protesting.

My condolences to the families of the lost and the having lost of Flight PS752 still stands. A very sad turn of events. It's sad that most of these harassers don't give a flying you know what about things like this and when they do happen, they spend most of their time harassing and abusing other people. I've stated that I believe that members of this cult are responsible for radicalizing the majority if not all of the mass shooters of the last 20 years. So there they were harassing me right after 176 people had died much the same way they had harassed me during and after five or six of the most recent mass shootings. Why don't the Police investigate things of that nature?

Brian Joseph Johns