Whew! Bad Attack And Attempted Identity Switching At The Food Bank Today!

I'm Brian Joseph Johns and
I don't play guitar. Heck, I've never
even owned one.
This was my first time back at the St. Bartholemew Food Bank since the holidays. Its a Presbyterian Church just east of Parliament St. on the south side of Dundas St.

Its a good place and I've relied on it for some time and generally every time I show up there, I always lend a hand. I'm an instant volunteer.

At the Church there seems to be an "in" group who are a part of the eavesdroppers on my computer which is done illegally and most likely by organized crime and probably a religious cult in the community as well who all share in this illegal eavesdropping network.

What this cult does is they spy on people's computers and they try to switch identities between the people using the computers and other people by trying to trick their victims into contradicting the nature of whatever they're doing on their computer.

Often this is an attempt for members of this cult to dump their piracy activities onto other people. So if you're not a pirate, they might attempt to swap your internet activities with those of a movie pirate in the building or somewhere in the community. Its pretty rampant here in Regent Park and quite honestly I wouldn't even have noticed if not for this cult swapping my identity with that of one of the local pirates whom they refer to as "brown 15". So a 15 year old girl, who likely has brown skin and is engaged in piracy of some form.

So apparently this has something to do with the life of someone named Jake N (last initial) and this religious cult is burdening me with his activities in that regard, or something to do with him and a fifteen year old girl. Not really my business, but this cult are making it my business and this Jake N person isn't anyone that I really know. I know of a Jake N, but I don't know him.

So basically what happens is this cult stalk and harass you about another person's issues and at the same time, they try to affect your hormonal balance. This is a Prince Hall thing that this cult does, whereby they transfer the responsibility for the actions of one person to another based upon their reaction. So it's all about getting a reaction from the person they're trying to transfer this social burden towards. In this community its pretty bad for that kind of thing considering the fact that I'm not a member of Prince Hall and never have been, but that doesn't seem to matter to this racist cult (and yes, they are racists).

This time though they went a step further. They got someone Asian, from the Far East of Asia to do the harassment this time and an older person at that. I was actually quite civil despite the fact that the person implied that I was being remotely controlled by someone Tanzanian, which is not the case at all. Even a few of the regulars at the food bank took part in the harassment.

Also, they seemed to mix in the whole thing of the fact that I was playing a game last night (Shogun 2: Total War) which of course is set in Feudal Japan. So because I have green eyes, this cult who spies on my computer illegally, assumes that I'm trying to mind control people in the community because, in Japan, green means mind control. So people who break the law to spy on other people's computers assume that if you have green eyes and you watch anything to do with Japan, or China or anything from the Far East of Asia, that you're trying to mind control other people. That would explain why it was self serve at the food bank today. I'm guessing that they didn't want to serve me because then it would make them servants. So I served myself which isn't a big deal.

The big deal is that this is how people who break the law to spy on other people's computers use the information that they glean by illegally spying on those people. For voyeurism and for personal gain by having an in on their victim's secrets.

This religious cult is big on colour symbolism and they'll fight viciously over the definitions for colours which if you think about it is already slavery. If you're so caught up in colour symbolism and ensuring that colours are defined the way that you alone want them, or as a group wants them, that's pretty much proof that you're already shackled and a slave to it.

So all of the harassment I experienced today was about that. Colour symbolism. Something that I don't live by at all. I'm not a member of any ideology that operates that way, never have been and never would be.

So being harassed today in relation to things related to my own private activities at home in my own private space is pretty bad, considering that I'm not a pedophile. I'm not violent. I'm not currently suicidal. In order to be able to spy on their victims illegally, this cult tries to push their victims to react in a way that would allow the Police to spy on them. So they try to push their victims to violence. If that fails, they try to push their victims to threaten that they'll commit suicide. If that fails, they try to push their victim to some other illegal activity that would allow the Police to put them under surveillance. I don't think that its the Police that do the surveillance. It's this cult that does it illegally, and they let a few Police in on it. So really its organized crime.

Not to mention, in my game, I had to quell a revolt by Christians in Japan who were revolting because I limited their rights to be equal with the existing Buddhists. Remember that this is a game. A game. A video game. So I was being harassed and mistreated over my actions in a video game. That would be like being harassed and mistreated for what you read in a book. It's not the reader or the author that is doing anything wrong. It's the people spying on what you're doing that are doing something wrong.

One of the clans that I eradicated was a clan represented by the colour purple. So this cult attacked me because they assumed that I was attacking Prince Hall. Then they assumed that because I was attacking Prince Hall, that I was pro Trump. Keep in mind that I'm a Canadian, so I don't even vote in the United States. I vote in Canada. But don't forget to keep in mind that this is all a video game, and they're spying on my computer illegally and harassing me about what I do in a video game, based upon the colours of icons used to represent other players or competitors and applying their cult rules about colour symbolism to whatever I happen to do as if it were reality.

Once again, the wrong part is the part where they spy on my computer illegally. That's the first wrong. Not what I do in a video game, or what books I read or what movies I watch. Its the fact that this nutbar religious cult can spy on my computer activities and then abuse me in accordance with the plot elements and colours on screen of whatever that may be.

What if you read a book and someone came along and started abusing you for what happened in the book or made you responsible for the actions of the characters in the book and once again started to harass you about those actions. Can't these people tell the difference between make-believe and reality? Never mind the fact that its illegal to spy on people's computers. I'm not pirate. I'm not a pedophile. I'm not doing anything that would garner that kind of attention and scrutiny. So how is it that a religious cult gets the OK to go ahead and spy illegally on someone's computer?

I mean it's not like I'm a Hell's Angel or anything. I'm not a member of any gang at all. In fact, I deal with the Federal Police and if I was one of those things, I'd likely be in a lot of trouble.

So the only other thing I can guess is that this religious cult swaps a person's identity in such a way that they gain the justification to spy illegally on that person because they convince the people who actually do the spying that the person who lives in that address is someone else other than who physically lives there.

Man, what a mess!

Not to mention that I'm not even a member of Christianity at all. I'm an Atheist Taoist Buddhist. Maybe that's why. They just can't accept the fact that a Caucasian person would ever become an Atheist Taoist Buddhist.

Anyway, I don't think that I'll be going back there again. Thank you to the Daily Bread Food Bank and Second Harvest who provide the food at that food bank.

Its a shame because I actually got along with the people there, despite some bumps but this time it was a bit too much, not to mention that someone there purposely tried to rile me up to an anxiety attack. Fortunately, I managed to stave it off.

When I got back to my apartment, the same cult members in here tried to imply some kind of association between myself and lady named Karen, with whom I have nothing to do with all due respect. In fact, I don't know or hang out with anyone in this building or community whatsoever. I never really have. I just stick to myself and my Cat.

Oh, and in case you think that in serving myself that I took advantage of the shelter, guess again. I took half of what they usually give me if they're serving me. I'd never take advantage and as I said, I always lend a hand as an instant volunteer. When you're stalked or harassed in an organized fashion by people in a community, you can't really take part in society with the same rights and freedoms that everyone else has. So I can't work a regular gig like everyone else because if I did, I'd be stalked and harassed at work. I can't do a regular volunteering gig like others, because I'd be stalked and harassed at that gig as well. In fact, I can't really go anywhere without being stalked or harassed despite the fact there's no good reason to (is there a good reason to do so to anyone?).

Besides, I've been told first hand when I first encountered this cult in Regent Park in 2004, that its an ideology that disconnects the people who end up here from all of their family and friends. I was told this by someone who is a part of that ideology though he never stated what ideology it was, and at that time I didn't really understand the context of what he was saying until years later when I'd experienced the full spectrum of their abuse.

The way he described it was that your connections to other people, like family and friends, are like wires between you and them. He stated that he and the other members of this ideology take each of those wires one at a time, and just keep on rubbing them with a sharp edge. Sooner or later they break. Then they move on to the next wire and do the same thing again until there's no more wires left connecting their victim to anyone else. Of course, rubbing the wires with something sharp is just a metaphor for harassing one of the two connected people about the activities of the other person until one of them breaks ties with the other person. At that time, a friend I'd had ages ago from school walked by and finished that person's statement for them. Hence those two people were connected. Now I'm wary about their activities if they're involved in this disconnecting activity.

I think that their abuse is also about discrediting their victims. Trying to force someone who is otherwise peaceful and accepting of other people to the hate side of the fence by having a large group of people provide a small piece of the harassment geared towards provoking an intolerant or hateful reaction from them, all so they can promote someone else. Everything about this cult though is about the definitions for colours. They don't have or cherish freewill because everything about their descision making process is about ensuring that it conforms with a definition for whatever colours happen to be on their person, rather than the principles behind those symbols.

Not to mention, they're racists, especially where it involved mixed culture relationships that aren't of their approval. For instance, they're against my love interest being Mandarin Chinese (someone with whom I've prior been in a relationship) because they feel it breaks blood because I'm Caucasian. However, they'd accept me being in a relationship with someone Philipino, because Philipinos have Spanish blood, and I have Spanish blood. So whatever this cult are, they're very racist in a blood centric way and only allow relationships that involved two people with the same cultural blood. If your relationship doesn't meet those criteria, they'll do everything that they can to sabotage that relationship. In fact, according to their racist ideology, I'd be allowed to be with anyone on the basis of my ancestry being Welsh, French, Spanish and Cree. So as long as there was some form of connection blood wise with those cultures, the relationship would be fine with them. You know what though? I don't give a flying f#ck what they think about me loving someone who is Mandarin Chinese nor do I care about whether they approve it or not. I'll take them down with the truth about them. In fact, if any of my heritage posed a barrier to being with a woman of the culture of my love interest, I'd break ties with all of my ancestry and blood in that way without thinking about it twice.

Also, my love interest doesn't and never has had blue hair. I mean it's wild to go with creative colours for your hair. I used to when I was a teenager and into my early twenties (back in the 1980s and early 1990s). But my love interest has never had hair like that before though if she did it wouldn't bother me. The problem is that this cult are trying to imply that its specifically someone with blue hair that lives in my building of residence just so they can associate me with that person and likely force me to be a part of that person's religion, which I'd never be.

Anyway, if this was some form of initiation or test for entrance to Freemasonry, I'd actually turn down that opportunity myself. I support Freemasonry but this seems to be more about brainwashing people to conform to a specific religion and a specific set of definitions for colours than it is about freedom. It's more like cyberbullying done in person rather than online.

That doesn't mean that I don't do anything to contribute to the world because actually, I do quite a bit that isn't so obvious.

Also, I really care about Japan as I do for the entire Far East of Asia and I respect their traditions for colour symbolism. As a matter of fact, there's erotic content of the mind control variety that I find quite enticing and even own having purchased some, though that's personal. I can tell the difference between make-believe and reality and also I don't objectify women purely as sex objects but I do so love and admire their creativity with regard to that aspect of romance.

I'm sorry to have griped about this considering that WWIII is trending right now on twitter and seems to be a concern around the globe. It must make me seem very shallow and selfish but I'm not. I grew up during the 1980s and lived during a time when the threat of nuclear war was at its highest during the cold war era. I used to have nightmares about nuclear war. Very vivid too. At that time I was convinced that civilization was going to annihilate itself, yet our elected officials on all sides of the fence somehow managed to pull us through, not to mention that after the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the fall of the USSR, we learned just how much like us the Soviets were.

We tend to dehumanize and demonize our competitors in the world, but just remember that they too have families, children and want a future of peace and prosperity just like us, despite our differences. As long we remember that we'll always avert nuclear armageddon, self-destruction and the destruction of others. Of course, that requires vigilance on the part of us all though not so much as to become the cause of humankind's destruction.

So I'm not being mind-controlled and I'm not possessed at all. If I was, I'd be willing to bet that it is a woman controlling me and likely someone for whom I have the hots. Is it alright to use the term "hots" when you're 52 years old?

Oh and one other thing. I'm not pedophile nor am I attracted to young schoolgirls or young school girl outfits. I'm sure they're attractive to young guys, but that's certainly not something I seek out in women. Not even in role-play. I'm certainly not a risk in that way, whatsoever. I do however admire young women who pursue education, self-confidence and independent thought. You don't have to follow the pack. It's alright to be yourself but be smart and confident about it.

One last thing that I'd like to point out and this is related to something that happened at the Foodbank as well. I'm not on the blue blood team and never have been and never will be in the sense that it means to many people in this community. You see, if ever I go out into the community wearing anything that has the colour blue on it, including blue jeans or even putting blue hair gel in my hair (that doesn't make my hair appear blue, though I'm guessing that this cult tracks the colours of products their victims buy), they'll harass me and claim me to be on the "blue" team. Blue hell or blood or something of that nature, of which I am not associated nor of which I'm a part. The motives for this cult to do so are because they want any social burden they dump onto myself to be carried by the culture of my love interest as she's Mandarin Chinese.

They want to use that means of doing things in order to cast me as the "hate" side versus someone else's "love" side, once again all on the basis of cultural differences and racism. Again, because I'm Caucasian this cult of racists are against me having a Mandarin Chinese love interest and would rather force me to be with someone of their choosing, usually someone African or Caribbean because to them, that's an acceptable mixed culture relationship but being with someone Mandarin Chinese is not.

I've been fighting this battle since 2006, at which point said love interest and I parted ways for her protection from this black and white supremacist racist group. I love the black and white keys of a piano, and the new black and white Police cars are pretty slick, but I don't accept black and white supremacy or abuse from any group with regards to the culture of my love interest. Also, I have Roman Catholic friends, but I'm not Roman Catholic and never will rejoin their ranks again having left Catholicism in early 2007. Especially considering the amount of hate and abusive setups I've been subjected to since that time and prior to as well.

All this to make me appear the "hate" side so that someone else could be propped up as the "love" side. You know, their battle over who's Cain and who's Abel, the story of which I do not believe nor do I follow any ideology based there around. I'd do just about anything to protect my love interest, including parting ways with my own heritage if it posed a threat, because there is no heritage that is worth the price of one giving up their own self-determination or their own rights to be a couple and to grow a life with another human being, be they the same culture, a different culture, a different gender or the same gender. I have a feeling that Prince Harry and I share a similar dilemma in that case, though my love interest is Mandarin Chinese and I'm Caucasian which for some reason seems to be even less culturally (and religiously) unacceptable.

The people who feel this way will go to great lengths to sabotage the lives of people who engage in such relationships including sabotage of their career and ability to support themselves and making them the burden carriers for others while socially abusing them. I go through this every single time I step out the door and have been for decades. A cult of people who believe they possess and control other people that combine their activities with racism and Gnosticism as well, which for all intense purposes is really the foundation of Nazism, as Adolf Hitler himself was a black lodge gnostic. Regardless I don't support social abuse. Most of them seem to be about trying to provoke a harsh reaction from me as that's their measure of one having Cain blood versus Abel blood or some other nonsense of that kind. Their determination of which side you favour, the black side or the white side of the fence. The only reason that I wear a black and grey coat is because that's the only option I have. I don't really have enough money to go around buying new clothes every time my palette clashes with this cult and their methods of colour symbolism. These problems seem trivial and in the scope of things they are, but then if that is so, why do so many people go about carrying out this form of abuse?

It could be coming from members of other religions, people who mistakenly think me to be Catholic, and who are against Catholics. There's a lot of that around here though I'm not Catholic at all. In fact, I'm not even a member of Christianity or any religion based upon the line of Abraham with all due respect. I'm certainly not anti-Jewish at all, I just don't follow the teachings of the Bible, the New Testament or the Quran, or Rastafarianism or Baha'i. I don't mean any disrespect to those religions though if I'm abused by any or forced into the schism of them, I'll freely express my disdain and reasons for not being a part in defense of my own right to belief and self-determination. In fact, I was under the impression that Food Banks are secular, whether they are hosted in Churches or not. The game this cult plays is based upon religion. There's a Catholic Church on the corner very close to my building of residence that hosts a number of programs for those who are part of harm reduction programs and perhaps there's many who still struggle with substance abuse issues. I don't support narcotics use or abuse, though with Cannabis I feel it was a good call for the Government to take it up as a controlled substance much like Alcohol not to mention its medicinal value through CBD.

I don't use any narcotics myself but I also feel that we don't throw people away in this country. What the members of this cult were doing was trying to force me to become a garbage bag for those substance abusers that frequent the Catholic Church, on the grounds of their believing me to be Catholic and likely to target that burden into the laps of the Chinese community from my person. So basically all to further their racism against the Chinese culture. I'm quite upset about the fact that such hateful abuse would take place at the hands of people at Food Banks or in the city of Toronto for that matter. Some are volunteers, while some are clients. Considering that Food Banks are supposed to be secular, I think that's pretty disgusting. I'm not saying that in hosting a Food Bank that any Church should be forced to give up their religious denomination or their beliefs though they do not have the right to abuse or to subject any person to the schism of their beliefs anywhere, including while inside such a building to receive the services of a Food Bank, or any other secular service which essentially is funded by charities like Daily Bread and Second Harvest. Organizations that are independent of religion. Cults like this try to dismantle people in order to destroy them socially or target their creative properties. I get abused often because they're trying to trick me into losing my "heart", hence losing kinship with my own creative properties here, Shhhh! Digital Media. Break my heart, break my mind because Shhhh! Digital is about hearts and minds. Not a religion. More of a concept.

I find it amazing that so many people in a place that wants to emerge in the global economy as a trusted humanitarian entity that there is still so much internal oppression against those trying to grow their brand to the point of creating a means to a living for others as well as one's self. I think that much of what I do here at Shhhh! Digital has a value that can be measured financially and thanks to its strong branding it shows up in places you'd never believe, though I've never asked for so much as a cent for myself. I've seen my books become underground phenomenons the world over, yet never made a penny from that fact nor did I ever seek to get rich because my product is more important to me, and before I'll have a living from it, that product has to be good and it has to be right. Amazing that with the amount of effort I put forth into something of this nature, the amount of effort there is to destroy it, considering I'm doing this from a sub-poverty level income. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate having food in my fridge and a roof over my head more than most people will ever know. I've had people attempt to steal this from me on more than one occasion. I've had people try to steal my identity and give me their identity and history so that others believe I'm someone else completely different from my own self. It's unbelievable sometimes the amount of effort of that nature that goes into this. Racists trying to dump their history or cultural abuse onto my person. Homophobes the same. Even the social cliques of childhood bullies of mine have tried to swap my identity with that of my childhood bullies. A sort of role reversal. In the midst of that I have to stand my ground without becoming a bully myself and when you're abused by some days, hundreds of people that can be pretty tough. This cult believes that the people they do this to have become possessed by others. So they think that someone else is literally driving my body around like a car and making me do anything that I do. When I do good things, I'm possessed by a member of their religion, because their religion is only populated by "good" people and my blood is lesser than theirs so I'm incapable of anything good. So when I do something good, they credit it to someone else in their religion. When I do something bad like drinking alcohol (which certainly is a travesty and the unhinging of the hells) or viewing erotic content (the sin of admiring the art and beauty of the female form) they abuse me for that or they'll take that from me and replace it with the activities of someone else who hires prostitutes. Something that I don't and never have done, but I certainly cannot imagine what that lifestyle entails for any woman. Certainly not the Hollywood glamour that gets attributed to it, not to mention the danger of violence, robbery, sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy, abusive pimps or business managers and a whole host of other problems I'm sure.

Keep in mind that the people conducting this kind of abuse are the same people that worship a book for the fact that it made women carry the burden of original sin for two thousand and even more years if you take into account other belief systems that vilified and denigrated women from the onset of civilization like the Babylonians and Sumerians, who believed that men were born from gods and women were born from animals. Another case of history really sticking it to women. Hence, women were made the carriers of all social ills for humankind pretty much from the start. Something I certainly do not espouse or carry out here at Shhhh! Digital Media. In fact, for the most part, its women first here, until they're our equals and then together we move forward into the future. That's certainly not a shot against Jewish philosophy as Jewish mysticism has long held close to the concept of the divine feminine or Shekinah. The elevated woman, by her own being. Perhaps that is also the origin of the symbol of Mary, The Holy Mother from the Catholic schism? It seems to be one of the most unexplored aspects and hidden gems of early philosophy and is prevalent just about everywhere, though its a history that has often remained buried.

So when I stick up for stuff, I'm not sucking anyone's blood because I'm not on that team and never will be. Most of what I do is because the times when I was at my lowest in life, I was always rescued by a woman. The Mandarin Chinese lady of whom I speak is one such lady and perhaps the one who impacted me the most, for she accepted me when I had nothing and she had everything. If that's not divine, I don't know what is. So for anyone to make a burden for any women or for any members of the cultures of the Far East of Asia directly or through a proxy, essentially trying to use them as garbage bags, is a completely despicable act. Take responsibility for your own actions. They're yours and nobody else's. We earn our merit by that responsibility. We earn the merit of our ancestors by doing right and learning from theirs and our mistakes, not by making others pay for theirs and our mistakes to earn their membership to this country by paying for the burdens of our blood like some kind of blood rental firm. Blood paid here means we've earned the right to associate ourselves with that for which this country stands defined by people who fought (many dying) for those ideals. We do so by living up to those ideals through word and deed. Not by stalking and harassing people and destroying their future or means to an existence.

Given those statements and the fact that since its creation, first as Poetry and Fiction then as Tales From The Sanctum and The Butterfly Dragon and then finally as Shhhh! Digital Media, I'm in this for the long haul and not for the money, though that will come with perseverance, virtue and time and of course hearts and minds. I mean I worked and created this from nothing when I had nothing but myself to give and stuck by it while many people tried to destroy it and me as well. I continued and it's still here and will be for as long as I live and beyond. My statements such as these are not meant to put other people down who have issues, because we all have issues. I have issues. We all do. What I say here is to distinguish my own identity as being separate from some aspects of our social being with which I don't agree and that I don't want to promote. Directly or indirectly, but by no means should people ever be thrown away.

In addition, I showed my support for a member of the LGBTQi community in Britain despite the fact that I myself am heterosexual. I admire this person for their work with regard to human rights on a couple of different fronts so I thought I'd do my part to see that they receive the recognition they definitely deserve. An excellent ambassador for human rights and the LGBTQi community as well. However, people in my community who somehow found out that I'd made that effort (on my phone too) think that if I stand up for LGBTQi or LGBTQ2 rights, that it must be because I'm homosexual or at the very least, being controlled by a homosexual. If that is the case, then it must be a lady and a Lesbian at that because I'm absolutely turned on by women and very specific women and very specific qualities of women, emotional, cerebral and physical. I don't have a pet Dog but I do have a pet Cat as I'm more of a Cat person, but Dogs are cool too, I just prefer Cats as roommates. So that should narrow things down a bit.

Oh and I'm certainly not the devil or Baphomet, the poster child for the Kybalion, with all due respect.

I don't use, buy or sell narcotics either but I do drink alcohol occasionally. I have nothing to do with anyone in my building of residence nor do I socialize in here. I'm sure there are good people that live in my building of residence, but I tend to spend my time keeping busy or doing something I enjoy. I have nothing to do with someone in here nicknamed KN or Karen and never have never been involved with that person. I believe that she sports blue hair occasionally. No disrespect meant. During my teens and into my early twenties, I used to dye my hair too, and had my hair some pretty wild colours back in the 1980s and early 1990s.

No disrespect to Obama or Trump but I don't vote in the United States.

Also if you don't like what I play, watch or read, then mind your f#cking business and go spy on someone else!

Brian Joseph Johns