Please Consider All The Facts...

I don't like to get involved in political battles. Especially those so heated at the attack upon companies of the Far East like Huawei is being subjected to by American security and policy but unfortunately I have to, because few people are.

Many of the criticisms levelled against Huawei are designed specifically to alienate China as a participant in the due process administered by the United Nations.

Secondly, if you consider the Trump administration's charges against China, which accuses them of spying on Western countries via technology and infrastructure deals that Chinese companies enter into with North American and Western European allies then you must consider the recent past as well.

Remember that not so long ago that the American security infrastructure stepped forward to force companies to reveal their encryption keys as part of their Key Disclosure Laws. These steps would allow American security to spy on the communications of applications world wide. In other words, doing exactly that of which they're accusing China as part of their campaign imploring other Western nations to exclude Eastern companies from the lucrative Western digital communications infrastructure contracts that will become available between now and 2022.

Basically, America is doing exactly that of which they're accusing China and more specifically, Huawei.

Now don't get me wrong, I have many friends in America, and each hopefully with their own independent minds. I'm certainly not anti-American, though by the same token, I fully support Huawei's bid to participate in the building of the 5G infrastructure. I personally believe that this would be good and beneficial for world peace as this step would be a significant step towards peace and trust.

When examining these charges against Huawei, please examine the fact that what Huawei are being accused of is a screen to protect America from the legal repercussions of its surveillance programs. The Trump and Obama Administration are guilty of exactly that which they accuse Huawei in the event of their participation in the 5G infrastructure.

So, in the interest of world security and peace, why not allow all companies, East and West to take part in the development of the communications technology that will take us into the future rather than demonizing China through its corporate presence in the world, accusing them of the very crimes of which American security is already guilty!

I completely understand America's defensiveness. She's still very tender after the events of 9/11 but we as a world together have to unite. The best ambassador for peace on this planet is trust. Trust that must be forwarded from all fronts. That trust will have more diplomatic value now that any time in the near future. That trust includes world countries averting America bashing by the antics of the Trump administration. That's not a vote for Trump on my behalf at all. I vote in Canada. It's the most foreseeable way forward for the future.

There's a difference between demonizing other countries and preparing for fair adversarial competition between us. I mean, the Chinese consumer market is huge. Why not start out on a soft step rather than a hard stomp against their dignity and culture?

Allow them to participate in the building of the world communications infrastructure. They're a member of the UN security council and like the United States, they wield veto power which means they're essentially trusted by the world to stand against world legislation that has a negative impact upon the world. That must mean something to someone for its the same power that the United States wields.

My key point in this post (ahem... KEY point... encryption key? get it?)... is that we should be aiming for the participation of all companies that are capable of the logistics of building and managing such an infrastructure. I don't know about you, but I'd like to see some Canadian companies have deals in the Eastern and European communications infrastructure? It's a big world after all (that doesn't quite sound right). Why not build this communications milestone on the foundation of world trust. The global contracts will help that prosperity along. So let's do it.

It is reassuring the see that the NSA are further sharing their detected security threats with the public in a most encouraging way.

By the way, the woman presenting the information of these threats is beautiful and married, very obviously displayed by her attention to her own wedding band or ring. Please do show her due respect and courtesy as such. Information of this kind benefits us all protectively I'm assuming. Please do protect her and any women who've not consented from harmful remote malice.

Thank you to the computer professionals of the NSA and Anonymous who likely made this revelation possible.

Let's work together to keep the East and the West a bridge rather than a barrier.

Brian Joseph Johns