Hard At Work Coding...

Just hard at work at the last push into coding and debugging an application project which I've been constructing for a very long time. It will culminate in the ultimate tool for casual Windows users, Administrators, Power Users and Experts alike. 

It combines many features under one roof. That's all that I can really say about it at this point. I've been using it for years and it has become an indispensable part of my daily work with computers in every aspect. 

Screenshot of the interface to some of the elements of my Shhhh! Super Application...

A bit of code from the more than 1.3 million lines of production code to produce this application.

The source files for the project total more than 1.3 million lines of production code, but I'm no Dennis Nedry (the coder from the movie Jurassic Park who tries to sell a dinosaur egg to Ingen, one of John Hammond's competitors).

For one, my name's not Wayne. For two, I weight about 175 to 180 lbs compared to Dennis Nedry's 270 lbs. not to mention that I'm in pretty good shape for my age of 52 considering the fact that I don't maintain a high investment regimen of exercise (and lack of sex having been celibate for almost ten years though I'm a proponent of going solo). Perhaps in the future that might change for as long as my body can handle it.

For three, I'm not any character from a movie, book, video game or television show. I mean I can tell the difference between fantasy and reality. I live in reality and I play in fantasy. This is the same reality, where I've played gigs before thousands, coded for Air Canada's cargo booking system, ridden horseback on mountains with thousand-foot drops a foot or two away and lived through many other situations that it would be impossible to describe.

I started writing when I was around 7 years old. At 10 years old my public school teacher recognized that I had ambition to write and she signed me up for classes after school in addition to my regular classes, where I produced a number of short stories and a mountain of poetry all long lost.

Also, I'm a piano and keyboard player, having started with MIDI and keyboards at the age of 8 years old (in around 1976) and having had access to MIDI-equipped keyboards that my parents rented from Long And McQuade for their professional musical careers at the time.

You see, MIDI wasn't standardized until much later, but it existed on a few keyboards either built in or through expansion boards similar to how we expand computers today and was competing with another network interface designed by EMU Systems.

The difference between the two, MIDI and EMU's was that MIDI was serial, meaning that it was like a road with one lane and a high speed limit, while EMU's network specification was parallel, meaning that it had many lanes but each lane was a much lower speed limit. It had a higher line capacity than MIDI and therefore could transmit more information, faster than MIDI. Keyboard legend Stevie Wonder even got behind the marketing for the interface, promoting it in hopes of it becoming the standard adopted by the music business and the very young digital keyboard market.

I was always a fan of MIDI and pushed for it from the first time my parents showed it to me on a Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 keyboard, which they'd used with a reel to reel recorder and some ad-hoc custom-designed equipment designed by studio techs like John Forbes who owned the first Fairlight CMI in Canada which was used to produce a Lisa Dal Bello album at the time, to convert the MIDI metronome signals from the Prophet 5 arpeggiator to SMPTE code, a common time format used in analog audio and film production and editing.

Bands like Rush, Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode jumped onto the MIDI bandwagon early before it was adopted as a standard in the industry and thanks to them and their stage requirements, the competition between MIDI and EMU's parallel interface was won by MIDI. Yay! Go MIDI!

The reason that it won was simple. For all the benefits of the EMU network interface, it had a glaring limitation for any live performer, especially those who performed stadium venues. The limitation wasn't really a technical one because its a part of information theory and the line limit for any information-carrying medium based upon an electrical conductor. If you run one lane in a wire, you can run the information through it really fast and the longer you make the wire has a negligible effect on signal quality. However, if you run multiple lanes in the same wire, that signal quality degrades exponentially over distance.

As a result, the EMU network interface line had a length limit of 25 feet, versus MIDI cables which could be run as long as 100 feet. If you're playing a stadium or large venue, length matters especially in the era before wireless communications would change music and eliminate wires altogether.

So EMU's interface went the way of the dinosaur (and Dennis Nedry) while the MIDI interface became the de facto standard adopted by the digital keyboard industry. I was lucky enough to be a youngster during that part of history and from that time and prior, I had exposure to keyboards and was able to write my own sound patches on probably about fifteen to twenty different professional keyboards by age 9 years old, and no, I'm not sucking that from Moby or anyone else. That's my real life and reality. That's before computer and MIDI composition, which I also experimented with during my life extensively while pursuing other interests. I've had Macs. I've had Amigas. I've had PCs rigged for MIDI. I've worked with Sequencer Workstations like the Korg M1, the Roland D-20 not to mention a whole host of other Yamaha keyboards. I even went crazy for music theory, being taught by my Dad and by the National Conservatory of Music (which helped me to learn to read music, though my sight-reading is very rusty these days). I began writing musical pieces before I studied though, so I've always had an affinity for doing it. Education in music though is good. Even if you're a rebel. The reason being that if you really want to break the rules, you need to know the rules. I'm hoping that doesn't apply to other aspects of life.

So when people claim that I got it all from someone like Snow (aka Darren O'Brien), there's an important fact that you're missing. We grew up in different places in Willowdale though my parents weren't rich and my family had a rough start in life, my single mother having raised two boys by herself until I was 7 when she met the man that I call my Father, David Schindler. From there, they found success as Canada's highest-paid bar act. A real rags to mortgage payments story. As a family, we did very well together from that point onwards. We even journey through most of Canada and part of the United States in a van for a 2-month summer vacation. I got to see a lot of North America during that time.

When I was programming keyboards and learning to play music, Darren was out riding his skateboard and he hadn't even come near music at that point. In fact, he ran with the people that were my childhood bullies in school, though to his credit, the only time that I was actually bullied in his presence and by his friends, he actually stuck up for me and told his friends to leave me alone. I respected him for that, though being assaulted with a bicycle, being punched and beaten up by one of his boxer friends and generally being intimidated wasn't exactly the kind of childhood I'd hoped for but I can't imagine growing up nowadays by comparison. Especially with social and cyberbullying gangs being so prominent. I mean look at what happened to Amanda Todd. That's just disgusting but stalkers and harassers are generally just cowards and murderers.

Eventually, Darren went on to write the one-hit rap epic "Informer", while continuing to expand upon his style and repertoire, while I went on to play rock and alternative music, even opening for founding member of The Band (with Robbie Robertson, Levon Helm and many other legends) Ronnie Hawkins where at the gig, I ran into two other keyboard players, one of whom I knew from public school, and the other with whom I traded keyboard licks though ultimately I didn't stay with a career in music, though its always been with me. Ironically, I've always been a loyal friend to the RCMP of Canada and their work throughout the world, even as a young child. Hey, maybe Darren wrote that song about me?

My parents, on the other hand, went through hell and back again, before which they were nominated for a Juno (my Mother's name is Rita Johns and my Father's name is David Schindler) after which they had all of their musical equipment stolen from them just after having lost their home and business. It was a very tough and unforgiving time in their lives and really affected us as a family. My parents were a songwriting duo that had been recorded and published by other artists many times, though they were seeking their own hit record.

I have a feeling that the people involved in the theft of their musical equipment are probably also connected with the people who have been giving me problems for years. Most likely connected to the kind of scumbags that make up organized crime and an abusive cult-ideology (though not Scientology), who are probably unaware of how precariously close to the end of their careers and exposure they are. The kind of people who pressure you about being a tweeting little bird when you speak fondly or happily about your existence. The reason being that they believe that you should be content when you should be upset. If you live by the ideas of people like that, you'll be unhappy all of the time not to mention, if you ever watch them, all they do is tweet like a little bird. They're hypocrites quite honestly. I honestly believe in everyone's right to believe as they choose, but when the practice of your faith violates the human rights of others then it becomes an issue for the law.

My parents eventually split up, leaving our childhood family in shambles and really having a big impact on their lives. Fortunately, they picked up the pieces and continue to lead happy and productive lives, independently and with new partners, doing music and a variety of other creative things as well. They've been the inspiration for my life since the beginning.

If not for that early time in my childhood, I probably wouldn't have the diverse interests and skills that I now possess. Music. Computers. Coding. Writing. Graphics. 3D rendering and modelling. Mathematics. Philosophy. Literature. Science. Mysticism. I've explored some of the deepest and darkest and highest and brightest places there are in the human soul despite being an Atheist, Taoist Buddhist.

Even my interest in martial arts stemmed from the fact that their drummer is a formidable and recognized Sensei and martial artist of Goju Ryu (a Kumite based martial art which I also studied in two different forms, one of them mixing Ju-Jitsu with the Okinawan style). Kumite based means that you don't take part in competitions with other martial arts, and for the most part, training and even sparring is done without protective gear. I still remember doing pushups on my knuckles on a hardwood floor regularly much like Chinese Shaolin Monks train.

He and his Sensei are even known in Okinawa, by the family line of the originators of Goju Ryu, which extends back through their lineage and before the Meiji Restoration and to the original Bujutsu and to one of the original curriculums taught to the Samurai. I was also fortunate enough to study Aikido, which originated from Aikijutsu, another one of the original curriculum taught to Samurai for unarmed combat and that still to this day mixes Weapons Kata including instruction in the use of the Katana, Wakizashi, Bo and Jo series of traditional weapons that were used on the battlefield during the feudal era of Japan.

I still have youngsters in my family who are also pursuant to expertise in the martial arts including two nephews who are close to or have already achieved first Dan and of whom I am very proud. They've also achieved a variety of other skills of which I could only dream.

I'm also very fortunate to have studied Chen Style Tai Chi (though without pushing hands) from an actual Chen Master, in Riverdale Park just outside of Bridgepoint Hospital, as part of the traditional Chinese morning fare in one of Toronto's Chinatown areas. One of the paths that eventually led me to the woman of my dreams.

Likewise, I'd highly recommend Tae Kwon Do as well. A Korean martial art that really puts emphasis on participation in the betterment of the community. That's pretty much what all martial arts are about. It's not about hurting people but knowing the value and fragility of life not to mention that the competition in martial arts is all about competing with yourself.

That's all a part of the path that ultimately led to Shhhh! Digital Media. That's where much of this comes from.

Not from a group of socially abusive neighbours and community members who believe their blood is superior and causes others that live in their proximity to do great things as a result of their control over people.

The best of myself and Shhhh! Digital Media comes from being dedicated and loyal to people with whom your bonds are unbreakable because they've already proven beyond a shadow of any doubt that they accept you regardless of your material possessions, income level, appearance or faults but rather they accept you for your person, your passion and your principles.

As alone as I am in my community and my place of residence (except for my feline and exopod roommates), I'm still not even nearly alone in the world. I'm just grateful that through this meandering path that I still have a roof over my head and food in my stomach and a lifetime of experience from which to draw having done many different things that few people would even begin to dream.

With persistence and perseverance, you can overcome any obstacle.

Now you know me a bit better.

I'm not Terence by the way, just because I'm remembering the fact that I did some training in Goju-Ryu, Goju Jujitsu Ryu, Aikido, Chen Style Tai Chi and a little bit of Tae Kwon Do. I'm not as in good shape as I used to be but I'm not remembering anyone else's life either. I'm remembering my own. Cults that try to convince you otherwise are just populated by abusive and thieving morons. Don't lower yourself to their level by believing them that they're controlling me. Besides, I give that privilege to a few women whom I'd admire or to one that happens to be my love interest, but only when it's for something good I've achieved through their guidance. I have to accept the responsibility for my own mistakes. So don't believe those other abusive people. That would make you an abusive, thieving moron too. Not to mention, how would you feel if a group of people came along and stole your specific life history from you and wore it as part of their own identity? There are groups of people who do just that. Steal someone else's efforts in order to prop up a completely different person as an icon, as if they're responsible for those efforts themselves.

I'm not speaking out against actors, performers or thespians, because their iconification is as a result of their artistic interpretation of a person's life and character when performing as part of a biopic. They're iconified for their art form, not for the actions of the people upon whom the characters that they play are responsible. If that was the case, then it would be a very dangerous thing to play villains or any hated character in theatrical performances because the performer would literally be carrying the weight of the burden for the actions of the person upon whom the character is based. Someone might try to hurt them to punish them for the actions of the characters they portray!

The same thing is true for writers as well. Many writers (myself included) are chastised for making up things in their stories. There's a whole mix of people who oppose that for any number of reasons. There's very abusive religious groups who interpret one of the Ten Commandments (the one about Thou Shalt Not Render A Graven Image Of That Which Is Upon The Earth Or In The Heavens) as meaning that you're in violation of their religion if you create fictitious worlds or characters to populate them and when you write and they have access to it and you, they'll attack you secretively and persistently in order to stop you from writing.

This apparently also happens to video game designers as well on occasion as there are some radical groups that believe they're violating that Commandment as well. Ironically, I'm never attacked by anyone of the Jewish faith, the people from whence those Commandments originate, as they seem to respect the rights and free will of everyone more so than many other people do and they respect that of me despite the fact that I'm an Atheist, Taoist, Buddhist and not a Jehovah's Witness or a member of Prince Hall with all due respect.

That's real architecture and foundation for you. When people of differing beliefs and origins can live in peace and without provocation of one another, despite their differences and still respect the rights of others according to the commonly agreed-upon principles of human rights and the rule of law.

There are also people who will abuse you because they believe that your ability to create comes from them and living in proximity to them because they've been raised to believe that their genealogy and blood is superior to that of other people. Hence if you live in their midst and are creative, they'll basically try to make you pay for their blood in a bizarre form of criminal extortion that involves a lot of social abuse and harassment as well, not to mention the fact that it is racist too.

So is it cultural appropriation that Herman Melville wrote about characters that were not of his own culture when he penned Moby Dick? See Queequeg about that. What about Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) who wrote about numerous topics including Aboriginal rights and Slavery in America? James A. Michener, who wrote numerous works of historical fiction of a variety of world locales? James Fenimore Cooper who wrote The Last Of The Mohicans. I don't know of any Mohican tribespersons with the family name Cooper?

How about Alex Hailey who wrote extensively of family history during slavery, including many characters in his books that were not of his own original ethnicity? John Steinbeck? How about Mary Wollenstein Shelley who wasn't a Doctor or Scientist yet as a woman in an age that denied the rights of women, she wrote the classic book, Frankenstein. I highly doubt that she was hounded by Doctors and Scientists seeking payment for the use of their skills, though I bet that she was probably hounded by those who believed a woman's place was silent, barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen.

What about Kensai Miyamoto Musashi who also wrote about numerous encounters with foreigners during his exploits in Japan? William Gibson? How about Luo Guanzhong and his book The Romance Of The Three Kingdoms? Although writing about the fall of the Han Dynasty, Luo actually makes many references to Coryeo, who would become the North Koreans and references to the Japanese as well by way of the vagabonds that would constantly raid the Chinese coast. So did these writers have to pay their neighbours for blood whenever they wrote? Maybe the people who conduct this kind of abuse should read a little more instead of trying to extort from creative people.

So personally, I don't think that thespians and actors are stealing the history of the people they perform any more than I think that writers are appropriating culture or stealing history when they write. Nor should any of them have to pay anyone for the ability to create, though they should perhaps show gratitude to their audience, something which most already do.

So I can very much assure you that I am writing this post as Brian Joseph Johns, my own real-life identity and that I live in apartment 701 in 200 Sherbourne Street in Toronto, Ontario, Canada rather than Jane and Finch or anywhere else for that matter.

I certainly don't take credit for the creative work of others, so why would an abusive cult attempt to do so with my efforts or anyone else's for that matter? They must really think lowly of the people for whom they're trying to steal and extort. I mean if they truly believe that these people were superior, then they wouldn't have to steal anything for them and to fuel their lives, would they? So obviously it's a glaring esteem problem on the past of the thieves combined with a bit of racism over the fact that my love interest is Mandarin Chinese and that I'm Caucasian. That doesn't mean that I feel pity for them. I don't deal with my issues of ego or self-esteem by stealing the credit for the work of others.

Most importantly, to my Supporters and Fans, and to the ASMR, Therapeutic Massage and Education community, I humbly thank you for everything. I'm eternally grateful for you and I bow low, right to the soil for you. The same sentiments to the people whom I've mentioned here in my admiration for them. I can really feel the gravity between us and as I've stated before, gravity loves. I mean its always trying to pull us closer.

To the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Laos communities, I most humbly wish you a Happy Lunar New Year.

Brian Joseph Johns

Oh and despite what anyone might say, I have nothing to do with any narcotics whatsoever, nor do I know or socialize with anyone in my building of residence, though I occasionally talk with Yolanda, a member of the local LGBTQ2 community and ex-patriate of Brazil, mostly because he's a pretty decent person, though I'm heterosexual myself. Still, I completely support LGBTQ2 rights and marriage.