Let's Try...

Brian Joseph Johns
Let's try Peace on Earth once again rather than attempting to bio-hack my endocrine system via biomagnetism directed at my nervous system in order to trigger an anxiety attack.

Pretty tough to deal with when it hits you and getting through it can be wracking, but I always do and I certainly hope that others do as well. For those unaware of what is happening in that regard, it must be a very frightening and traumatic experience.

I think Tesla and certainly James Clerk Maxwell probably had that all figured out. About the fact that the human nervous system is basically an electro-chemical communications system within the body and it follows the same laws of physics as any such system would. It emits minute magnetic fields that emerge as a result of all of the electro-chemical communication by way of the laws of electromagnetism just as it receives electro-chemical communication from outside the body by the very same laws.

Its as simple as Maxwell's Equations (not Bryce Maxwell's, but those of brilliant Scientist James Clerk Maxwell).

In their most basic form, those equations state that an electrical current flowing through a conductive medium will produce an electromagnetic field with all of the properties of the current that created it, including any encoded information.

They also mean the inverse, ie that any electromagnetic field that passes through an electrically conductive medium will produce an electric current with all of the properties of the electromagnetic field that created it.

Considering that our nervous system is essentially the communications network within the body that carries signalling and motor control instructions (when and how to use our muscles) and when our endocrine system should be triggered to produce hormones that affect our growth and behaviour.

That's all discussed here under the Behavioral Endocrinology topic at Wikipedia in far greater detail than I could ever hope to elicit (and with academic citations to accompany).

Those concepts form the scientific explanation for the life force that some cultures call Chi, Qi, Prana, Mana and even Magic though the concept of Chi or Qi is actually much more involved than just biomagnetism alone which is explained very well in this YouTube podcast by Tin Yat Dragon Taoism, though my post isn't about trying to change anyone's religion or beliefs to that end. It's about dealing with people attempt to affect others' behaviour via abusive biomagnetism for lack of a better term by exposing the means by which this is possible scientifically.

Just as there are some who use this knowledge for healing others, there are those who use it to harm others as well.

Mostly from what I've discovered, its people who try to convince others that they are controlling a person remotely via their "powers" or their "superior" blood. Actually what's really happening is that there are groups of people who've practiced and nearly perfected the means by which they can cause another person's body to produce hormones that affect their behaviour in an often very detrimental way. Essentially by causing extreme imbalances in a person's hormones and homeostasis.

Thank you again to Wikipedia.

By having a contrast between a person's "normal" behaviour and this sudden onset of anxiety and negative behaviours, such people imply that they are controlling the person they target in this way and consequently use that as a justification to take the credit for anything good that person accomplishes or has accomplished and to otherwise wreak havoc in that person's life.

I mean, that's a pretty good scientific explanation of how voodoo magic, possession, thetan body jumping, the holy spirit and many other forms of invasive superstition that affects our body and behaviour works when used abusively isn't it? Not many people who are aware of this speak of it and as a result, when people are victimized by it they are often completely devastated by it. I'd even go so far as to say when combined with social abuse, that it has resulted in the suicides and possibly even the majority of mass murders for the last twenty years.

Some people dress it up with smoke and mirrors in order to fool those who lack awareness into believing that they're possessing or controlling others remotely.

As Obi Wan Kenobi once said: Who's the real fool. The fool, or the fool that follows him? That's the big difference between having beliefs and just being a snake oil salesperson looking to profit from others' lack of awareness about human physiology and science. Please don't take my allusion to Obi Wan Kenobi as any use of colour symbolism in denoting which of the colours is more "loving" in any sense. That's entirely subjective.

You see? A bit of awareness and the monster in the darkness suddenly becomes nothing more than tricksters and scammers preying upon the unaware.

The real test in life isn't about acquiring knowledge. It's about what you do with the understanding that arises from having acquired it. Some people wield it to have power over others or even to wreak havoc in others' lives. Yet others help to liberate. Which one are you?

I'm very grateful to the cultures of the Far East of Asia, and some in the Near East as well who wielded knowledge of this for a very long time, developing forms of medicinal treatment and healing rather than weaponizing it in an attempt to take over the world. A lot of that same philosophy and philanthropic reasoning is present around the world. Watch out for the people who've recently acquired knowledge of this and are misusing it.

Yes it is true that we are all part of a much greater whole and that we are standing on the shoulders of a tremendous giant, our ancestry. Some people make others aware of this concept and use it to elevate others (such as Yumi), while there are some who wield this concept and use it to denigrate others.

Also, it is important to note that while we are the product of our ancestry, it is imperative that we think independently and do not just blindly follow a path in which we do not believe or share a common understanding. Carrying on the best qualities of our ancestors, adding our own independent qualities while learning from the worst of both. I may be my parents' son, but I am my own person just as if I'd had children at any point, they'd be their own people too but I am certainly grateful that they gave me the tools to deal with much of what I'd eventually have to face, though I don't think that either of the parents that raised me could have foreseen that.

I'd challenge anyone who believes in obliterating the self, to remove your name from all of your life's works, your identification and your content instead of putting down those who protect their creative work by the requirement of attribution. That includes the people who keep on attributing my content to a guitar player or other people who have nothing to do with it. I always give credit where credit is due and I always have.

In other thoughts, I kind of like red and white.

There's just something about a particular woman's lips that I find very enticing and for that very reason. I could never understand how so many people regard red as meaning hate or even why so many people fight over it.

Forced colour symbolism and fighting over what colours mean? I mean, there's the real ball and chains. A real modern form of slavery that nobody ever questions.

It feels sooo good to be free. I can be smart without being blue. I can be protective without being yellow. I can be civic without being orange.

Happy New Year

Brian Joseph Johns