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A Lady's Prerogative For Hallow's Eve: What Superstition Wields (Finished First Draft: Artwork to come)

This is my yearly Halloween story, though last year I kind of wove the Halloween and Santa Claus story into one if you remember and came up with a funny bit involving Barris and Sato early on in their friendship as they have guests for the seasonal holiday. This year I'm bringing Halloween and A Lady's Prerogative home to my country of Canada and my home province of Ontario. This story takes place in Ontario, though far north up into territory occupied by far fewer than in the Great Lakes region of Canada (and the United States). I hope that you enjoy it. As a side note, I recently did a rant post (the Rant-zilla post if you recall as it was the last one) really attacking the problem of harassment, as it has been plaguing me for years in both the online world (very covertly) and the offline world very overtly. Everything I stated in that post I meant with all of my heart and being, and I will not apologize for any of it. This has already gone way too far, and a post of that nat

Character Design: Mianamor Selembrosi by Brian Joseph Johns

The new design for Shaela's Sheowellyn's nemesis, Mianamor Selembrosi.

Designed after a Chelsea girl look to counter Shaela's Goth look and vibe. She's much more colourful than Shaela though her spirit is certainly as grim and sinister as her Night Wytch shadow insectoid guardians.

Designed on paper (a few months ago) then in the digital world in Daz3D Studio and Corel Painter 2019.

Copyright © 2019 Brian Joseph Johns, Shhhh! Digital Media

Thank you to the Gov Office at Wellesley Place in Toronto for the timely resolution of an issue.