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From what I understand, most of the harassment and stalking attacks have been geared towards forcing me into a negative state of mind, which this cult symbolize by the shade black. They associate it with anything of that nature and tend to try to force their victims onto that side of the fence through constant verbal abuse and harassment. So any protest I make here to being treated like that has origins. I'm not a negative or conflict seeking person normally and when my rights are stomped on by an criminal cult that should be investigated by the way, I tend to get upset about it as I'm sure anyone would. Regardless I'm not like that at all and left to my own devices, I'm actually a very positive kind of person. One of the reasons that this harassment cult conducts itself this way is that they assume that I am trying to control everyone else. At some point the stalking and harassment cult dug its way into my private and personal life, especially with regard to my sexuali

Google Docs Voter's Research Helper

Here's a spreadsheet I concocted that will help those doing the last minute crunch research to select their vote can use to make the task much easier.

It uses Google Docs and CBC's own 2019 Federal Election: Compare The Party Platforms web site.

Just click the link and you'll receive your own copy of the spreadsheet.

2019 Canadian Voter's Helper Spreadsheet

There. No excuses not to vote.

I've been doing spreadsheets for a long time both for business and employment use and for personal use as well. A friend of mine had mentioned using Google docs, which I've been a member of for years but have never worked on any protects using them. This is in fact the first time I've used Google Docs. The spreadsheet is very much like any spreadsheet I've ever used (Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice Calc and OpenOffice Calc). My Dad is apparently an Excel wizard so this stuff would be pretty basic to him. Still its very utilitarian.

Its amazing how many people jumped at me to keep this quiet, like they don't want people to know that I vote and file taxes. Perhaps they're trying to hide someone else's identity on mine who really doesn't vote or file taxes?

I hope that helps.

Brian Joseph Johns

Disclaimer: CBC, CTV or CityTV are not responsible for or associated with any of the views expressed by Shhhh! Digital Media or by Brian Joseph Johns, but I still love them anyway.