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Underlining The Fact That I Am Not A Jehovah's Witness

Brian Joseph Johns
I am most accepting of most everyone's beliefs in the sense that it is their right. Belief is something of a subjective nature when it comes to religion and spirituality and most religion in modern Western society operates without violating or interfering with the lives and rights of other members of society.

When in a community that a decidedly abusive ideology operates disrespecting the rights of other citizens it creates a big problem and organized stalking is a currently a growing problem in western society.

When you're a victim of such a practice, you are literally denied your own existence and rights as an individual and human being. I've indicated that such groups often deny their victims their own identity, instead forcing another separate identity onto the victim anytime that they leave their home. Usually this identity is sourced from someone else within the community or apartment building within which they live, and as a victim you are treated as that person rather than yourself. This is often symbolized via colours (specifically the colour of one's eyes). In example, I have green eyes so my identity is swapped with that of anyone that can be symbolized via the colour green. So for instance, someone Irish as the colour green is most often associated with the Irish culture. I'm not Irish but I do have my identity swapped with people within my building who are. I also might be swapped with that of someone who is Jamaican. I also might be swapped with that opf someone who is Italian. Someone who is a member of the LGBTQ community. It could be anyone but the point is that I am denied my own identity and identity denial is a practice of hate groups. That is certainly not me. For one, I support the LGBTQ community and even Gay Marriage, yet I am heterosexual. I am not racist either but I do often contend with a stalking cult in Toronto that certainly is.

A lot of people think words are cheap but I disagree. Yes, sticks and stones will break our bones and names will never hurt us is an allusion to support the idea that actions speak louder than words, yet most actions begin with thought and possibly words. A declaration of war is simple a piece of paper and words yet they are words that can result in the deaths of thousands and even millions of people. All from words. Another document, a declaration of peace conversely can save thousands or even millions of lives. So there is a lot of proof that words backed up by action can be quite powerful. I would even take things a little bit further and say that words can actually shape action and have the power to stop it or enable it. Religion is certainly one example of the power of words to shape, enable and prevent a multitude of actions. So are laws. The difference between the two is that one is backed by belief and the other is backed by force in the sense of might for right rather than might is right. Given that words are in fact that powerful, there comes an inherent responsibility with their use. I mean if you were to give a small child a loaded gun, which represents the power to take a life, it is very possible that the child though possessed of no malice might actually take the life of another or their own by accident. Youth grow up slowly understanding the power of words and by the time they are adults we should certainly hope that they respect and observe that power responsibly. I mean if words have power over millions of lives, then perhaps they should be used with care and responsibility.

On the internet, there is a record of what has been said. On this very website it is the same. All of my worst rants are still here on the website though some of them have been unpublished but I did not delete them. They are important records that indicate graphically a rise and decline of social stresses present in my life. If anything were to happen to me, they'd provide provocative evidence of the nature and timing of issues in my life and as I stated, could be accurately graphed to show a cycle of such stresses. Such investigators would find that the cycles corresponded with my forays out into the community, and with the weekends and just before month end. I have no qualms with my statements for I've never riled anyone to violence or the denial of rights of other citizens. In fact, the majority of even my worst rants and posts have defended human rights at their very core. It just so happens that my issues relate to my stance of protecting the rights of communities of people who are often overlooked in that regard. Regardless, there's a record here.

When you step out into the community, there's no log or record kept of what someone experiences as their input or their response to that input. Unlike the internet, bullying and stalking can be rampant in person without a record that it ever happened. It is almost the analog to online bullying and cyber stalking but without the possibility of evidence.

I honestly believe in the right of everyone to their beliefs. When such people use their beliefs to violate the legal human rights of others citizens it then becomes a problem. The problem is that if you're in a community that is primarily run by one predominant belief, others of differing beliefs tend to suffer as a result. Many people as well assume things about people on the basis of their culture by way of association, especially with regard to belief. If you're Caucasian, the majority of people will assume that you're a member of Christianity or possibly an Atheist. If you are East Asian, the assumption might be Christianity (Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philipines all have a Christian population), Buddhism, Taoism, Shintoism or Atheism. If you are from Mid Asia then the assumption changes to Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Sihkism, Jainism and in some rare cases Brahminism. Further West into people who culturally originate from the Middle East and the assumed religions become Judaism, Islam and Christianity. People ethnically from Africa or the Caribbean are often assumed to be of Christianity and a variety of other valid Pagan beliefs such as Voodou (which originates from Africa though the Caribbean version had become infused with the superstitions present in Christianity as a part of slave trade and forced conversion to Christianity of many slaves). Amongst those of European origins one will most likely assume Christianity though within originating from Spain there is a subset of the population who are Islamic and have been present in Spain, Portugual and Morocco since the Crusades and the Muslim Conquest of Eurasia seeing as all three countries were once entirely of the Islamic Empire from the 10th century. Move towards those who've originated from South America and once again you find that most people would assume them to be members of Christianity and other local beliefs originating from the early history of civilized South America. We have the indegenous Aboriginal population throughout the world as well, who are assumed to be followers of Christianity or their own indigenous beliefs.

The truth is though that as we intermingle more and more one cannot assume anything about us based upon our ethnicity and this certainly applies to the area of religious belief. We're moving towards a pluralist society and as we do, beliefs that oppose other beliefs through their doctrine and dogma will become more socially abrasive as they try to retain their strict dogma and stance against other beliefs.

Many would assume that because I'm Caucasian that I am a member of Christianity though I am not. I am and have been a Taoist and Buddhist since 2007, though I have very different views about collective consciousness from other Buddhists. Likely as we progress more and more in society we'll find that to be the case. A growing sense of independence of belief as we learn and understand other beliefs. We will certainly be drawn towards those that most closely match our understanding of nature and universe and that challenge us to grow in ways that we might not have. I personally do not see that as the loss of anything about our society. Besides, it is most often that dogmatic zeal can become the worst of diplomats for any given belief and hence we encounter a situation where maybe there might be some who want to try to make some of us appear more so dogmatic and zealous than we actually are by way of reaction. Perhaps that is one motive for stalking.

Another that has recently come to my attention is the fact that there seems to be much evidence that supports the fact that some religions may be taking a serious part in organized stalking. For instance, Jehovah's Witnesses have a doctrine they call the two witness rule that requires there to be two witnesses to any transgression against a victim or in the commission of a "sin", as they do self police their "sins" and quite often those of others outside their religion. That fact recently has led to an exposure of abuse and sexual misconduct allegations against Witnesses in North America, Europe and Australia including the victimization and sexual abuse of children. In such cases a if a victim reports such a crime to members of the Jehovah's Witness clergy, they as the victims of the crime are punished as false accusers because they don't have a second witness. In such a case and in communities where they seem to have a strong presence, it appears that they use this two witness rule to their advantage while isolating their victims so as to take away the power of their testimony in any transgressions against victims of the religion. In my experience identity denial seems to be a part of their methods should it be Witnesses that are taking part in such activities. There is growing evidence to suggest that is the case.

Certainly in regard to the victimization of children there should be a formal investigation. Likewise with Women who claim to have been sexually assaulted. The two witness rule seems to be bad enough though what's worse is that the victim making such an accusation can actually be punished for it. That includes disfellowshipping and shunning, practices which in nature appear similar to organized stalking. In fact, if you were on the Jehovah's Witness hit list (with an s), they are required not to acknowledge your existence. For Jehovah's Witnesses who work or volunteer in situations where they deal with the public, they'd be required to deny the existence of the person in question if that person required their public service. In such a case then, there might be a concerted effort whereby people's identities are swapped with that of someone that is recognized by Jehovah's Witnesses. So in esssence to get around their rule of shunning, they instead force the identity of someone else onto their victim so they can deal with that person without violating their own religion, while denying the right to identity of the stalking and identity switching victim. This seems to be a growing case as well, as more victims turn up.

These victims are also those who've been ejected from the religion by way of disfellowshipping and shunning possibly for accusing a member of the congregation for sexual abuse or child abuse. I've never been a member of Jehovah's Witnesses and I can honestly say that it frustrates me to no end to be denied my own identity. I cannot imagine for the life of me how denegrating it would feel to be ejected from your religion, family and entire circle for attempting to bring to justice someone who'd violated your being as a child or as an adult denying your right to having the last say about what happens with your own body. To lose everyone and everything in your life after being violated in such a way and then having to start over again completely alone. I gripe often about being stalked, but compared to someone who has experienced that kind of loss I cannot fully comprehend the tragedy of such a situation. When such a person goes out into the community, do they too have their identity swapped with someone else's just so they can safely protect the interests and rules of the membership of the Jehovah's Witnesses?

Keep in mind that Witnesses also attempt to concurrently run a system of Governance and Justice outside of the legal system of their host country. That is they don't recognize the legal system of the country and in fact would violate it for the protection of their own system.

Most tax exempt charities such as the United Way operate with open books. That is, they operate with transparency so that donors can see how and where their donations are being applied. As cited in this W5 investigation into the Jehovah's Witnesses, they are the number 18 on the list of top charities and yet they have one of the least transparent ratings for a charity. In other words, there's no way to see how donations are spent.

See this expose on the global sex abuse cover up.

I am not a Roman Catholic either. In fact, any information about myself of a personal nature that I've divulged isn't about "a confession of sins" at all. Its about taking away the power others have when they're in possession of another's secrets. If you have no secrets, none can have power or puppet strings over you. Those that do attempt to puppeteer others might try to puppeteer you by way of see-sawing your mood to extremity. If you let your mood run away with your mind then you'll be vulnerable to such puppeteering.

In most cases if you produce something of worth by way of your words online or in some other way without witnesses to support your having accomplished that effort, such groups can take it away from you by making you appear in nature to contradict the nature of your own accomplishment. If I go out into the community and I behave in such a way that contradicts my book The Butterfly Dragon or A Lady's Prerogative, then I'm not regarded as the one who wrote it. That credit can actually be transferred to someone by the stalking cult. If once again you become too overly concerned with remaining consistent with that impression then they'll have acquired another set of puppet strings over you, because you'll be making more effort trying to be consistent with your prior self than you will be in growing and expanding your world view.

The people who do this sort of thing believe that a spirit or spirits jump around from body to body causing us to do these things. To be creative. To commit sins. They believe a multitude of things of that nature and will use that justication of their belief to commit crimes against their victims such as intellectual and creative property theft. Their proof for this is by creating inconsistencies between yourself when in public and whatever it is that you do in private when you're creating and typically as I stated, they only target isolated people or they isolate the people that they've targeted. From the modus operandi and the resources behind it I would say that it has to involve not a legal entity but an organized ideology with resources to direct towards harming the lives of others. So I'm just doing my part to expose it and dismantle it so that I can continue my life and pursue the growth that suits me.

Likewise, being red does not mean that one is a paedophile, something often directed towards colour symbolism and the colour red. I certainly love the colour red and I'm not a paedophile. I don't live by any rule of colours that dictates any aspect of my life according to how they're defined. In other words, I am the same person with my clothes on despite their colour as I was when I wasn't wearing clothes. Not only that but I am not a Hell's Angel or a member of any other gang or a member of Prince Hall or a Gnostic for that matter. I am not being mind controlled (and I don't have a fetish for being mind controlled but rather erotic hypnosis and being on the controlling end). I am not Celtic King Ron (Ron Silk). I don't do love/hate or blood and fire and am not a member of any religion that does. Most people that do take part in that generally tend to push it to extremes to one side or the other, and often attempt to force others down the same path. That is a path that I don't follow. Also despite the fact that I am a Scorpio, I am not Dwayne Johnson (The Scorpion King). I am also not Martin Luther King or BB King. I'm certainly not King Henry VIII or King Kong. Notice a pattern yet? That's not the result of my doing. It seems to be something that the cult members are focused upon when trying to replace my identity with that of someone else.

I am nobody other than Brian Joseph Johns who lives at 200 Sherbourne Street in apartment 701 in Toronto Ontario Canada. I'm 6 feet tall, weigh about 170 lbs and have green eyes and dark hair. I'm also 51 years old. I'm not a member of a pyramid scheme either though I am not anti-Masonic. I've never been to jail or prison either. As said, I am a Taoist and a Buddhist. I'm not from Nova Scotia and in fact I've never been there. I don't believe that hate means love. I just don't operate that way as I'm not a Gnostic nor am I a member of Prince Hall or the Salvation Army. I studied Gnosticism for a bit between 2004 and 2007 (including Hermeticism and the Kybalion and other Gnostic texts) which was right around the time that this cult started trying to steal my identity and to replace it with that of someone else (they tried labeling me as a crack head and pimp despite the fact that I have no involvement with anything of that nature). Its actually quite amazing at how many people are involved. I'm certain that if I had a friend in the area and that person accompanied me any time that I went out into the community that they'd certainly see what I'm trying to explain here. Maybe its that two witness rule thing again though I'm not a Jehovah's Witness and never have been. If they keep you isolated, you can never have a second person to back up any account of your victimization. This is also a cult that really tries to mind control people (another definition for green). The reason is because they're probably trying to trick me into breaking it as a definition for green. I like erotic hypnosis content (that's not a confession, its just the truth). So if they attempt to really non-consensually control me (which I don't like nor do I like being controlled), they know I'll break it down which will leave them with room for a different green, usually one that is based upon their blood as it is a blood centric racist group and of course I am not referring to Japan or China or any other country from the Far East of Asia.

Usually these attacks involve my immediate neighbours and several others from the community. The attacks really get bad when I delve out into the community. That's usually when they swap my identity with that of someone else. They seem to be focused around trying to keep me on the "blue" side of the fence in terms of religious symbolism (ie Jehovah's Witnesses or Roman Catholicism both of which are represented by the colour blue). As I said, the truth is that I'm a Taoist and a Buddhist.

I usually study things to their fullest before I form an opinion.

The majority of this cult operate around the symbolism of colours despite the fact that violates the Human Rights Act. I think its this cult's way of defying rules or the law. In a sense they're like puppets because whenever there's a law or rule they're given, they generally tend to do or say the opposite which means they have puppet strings.

Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5A 3Z5



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