Group Stalking, Identity Theft, Religion, Philosophy, Conduct

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Group Stalking, Identity Theft, Religion, Philosophy, Conduct

Forgive me for being preachy here but this problem is ever in dire need of attention.

It is unfortunate that this problem exists at all. Groups of what can only be described as bullies stalking and harassing a solitary person or target? Worse, many such bullies then steal the identity of this victim or even swap theirs to the victim.

It is often accompanied by gas lighting against the victim as well, all in order to discredit any attempt by the victim to expose the crimes against them.

Many group stalkers also conduct illegal surveillance against their victim utilizing this surveillance to steal anything creative from the victim or in seeking the means to incriminate them.

From my investigation into this activity, the main motives appear to be an effort to transfer the history and responsibility for crimes or other wrong doing from one person to another in such a way that the victim is then socially treated like the person whose identity they've suddenly been laden. Like having your identity swapped with that of one of the worst childhood bullies. Perhaps a person whom you'd long forgotten about and held no ill towards until you realized that your identity was suddenly switched with theirs. That's just one example and victims often unknowingly experience this many times over with different identities for years.

That means that the victim never benefits from their own positive efforts. It would be akin to taking the all of the overtime on the paycheque of a worker and giving it in its entirety to someone that has never worked a day in their life presumably someone entirely capable of working. All the while this was done to this poor worker, they experience harassment and abuse for the activities of the person who ends up with their overtime payments.

Pointing this out might sound insensitive on my part, but quite honestly this is almost exactly what I've experienced at the hands of group stalkers. I have no problems with helping someone to carry a bit of their burden when the going gets rough, but I won't do it for people who use that as a weapon to ruin other people's lives or as a means to force someone to pay for the blood of someone else. If you do the crime, you do the time.

Worse, in anything I've taken part in outside of my living space, I experience stalking and harassment from groups of people for no good reason whatsoever. The end result is that I cease doing those things (for instance working, volunteering, socializing) and spend most of my time alone at home. I'm certain that this is the growing case for a number of victims of this perhaps ever growing movement. Most people who protest this activity are merely labeled as "complainers".

This issue is a very real thing and one I've reported to the Federal Police in Canada several times. This crime should be investigated and prosecuted as any other crime. There needs to be a drastic change to this situation and soon. Not just for myself but for all the victims.

This message is about spreading awareness first and encouraging people not to take part in it. That includes the love/hate, blood and fire ideology often associated with such abuse. We all the right to believe or not to believe, but to have our rights violated according to the tenets of any particular belief is a violation of the Human Rights Act and consequently the law.

We aren't living under theocratic rule and always remember that believers are the ambassadors for their beliefs. The impression that others will have of your religion or beliefs is directly represented by you.

Be careful of people who attempt to abuse you in hopes that your reaction will poorly represent you, your beliefs and your convictions.

I'm a Taoist and Buddhist, but I'm far from perfect and certainly not the perfect Taoist or Buddhist. Remember that when you conduct your abuse against myself or anyone else. I'm a peaceful person, but some of the fiercest warriors in all of history were Buddhists. Some of the most self disciplined and uniquely skilled warriors in history were Taoists.

That statement is not a line on the sand, nor is it about one religion versus another and that any one religion should be the ruling belief, vanquishing all other beliefs. Its about the fact that in any dualistic paradigm, the people will eventually see the truth in any society or ideology that manufactures good people, by creating bad people to contrast them and to make them look better or vice versa.

We're all the good person and the bad person and everything in between. The truly fair person is a person who recognizes this and in all dealings and conduct remains fair. Personally if I was going to peg what all philosophers and theologians in history were trying to say, it would be that statement. Whether you believe in god, the devil or anything else or nothing at all. In such a paradigm, right and wrong still have a place as does life and death. I am not a Gnostic and I don't believe that love and hate are the same thing.

Be careful that the force with which you push someone doesn't come back at you, whether you think you were seen pushing the person or not. People will eventually be able to tell by your character whether you pushed first. Even if everyone makes a social rule out of remembering cause and effect in reverse.

Besides, wouldn't you rather start that push with affection?

Brian Joseph Johns

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Pride Toronto 2019

Its been a while and I've been making efforts here (and at home) to clean up as it were.

This post is mostly to address the fact that I've reposted most of the stories, which I'd taken offline from about two months ago while I collected myself.

So the majority of A Lady's Prerogative and The Butterfly Dragon material has been relinked and can now be read at your convenience.

As many of you know if you've read Bella's Tarot Reading, I am a supporter of the LGBTQ(2?) community and had Barris and other characters experience life as a member of the opposite sex for a short time. It was my tribute to other writers who've explored the same topic, some of which include Robert A. Heinlein and Lex Gigeroff (of the hit scifi television series Lexx).

This support isn't the result of mystical influence or any other mode by which someone might entice a person into a viewpoint that is different from that of their own being. I mean if you have to give up your own identity and being to protect someone else's rights, then in fact human rights have not progressed at all. Instead they've become conditional at the cost of someone else's. Besides, if I was being say... mesmerized into doing someone else's bidding, it most likely would be of a Woman's doing. I won't elaborate on that.

In addition, most Canadians will be celebrating Canada Day over the June 29 long weekend with Monday being the holiday. I'd like to wish all of you a Happy Canada day and would ask that you please consider the plight of indigenous Women around the country especially with regard to what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau referred to as a genocide. I personally wrote to the Rt Hon. Stephen Harper and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about this issue from 2012. What really disgusts me about this issue is that there are people who use this situation and its publicity to promote crack cocaine, by associating Indigenous Women with its consumption for the benefit of those involved in importing and distributing the narcotic. Completely disgusting that any group of people would lower themselves to that level by resting it upon the laurels of Indigenous Women and using their genocide to promote narcotics such as crack cocaine.

So this Canada Day, please consider these aspects of our society and consider how we should move forward in preventing the victimation of Indigenous Women and in our efforts to protect human rights  including those of the LGBTQ(2) community at home and abroad.

Happy Canada Day and Happy Birthday Canada!

Brian Joseph Johns

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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