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Hi again. Not having posted for a while I thought I'd take a moment to address some recent issues relating to both The Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative.

First of all, I recently listened to the song "Butterflies" by Gabbie Hanna and I have to say that I'm impressed by her talent, though the Butterflies to which I refer in my book The Butterfly Dragon are certainly not one and the same as those referred to in her song.

For instance, I chose early to associate the symbol of the Butterfly Dragon with that of the heart. Unfortunately society has seemed to take duality to the extreme in recent years. Whether this is a stab at philosophies like Taoism by members of Western religions and mysticism or an extreme form of non-consensual social bonding remains to be seen.

Taoism has never been about extremes and more focuses on maintaining balance rather than see-sawing people emotionally or trying to destabilize balance via radicalization or extremism. Those qualities quite often seem to be abused by ideologies that use the extremist approach to either force social bonds between people or to radicalize and control them by emotional extremes.

I kept The Butterfly Dragon purposefully neutral when it comes to religion or espousing any particular view because the subject matter and the character exploration dealt with issues that transcend those aspects of our being. A little more personal and empowering rather to provide a counterpoint to A Lady's Prerogative. Therefore, the Butterfly Dragon is not the antithesis of A Lady's Prerogative and vice versa.

Nor is the Butterfly Dragon blood centric in the slightest. It does focus on tradition in some aspects of Ai Yuanlin Ying's character journey and how the tradition of her martial arts training connects with her ancestry, though it is not the defining element of her persona. It gives her foundation but it does not govern how she deals with her daily struggles. The main character whose namesake is the title of The Butterfly Dragon is of Mandarin Chinese descent as well, and the daughter of a newcomer to Canada from the 1980s. In as much, it does not seek to separate any aspect of the story or its relationship with A Lady's Prerogative as being either the love or hate side, or the for that matter the blood or fire side. So in this sense, it very much differs from the Butterflies of Gabbie Hanna's song.

The Butterfly Dragon is certainly not blood centric in the sense that it divides. Dualism was supposed to come more into play by the third book (a crescendo that I botched in the first draft of What Different Eyes See). My plan was to take it from the ending of What Different Eyes See and have it return to its roots in the third book though re-examining the relationship between Weltherwithsp and the now adult Ai Yuanlin Ying. Unfortunately during my writing I was frequently accosted by members of the Toronto community of Regent Park, many of many of whose racist views stand firmly against Chinese culture and many other cultures of the Far East of Asia, despite their contribution to Canadian society and the hardships those cultures endured over the last hundred and fifty years in Canada.

Eventually it become impossible to write or to have any sort of a life whatsoever without being stalked or bullied in the community by most passersby. In fact, any time I write even a small post, I'm often immediately attacked verbally by someone in the street or from the hallways of my building as soon as I begin to post. So for those reasons I ceased writing the Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative altogether despite having reported this abuse to the Police. Very little was done to stop (if anything at all). Keep in mind I'm someone who has been requested for jury duty twice by the Sheriff's Office. When a person gets targeted for abuse of the nature that I'm experiencing, its usually about undermining their credibility much the same way that organized crime might try to undermine jurors by abusing them in attempt to provoke them into exhibiting racist qualities in order to have them removed from the jury and replaced with someone who is more biased in favour of their criminal cause.

Ironically, that sort of activity is an extreme form of dualism and radicalization that seeks to sort people out by their adherence to a love side or a hate side, or a blood side and a fire side. You see, there are people of these sorts of ideologies who believe that if they can push or abuse someone enough so that they end up on the hate side or the blood side, that person will inherit all of the "sins" and the "crimes" of other people who were fortunate enough not to fall to the hate or blood side themselves. So in other words, its a means by which one group of people transfer the responsibility for their misgivings to other, quite often innocent people. For some, this is a sort of pyramid scheme, whereby people on the lower tier of the pyramid carry the weight of the people on the tier above them when it comes to their "sins" or "crimes" or "secrets".

Also, this is a method of destabilizing people, because many of the ideologies that operate around this premise are against balance. So in essence it is a direct attack against anything like Taoism, and having one foot on each side of the fence in order to have perspective rather than zeal or radical point of view. Often the people who do this sort of thing try to pit two people against one another, and divide them up between the love or hate side or the blood or fire side, in order to promote one of the two people.

Actually this is a form of Gnosticism and Nazism (which actually stems from Gnosticism). It seeks to take the good of one person and transfer it to someone else who wins this dualistic competition, regardless of who is really responsible for whatever is being competed over (both the good and bad of the people involved). Most of these competitions involve two people who are forced into such a competition and rarely are they ever complicit (I've never been). So in this sense, The Butterfly Dragon and myself have nothing to do with that sort of an ideology whatsoever. If you do the crime, you do the time. No substitution.

Ever since writing The Butterfly Dragon, I've had people trying to steal it from me. Trying to steal my reputation as a writer and give me another reputation altogether. Trying to steal the characters from my books and wear them as their own lives or the lives of their friends. That's nothing I've ever done. If something needs doing and I can do it, I just do it. Unfortunately the racist ideology to which I refer doesn't think that way. They more follow an ideology that believes that people become possessed by floating spirits that jump from body to body and make them do whatever things it is they do. In this way, the racist group dissociates the identity of a person who has accomplished anything good (or bad) and can transfer it to someone else's credit without needing to justify to it. In essence it is a form of theft of one person's reality whereby that reality and their efforts are transferred to another completely different person by the members of this cult.

Thetans maybe? Better call Xenu. Actually its wrong to entirely lay the blame on Scientology as there are clearly more than just one ideology involved in this very abusive activity, and they often completely destroy their victims.

So that's why there won't be anymore Butterfly Dragon or A Lady's Prerogative books.

Also, I wrote directly to the Prime Minister of Canada in 2012 about the issue of the disappearances of Aboriginal Women (the Prime Minister being the Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper), and actually received a reply over the letter and the issue. I did the same with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in 2016 as well. Since that time I've had many people trying to steal my identity or to swap it with someone else's and it always seems to turn out for the worst for myself. I usually end up with the identity of a Pimp or crack cocaine dealer, and am abused by members of the Regent Park community for months at a time, without any help from the Police or any other members of the community. In fact, many times I'm abused by those people in addition to other civilians, whose claim is that hate means love and love means hate.

First of all, I'm not a Rose. Second of all, I'm not a Blue Rose or on the blue team for that matter. Lastly, I'm not a member of Prince Hall for whom love and hate mean the same thing (an idea which I completely disagree with). Actually for that matter, I'm not a Freemason or a Gnostic or even a member of Christianity, Islam or Judaism with all due respect. I'm certainly not a Scientologist.

My point being, that hate is not love and love is not hate. They aren't the same thing at all. Hate is the result of hormone imbalance and therefore is the antithesis of free will, because when there's enough of a hormone imbalance in one's body, they literally lose their conscious free will and are acting on fight or flight dynamics of behavior, which is instinctual. Instinct is like a computer program. If this, then that. It doesn't involve free will. Hate is very specifically an imbalance of hormones and therefore a loss of free will.

Anyone can make someone else hate given enough time and effort (unless that person is on medication that stabilize their hormones or reduce the impact of imbalances of cortisol or serotonin). So if enough people abuse one person long enough, that person will eventually explode. That's called abuse, radicalization or even more aptly, brainwashing. There's no teaching involved in abusing someone to the point of hate, because hate is a state that someone reaches when their hormones are in a critical state of imbalance enough so that it triggers our fight or flight response. Something that stems back to our survival mechanisms when we had to compete with other large predators and sometimes even avoid becoming the prey, because in those kinds of survival situations, having an analytical brain isn't always the best means for survival. Especially when you don't have the advantage of a millennia's worth of tool building skills to back you up. So hate is literally instinctual and the remnants of our best means of survival before we were expert tool makers and had benefited from analytical thinking and planning.

Love on the other hand is not instinctual. In fact, you can't make anyone love you. Love isn't sex. It goes far beyond that and its impossible to make anyone love you. Therefore love is all about free will. Hate is all about loss of free will. Love and hate are NOT the same thing.

I am not really good or really bad. In fact, I'm not really extreme at anything. I'm passionate about what I believe, but I am not a really good person or a really bad person.

You see, to favor any one extreme is to invite trouble. The reason is that there are people who swap or reverse the dualistic ideas to which I've referred. Ie love and hate. I stated that love is all about free will because you can't make someone love you, but you can make someone hate you. So some people in order to get around this, merely swap their definitions, so that being hateful to someone is actually being loving to them and vice versa. In fact, many people use the colour blue to symbolize this reversal or swapping of polarity as its called.

Trying to provoke someone to an extreme reaction is akin to rape. The reason being that in doing so, you're reinforcing a connection between yourself and themself. Most people who do this, do so against the will or wishes of the people they attempt this with and in doing so, it gives complete strangers access to your most intimate secrets. So in a sense because it is non-consensual, its exactly like rape, minus the physical demeaning humliation and violation, but the psychological damage is still there. Not to mention that the kind of people who do this are doing so to connect to a person in the exact same way that an actual physical rapist connects with their victim.

In fact, a rape victim takes years to break their connection with their physical rapist. That means a rape victim for years after being violated can smell their attacker, hear their attacker, taste their attacker, feel their attacker's excitement. Its because in that moment of violation, the victim and the attacker form a bond that lasts years. The rapist revisits that in their fantasies again and again. That is why rape is so damaging. Its not just the initial attack. It takes years for a rape victim to dissociate themselves from their attacker and the connection and bond they're formed. Physical rapists carry their victims with them for years afterwards and this drives their sexual activity and essentially is their trophy.

So people who try purposely to connect to other people via love/hate or any form of social abuse and extremism are guilty of rape but without the physical violence associated with rape. They're actually attempting the exact same thing, but hiding under a religious context in order to get away with it. Some call it the holy spirit. Some call it alchemy. Some call it blood. Ironically the people that groups of this nature do that to, experience the exact same thing that rapists do the only difference is that they experience this trophy excitement as a group rather than an individual. So you could say that these people that do this sort of thing are gang rapists more so than spiritualists or the holy spirit.

Where did I learn about the experiences of rape victims? From a lady named Joan MacDonald, who was a Victim Laiason Officer for the Ontario Provincial Police and a good friend of Deborah Mahaffy, the Mother of one of Paul Bernardo's victims. Not because I am or ever have been a rapist. I actually worked for her and her husband (prior to becoming homeless) installing Point Of Sale systems. We had a lot of chances to speak on many issues, and she is a remarkable Woman. I got that chance to understand first hand what a rape victim experiences and the lengthy process of their victimization, which lasts for years beyond their initial rape and more often than not, a lifetime. I worked for them during the production of Ferretina and secretly for other members of law enforcement. From those experiences I have a very unique perspective when it comes to issues of that nature.

Ironically, group stalkers and harassers have the exact same modus operandi and motivating factors as physical rapists. The only difference is that the group behaves more like an individual in much the same way an ant colony becomes the organism. So the psychology cannot be applied to individuals within the group, but to the group as a whole. Its almost as if the individuals of these groups have given up their individuality in favour of becoming part of one larger individual that is made up of many people. Ultimately though their need to connect to their victims is motivated by the same emotions and obsession as that of a physical rapist as is their ignorance of their victim's pleas (the no means yes defense is often used by such people).

In the same way that a rapist re-experiences the initial rape and the fear of their victim, which become a rapist's trophy's (memories and feelings are the key trophies for a rapist and anything that retriggers those experiences, much the same as it is with serial killers) the groups that attempt to connect to a solitary victim via means of social abuse do so for the same thrill, only they do so in order to gain access to the victim's intimate life and experience it in much the same way that rapists re-experience the rape of their victim. So it is a thrill crime in that sense.

In encountering these groups, I've often heard that there are members of these groups who actually worship people like Paul Bernardo (yes, there are people who actually worship that person who is still in prison, having raped and murdered two young Women) as a sort of figure head for a secret religion, closely associated with satanism or some such other esoteric belief.

Anyway, I hope that gives people a little more perspective into that sort of activity and its nature. Mature, consensual love and sexuality is a wonderful thing that intimate partners can share. Non-consensual invasion of any person's intimate life IS rape and ironically it provides the same thrills to people who seek such thrills as it does for physical rapists and serial killers, because their trophy is the thrill of the moment of the terror of their victim and violating that victim's privacy and bias. People of that ilk keep such trophies for years after the initial crime as memories and a connection to their victim. Revenge porn would certainly fall under the same category, with the difference being that the rapist is sharing their trophy and experience publically.

Brian Joseph Johns

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