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A Post For The Sake Of GetfitwJessica

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Hi again. Back with a bit of explanation for my recent twitter and facebook activity though it shouldn't need justification at all.

I was perusing YouTube and amongst the suggested videos in my feed was a video from YouTube content producer GetfitwJessica.

She's actually quite a remarkable Woman who has transformed herself via diet and exercise, losing 170 lbs over the course of a year.

She's the kind of Woman that inspired characters like Alicia Westin from my book The Butterfly Dragon, though Alicia Westin was drawn from three Women I'd really known while a teenager. Two of them were beautiful Women (I am speaking of Penny and Jackie) whom believed they had a weight issue, over which both of them weren't publicly perplexed but when alone they'd revealed how it affected them emotionally and in terms of their self esteem.

I wrote the character Alicia Westin around that idea of inner conflict with one's self image and their self esteem. In my book The Butterfly Dragon, Alicia is able to liberate herself from her weight issue in a remarkable way that is ultimately made possible by her best friend from high school. In the book its an act of kindness that sets off a chain of events that end up changing the world.

Please hold back that gag me with shovel response whenever someone writes about something so optimistic or idealistically naive. Things of that nature actually happen all of the time, but it takes years and sometimes the passing of the people involved before we immortalize them with an account of their own story.

I mean haven't any of you just once in your life been the recipient of an act of kindness, generosity or encouragement that was so pivotal in your life that if it didn't happen, the rest of your life from that point onwards would have turned out so differently?

Our experiences in life shape us, and many of those experiences are beyond our control and in the hands of others who might not be consciously out to get us, and many of those people have it in their power to affect someone else in a way that could potentially transform them, though in such a case it almost always requires the trust or the courage of the recipient for that leap of faith.

So in the book, Alicia, a girl with a weight problem who is also a mathematical and scientific genius and is making her way through high school is offered a trade by and student, Ai Yuanlin Ying (who is also called Heylyn Yates in the book), the other girl who is the daughter of Chinese immigrants. The trade being that in exchange for Alicia's tutelage in Math and Chemistry, Ai Yuanlin Ying will make Alicia a dress for the Graduation Prom. Alicia at that point had never considered the possibility of even going to a dance let alone the Prom. Ai Yuanlin Ying convinces Alicia to accept the trade. To take the leap of faith and go to the Prom. As it turns out, the dress is a work of art and helps Alicia to see herself as the beauty that she really is. She ends up going to the Prom and is so transformed by the experience that she decides that she is going to pursue her life's dreams rather than hide from the world. It is that turn of events that result in changing the world. Just one small act of kindness in the scheme of things and a bit of faith.

Something that in the current situation with love/hate/blood politics and polarity might never happen on its own, naturally, unless we change our attitudes and motivations in that way. The reason being that everyone who might consider an act of encouraging kindness to someone else might immediately rule it out as a result of those social politics. People seem more interested in which team says or does something than the nature of what good is done.

I mean if I had been thinking in those terms, I likely wouldn't have taken the chance to watch or even highlight Jessica's video, which as it turns out wasn't even about weight loss. The video was actually about Jessica's case of Hodgkins Lymphona, and the fact that her hair loss was so rapid as a result of chemotherapy that she decided to shave her head, essentially believing that she was losing what many Women believe to be a crowning aspect of their beauty. I watched the video and read the description and was completely emotionally stunned by the video. Jessica is gifted with an absolutely beautifully sculpted face and curvaceous nose and brow line. Quite a remarkable beauty hidden beneath that hair. So I hadn't even known about the fact that she'd lost 170 lbs through diet and exercise perhaps a couple of years earlier. So here's this Woman who after overcoming one of the most challenging hurdles that one can overcome, she is met with another astounding challenge in the form of Hodgkins Lymphoma. So if you watch the video, keep that in mind when you see how she handles the whole experience.

That's not to say that people shouldn't protest what isn't right, and that sometimes protest is mistaken for complaining. There's a big difference between what occurs naturally in life as a result of the natural progression of things and what occurs as a result of conscious planning and malice by people. Some people use the issue of complaining as a form of politics to push others down and to prop others up. So its right up there with the same love/hate/blood politics that have been dividing people for a very long time. Most complaints are architected by others seeking to discredit someone by comparing them to someone that has it much worse by way of natural process and doesn't complain. I'm not using Jessica to justify my protest against abuse but rather to explain how things unfold when I chose to highlight Jessica's video and share it on Twitter and Facebook. When I did, I wasn't even thinking about the kind of socially charged political bullshit that is so prevalent these days. I was thinking, if I see this Woman in this regard as being confident and beautiful in the worst of circumstances against her (not orchestrated by other people to harm her), then perhaps a lot of other people will see the same thing or even something more in her, that I'd missed.

Not long after sharing her video, I became the subject of love/hate/blood and racial politics of my neighbours as is the usual case. They seemed to think that because Jessica is or appears to be Biafran, that I was not acting under my own free will in sharing her video and story but under the mind control or influence of people in their abusive ideology. Now if I had ruled out sharing the video in the first place out of fear of what would happen by way of love/hate/blood and race politics, then maybe there's a door that might now have opened for Jessica, though I'd never be so pretentious to take the credit for anything that benefits her that is clearly a result of her perseverance and good attitude, regardless of what her religion is and its difference from mine. The point is that as more and more people are bullied by others possessed of that propensity for love/hate/blood and race politics, less and less people will take chances to help people across gender, political, religious and racial boundaries as a result of the grief that it may bring them in doing so.

So in sharing Jessica's story and her video, I am even more so deeply committed to my Mandarin Chinese love interest, though race in this situation should have and play no bearing at all.

Jessica is a wonderfully beautiful and inspiring Woman who has overcome and is still overcoming hurdles that have been lined up against her by natural causes. Just like all of us, she has all the wonderful attributes that we see and all of the character flaws that we don't see.

The point is that when someone is sharing something about a person of Jessica's ilk, if they're sharing it, they're sharing it for the good in her. Not as a prop for love/hate/blood and race politics. I hope that after this post and my sharing her video that she doesn't experience any negative or burdensome repercussions as a result of people trying to sway her to one side or the other, though I doubt that she would find such obstacles challenging as she's already beat a 170 lbs weight condition and is currently kicking the ass of Hodgkins Lymphoma. That doesn't mean that you should introduce any more challenges for her than she already has.

So here's her video:

For more information about Hodgkins Lymphoma please navigate here or search Hodgkins Lymphoma at In the name of people like Jessica all over the world you might want to consider making a donation to the American Cancer Society or if you're like me and live in Canada, please consider giving the the Canadian Cancer Society.

If you live elsewhere, please consider giving to your favourite Cancer charity.

In case you haven't noticed, I reposted The Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Our Own to benefit people who are taking on Hodgkins Lymphoma.

Thank you to all my readers. I'll be back soon with more for A Lady's Prerogative III (both the Debate and Singularity) in time for March 8th. Thanks to our law enforcement, fire fighters and medical personnel as well (municipal, provincial and federal). I don't say thank you often enough to them. Thanks to Jessica for the opportunity to write something of this nature. Also, thanks to Brad Thornton for the inspiring words yesterday on Facebook.

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Nobody is mind controlling me by the way, unless you're a beautiful Chinese Woman, in that case I'm completely under your spell. You know who you are.

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