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This is a collection of poetry and verse in various styles that I've written over the course of my life. Some of them have been recollected from memory while others have been reconstructed from what I can remember of them. Some of them were originally published on my original blog at http://poetryandfiction.blogspot.ca while others were published under my old Geocities website during the year 2001 - 2004, at which point I lost my computer and login and embarked on an adventure.

Despite the fact that some poetry may be "preachy" I'd suggest that you don't take them that way but rather consider what the author is saying maybe even reading between the lines. Most poetry in its simplicity shares some hidden truth within. Gems polished merely by contemplation.

I've polished a few of my favourite works and put them here. Enjoy.


A true story

There is no I in us or we. Brian Joseph Johns 2001

Correct. There are two. Nintendo in 2001 referring to Wii

Then and Now

What is now was then,
what was then is nought.
What is to be and when,
are whats now just thought.

Living in the past
makes harbour for regret.
The good things you remember
are the future you beset.

Brian Joseph Johns 2001


None can you prepared be known,
for this verse not is just word sown.
Its nothing ever that can be sold,
nor useful is it to be told.

Some embrace it, with return.
Others neglect but do not learn.
To some this is just a pretense,
Keep reading and it will all make sense.

For travelers had their seeker's yield,
yet those who fear their feet are sealed.
Minds lost inside to their own dark,
souls in mid-rift without their spark.

Do you taste tears when your soul seeks?
A mighty river dammed to creek.
All is lost just to forestall,
potential cost is none too small.

Is this not a story for all who peer,
into the depths nought read by seer.
To wonder why won't fill a purse,
but not to fills the soul with curse.

Be here when here and there when there.
Don't strip your world, she's her own to bare.
Your dreams be yours and my dreams mine.
This journey's only friend is time.

Look all around and you'll see,
to venture forth that is to be.
Stride by stride our purpose found,
no longer by our shackles bound.

Each step closer takes us two,
toward that place just out of view.
Though keep your sight right by your sides,
for that's where every treasure hides.

We're here to sing, here to dance,
follow your bliss and take a chance.
Walk forward proudly, be your best,
when anger answers, give them jest.

Arrived then have we at the door,
this voyage done, though I know there's more.
I turn the handle with a pause,
and open slowly, gazed to beyond.

For we all have laughed, all have cried.
We have smiled, and we have sighed.
To love once is enough to know.
Into the yonder we all will go.

Brian Joseph Johns 2012

Vigil Of Constancy

There is something from one thing, as nothing is something.
To measure one’s worth while they toil is mirth,
as it is to spit in the very essence from whence you came.
Any can look on, hidden in the grove or in their numbers.

Casting stones without signature, words without their face.
Attacking the fallen, as cowardice has many friends, but none true.
Misdirection is the friend of the fiend, and finds only the like.
The trail ever leading to some distant source of ignorance kempt.

There is no shame in keeping thee against this stirge;
For it is the thief of innocence!

Brian Joseph Johns 2012

Forever One

A secret tastes much better shared.
A hidden truth much better bared.
So choose a love and let words fly.
The cage is two, the roof's the sky.

Protect it well between two hearts.
For that's where every true love starts.
Before long drawn ye moon to sun.
The point where our two hearts are one.

My voice is locked within her head.
Then what I hear is what she said.
Never too far from her I'll be.
Forever one makes two hearts free.

Brian Joseph Johns 2018


I use words to make a shape but never make a sound.
I change the palette of the sky but never leave the ground.
This potential within us each but often never found.
A universal question to each spirit, body bound.

Most afraid to ask themselves: what is our real nature?
Is the world around us fixed to proper nomenclature?
Or can we create and recreate that which we've never known?
When we give it name and title, has seed been `ready sown?

Brian Joseph Johns 2012


Six comes early.
Effort feels worthless.
The rent gets paid.

Brian Joseph Johns 2012

I knock at her door.
She smiles as it opens.
A sleepless night.

Brian Joseph Johns 2012

She thinks I gave up.
Feathers amidst the laughter.
The pillow breaks.

Brian Joseph Johns 2012

As quick as it came.
Descends through the air.
A quiet sunset.

Brian Joseph Johns 2012

Few have grasped.
It leaves too soon.
A life well lived.

Brian Joseph Johns 2012

Sometimes a hidden gem for Haiku is the Craigslist Haiku Forums.

Copyright © 2018 Brian Joseph Johns

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