About Us

We are proudly Canadian and live by and stand for the Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and Human Rights Declaration of the United Nations.

We produce software and multi-digital media that reflect these views hoping to provoke thought and active communication to engage modern issues throughout the world. Our media encompasses sources from cultures the world over for our character driven story lines as a medium to engage and challenge readers of all levels. We sincerely hope that you are entertained by these experiences which include books, software and even game mods for such popular games as Bethesda's Skyrim based Tales Of The Sanctum (which includes an Easter Egg from the world of the Butterfly Dragon) and a full Unreal Engine 4 Butterfly Dragon experience.

We have transformed our policy regarding how our proceeds affect the charities that we support as follows:

Twenty Five Percent (25%) of the proceeds for every product that we sell will be evenly divided amongst the following charities regardless of what product it is:

Sick Kids Foundation
The Cancer Research Institute (World Wide Cancer Research)
The Princess Margaret Foundation(Cancer Research)
The Reeve Foundation (Research Cures For Paralysis)
The ALS Society Of BC (Lou Gehrig's Disease)
Muscular Dystrophy Canada (Muscular Degeneration)
United Nations Fund
United Way Worldwide
Humane Society International

So regardless of whether it is a purchase of The Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Our Own or A Lady's Prerogative, twenty five percent of the proceeds will go into a fund that it evenly divided amongst the aforementioned charities. At Shhhh! Digital Media these are issues that are close to our heart. We've always felt that the world is made a better place by reading, watching or experiencing a point of view from which we might learn something. This is a way of taking the time investment that readers, viewers and gamers give to our products and putting it towards real world applications related to the themes involved in our media. In the future we may expand upon this by adding charities that match the themes of our content.

The Tales Of The Sanctum mod for Skyrim and the Butterfly Dragon Experience for Unreal Engine 4 will be entirely free upon release.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy your experience here at Shhhh! Digital Media and that you too Shhhhine at your endeavors.

Chief Media and Executive Officer
Brian Joseph Johns