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Abstract Aural Expansion Online Radio

(requires VLC, WinAmp, Windows Media Player or similar streaming audio player)

Let's face it, music sets the mood to just about every experience we have in life or at the very least is a big part of it. Much of The Butterfly Dragon series, A Lady's Prerogative, Stories From The End and Welcome To The Pleroma were created with these online stations as the aural atmosphere.

Maschinegeist Radio
Ambient and experimental radio with deep field transmissions.

Anima Amoris Ambient
Pulses, Beeps, Pads, Ambrosia for the soul.

CBC Online Radio
News, radio series and music.

A Canadian presence in radio and broadcast bringing Canadian content into the age of convergence along side the talents of nations from around the world.

Production, Workstations And Audio Visual Technology

Any creation is only possible as a result of the tools used to create it. Often, those who create those tools are the unsung creators of many paradigms. Who created the hammers and tools used to build some of the greatest architectural accomplishments? Who created the chisels from which many sculptures were rendered? Who created the fine paint brushes that etched oil and water colour upon canvas? Who created the harpsicordspianos or violins which afforded us many great works of composition and music? Who created the Harp, Guzheng, Shakuhachi through which many great epic motifs were written in the East and West? Who created the guitars which founded rock and blues music? Who wrote that software that was used to render or paint that digital image? Who wrote the software and VST synths that enabled the modern digital DJs and MCs to conduct symphonies of emotion and feel much like the conductors of old for millions of dance and trance lovers world wide? Who put that film together into a two hour experience that takes our breath away? Everything that we create requires the use of tools in one form or another and they are as much a part of the process of creation as is the artist. Here are some of those who've played a part in our creations at Shhhh! Digital Media in one way or another through tool making or inspiration.

Live Production And Streaming Solutions

Serious about broadcasting and production? Videolink IS Advanced Non-Linear Audio Video 3D Workstations. Youtube Professional Broadcasters, behold the future of live switching/editing/streaming and NLE video. A place of creative innovation and inspiration.

Create Stunning Visuals With Daz3D Software And Assets

Much of the graphical 3D rendering and scene composition that makes up the artwork and scene concepts for The Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative were done with Daz3D. It combines an award winning software with an asset library and tools which enable the creative freedom to compose just about anything that you can imagine should you be willing to put in the effort. When combined with other tools such as Newtek Lightwave3D, Autodesk Maya, SideFX Houdini or Blender it is a powerhouse.


Adobe is the foundation of image editing in any production pipeline with Photoshop. Compositing is a dream with layers, effects and blending in just as many ways as you can imagine imaging.


Rapid Multi-Device Application Development tools including Delphi, RAD Studio, C++ Builder,  and RAD Server.


Operating systems and software to take your imagination into the future. Much of The Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative was produced on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and finally Windows 10 Professional.

Newtek Lightwave 3D

Lightwave3D is the complete suite of award winning modeling, scene composition and rendering software present in the toolkit of every television and blockbuster production. Its intuitive user interface and state of the art renderer make it the tool of choice for many 3D artists. We miss you too flay.com.

Wilmap's Digital Creations

A 3D digital asset site for Daz3D created by a 3D outfit modeling sensation. There are numerous outfits and props for Genesis, Genesis 2, Genesis 3 and the new Genesis 8 figures. Many of the outfits worn by the characters in The Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative were designed by this artist.


A repository of 3D and 2D assets encompassing a large artist's community. Some of the props used in A Lady's Prerogative (such as Bella's veil) were created by Arki, a fellow Renderosity 3D artist. Much of Athandra Rithyani's upcoming design will combine artwork by Wilmaps and Arki as well.


Another asset archive combining 2D and 3D assets into a search engine, database and forums. I'd certainly recommend the 3D artwork of Ghastly and many others there.

Science And Speculation

The objective quanta of reality needs to be understood in order for the material parts of our being to survive, though it begs the question: is objective reality the point of intersection between the collectively subjective? Perhaps Science can help us find half the answer.

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Mythology, Mysticism And Magic

Any sufficiently advanced technology would appear as magic to other technologically underdeveloped civilizations. Mythology often depicts our past archetypal heroes overcoming the challenges of the then present, while mysticism and magic is how we often label what we cannot quantify objectively. Does that make it any the less real?

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Martial Arts

Shaolin Temple Qanfa Institute Toronto - Traditional Chinese Martial Arts - Perhaps You'll find your own Sifu Jinn Hua forming the basis for the Butterfly Dragon technique which is a hybrid based upon Wing Chun and other schools of Martial Arts. Wing Chun was originally conceived by a lady Buddhist Monk who developed it for close up technique versus larger and stronger opponents. She grew her school of Martial Arts by besting Kung Fu trained opponents who then would seek her training. Exercuse techniques include the Butterfly Kick, a multi-opponent take-down.

Aikido Tendokai - Traditional Japanese Aikido - Part of the original Bujutsu and Samurai Curriculum as revived by Morihei Ueshiba O' Sensei. Part of Mishima Sato Sensei's history prior to meeting Barris Windsor in the fictional world of A Lady's Prerogative. Aikido despite it's controversial techniques has been proven in life or death combat having endured three hundred years during Japan's Feudal era. It is currently innovating and redefining itself in the age of Mixed Martial Arts.

Eagle Tae Kwon Do - Traditional Korean Martial Arts based upon on of the four guardians. Early Korean Martial Arts are rumored to have been developed by the spread of the first Buddhist traditions originating from India under (Siddhartha) the Buddha Gautama seeking perfection of body and mind. Strength and stamina are hallmarks of the Korean Martial Artist tradition. Just ask the "Tiger".

Goju KarateDo (Goju Ryu) - The original Okinawan Martial Art drawn from Chinese Shaolin Martial Fighting Arts. Goju Ryu literally translates in English to Hard/Soft Warrior. Following the Kyu system of progression Goju Ryu was another Martial Art derived from the original Samurai unarmed Curriculum.

More coming soon...

History And Culture

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In this fast paced age of multitasking, time management and the home office, there is more demand for effective relaxation techniques. ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is one of them. Often delivered in the form of role play, it is specifically designed for relaxing brain tingles.

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Cosplay Art

Make believe is perhaps one of the eldest arts stemming from our ability to create situations that potentially never occurred from which we can learn without the risk of possible harm from really experiencing such a situation. Often those who inhabit such created worlds often become our heroes, a reflection of those who perhaps really did something to inspire us all. It is through make believe that we play homage both to such heroes and our own imagination through artistic interpretation. Theatric Costume Arts are one such medium while Cosplay is certain it's modern incarnation.

Yaya Han

Perhaps one of the early innovators of the cosplay phenomenon if not the countless Mothers (like my own) who created incredible costumes for holidays or other festivals. Certainly an inspiration for a Heylyn-like character. Someone whom I'd certainly like to see have a hand in the design of the Butterfly Dragon final costume.

More to come...

Worlds And Games

All living creatures learn from what they play. That has been a truth since the early beginnings of life on this planet. This concept gave rise to the first narrative and stories while modern technology has given rise to its latest incarnation.

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Remember What The Dormouse Said...

Remember that unless we challenge our thought process with wonder and sometimes what may seem impossible that we may stagnate. We become trapped within the comfort of thinking that we know when in fact we don't. That is because being is always in motion and never still long enough for us to come up with a solution for the be all and end all of everything. When the prior generation thinks that it has found the answer, it is challenged by the younger generation who usually rocks its foundations and renews that vigor for imagination. Perhaps the concept of growing old is better put as becoming too stationary in one's ability to entertain the improbable. Just as much as the younger generation assumes that those of old have never experienced the adventure and excitement that they have. It is time that clarifies that illusion but the older should never stagnate by dismissing that which challenges their understanding and the improbable. So as the Dormouse (and Gracie Slick of Jefferson Airplane) said in C.S. Lewis' loving classic: Feed Your Head. That statement certainly doesn't mean to use anything that may damage your body (like dangerous narcotics). Lewis' statement really means challenge your own thinking every once in a while so that you may continue to grow.

More coming soon...

 | |                       | (_)                                    
 | |     ___  _ __   __ _  | |___   _____                           
 | |    / _ \| '_ \ / _` | | | \ \ / / _ \                          
 | |___| (_) | | | | (_| | | | |\ V |  __/                          
 |______\___/|_| |_|\__, | |_|_| \_/ \___|                          
                     __/ |                                          
  / ____|                        | |          | |                   
 | |  __ _ __ ___   _____   _____| |_ ___  ___| |__                 
 | | |_ | '__/ _ \ / _ \ \ / / _ | __/ _ \/ __| '_ \                
 | |__| | | | (_) | (_) \ V |  __| ||  __| (__| | | |               
  \_____|_|  \___/ \___/ \_/ \___|\__\___|\___|_| |_|               
                 | |   / ____|           | |       (_| |    |____  |
   __ _ _ __   __| |  | (___  _ __  _   _| |_ _ __  _| | __     / / 
  / _` | '_ \ / _` |   \___ \| '_ \| | | | __| '_ \| | |/ /    / /  
 | (_| | | | | (_| |   ____) | |_) | |_| | |_| | | | |   <    / /   
  \__,_|_| |_|\__,_|  |_____/| .__/ \__,_|\__|_| |_|_|_|\_\  /_/    
                             | |                                    
  / ____| |  | | |  | | |  | | |  | | |                             
 | (___ | |__| | |__| | |__| | |__| | |                             
  \___ \|  __  |  __  |  __  |  __  | |                             
  ____) | |  | | |  | | |  | | |  | |_|                             
 |_____/|_|  |_|_|  |_|_|  |_|_|  |_(_)                             
 |  __ |_   _/ ____|_   _|__   __|/\   | |                          
 | |  | || || |  __  | |    | |  /  \  | |                          
 | |  | || || | |_ | | |    | | / /\ \ | |                          
 | |__| _| || |__| |_| |_   | |/ ____ \| |____                      
 |_____|_____\_____|_____|  |_/_/    \_|______|                     
 |  \/  |  ____|  __ |_   _|   /\                                   
 | \  / | |__  | |  | || |    /  \                                  
 | |\/| |  __| | |  | || |   / /\ \                                 
 | |  | | |____| |__| _| |_ / ____ \                                
 |_|  |_|______|_____|_____/_/    \_\