The Broadcaster is: Intermittently Broadcasting.

There's no schedule. I'll basically broadcast randomly as I see fit until I get organized enough to stick to a broadcast schedule.

After all, spontineity is one of the great spices of life and I like it spicy!

I don't exactly have the best equipment, the best studio and certainly not the experience needed to do this well but I'll do the best that I can with what I have. Perhaps for those interested it might be a way to see a little bit more about the guy who writes the stuff you find here.

After all:

  • I'm not being remotely controlled by an Earth bound collective consciousness while I'm siphoning the intelligence of real world scientists and philosophers through the electrical field generated by the internet or from others around me in person.

  • Myself and other people are not becoming possessed by free roaming spirits each of which embody different qualities of personality, that jump around from body to body at night as the result of a global game of spiritual musical chairs that results in people tracking down these disembodied spirits the next day by stalking and harassing the people they presume to be possessed within society.

    These statements of course are not in reference to Hinduism which believes that every 1000 years, evil spirits are released from a vessel within which they'd been trapped and begin inhabiting people. The great part about this belief regardless of whether or not its truth, is that the only way to get rid of these evil spirits is to do good things, acts of kindness and love because these evil spirits despise goodness.

    Also I am not referring to Shintoism in any kind of hostile or disrespectful way because the difference in Shintoism to what I'd referred to above is that disembodied spirits generally can only be found in Shinto Temples, in Japan itself (the only place of which I know where authentic Japanese temples exist though some might exist in pocket Japanese communities in countries foreign to Japan). In such temples it is considered a great honour to become inhabited by such spirits as they are representative of the best of Japan's ancestry and in some cases represent benevolent deities as well as bringing good luck to those who visit the temples.

  • I'm not a Satanist or Gnostic despite having a fascination for ancient knowledge and speculation though I am possessed of enough mind to know that just because something was written thousands of years ago, that does not make it any more wise or truthful than if it was written today. In fact, much of what was written thousands of years ago in many cases contains hints at how far we've progressed in terms of our regard for human rights. That includes how far we've come in terms of Women's Rights and Children's Rights. The rights of those whose gender or sexual orientation in history likely resulted in castration, sterilization or death. We still have a long way to go, but knowing what some people believed about the nature of our origins really tells a bigger story about how they regarded people in general, often with Women being regarded as little more than animals or sinners while men were regarded as the progeny of the gods. The irony in that belief is that men have nipples, which are completely useless to our gender however on a woman they are part of the nurturing cycle for our young. In order for nipples to have become a part of the human anatomy, they'd have had to developed on women first which means that women came first. Not men. Men came from women, not women came from men. Women were probably forbade from writing or even iconography as well, so much of our ancient knowledge comes from the point of view of men though this is not the case in all parts of the world. There are parts of the world where the use of iconography was allowed by both sexes from very early on in organized civilization.

Other things to note are that I do in fact have good dental hygiene and the vast majority of my original teeth, so if my front portrait cam suddenly becomes a nostril and oral cam, you will be spared much visual agony.

I could stand to lose a little bit of weight (I've gained about twenty pounds since I first setup my web presence on Google putting me roughly at 180 lbs). I'm working on that part but at 51 years old its a bit more challenging than usual. Ironically as little as a three years ago I was actually quite fit, training in Akido (I've also some Goju Ryu, Goju Jujitsu Ryu training too) while working a temporary contract as a landscape labourer. A great paid workout.

Some advice. As you get older you need to be more cognizant of your consumption and your exercise and don't let any group of people bully you into hiding inside all the time unless of course you're in prison or jail. If you aren't in prison or jail, don't let any group of people swap your identity with that of someone else who is in prison or jail. The kind of scumbags who'd do that to someone deserve no freedom of their own.

Warning: watching someone code or write is most often less exciting than watching paint dry, though there can be a bit more drama. Unless of course you spot a drip trail in the drying paint, then that's really exciting because drip trails on dry paint are a pain in the arse to fix.

My room mate who is in fact a Cat might make an appearance from time to time if it suits her fancy or if she can be bribed with food/treats/live rodents/shrunken humans/Gary Larson comics.

For an archive of my previous broadcasts and other footage see my very disorganized YouTube Channel.

And no Llamas were harmed during the filming of these broadcasts.

Brian Joseph Johns

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