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This page is intended as a space where I share some of my ideas with regard to games and gaming. This includes concepts and nearly complete plans as well for things that I'll likely never get to work on, or my current works in progress. I'd rather share good ideas that I might not be able to reach than not to see them find their way into games created by someone else.

It all starts with an idea but the work that goes into making that idea a reality is immense and a commitment to all involved to say the least. So the idea and concept is where it begins and is essential, but it only opens to the door to the immense work to come.

If you do decide to use any of the ideas that I'm not working on, maybe a mention of credit, linking back to this website and with my name: Brian Joseph Johns at Shhhh! Digital Media or a shoutout and link will suffice. Please and thank you. ;-)


Paragon Ball

Suggested Build Engine: Unreal Engine

Players: 1 - 8

Playfield: Football sized arena with a half length football field? Goal post on either end similar to soccer nets. An audience maybe if time and resources allow?


Two teams battle it out on a football field trying to score on the other team's goal. Players are evenly divided between two teams. 

Each player has a group of minions that they are able to command for various tasks to assist in scoring goals or blocking other players on the opposing team. The "ball" is an energy ball that is passed from player to player or player to minion or minion to player at field level (no arced throw for direct passing). The ball may be intercepted by other players, minions of either team. Goals are scored when the ball is thrown into the opposing team's goal zone.

Players have special abilities unique to the character the player has chosen. Minions may attack the opposing team's players or minions whenever the opposing team is in possession of the ball. Players may attack the opposing team's players and minions any time during play using their special powers.

Special powers are advanced with points that are earned during gameplay. The more points a player earns, the more they can advance their own powers or their minions capabilities during the game. These powers are not retained between games and must be advanced during the game being played.

Minions are divided into several types: Receivers, Blockers and Drivers much the same as in a football game. Minions can be ordered quickly by the player to run to a specific point to act as a receiver. To block a particular player on the opposing team (Blockers). To run forward in a direction and spread out distracting the opposing team's blockers (Drivers). Minions in possession of the ball can be instructed to throw to the closest player or the player with the best direct line of sight. Minions can also attempt to score goals too, though they are much less skilled at this than players.

Any player in possession of the ball can be attacked by the opposing team. They will remain on their feet until their stamina is reduced to 0 (zero) at which point they collapse and the game proceeds from that point of play. There are no downs like a football game so game play can go on for some time though generally it is quick paced.

If a player attacks an opposing player who is not in possession of the ball and reduces that player to 0 stamina, the attacking player suffers a penalty and is removed from play for 1 minute. Stamina begins to slowly recover after 5 seconds of not receiving damage until it is fully restored.

The game ends when a set amount of points had been achieved, or when a set amount of time has passed.

Advantages to development:

High quality Paragon assets freely available for Unreal Engine including characters, minions and  announcer. Small playfield. Simple game and network mechanics.

Why am I not developing it if it's so good?

My skills with Unreal Engine are very limited and the learning curve is a bit steep though negligible. Busy with other projects too.


Unnatural World

Suggested Build Engine: Unreal Engine or Unity3D

Players: 1 (possibly more)

Playfield: Open world natural wilderness setting from Earth


Exactly as it sounds. An ecosystem contained in an open world playfield whereby every animal in the world has its own AI motivated by what is required to survive.

Each animal also has a name and can reproduce if it is able to find a mate. The offspring grow up to become the next generation of whatever animal they happen to be. Predators survive by hunting and eating prey. Herbivores survive by eating vegetation according to their dietary needs.

Each generation evolves ever so slightly, making each generations parameters either greater or lesser in terms of their abilities.

A player can observe the world and play God by introducing new animals or affecting the weather. Players may also at any time jump into the body of an animal and control it, helping or hindering its survival. Basically an open world ecosystem that would have educational value and foster respect for the planet's dwindling natural environments.

A tree graph is maintained of heredity and geneology for each animal. A history is recorded for events involving the world as a whole which can be view post game.

The game environment can be run continuously or in sessions indefinitely.

Advantages to development:

Inexpensive assets may be purchased from either the Unreal Marketplace or the Unity3D asset store that include many species from the animal kingdom complete with animations. The open world could theoretically be automated and parameterized meaning that each game could be generated before hand according to the player's settings.

Why am I not developing it if it's so good?

My skills with Unreal Engine and Unity3D are very limited and the learning curve is a bit steep though negligible. Busy with other projects too.


Campers Versus Roamers

Suggested Build Engine: Unreal Engine or Unity3D

Players: 2 - 8

Playfield: Combat map levels geared towards open spaces with varying cover much like PUBG or Fortnite


Two teams fight for domination of a battlefield level, scoring points for kills against other players.

One team are the Campers. Campers can either be artillery operators or snipers. Snipers simply have a sniper weapon which they fire at Roamers and so long as the sniper player does not move or change position, they remain much more difficult to spot.

Artillery players are composed of two elements. An artillery cannon which the player must setup at a secret location somewhere on the map. Artillery cannons have a high but limited range and burst radius. Once the artillery cannon is setup the player must find a safe spot from which to spot for their artillery cannon to fire at players on the roamer team. As long as players on the camper team aren't moving, they are very difficult to see (perhaps half opaque or something similar in nature to hide them). Artillery strikes are fired by the camper players against the Roamers, incurring points for every kill.

When Campers move, their location is completely visible to line of sight. When Campers have been moving for 5 seconds or more, their location is revealed on the world map until they stop.

When a Camper makes a kill, all of the other Roamers are notified of the kill and the location from which the kill came. In the case of Sniper Campers, their direct location is revealed to the Roamers on the world map. In the case of the Artillery operators, the location of the Artillery Cannon is revealed to the Roamers.

The Roamers on the other hand are only armed with a variety of direct fire weapons. Roamers are more difficult to spot as long as they remain moving. If they stop, they're fully visible. If they stop for more than 5 seconds, their location is even revealed on the world map.

When a player is killed, their life count is decremented and they return to play after 5 seconds. Once they've lost 3 lives, they are removed from play completely.

Scoring involves the surviving team winning. The winning team scores half upgrade points for their kills and full reputation points while the losing team scores twice the upgrade points for their kills and half the reputation points. That way a player learns from their losses as much as they do from their wins much like real life. Reputation points though do lead to better upgrades for the players, so winning is encouraged. There is nothing that can be unlocked by losing that isn't easier to get to by winning so as to balance out gameplay and to encourage competitive play.

A combination of reputation points and upgrade points can be used to improve your player's character by advancing the powers of their weapons and their movement speed, accuracy, camouflage etc. The more improved your character, the more improved your characters chances at victory.

Reputation points unlock new abilities while upgrade points are used to purchase those abilities.

Artillery operators are also armed with a handgun in case they are cornered in close combat. They're still pretty easy pickings but at least they have a small chance of evading death at the hands of the roamers.

Artillery barrages begin with one large explosive shell being launched to the location targeted by the Artillery operator. As the Artillery operator upgrades their abilities, they have the option to upgrade their Artillery cannon as well with new shells, multiple shells and further range. Reload times after firing the cannon take between 3 and five seconds. The explosive power of the shells make up for this slow rate of fire as being near the area of impact is enough to kill a player.

Snipers may upgrade their equipment with silencers and more accurate scopes. They too are armed with a handgun sidearm in case of close combat. At their highest level of upgrade the sniper may deploy a remotely operated sniper gun emplacement. This emplacement isn't silenced but acts as a perfect decoy to keep the sniper's real location hidden.

Advantages to development:

Potentially inexpensive in terms of assets as there are many first person assets available on both the Unreal and Unity3D marketplaces. Relatively simple rules and gameplay that can be implemented with minimal code and/or blueprints. Network code as simple as any multiplayer FPS.

Why am I not developing it if it's so good?

My skills with Unreal Engine and Unity3D are very limited and the learning curve is a bit steep though negligible. Busy with other projects too.


A Lady's Prerogative: The Mod

Suggested Build Engine: Skyrim or possibly a future Elder Scrolls Engine.

Players: 1 (maybe more depending upon the Elder Scrolls tech)

Playfield: Open world fantasy


The mythos of A Lady's Prerogative finds it's way into an open world video game of Skyrim.

Characters and factions from A Lady's Prerogative books and stories are moulded into Skyrim gameplay with the Midspace and the Sanctum being the headquarters of the forces of Lyra.

An advanced magic and advancement system that integrates Skyrim's progression system into the world of Wytchcraft and Sorcery.

Includes all of the factions from the books and stories plus many more that have yet to be written about, including the The Order Of The Tao, The Shape Ghosts, the Pillars Of Solomon and Sages Of The Shrine.

Addon areas and new locations including Alivale, Mila's home, West View, Sharlesbury, the Midspace and Sanctum and the Haven of the lost (from A Lady's Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth).

A chance to join any of the factions from the books including the Order Of The Night Wytch, Order Of The Aerth Mother or even the forces of Lorr.

Custom scripted spells for many of the different Orders including custom spells for Mila's own Order Of Aetherial Artistry.

Be tested by the Order Of the Night Wytch in the maze. If you can survive while passing their tests you will become a full member of the Order.

Play beside Barris whose special abilities are humour and dialogue.

Learn the wisdom of ages directly from Mishima Sato, who might insult you nearly so often as he praises you.

Meet Shaela's Shadow Cat. If you're on the side of Lorr, then get eaten by Shaela's Shadow Cat.

Witness Nelony Ardbloem's finesse with the creatures of nature as they assist her in combat.

See Mila turn Norbids into chickens who then are thrown skyward to return to their natural form only to be killed by the fall.

Learn from Mila how to turn a farm of wild life into a hellish team of monstrosities from Dante's Divine Comedy and many other works of art and literature that will fight for you.

Witness first hand the life cycle of a Shadow Cat.

As a Night Wytch, summon your own Shadow Plane Protector from a variety of Shadow species, including Shadow Warriors, the second most successful predators in the Shadow Plane next to Shadow Cats.

Spells that will have you laughing again and again.

Advantages to development:

Skyrim Special Edition engine is proven technology with many resources for development including an object oriented scripting language (Papyrus). Modular development. Minimalist in terms of external resources. Allows for player to mod visually to their hearts content so they can build the experience they choose with the rules and modifications that ALP brings to their game.

Why am I not developing it if it's so good?

I am developing it. These things take time and a fair bit of planning. An old version of the A Lady's Prerogative Mod is available on Steam for download with the original Skyrim. All new development and releases will be for Skyrim Special Edition. The version I've linked to includes some of the Spells from Order Of the Night Wytch and Order Of Aetherial Artistry. You'll have to check it out for yourself but suffice it to say that its come a long way from that, though I've no recent releases to prove it! Patience is a virtue.

Brian Joseph Johns
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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