The Butterfly Dragon

"Butterfly, Butterfly in the field. How much sewn and what's your yield? 
With thread your game your fate is sealed by what you wear you've no repeal.
Know your heart, mind held within, for even naked you begin.
What you wear can speak your soul, yet root be found within your whole.
For you are you despite your wear. You come first then colors bare.
Colors speak your heart's content. Your honesty, your soul's repent.
They accent you but don't define, the inner you your own design.



What Different Eyes See November 2016 by Brian Joseph Johns

Once upon a time there had existed a bridge between which the members of two ancient tribes would find middle and common ground for their mutual betterment. Norler and Alicia set out on a mission to rebuild this bridge utilizing the allegory Medical Science and Eastern Medicine to break down the barriers between the West and the East. They call upon the help of some of their peers, including Professor Bryce Maxwell and Heylyn Yates to rebuild the Silk Road through a special fund proposal that will make Cancer treatment available to everyone on a per need basis. They've got to convince the East to join in on this effort. The spiritual sequel and successor to A Full Glass, A Piano And The Disappearance Of Time.

Practice Makes Perfect

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