Martial Arts Revolution
With the growing interest in Mixed Martial Arts has the sport matured to the point where it can challenge the authority of martial arts tradition directly? Perhaps there is more to this idea than may first be understood by asking that very question.

The God Question
Do you believe in God? That is an age old question that has permeated the minds of human kind throughout history and is a question whose answer given has likely many times led to the death. So what makes that question a boundary? In this article I'll be exploring the nature of that question and social boundaries in society.

The Learning Game
Video games have overcome the burden of their often clich├ęd stigmas to arise as indisputable educational tools of the future. Here's a list of those games that help you learn real world knowledge.

The Return Of VR: How Games Save Lives
Virtual Reality is finally here after thirty years of speculation about its possibilities. Read about how it is beginning to change lives.

Another Simple Medium for Relaxation
ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is the phenomenon in the human body that sometimes might otherwise be called fascination. The phenomenon remained nameless in the west for years and now a new generation of artists are using it to help a modern society learn to relax.

From Harmless To Elite: A Thirty Year Journey Through The Stars...
Elite, an incredible video game written by visionaries David Braben and Ian Bell thirty years ago (as of 2014/2015) brought the galaxy to home computer users back in the days where 32 kilobytes was a lot of RAM for a computer to have. See how this incredible ground breaking software has returned in the modern age of multi-gigahertz CPUs and dedicated 3D hardware graphics.

There's a story in our skies and it can be found in the constellation's names. An example of how civilizations leave epithets related to their own myths and history in the stars.

Habitat For Adventure: Habitat For Humanity
My adventure volunteering for Habitat For Humanity. This was taken from the same post on my original blog: Poetry And Fiction.

Stand Up For Others And Yourself
What are the biggest hurdles to the rights of others and where did our rights as people in society come from? How did we arrive at this place and time? In our lifetime as with the lives of those who came before us, each generation encounters a hurdle with regard to a group of people and the limits imposed upon them by society. How does that come to pass and how do we come to change that?

The Social Language Of Colours Imagine a world where you had to buy every word that you could use to communicate with others. Our vocabularies would be directly linked to our finances. Maybe we already live in that world?

Social Radicalization: Side Effect Of Something Else? In Toronto and around the world, we've been experiencing attacks often directed against the civilian population by solitary radicalized perpetrators. Perhaps it is time to really examine the truth about what is making these attacks possible.

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