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Secrets From Shhhh! Digital

This is for my readers and especially those who've been around from early on. Sometimes some people close to me get privy information about me that would seemingly put them in my bias which I can assure is not the case. Only in the case of those who express no abuse or vitriol of character towards others and myself. From me for certain they'll earn treatment of the like.

This has always presented a challenge, for my bias is certainly towards those for whom I have a heart and many of readers are amongst that group of people. Those who lack the malice to reduce a person to being nothing more than a shadow of others. Those who choose not to spread abuse but rather inspiration. Vitriol is rewarded with the like as is love and compassion. Be assured, they're not controlling me. They themselves are likely being controlled by a group of people who compete for that control of them and most of whom are likely narcissistic egotists and tenebrous ones for those of you in the know. Easily thrown off by the colour symbolism they try to enforce upon others.

So with that said, here are some secrets related to the characters that my readers have come to love (and hate) and everything betwixt (as per Shakespeare). We are complex creatures that we should seek pain to sooth our sins. Mostly the conditioning of those who wield ideology in such a way as to control others. To my readers, be good to yourself and not because you read and possibly support my works, but because you deserve it. Don't be hard on yourselves.

These secrets are for you.

Quite Simply, The Secrets

Mila Rendebelle is allergic to wool.

Before civilization started to collapse, Rysalin changed her name from Rosalyn in order to throw off the pursuers sent by her abusive husband to track her down. She was smart enough to know that changing the second letter and first vowel in her name to the least common vowel, the letter that makes her name unique would be enough to throw off most computer searches for her name.

Trent is generally a simple man with simple fantasies. He envisions women in much the same way that any man who regards the wholeness of women as being the key to fulfillment. As a result, he spends more time focusing on his idealization of women rather than his own sexual fantasies.

Barris Windsor is deathly afraid of chipmunks or anything that looks like them.

Shaela Sheowellyn's favourite song is Dazzle by Siouxie And The Banshees. A Goth band from a few generations before her time. Sometimes when she's alone at home and under the influence of a bottle of wine, she'll turn off all the lights, crank the stereo and dance her heart out to the song. Before she does so she often casts a sound muffling spell that prevents any sound from reaching her neighbours.

Mila Rendebelle's favourite musical artists are Katy PerryTaylor Swift and the Japanese band Monoral. Nelony Ardbloem's favourite musical artists are Sarah McLachlan and Ed Sheeran. Shaela Sheowellyn's favourite musical artists are Dead Can Dance, Siouxie And The Banshees and Nine Inch Nails. Yirfir Lacharme's favourite musical artists are Celine Dion and Edith Piaf .

When Brad Stanton was just 21, he killed an assassin whose target was British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcherwith. He killed the assassin with his bare hands seconds before the attempt upon Margaret Thatcher's life. The assassination attempt against Margaret Thatcher was contracted by Idi Amin who ordered the hit based upon her interference in his plans for genocide. After the successful completion of this operation he was transferred to Operation Fortress where his education as an Electrical Engineer was paid for entirely by the Canadian RCMP and the Joint Task Force as part of a NATO committment to a plan to prevent internal insurgency within countries of the G5 of the time.

Heylyn Yates loves sexual control. She really likes being in charge of any sexual encounter and she's only had such an encounter with one man. She loves being on top during love making though she's still attracted to confident men absent of misogeny or the mistreatment of women.

Monique Defleur in her past has had a secret relationship with another woman, cheating on her boyfriend during that relationship as a means to escape his abusive controlling nature and his attempts to exploit her sexually for money. When he'd heard about her being hired as a model he only redoubled his efforts. He was later arrested by Police during a human trafficking investitation in which Heylyn and Monique were operators.

The Nomads formed up shortly after losing command and control contact with Canadian Emergency Services and the American FEMA program in Stories From The End. The union used their contact network to zone an area of operation, dividing up according to regional districts under the command of a senior union official in their corresponding area. They work to enforce local post war emergency. Wendy, a senior fire fighter in the Niagara region was the most senior member of her union and ended up as Commander and Chief of the Nomads, a large outfit who operate throughout the Great Lakes region of Canada during the collapse.

Brad Stanton would have refused taking part in the operation to apprehend Meng Wanzhou despite Canada's treaty obligations with the United States. Instead he would have petitioned his "handlers" to allow him to investigate the legitimacy of the charges against her on the grounds of corruption and conspiracy to create a conflict with Iran in order to bolster the war based economy rather than operating according to United Nations Security Council operational guidelines which are geared towards preventing armed conflict.

Mila Rendebelle's parents are Japanese (her mother) and Austrian (her father). Her name is a combination of their family names. Mila's mother's maiden name is Ren. Mila's father's family name is Derbelletristik which translates in Austrian to mean "Of Fiction". Combined, they make up her full name of Mila Rendebelle which if typed in full would be Renderbelletristik.

Dean Foller is a hero of the Afghanistan war. He was awarded a medal for Meritous Duty that he never received though the press were used to promote the war by reporting on his award. During the operation that resulted in his selection for the medal, his entire unit was killed by opposing forces. He lost his faith in what he was protecting and began pursuing what he perceived as internal corruption in the command structure. This resulted in his dealings with Eastern European Organized Crime as a free operative assassination specialist. He was the operative that received the hit order that Rysalin and Trent stumbled upon during their "honeymoon".

Heylyn Yates' (aka Ai Yuanlin Ying) father is a world reknowned architect and how he was able to relocate to Canada from GuangZhou, China to Toronto, Canada with relative ease. In tribute to both his new home and former home, he designed community centers for both countries. As a result, his citizenship was fast tracked and he was given dual Canadian/Chinese citizenship honoured by both countries. In many trying times of diplomacy between the two countries, he has been asked on occasion to assist and even moderate discussions, fully aware and understanding of both cultures.

Nelony Ardbloem was born in London although her parents are Norwegian.

Trent is a big fan of Carl Gustav Jung though he (like myself) ultimately believes that Carl Jung was likely manipulated on many aspects of his Psychological Theory of Sychronicity by the tenebrous ones of Gnosticism. Especially on the grounds that he was likely so close to the truth of reality, hitting upon concepts that are a part of the oldest forms of mysticism in the world and the precursors to all religion. Trent believes that many artists have been trying to expose this fact to us all since the beginning of recorded history and that our recordings of history have been manipulated to hide this. Trent though, is not a populist. He believes the wool has been pulled over the eyes of the rich and the poor and the inbetween equally and very strategically by those trying to keep us from enlightenment.

Jasmer McCavanaugh is very firm in his ideas and his concept of what is right for society. That is why Lorr, the last Power Lord selected him as a target for conversion during the fall of the first Sanctum.

Yirfir Lacharme loves to be in charge and believes her philosophy to reflect that of the New Sanctum but she secretly harbours a fantasy to be overtaken and controlled by Jasmer, even aggressively. She loves the gentleman that he is but longs for that animalistic lust to overcome him in his pursuit of their sexual encounters.

Heylyn's Mother, like Heylyn is a direct descendent of the line of the Butterfly Dragon, a group of Warrior Monks who protected the "Gem", a child of great importance during the upheaval in the Song Dynasty. They believe that the Gem will return every 500 years and carry a message of hope and inspiration for humanity though if the Gem should die before that message is delivered, it might possibly signal the great cleansing of the world. A world wide scourge involving an eradication of all life but the most innocent.

Mishima Sato once courted a Geisha who was considered a possession of a powerful Yakuza clan. In order to retain the right to court her, he was obligated to take part in Yakuza operations to pay her debt to the Hakase of their clan. He did so until she was freed from her debt and obligation, taking over her ownership. In a Japanese ceremony he formally returned her ownership to her own family and restored their honour to the clan. For this he has been named the Kyūsai-sha of her family. She has since married and even became an owner of land with her new husband, enjoying her new found freedom.

Evan Edwards met his wife by saving her from a raiding party sent by Oliver Cromwell to secure Royal districts in support of Royal rule in Cardiff. Evan was a Cavalier in one of Cromwell's raiding parties and upon seeing his future wife, took up stance to protect her even from other members of Cromwell's Ironsides. Evan protested the justification of killing civilians, even against his Cavalier leadership who reported directly the Oliver Cromwell. Evan stood his ground and eviscerated the second in command of the Ironsides, protecting his would be wife in the process. Oliver Cromwell saw it as a sign from the lord and enlisted Evan Edwards as his second in command of the Ironsides.

Evan Edwards was disgusted with the clergy and sought a balance between the rule of Royalty and Parliament and a separation of Church and State. From that point he swore never to draw a drop or Royal blood in the conquest of peace in England. As a result, Evan Edwards was regarded as Royalty for his courage during the reign of King Charles I. King Charles Conscripted the Colonization Act which saw Evan Edwards becoming an Officer of the English Empire in the charge of the English Law Offices of the North American Colony of the Western-Sharlesbury Accord with the Aboriginal peoples by way of the Americas treaty. During the events of A Lady's Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth, Evan Edwards fulfilled his duties, playing a very important role in protecting Women and citizens from the Wytch hunt.

Barris Windsor has a very intense love of Mila's armpits, chest and hips. Especially that curve between her abdomen, hip and thigh. He especially loves watching her undetected while she is unaware though he is deathly against the infringement of her privacy and would protect it with his own life. Mila, being a sister of the weave knows this of Barris and often teases him secretly when she has the chance. Exposing herself in ways that drives him to lust after her further. Perhaps that is the secret of the balance of their immaculate love life?

Nelony Ardbloem, being a very sexually repressed woman long had a secret sexual fantasy of controlling Barris into a sexual encounter, without Mila's awareness. She often explored this fantasy during her dreams which led to the first chapters of A Lady's Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth. After the events of ALP2 she has gained the confidence of her ancestor sister, Nelony Theearin. She often seeks to lure confident men into her wiles. If they aren't confident, she often takes it upon herself as part of her Aerth Mother heritage to teach them in the art of confidence and pleasure and to further their nurturing, respect and love of women.

The Aerth Mother existed long before the Sanctum though she is only one manifestation of the Universal Anima and Animus within the Sanctum. Her grace is celebrated by those of the Order Of The Aerth Mother, to whom she is their primary Goddess and their source of power for the weave of magic.

Dragon Butterfly worked as a Japanese adult film star, during which she consumed the energy of her adult film co-starts via her Weltherwithsp alter-ego Witherwyrm (Souruītingudoragon in Japanese) who lives by consuming human souls. Each new tattoo she gains represents a living spirit she's consumed and as of Butterfly Dragon III, her body is covered from head to toe with tattoos. She originated from pre-Three Kingdoms China where she worked to keep Asia in a constant state of conflict until the Butterfly arrived. Heylyn believes she can liberate Dragon Butterfly from this circle of the old ways while Weltherwithsp and Witherwyrm have their own plans to draw up the destiny of humanity.

Mianamor Selembrosi was a former student of Thara Lansmore, the current Matron of the Order Of The Night Wytch. Mianamor specialized in magics concentrating on controlling colonies and hives of creatures from the Shadow Plane. In the Shadow Plane, even Shadow Cats, the Shadow Plane's most deadly predator, fear the hives and colonies of Shadow Insects.

Dean Foller though very much a thorn in Stanton's side, once slit the throat of a man who tried to sell him the sexual services of a twelve year old woman. Once Foller had committed this act, he gave all of his pay, combat and secret operations pay to the woman, which amounted to enough for her to start her own respected and legal business in Thailand. Much like Stanton, Foller is a very respected operative in the Far East of Asia. Foller is an all or nothing kind of person. He shares more in common with Stanton than he or Stanton is willing to admit.

A Japanese cosmetics company has vested interest in the Butterfly Dragon through lineage, hence Hiro's interest in Heylyn and his undying support of her through his cosmetics firm. Their belief is supported by local Shinto Sexualists who believe that spirits are transferred via sexual acts. Hiro, being a Shinto purist hopes to protect Heylyn whom he believes to be his sister from the efforts of this: Naga Shinto San movement.

Alomera Zek is five feet seven inches tall. He often sits on elevated chairs that amplify his height. Those who've met him in person never speak of his height, though many have immediately been reminded of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Families in the South Americas used to sell their daughters to the Zek Women's Foundation in the hopes they'd find a suitable candidate to meet Alomera Zek's requirement of bringing his genome up to average world height by the year 2020. Although Mr. Zek did on many occasions engage in sexual exploits with the women provided by this foundation, he has not produced a suitable heir.

Barris, Mila and Heylyn are fans of mixing ice cream and sexuality.

Heylyn was victimized by a racist group in high school who opposed mixed culture relationships between Caucasian persons and Chinese persons (like herself). When they found out her date for the Prom was Caucasian, they attempted to prevent the date, claiming it violated their symbolism for the colours red and brown or blue and brown even attempting to force her date to go with someone of a different culture rather than someone Chinese on the grounds it better suited to the symbolism of red brown or blue brown. They also engaged in a stalking campaign against both Heylyn and her date that included social harassment. After the Prom she reported this to the Principal who disregarded it. She then told her Father who reported it to the city council and Human Rights Tribunal. Two weeks after the graduation, the Principal was relieved of duty after an investigation. He was further barred from becoming a Principal in any other school as a result. The school's policy was changed to allow for victims of racist or homophobic abuse to file reports without the need for an official "second witness".

On Anima And Animus In My Books

The Anima and Animus are interpreted within the context of A Lady's Prerogative (The Yearning And The Learning) series of books and The Butterfly Dragon series of books as meaning the most idealized aspect of gender by the opposite gender and most often the bridge to inter-gender healing.

Eg: the healing nature of women is achieved towards men via their Animus. This does not mean that a woman's behavior becomes masculine to achieve their healing nature. It is more like an interface between the genders and one that is represented in men by the Anima.

In fact, the Animus in women is the idealized feminine from a man's point of view just as the Anima is the idealized masculine from a woman's point of view.

Often, women and men idealize that healing aspect as representative of their parents where it fits gender roles (or the accepted gender roles of each parent in a same sex parenthood). Ie a man will regard the healing component of women as being similar to that of their own mother and for women it will most often be that of their father.

This concept expands further to encompass sexuality and healing, a big part of Jungian Psychology though little discussed.

The sexual nature of the Anima and Animus becomes a generalization of the idealized aspects of the opposite gender and a projection of the sexual imagination of the healed as derived from the healer.

I've been reading Jung since I was in my early teens (since 1980). I'm 51 as of this current writing and have had a lot of time to consider what I've read since first having read it. What I've written here expresses those concepts and my accumulated understanding.

The Half Secret Of The Wyrm

Weltherwithsp is half of the operating aspect of all that is, having been a source for many Dragon legends throughout humanity including Tiamat, Jörmungandr and Níðhöggr. Karkashthrakushk as is its real name has throughout history been the opposite of the original Butterfly from the beginning of time. His potential depends upon the tireless fantasy of children. His awareness depends upon the skepticism of the ever growing maturity of civilization. His observance depends upon the misinformation of the duality by all. The less informed humanity is of the dual and polar, the more the power of Weltherwithsp regardless of which side of the fence they favour. Weltherwithsp is the culmination of all sides and is powered by the advance of any side of that duality though ultimately it favours neither side and operates according to its own regimen and plan. This duality is not a merger duality such as red/blue to become purple. It transcends the principles of the Kybalion and bifurcation. The universe is not merely a place of good or bad. Those who fail to understand that have missed the entire concept of duality. The ever simple unchanging form duality is a decoy to keep the wool over humanity's eyes. It is akin to a broken compass which appears to work perfectly. Weltherwithsp or Witherwyrm have nothing to do with the musical artist Drake or any other human being that is not directly connected with The Butterfly Dragon series of books written by Brian Joseph Johns.

Weltherwithsp, Shhhh! Digital Media, The Butterfly Dragon, A Lady's Prerogative and any other creative or intellectual works created by Brian Joseph Johns are in no way connected to any other similar work. These works were achieved by one person over a period that started from 1980. The recent incarnation of these stories and books were written from 2010 onwards, first being published in early June of 2012. I, Brian Joseph Johns am a Taoist and Buddhist and have been from 2007.

Some graphics and 3D artwork has been contributed to by outside artists and parties such as the artist's alumni of Daz3D, Amy "Ai mei" Wong and Ghastly3D of ShareCG. All such efforts are credited duly and have been since the first publishing of any such material including the works of art of the aforementioned artists and contributors.

Barris' Big Super Deep Hidden Sercret!

What. Did you think I'd reveal that? How preposterous!

Enough for now?

I hope that served you well fans. I love you. Those of you who do not seek to replace my identity or steal my history. Those of you who do will pay for it some day soon. Likely legally.


Brian Joseph Johns

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