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My Thanksgiving Day Message

Brian Joseph Johns
I originally posed this on Facebook at around 5:30 AM on.

You see, I've been attacked many times and had my identity swapped or stolen socially by people who are against my having been in a relationship with someone Mandarin Chinese because I'm Caucasian. The people who do this the most use colour symbolism and most often number themselves on what they call the "blue" or "blue brown" team. A sort of a racist group which is made up of people both Caucasian and Dark Skinned whom oppose Caucasian people being in relationships with people from Asia. Often, they fight over this concept of Africa versus Asia in terms of blood. So if you're in a relationship that violates the African side by mixing with someone of an Asian culture, you're often abused by groups of people. Usually a mix of people both Caucasian and African/Caribbean to be sure.

I completely support any mixed culture relationships involving any consenting adults so racism isn't an issue for myself as much as it is for the members of this abusive cult.

In late 2005 > late 2006 I was in a relationship with a Mandarin Chinese lady whom is older than myself. The relationship ended as a result of the stalking activity of these racists as I've described, who upon finding out about my relationship with said Woman started stalking her. Since that time I've been out trying to get justice for this situation without much luck so far. The worst I suppose that could happen is that this cult gets to her, and she denies the relationship as having taken place. In such a case I'd then have to deal with the situation legally though I'd keep her entirely out of it and expose this cult fully, including the involvement of criminal organizations that I suspect to be involved.

So I thought I'd post this on Facebook to directly address the problem on its home turf: Here's a Thanksgiving day message for you from yours truly, Brian Joseph Johns:

In China, when live theatrical performances first started happening there just after the Song Dynasty(about 500 - 600 AD) , they would use the colours they wore on starge to let their Gods know that the situations they performed were not "real", but just a performance so the Gods would know not to punish the performers for whatever happened during such performances. This tradition carried on and became the foundation of colour symbolism in modern theatre, television and film.

Unfortunately there are hate groups and cults who've taken colour symbolism to a new level. Like how they use it online to mangle the expression of things that others say to which they disagree.

Case in point: this whole thing of blue meaning "lie" or "fakery" or polarity reversal of the context of statements.

I mean aren't we as a people so far beyond colour symbolism of that kind? Not to mention if I disagree with someone else's point of view, I don't try to erase that point of view by reversing its context and getting everyone else to go along with that reversal.

So now does me saying this on Facebook mean that what I'm saying will be interpreted as the opposite of what I'm expressing?

I'm so glad that I'm not a part of any ideology that operates that way. A hate group that reverses a person's statements whenever they disagree with those statements.

You know, you really ought to get your damned compass fixed. You won't make it far with a compass that can't keep itself aligned consistently with magnetic north.

So when I say my love interest is Mandarin Chinese (which she is, and an Opera singer too with whom I've been in such a relationship prior years ago), I am not saying the opposite of what I mean. What I'm expressing is absolute truth.

So is that wrong because I'm white or Caucasian? If I say these things on a "blue" platform like Facebook does that mean I'm lying or saying the opposite of what I mean? WTF?

What does Zuckerberg have to say about this? He Married a Chinese Woman. Wouldn't this really peeve him that his platform was being used this way by scumbag racists who oppose certain kinds of mixed culture relationships like the one he's in? Please help me out here Mark. I believe in your right to be in your relationship as much as I do for myself and everyone else on this planet.

What about people denying me my own identity or forcing someone else's identity onto myself just to cover up who's saying it? What's that about? Identity is a protected right under the right to life of the Canadian Human Rights Act and much the same as the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights of the United Nations.

So does that mean when I say or do something, that someone else who is wearing my identity gets the credit (or blame) as the case may be? I hate to break it to you, but I'm not a member of any ideology that does that sort of thing, whatever it might be, so I'd advise you to give me back my identity before the *real* trouble starts.

Maybe I'll take that to the Human Rights Tribunal and see what they have to say on the issue. Then I'll take it to the RCMP just to be sure although I've already contacted them with regard to a number of issues related to that matter, including illegal eavesdropping by local criminal gangs. I'm not sure when they started running the show, but I have this feeling they're likely not going to be running it for much longer.

Breaking up relationships because someone Caucasian is in a relationship with someone Mandarin Chinese is just as wrong as any other kind of racism.

There's nothing wrong with any kind of mixed culture relationship (of any gender) between consenting adults. CONSENT and ADULT being the keywords. Nor does it make two people of the same culture whom are in a relationship into racists, unless they go about trying to prevent such relationships of others using colour coding schemes and other subliminal techniques often used by hate groups. It should be common sense. It's not like I'm advocating marrying your 11 year old cousin, and after that marriage, marrying your neighbour's 13 year old daughter. I let the RCMP deal with them and help them where need be.

I'm thankful that I live in Canada where that kind of thing isn't supposed to happen but when it does, it really gets to me.

I'm pretty accepting of most situations, but that sort of racism or violation is one that really peeves me. To think that there's some cults who use the symbolism of colours to denote what's allowed in terms of mixing culture and blood in a relationship.

If that's your belief, you're entitled to it. Nobody can deny you the right to believe as you choose. That's akin to violating your right to free thought. However, if you use your belief to violate the rights of other Canadians or Citizens of this world, then that's a legal infraction that should be investigated and charged as need be. The Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act of Canada take precedence where they contradict the actions that result from ideas expressed in religious beliefs and ideologies (in Canada).

Likewise we have a right to our statehood, which means that if we are residents here in Canada, and someone tricks us into breaking the local rules, they cannot suddenly deny us our statehood as Canadians. Ie we don't suddenly become Americans (no disrespect meant America as you seem to have fewer problems of this nature and I've friends in such mixed culture relationships who live there). That's the same deal even if we're reading this in Canada while its being served to us from the Facebook Data Center in Menlo Park, United States.

I'm free of the symbolism of colour because I choose to live that way. Its like putting your consciousness on train tracks. You're free to go forward or backward, but you're not free to go left or right unless the track goes that way. Who would want to limit the possibilities of their own thinking and life by such means? I can either be smart, or strong but not both at the same time. If I'm smart, why then would people burden my love interest with my burden or anyone else's who's smart for that matter? Who architected this way of doing things anyway, because I don't believe in it?! I don't want a Woman I love to be burdened with any crap just because of the symbols of colours? WTF!!!? She's even more free than I am dammit!

If you want to live in such a cage, be my guest, but thanks to the Human Rights Act, I don't have to live that way too. So for instance, I can be smart, and strong without having to be blue. Cripes, I could be a flavour instead, like strawberry or sugar. Or a smell. Or nothing. Don't you see? Why cage yourself or others in that prison? You might want to stop for a red light at a traffic intersection because its safer than not doing so. But does that mean that every time you see red thereafter that you have to suddenly stop? I mean its your cage haters... Have fun in it. I'm sorry but I can't stay.

Insofar as the violations, I'll just report them to the professionals at the Human Rights Tribunal and the RCMP and assist them in dealing with it however I can even if I never see my Chinese Opera singer Ex-girlfriend again. The point is that I'll do it so that if I do see her, we're free to be together and so that others don't have to live in fear of being subjected to the same thing by the kind of scumbags and goofs that would do that sort of thing.

That's how I say Thank You Canada though know who I mean when I say Canada:

I say thank you to the Women and Men who fought to define, grow and protect our Constitution, laws, rights in this country, including the rights of the indigenous people of the land which was essentially taken from them, and the rights of those who find their love in another culture different from their own because we all have the right to love, but we don't have the right to hate. 

That's actually built into our hate speech laws, but be careful you don't get tricked into violation of them by people who make it a game of trying to do so with others.

If someone's trying to push you to that point of being hateful or violent, then report it to authorities or the Human Rights Tribunal or the law.

Don't let it get to the point where it becomes a problem for everyone by doing nothing about it. These rights we have protect us ALL. Not just one group of people.

Besides, love is freedom. Hate is slavery. Literally. When we experience extreme anger, our bodies produce a combination of hormones that override our consciousness and puts us on autopilot. That's called fight or flight syndrome. So when we experience extreme anger or anxiety, we actually lose control of our body and our ability to reason. With love, there is no corresponding hormone with which we lose control. Nobody can make you love someone but you be pushed to lose the ability to reason rationally and lose control of your body. Beware of people who make that aspect into a game. They're the same people who will usually try to steal your identity or history from you and wear it like their own or try to replace your history with that of someone else. All are violations of your right to identity and life, but those rights mean nothing unless we protect them.

The kind of people who'd violate them, are the kind of people who've never fallen victim to that sort of thing themselves so they haven't the ability to empathize with how that feels. In fact, they've likely never had to fight for their own rights (or anyone else's) ever in life because their rights were handed to them on a platter, already fought for and protected. Some of these people will use your courage in doing so to fuel their life and wear it as if they took such action themselves. Don't worry too much about that because when they're faced with a real challenge they'll fold. Likely someone else will have to save them. When someone violates your rights or the rights of others under your protection, then stand up for them according to how those rights are defined by law. The United Nations is a good place to start you investigation into the history and importance of human rights.

So thank you to the Canada that defined those rights and laws and those who actually fought to protect and preserve them. I'll number myself amongst those people because quite honestly I've been one of the most verbal persons I know on this issue.

A more recent full body pic of me from this past summer
wearing my fight against Breast Cancer supporter shirt.
To the people who run away with my history or identity, time will catch up with them sooner or later. I'd hate to be them when it does.

Oh and by the way, I'm not Snow. I'm Brian Joseph Johns. I don't think he'd take my identity, so to the people who'd steal it for him and his benefit, your days are legally numbered. If you have a problem with what I'm saying, you know where to find me.

I'll post this on so you can be sure of who is posting this.

Happy Thanksgiving and Sincerity before polarity,

Brian Joseph Johns

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