Tuesday, October 8, 2019

I'll Be Out There Today Tuesday October 8, 2019 - 3PM -> 4PM

Brian Joseph Johns
I'll be out and about from 3PM today going to Parliament Street and Dundas St to cash my tax rebate cheque and to put some money down on my phone bill.

Then to Freshco at the same location NE corner of Parliament and Dundas to buy some groceries. From there to Dollarama on Parliament Street near Calton Ave.

Then likely to the LCBO to grab some wobbly pops (coolers) to have with my dinner tonight.

I'll be wearing a gray "Meraki" shirt, Military Green shorts and white runners. I look very much like my profile image today, square head and all.

If anyone has anything they want to confront me about, be my guest though that's not meant to intimidate. I'm sick of being harassed by my neighbours and some assholes in the community who want to steal my identity or swap it with that of other people.

I'm not a ghost. Im not a scientologist. I'm not a member of anything that would allow or justify such treatment. Keep in mind that most of what happens in this regard gets filed to the Federal Police. I'm not a bank robber. I'm not a Jehovah's Witness or a member of Prince Hall. I'm not a Fundamentalist Latter Day Saint or Mormon. I'm simply a Taoist and a Buddhist. Being as such does not mean that I am not willing to fight for my rights. Turning one's cheek when slapped does not mean compromising their own sense of integrity or human rights. I am also not a pimp and I don't use, buy or sell narcotics.

I don't scare easily. I'd much rather be at peace than at war, but I'm equally prepared for both.

Hopefully this recent escalation of abuse from my stalkers will end so that I may return to doing something to contribute to the wealth of the internet and the world in a meaningful way.

Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5A 3Z5



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