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Completely Disarming My Enemies

Brian Joseph Johns
Hi. I just got back from my shopping and managed to get some good food fortunately, a few Cat treats which took a bit of coaxing to get her to eat them. She finally devoured them and I'll try again with her at the end of this sentence. Good, she ate them so she's probably accustomed to them though she was probably anticipating the catnip/cheddar ones I'm certain.

So my trip shopping was another harassment fest, with the membership of this cult playing their daily game of trying to figure out by whom I was possessed today. In other words, this cult acts upon the belief that their victim is possessed by one of a multitude of different people. Its sort of like musical chairs, played by disembodies spirits (thetans?) and played with people's bodies as the chairs. So at night as far as I can figure, this cult forces these disembodied spirits out into the world and makes it a game of trying to find them all in other people the next day.

Now here's the thing. Anyone can believe anything that they want. I have no right to tell you what you can't believe because quite honestly, that's mind control not to mention that's a violation of the Charter Rights and Freedoms and the Human Rights Act. Even if I or anyone else finds it completely absurd, its your belief and its subjective, therefore it cannot be wrong or right, however it can be right to you. The problem arises when any belief is extended to the realm of action based upon the premise of that belief and where that action violates the Charter Rights of a person in this country (or in the world according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations).

So the problem isn't what a person believes because anyone can believe anything they want. Its when your beliefs inspire action and when that action results in the violation of someone else's rights that it becomes a legal matter, no matter how many people take part in that violation of rights.

That sounds pretty dandy doesn't it? Its what it is to be a Canadian but this cult is a bit more complex than just that because they're purposely trying to break people away from their own affinities and interests in favour of those of the cult members themselves because they want others to believe the victim is possessed by someone of their side of the fence rather than someone else.

Please allow me to explain.

In the Far East of Asia, there are several methods of instruction especially with regard to philosophy and martial arts and other areas that lend themselves to the methods about which I'm about to explain.

The idea is that when you commit to a set of principles and the way those principles and teachings are passed on from Master to Student, depending upon what you are learning, you are lending your very person and body to the instructor in ways that are very difficult to explain in Western culture.

The best example though are the tried and true methods of teaching in the Military. They involve a great degree of challenges for the student, especially those who do not have an internal respect for the instruction of authority. The Military (and Martial Arts both) encourage independent thought and innovation, but under the strictest set of conditions because most often, especially in Military Operations and Performance Martial Arts, it is not only the student's health that is on the line but the health of those involved in the operation or the performance. Innovation occurs at the strategic level, not the personal level when one is committed to either the Military or the Martial Arts.

The method of teaching is that the instructor breaks the student down through grueling exercises, strategic humiliation and repetition eventually finding the students' point of catastrophic failure. That point where the ego shows its over inflated sense of importance to challenge the instructor before the instructor promptly dispatches of it directly, sometimes with force. I've been there and its a very humbling experience and no matter what others believe in the sense that they can siphon that experience from someone else, the truth is that no-one can. That's precisely why instructors drill down on everyone, especially in old-school methods of Martial Arts instruction. I mean doing push-ups on hardword floors on your fists (I've been there, seen it and done it). I used to do mine prior to class on sidewalk pavement with witnesses present. 50, 60 at a time and easily when I was in my mid twenties. I kid you not. I'm 51 now. The really funny part is that the witnesses thought that was pretty impressive. Its a good thing they didn't see the guys who could 200 - 300 at a time on pavement or hardwood and considering those guys were in their forties.

When you train, you can't really mimic what you think training is going to be like by watching movies or any sort of medium. It won't prepare you because the first thing you encounter are your limits and very quickly I might add. It truly is a humbling experience and I never had a problem bowing down (low) or offering open palm or closed fist to my instructors or fellow students. I have been humbled many times and I learned from it every single time.

When your instructor has that presence of anger, they aren't trying to hurt you emotionally. They're actually using a form of Kiai as a form of instruction. They are literally borrowing your body to teach you. When they do, you can feel it and you learn much more than ever you could in other forms of training, but not every Temple, Dojo, Dojang uses this form of training, especially more modern such training facilities. The Military included though it is one of the most effective forms of teaching. In such a case you as the student are consenting to the instructor guiding your own body internally, and only those who've experienced this form of instruction will understand. They most often are from the Military, or from Martial Arts, especially those that utilize old-school methods.

These are revered forms of instruction in the Far East of Asia and are consensual between teacher and student despite the fact that when such a session occurs, the student is often overtaken by it. It takes many times of this experience before one realizes how effectively they're learning technique. Its like the instructor's muscle memory is present in the student's body. The best way to describe it. The more you experience it, the quicker you find yourself in a responsive and reflexive state. Very spry. It becomes second nature and after a time, does not require the instructor.

In the Far East of Asia this is a form of teaching that is literally a form of the transfer of ancestry and knowledge. In China this is Chi and blood. In Japan this is the spirit and Shinto. In Korea this is the concept of Thymos (the best and closest approximation I could fined to the concept in Greek philosophy thanks to a South Korean author and TBS Seoul Library television show of which I used to be a big fan actually hosting this author's book which I'd love to find in an English translation).

The concept of collective consciousness isn't actually one mind. If there were only one mind, then we would all be exactly the same in terms of thought, creativity and behavior. Training of such forms is not collective consciousness because there is no such thing. There is only individuality cooperating. The concept of collective consciousness arises as a result of the fact that most of the information flying around in our nervous system is encoded via electro-chemical voltage drops between the Axon and the Soma. This results in the production of an electromagnetic field (Chi) that when it overlaps the body of another human being is converted back into elecrochemical voltages, which are picked up by the receiving nervous system and reinterpreted as having arrived from the local body rather than a remote body. This is the same as Van Eck eavesdropping. In such a case the nervous system of the receiving body successfully interprets the information from the magnetic field of another body, it isn't consciousness. It is the interception of information. Therefore, it is like every human being can listen in on the conversations going on within one's own body and the bodies of others via bio-magnetism

So using this understanding, the people that I refer to as "cult" try to steal one person's reality and history and wear it as their own through a social competition that is a part of Prince Hall's modus operandi. This is the collective whom literally try to abscond with the history and reality of another person, by the claim that the other person's behavior is inconsistent with their own history and more like that of other persons who are more consistent with whatever is produced by that person.

In essence, the Prince Hall of popular culture (not actual Lodge initiates and members, who respect consciousness and life far more than most people are capable of as they're liberators and very empathic) are nothing more than leeches of other people's efforts who've learned of the methods to take from others via a monkey see-monkey do approach to learning. They have no morality. They prefer to wear other people's identities as their own as if they're responsible for what other people accomplish. A far cry from the instructors of Military training and Martial Arts to which I've referred. The same goes for membership of the Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn.

The real members who've gone the whole journey, are empathetic liberators of extraordinary compassion for the minds of others and the human body. They generously inspire art, literature, activism, compassion and cooperation in their places of operation. Unfortunately their efforts are often stolen by social collectives who see the results of their efforts and devise attempts through various scam to steal their victim's identities in order to benefit from their victim's accomplishments as if they were their own. Not really an attack upon ego as per Military and Martial Arts trainers but as the result of strategic theft of a person's identity and accomplishments by way of trickery and allusion.

There's a big difference. Most of what I'm trying to explain is about a group of people who steal others' efforts by abusing them until they contradict the goodness of such efforts so that such a group may credit them to someone else completely different, to fuel the life of someone who has nothing to do with such efforts. In essence, they're thieves. They steal what other people accomplish by spying, social harassment, stalking, innuendo and ignorance.

Something of which I'm not a part and never will be. I'm not a member of Prince Hall and never will be. I'm not a member of any religion derived from the line of Abraham. So that eliminates a lot of faiths. I've never stolen someone else's identity yet mine has been stolen numerous times.

I'd recommend that in Toronto that the newcomer especially with familiarity in technology watch out for the creative and intellectual property theft ring. Its a big one here and if you don't play their way, you'll likely be erased or have your identity stolen from you and someone else will wear it as if it is their own.

Perhaps the future holds something better in store for us all. Perhaps even further by laying down that line of safety and understanding, there will be progression rather than the regression of abuse by those who prefer hate to love or even those who polarize others to such a simplistic and abusive ideology if only so they can take credit for when someone rebounds from the abuse they've experienced by those who need attitude adjustments.

Fortunately in my community, the businesses for once in my life stood up for me and against harassment. Not quite enough so, but much more than before. Perhaps there will come a day in the future when hate is not love and love is not hate?

As my favourite piano players says:

Sincerity before Polarity

Here's a present for my readers. Its on my desktop. Its one of my favourite pics. Download it you like but don't violate the copyright of the Butterfly Dragon character. You can alter the image to your liking but please give credit to myself and Shhhh! Digital and yourself for your alterations. If you do alter the image, please share it and I'll credit you here!

I'll be releasing this on facebook too.

Perhaps a story is in order? BFD, ALP, SFTE or TLOX?

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