Monday, October 7, 2019

Big Changes Coming For A Lady's Prerogative And The Sanctum...

Hi again. So here's the deal with the Sanctum Of The New and A Lady's Prerogative.

First of all, I'm going to separate the Sanctum and A Lady's Prerogative from any direct link to any religion. The Sanctum is not a representation of Roman Catholicism or any religion for that matter.

It was a mistake for me to compare it to the Roman Catholic church in the first place as that just opened the doors to a whole host of problems. Specifically those associated with colour symbolism as practiced by many religious person and often misused to abuse other people or even to manipulate and control them. In fact, when I reveal information of that nature, I'm often punished by members of such faiths who operate that way.

I'm a believer in freedom, the rule of law, due process and the separation of church and state. I decided that its time that I followed that sense of core values when it comes to the comings and goings of my book series: A Lady's Prerogative (not to be confused with and her series of the same name). My A Lady's Prerogative was initially published in a school handout in the 1980s in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and online at first blog at in June of 2012. I believe that there's plenty of room for good authors and their works in the world. Even when there's a clashing of branding.

I don't have a lot of money behind me and quite honestly, I deal with more people in my locality in Regent Park trying to take my creative works and credit them to other that have nothing to do with them than most people likely do. I always credit artwork from external sources either by name or company affiliation. I strongly believe that artists be recognized and compensated where due and financially possible. Everything that individual or group in humankind has produced is the result of a multitude of gargantuan efforts by those that came before them. I work doing my writing on a computer. Computers are just one tool whose technological recipe requires a fifteen hundred years worth of discovering, technology and innovation to produce. Computers need software. That too takes knowledge and practical skills and alchemy of a different kind to produce tools. Anyone who creates in this day and age is standing on the shoulders of giants. Anyone who works in this day and age is as well and much the same. Sure, I could live in a cave and carve my stories on a wall with rocks and coal, but chances are I wouldn't be able to reach nearly as many people as the writer on a modern internet connected PC or Mac. Those tools are indispensable and the result of the life's work of many people who've long since come and gone.

So writing and publishing has been an uphill battle for me from the onset. I'm sure that had I started from a solid foundation rather than having to build my foundation from scratch, I might have more resources to put into the business end of publishing and financing and therefore publish epub editions of my books online.

Not to mention I'm the victim of a cult that believes that certain people in society regarded as being "roses" or "masons", have no consciousness of their own and borrow it from free roaming spirits that jump from body to body on a nightly basis. As well, they believe that only a certain few people have real consciousness and that its tied to particular bloodlines. Sounds a lot like the Power Lords from my A Lady's Prerogative books. Keep in mind that I am not a populist by the way. Time to get back on track with the topic of this post.

The Sanctum of A Lady's Prerogative during the last bit of writing I did for Singularity had suffered greatly as a result of my trying to include overtly, representation by every religion of which I'm aware. How that manifested in real life for myself and my existential experience of the unfettered expression of causality was very destructive. It often involved people in my community making it a game between science and religion. Then upon the winners' side of that competition, a competition between different religions or different fields of science and so on in a brutal game of bifurcation. I've experienced a lot of abuse in my life but the last six months were the worst of what I'd experienced and most of it was as a result of people locally obsessed with my efforts and creations trying to weaponize them against me and to steal them from me. That weaponization often involved religion or science.

No kidding. My neighbours believe that I am a rose, and regularly light lighters believing that they're ridding themselves of their "sins" onto anyone else who is a rose and does not have a lighter. They're abusers too, so they're literally trying to dump the responsibility for their abuse of me, onto me. So that it appears like I'm the one stealing other people's creative works  and they're the victims. First of all, I'm not Marty Shea by the way. I'm Brian Joseph Johns. I'm not Irish at all or Italian for that matter. I'm not African or Jamaican or Caribbean or South American either.

If according to their belief you were guilty of a crime and in court for your sentencing, you would only need to light a lighter in order to get off without a sentence. So literally, these people abuse me regularly and then believe that by lighting a lighter, they can make me responsible for their abuses. The same goes for others in the community involved in substance abuse. Or gangs. Or anything of a criminal nature. So this cult for lack of a better term manifested in a very horrible way shortly after I'd started A Lady's Prerogative III: Singularity. In addition, this cult in the Regent Park community denied me my own identity and this often included assistance by the Toronto Police Service as well and even some people I've known since my childhood. Religion and obsession makes people do very bad things to other people. Especially if their membership to such an ideology believes itself to be above the law or human rights. I would say that in Regent Park, this sort of thing is way out of control and is crying to be investigated by Federal Police or a Police force not affected by local dealings and politics. There's corruption for certain. It just happened to boil over at the same time as my writing of A Lady's Prerogative III: Singularity not to mention that the same cult has tried numerous times to steal my identity and my creative works with the assistance of my neighbours who very obviously have ties to organized crime. As I stated in a prior post, I'll be taking these allegations for legal counsel and to the Federal Police as well.

Not for you to worry about. However, having experienced this has changed my views with regard to many things. For one, I have stated many times that I am not a member of any religion derived from the line of Abraham. I am certainly not anti-Jewish or against anyone having the right to believe as they choose. Its all in what you do with that belief where it violates the human rights of others. When you overstep that line, you're in the area of legal responsibility for your words and actions.

Unfortunately such groups often make it into a competitive game of trying to provoke their victims into reactions against these perpetrators that make the real victim appear to be the harasser. Not to mention that finding witnesses to such abuses is sometimes rare when the members of this cult close ranks around their victims, but I've had witnesses and it does happen thankfully.

Their most commonly used weapon against their victims as far as I've seen (next to constant monitoring of their victim) is denying their victim their own identity. Identity denial. The victim's identity is often replaced with that of someone who is a member of their cult and religion so that the cult can justify punishing the victim according to the rules of that religion rather than the rules and laws of society. As stated, I'm a Taoist and a Buddhist. Often this cult swaps my identity with that of someone who is either a Jehovah's Witness or a Mormon or a Fundamentalist Latter Day Saint and a Hell's Angel. I am not a member of any of those things whatsoever and never have been and that is stated with all due respect. That means where due in accordance with the law.

Identity denial is a serious crime. In other words, the cult responsible for this crime sees their victim and knows their victim physically is not the person whose identity they're trying to apply to the victim. Yet such members of this cult treat that victim as if they are that person, along with all of their misgivings and their membership to whatever religion of which they happen to be a member. The cult uses this association to justify abusing the victim according to the rules of the cult's religion despite the fact that the victim is not a member and that violation is a violation of the law and the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act of Canada (where I live). Worse, this cult forces your identity on the basis of the symbolism of colours. Specifically those of your eyes initially and failing that, other colours associated with your being. Your hair colour. The colour of clothing you choose to wear for a day. So this cult forces identity on the basis of the symbolism of colours which once again violates the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act of Canada.

So having seen this sort of thing and lived it for quite some time, there are some changes to the Sanctum.

First of all, I'm going to rewrite most of the existing material to deal with situations in which specific religions are referred and replace the references with references to mysticism based upon the lore of A Lady's Prerogative, with perhaps minor similarities to actual forms of mysticism in the real world but no mention of or direct association with any specific religions. The Sanctum is not the Roman Catholic Church.

The Sanctum will function in much the same way as it did before. They're the keepers of truth and the purveyors of justice where due. The truth of objective existential experience or all versions of subjective experience which any members or non-members of society and existence in the Prime Plane attempts to bury or hide or change the record of, is kept within the Sanctum's own Librum Universalis Codex. It is an infinite record of the progression of events in existence in the Prime Plane of existence. Scientifically, the best way to explain it correlates with events arising from the Quantum Foam where observers are produced to yield a temporal event and branch point of reality at the Planck Scale, are preserved at Planck resolution and directly accessible by all who have earned membership to the Sanctum Of The New by way of their memories. That is, members of the Sanctum can accurately remember the events and situations of the lives of others and from all points of view even simultaneously.

Discrepancies between humankind's recorded history and the Librum Universalis Codex lead to meaningful coincidences aka signs that the membership of the Sanctum Of The New can recognize as anomalies, the kind of which were pointed out by Carl Jung and sometimes referred to as Synchronicity. These coincidences are NOT the result of other living beings trying to influence the perceived narrative of a human being by portraying coincidences knowingly to them during the casual living of their life such as real authentic Gnostics (as opposed to the fake Gnostics who wear the association of secret societies as a form of "bling" or "fashion") often do in attempt to teach or purvey knowledge to a student, but actual Quantum (or String or Brane if you'd prefer) anomalies that manifest in signalling the experiencer of causality to something being out of sync with the natural progression of things. A discrepancy between the record of the Librum Universalis Codex and the memory of all observers that have existed during that point of the discrepancy. This is the underlying mechanism through which the Sanctum becomes aware of problems in society. The need for further investigation is then evaluated by a group of senior members of the Sanctum, who then organize and assign a roster to such an investigation.

The Sanctum are NOT Gnostics. The Sanctum are NOT Freemasons or Rosicrucians or any particular secret society that currently exists in our reality nor does to my knowledge the Sanctum copy the operation of such secret societies or ideologies. The Sanctum do keep ties to some worldly organizations such as the United Nations as consultants and sometimes in very rare cases to investigate even the most upper and lower echelons of society and all in between.

Also, the Sanctum is not perfect. There are people within whom have their own beliefs, ideas and purposes in life and sometimes those areas of being conflict with one another. Sometimes the lure of power and its misuse is too great for any one member to resist. There are others outside of the Sanctum whom are aware of it and of the fact that it is the repository of truth and history for all of the existence of the Prime Plane who they know that upon acquiring control of the Librum Universalis Codex, that they could completely rewrite history to their choosing in such a way that those living would experience and remember the lie rather than the truth. A very dangerous power for any one person to wield. Hence the stories of the Sanctum arise from this cacophony of challenges clashing with one another in the midst of a form of magic the Sanctum call "The Great Weave".

The Sanctum opposes a form of magic practiced by their mortal enemies, the Power Lords. This form of magic is based upon the purity of a blood lineage that has been incestuously interbred for nearly two hundred generations. Each successive generation yields only two children, both of whom are twins. A girl and a boy. These twins are the source of magic of the Power Lords, who are led by Lorr, the First and Last Power Lord.

The Power Lords are NOT Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Salvation Army, Satanists or any other blood-centered religion or ideology that exists in society. The Twins are not representative of Astrological twins such as Gemini (the twins) or Pisces (twin fishes) or any other Astrological or Mystical reference to twins or any other sign. The twins are not a reference to any living or deceased twins throughout the history of humankind. They are only an important plot point for the story of A Lady's Prerogative.

The Power Lords are NOT representative of any specific religion or form of mysticism in society. The Power Lords represent the temptation of absolute power and the oppression of others through servitude and the preservation of that power over others which is kept by those of the same family and genetic line. The ruling genetic line is prevented from interbreeding with anyone outside of it. It is a form of Despotism that preserves a specific ruling genome upon a society whose workers are deemed inferior and to be ruled over to protect the source of their magic power, the interbred Twins Of Lorr.

The Power Lords do NOT represent any existing Monarchy of which I'm aware. They do not uphold ideas that would put them as being in the service of others as do many real existing Royal Family lines throughout the real world who value bettering the world by the example of positive action and institution.

The Power Lords do use exclusion to prevent others outside of their line from becoming part of the ruling class or benefiting from their power. This is something that sometimes creeps into reality, where a group of people who benefit from the positive reputation earned of doing good things for others, such as "official" volunteers who prevent others from joining the ranks of "official" volunteers so that they may not benefit from the same positive reputation or even the association of Royalty by the fact that Royalty are often in the service of others. People who do this often do so in order to keep people beholden to a form of currency based upon the barter system.

One form of corruption that enables the Power Lords to rule that IS present even in modern social democracies today is the corruption of a system of barter based upon the efforts and actions of people throughout a community.

About Identity Theft

Identity is a unique identifier of a particular person who has accumulated a specific series of experiences throughout their life. The identifier, a person's name or their social insurance number, represents the means by which one can reference a record of that person's experiences in life. For instance with a person's name, you can find out about their schooling history, their criminal history, their health records and how they're socially perceived by others who knew them.

With a person's social insurance number (or social security number in the United States), you can find out about their employment and tax history and any other business dealings and registrations with the Government that person has.

A person's history has value and one person's history might have more value than another person's history. For example their credit history. A person with good credit generally has a good history of paying their bills on time and making payments. If someone wanted to take someone else's identity from them to prosper criminally, they'd likely choose the identity with the best credit score.

Much the same, a person's social reputation has value and might be more valuable than that of others. For instance if one person is guilty for a number of crimes or of being violent, and another person is regarded as being kind and peaceful, the peaceful person's reputation and history would likely be deemed more valuable than that of the violent person, depending upon the situation. For example, if you were applying for a job in an office, you would likely want the reputation of the peaceful person more so than the violent person. If on the other hand you you'd suddenly found yourself in the middle of a tough neighbourhood or community, you possibly might get by better with the violent reputation rather than the peaceful reputation though depending upon where you were and what the situations was.

If you're going to be dating, and you have a good reputation as a boyfriend from your former girlfriends and generally, you'd probably want to keep your own reputation and history rather than have someone else's.

What if a group of people in a community decided that they wanted a system of currency that allowed them to buy someone else's reputation and to wear it for a day? Most such people who wanted such a system would likely have bad reputations and bad history though not necessarily and there are many people in the world who believe that we all make mistakes in life and that there should always be opportunity available for others regardless. Sometimes some people don't want to change their ways for the better. Sometimes they'd prefer to have a history or reputation that they could wear for a short period of time in order to fool someone else or to keep their activities hidden from the law or someone else.

In such a case, in some communities there are barter systems that operate to transfer the history and reputation of one person to another person for a short period of time. Such ideologies often operate like organized crime because they even forcibly charge someone to pay for their own history, identity and reputation in order to keep it. That's actually called criminal extortion in the criminal code by the way because the extortion isn't limited to forcing a monetary payment from someone. It can be any kind of payment or the forcing of someone to do anything by implications of violence or intimidation. Regardless this sort of thing still happens. Worse, what happens if your reputation is a generally a good one, and you find yourself dating someone outside of your own culture? There are people who believe that this is wrong.

The reason and motivation for people who believe it is wrong is because they believe that when you engage in a romantic and loving relationship with a partner, you're sharing the best and worst parts about your being with them. If you have a particularly good history, or your productive, creative have qualities that would prove to be beneficial to your partner, there are people who believe that it is wrong that those qualities are shared with someone outside of your blood line or culture. This is the foundation of what racism actually is. Especially where that racism bars a romantic relationship between two people of different cultures. That's because the racists who represent one of the sides of that relationship don't want the good of their culture going to someone outside of their culture. They believe that it should only be reserved for people of their culture and blood alone.

Upon knowing that a person has an affinity for partners outside of their own culture, one could say that provides racist groups with the motives to transfer one person's reputation to another person in order to avoid the good reputation from leaving the blood and culture of that person and going to a culture outside of their group or circle. This is the primary motive for identity swapping but it gets even more complicated and much worse.

Even if you're in a relationship with someone outside of your own culture, the racism you experience as a result might not originate from your own culture or the culture of your partner at all. It might come from a culture who believes that by their culture not being included in your relationship that they are being excluded. For instance, if you're a member of culture A and in a relationship with someone a culture B, and someone of culture C decides its wrong because their culture is not receiving yours or your partners' good, they might take the action of swapping yours or your partner's identity with that of someone else.

Worse yet again, someone of your own culture A, might try to put their bad history onto you so that it becomes the burden of your partner's culture B. Of the person of culture C, might try to put their burden onto you so that their burden ends up with culture B, against whom they have a racist bias.

This sort of racism and identity swapping occurs regularly in Toronto and in Regent Park. I'm Caucasian and my love interest is someone who is Mandarin Chinese. There are people who believe that it is wrong for the good of one person to end up with the membership of Chinese culture. So rather than allow that to happen in such a relationship, they swap out that person's history and reputation and replace it with that of someone else that is most often much worse and even very burdensome to the other culture. People who regularly date outside of their own culture are often targeted in this way. Especially in the case of those who date or have dated people from the Far East of Asia.

It gets even worse. Once you've been branded by the reputation or identity of another person, you are often forced to buy another identity that isn't burdensome so that your love interest doesn't end up with that burden. So this crime involves both racism and criminal extortion and it is VERY common in Toronto and specifically to my knowledge in Regent Park.

Worse, if such a group fears you might date outside of your own culture in the future, they attempt to setup situations that compromise your good reputation and do everything that they can to create situations that make it worse because this racist group wants to transfer their garbage to other cultures, specifically those of the Far East of Asia and they want to prevent your good from reaching your spouse if her (his) culture is different from your own. Especially if that culture is of the Far East of Asia and from my experience, if you're Caucasian.

Finally, if you're a creative person such as a writer or artist and are struggling to get ahead in life, this racist group will often spy on you illegally and steal everything you accomplish via their form of identity theft and it is protected by a level of corruption you would not believe.

Most of what I've likely experienced is a result of this racist group's activities in Ontario, Canada. The way the membership of this racist group treats you is the way you react to their abuse. They believe that defines your identity and by whom you're "possessed".

So just to clarify, I'm Brian Joseph Johns. This Brian Joseph Johns and this Brian Joseph Johns and this Brian Joseph Johns and this Brian Joseph Johns and this Brian Joseph Johns (my Father is David Schindler although when he was with my Mother, Rita Johns, he did not adopt my brother Darryl or myself Brian but he is still the man I consider to be my Father).

Ironically I was nearly beaten to death on that sidewalk and actually had to be resuscitated in the ambulance (my heart stopped from blood loss). So I've been dead once technically speaking. This isn't a pity story either. It was big news when it happened. I was compared to Jesus and Buddha for having forgiven my attackers.

Later, a group of people tried to swap my identity with a friend from my own history named John Penny. They tried to apply that beating and near murder as having happened to him, and then attempted to replace my history with someone else's that seems to have involved a stint in prison and things that are not a part of my life or experiences. The same people then also tried to label me as a paedophile and having been mixed up in cocaine, which is something I've never tried in my life. As I've stated, this is a racist cult that if you have dated outside of your culture, they'll do everything they can to destroy your reputation so that nothing good about you gets to the culture of your love interest.

I find it interesting that so many people are now making money writing theses and charging for access to them online to read a story about my near death beating in the early 1990s. I'm certainly not trying to get famous from this nonsense for certain. I want to earn my way to my own success rather than by getting there by pity, but when you are attacked by a clearly racist group of people who are out to steal your creative efforts and erase your existence, there needs to be some investigation into this. I don't use, buy or sell narcotics at all. I've used cannabis in my life and when I was younger experimented a bit with Mushrooms and even LSD a couple of times. I'm fortunate that I don't have an addictive personality type. I even quit cigarette smoking ten years ago, cold turkey after having smoked for 27 years. No patch or pills. Just pure willpower. I've never slept around while in a relationship or fathered children either. I've never contracted STDs. I did have a short bout with chlamydia once and was warned by the partner from whom I contracted it. Antibiotics and week later and I was healthy again.

So watch out because there is organized crime for whom this is regular practice. Ruining a person who dates outside of their culture and especially if you're Caucasian and date Chinese, Korean or Japanese, Thai or Vietnamese Women (or Men though I'm heterosexual). They'll literally ruin you.

So that's a pretty good explanation of what and why I am changing A Lady's Prerogative Sanctum and how it will be structured when I continue and eventually finish A Lady's Prerogative III: Singularity sometime over the next couple of months. I'll be starting the rewrite from the conclusion of A Lady's Prerogative III Prelude: The Debate and continuing the story from there. It will include the same characters (including the fallen Night Wytch Mianamor Selembrosi and the Order Of The Mind).

So, no more association with religion for The Sanctum. That doesn't mean that the characters don't have their own specific beliefs. It does mean that religion will no longer be a part of the story or a prominent part of any character explorations I do with the stories.

As always, I am still very much a Taoist and Buddhist (leaning heavily towards the Korean Diamond Sutra and Chinese/Japanese Zen Buddhism), though I don't believe in collective consciousness. My red shirt does not necessarily mean blood quite honestly. If it did, it would certainly mean the blood of my love interest and she'd Mandarin Chinese. I don't do hate means love or love means hate. Sincerity before polarity is my motto.

One last thing that I'll mention is that creative works and properties seem to be the new battleground for religious warfare between two (or more) competing religious ideologies or even between two (or more) people of the same ideology (such as the recent attempts to push current and former Masons into Rock 'em Sock 'em robot battles for the public's entertainment).

Over the recent years, many religious sects have purchased the rights for some of the biggest Creative properties such as DC Comics and Movies (investment from Jehovah's Witness friendly institutions) and the post James Cameron Terminator movies (whose rights were purchased by Mormon friendly institutions). Bethesda itself is also has a number of properties which favour Mormon faith decidedly.

These are examples of what has largely become a circus and is what I believe plagued the ill fated Batman Versus Superman. The gimmick story line involving a battle between two or more heroes. It worked out decidedly well for Captain America: Civil War, but Marvel has never had a single association with one particular religion or ideology. They've often represented many, though often favouring the Rose based sidedness over the Masonic if you count Masonic-Rosicrucianism amongst the ideologies that get involved in such properties. Masonry tends to be more generic favouring philosophical approaches to religious questions allowing for much more of an inclusive environment, where as many religions who operate under this idea of the battle between religions gimmick in mass media, are doing so under the guise of hate means love leaving many people in society attempting to force others against their will into the same ideology. Something to which I am very opposed.

That's because there's currently a blood centric ideology in society that believes they can mind control people by abusing them sufficiently to the point of harsh reaction. In fact, this is even backed up by some Gnostic beliefs, that if you react harshly to abuse, that you have no conscious mind. I believe that if you attack people trying to control them that way by abuse, then that means that you have no sense of moral obligation to the treatment of others and are therefore unworthy of participation in society. If you'd reverse polarity against  your victims and make them out to be the perpetrators, then the same thing. Those are people who undermine all of what resulted in this society in the first place. They're living on the shoulders of giants and undermining everything it took to get here.

Imagine if you keep one person trapped and abuse them every single day and that nobody in society does a thing to stop it. Not even the Police. They actually think its funny and quite often ignore it. Yet if you stepped back about fifty to a hundred years ago, you'd find people fighting to protect others from this kind of thing in society. Its like society suddenly started cannibalizing the means by which it is achieving the realization of Human Rights.

I get trapped in this sort of thing every single day. I have my identity denied by people in my community or replaced with someone else's identity.

This cult treats it like a competition. Sometimes I have to compete against the other ex-boyfriends of my ex-girlfriends for my own identity and reputation with them. Sometimes I have to compete with other guys in my building of residence for my own identity against other guys trying to steal my identity. So this is how people do things? Man. What a bunch of goofs completely. The people who invented this are not architects. An architect (sometimes called a speculative Mason) is an metaphorical reference to a high ranking Mason who designs the best way for society to operate. Operative Masons then go about in society making that function according to the Architect's specifications. This doesn't always involve Masons though, and the people who often mess society up aren't Masons are all. So this architecture of making people compete for their own identity every day is actually a screw up form of architecture.

The way that current architecture works is by something called the temporary tower. That's a form of fake Freemasonry whereby a community competitively attempts to build the best Architect or Speculative Mason they can before the end of the day. The person who wins this competition is then pitted against other speculatives throughout the country and the world via social media and information sharing and through collective communication (not collective mind). Its sort of like the Borg. These collectivists can hear the thoughts and words of others over a distance. It might sound crazy but its true. So this whole medium is used to build the best architect for the day before the end of the day. That's why I call them temporary towers or one day sky scrapers.

The winner of this competition then has say about how society is structured and the best suggestions are usually implemented by people pretending to be operative Masons, who essentially use the same methods, but aren't really committed in much the same way as real Freemasons to a sense of duty and goodness. So probably, this whole idea of a competition between the ex-boyfriends of an ex-girlfriend for their own identity was architected by a person who rose to the level of architecture status for the day as a temporary tower or a one day sky scraper. They then asserted that such a competition should take place and low and behold, the fake operative Masons made it so. Generally this sort of occurrence happens in the hood they're pretending to be Masons collectively by copying what they've managed to learn about real Freemasonry but without the underlying principles and the dedication to foundation and and at least a sense of balance and stability.

Also, keep in mind that the architects that come up with such architecture are people who don't want to accept the responsibility for their own actions. They'd rather those actions end up in the lap of Jesus Christ or someone else. So these are people who do NOT want to learn from their own mistakes. Instead, they want to gamble their mistakes aware so that someone else can end up with their burden while they might end up with someone else's much better identity and reputation. All without ever earning it.

The same people when they see someone else who carried their mistakes and burden for a great period of time do something to atone for that burden, then want to take the credit for that atonement on the grounds that it was their mistake. So they want someone else to carry their weight for years, then when that person does something to atone for the mistakes of the people for whom they've been carrying that weight, the person whose weight it really was then suddenly wants the credit for the efforts of atonement done by the person who really carried that weight.

So these people only want their identity when taking the credit for someone else's efforts will benefit them and get them off the hook for their mistakes, when they did nothing themselves to atone for those mistakes. They made someone else carry that weight, then they tried to steal the credit from someone else's actions when the other person tried to atone for their mistakes.

So these are cases where there is so much corruption in this way of doing things its completely sickening and all of it seems to be a competition based around different religions and competing for one's own identity so that you don't get punished by a completely different religion for something that you did not commit. Not only that, but when you understand the mistake the other person made and try to make up for it, not for them but for the people it wronged, the scumbag that made that mistake wants the credit for your atonement for their mistake.

These are people who steal the credit for what other people do and by those means. The people who do this are scumbags and filth and certainly nowhere near to being a Freemason if ever they will be.

No disrespect but I am not Italian. I've never been in a serious relationship with someone Aboriginal. I've never been in a relationship with someone named Bonnie. I've never Fathered a child in my life (ahem Clinton, Ralph, Pete, Sam, Mohammed and Haitian Yaya). I've carried the responsibility for having fathered a child and the abortion that followed despite the fact that it was not my child. I've never gotten any Women involved in smoking or narcotics or drinking.

You see, someone architected the means by which one person could substitute another person for their mistakes. In other words, some moron or idiot architected the means for the transference of a person's mistakes to another person to be used as a substitute. Often this is done as a means for the substitute to pay for the use of the blood of the person for whom they are substituting in blood centric ideologies. This is actually a form of sponsorship. The people who sell their blood that way are usually assholes, goofs and morons looking to live up life and to avoid having to pay the tab. Many of them have been convinced by their relatives or members of their religion that they are of superior blood. To them, they believe that gives them the right to rent their blood to other people but the payment is made by forcing the person buying the blood to carry the weight of the mistakes of that person. I've stated this before. This is the interpretation of "blood paid" by racists and blood centric cults.

The real version of blood paid, the one favoured by Canada and by the British, Scottish, Japanese, Chinese (though theirs includes land as well) means this:

They who defend and protect the same virtues as another group of people may have earned the right of association with said people. In such a case, it is said that their blood has been paid. In other words, by representing the same ideals as another group of people, they are allowing you to number yourself amongst them as a sibling ie a sister or a brother. That's what blood paid means. Not, rent your blood to someone by making them carry the weight of your mistakes so you can party it up, knock women up left and right, destroy your body and mind with reckless partying while someone else carries the responsibility for doing those things for you.

I've never really dated a blond woman named Jane. I did once date a lady named Jane who was part British and Italian. Very attractive Woman too but that was when I was 17 years old and she was 15. So that's the closest I've ever been to being with a Woman named Jane with all due respect. I'm 51 years old now. Oh and the Jane of which I speak, I never once did wrong by her and I'm certain that she'd agree. She is one of the few inspirations for Mila in A Lady's Prerogative, and they all are or were artists in real life.

So in Regent Park, there's a large group of people who live this way. Who live by dumping their Shhhh!t onto other people and abusing those they make carry their weight. There are also a great deal of honest businesses and shops, especially along Parliament Street between Wellesley Ave and Queen Street and True Love Cafe at Sherbourne Street and Dundas Street who are amongst the business and citizens who are working to make Regent Park a much better place, by making an honest living without scamming people or selling pirated movies or contraband tobacco or anything of that nature. They're working with the MPs of the area to improve it so that kids can grow up without that kind of a barter based economy that makes people pay for the blood of supposedly superior people by making them carry the weight of their mistakes. I tend to side with the people trying to make Regent Park a better place. Not those trying to drive it into the gutter from which is was resurrected in 2007.

Also there's people here who do colours in such a way that they want their red to be Jane and Finch. I love Microsoft by the way. Their logo is based upon an Masonic idea that represents the cornerstones as four squares. Each with a different colour. So south east is yellow. North east is green. North west is red. South west is blue. This is actually based upon a British Masonic idea but I won't get into that.

So what this cult does is it superimposes the Microsoft logo over the city of Toronto, and the colour under in which an area falls is the area representing that colour. In Jane and Finch there's the headquarters of the gang bloods at least for the Toronto area. Often people want the colour red to mean blood and as well, if it does, that means that the people with the highest representation in a given area will be defined as being that blood. Jane and Finch is populated to a large degree by one culture more so than other cultures despite being a very multicultural area much like Regent Park. But again, there is this element of racism because people want that red to represent one distinct culture rather than something like love or what have you. So doing things in that way is actually another form of racism. It suddenly excludes everyone else. Also it might be used to define red as a specific religion, usually Christianity. In Regent Park there's a lot of anti-Jewish sentiment and representation by anti-Jewish religions. That totally doesn't mean that everyone is anti-Jewish at all and by far I'd be willing to bet that if there ever was an uprising that sought to harm Jewish people, that they'd be quickly crushed by the multitudes who'd stand in their defense. The same goes for any culture. My argument with doing things by reserving any colour specifically for a specific culture is all about the exclusion of all other cultures. Likewise when a colour is symbolized as a specific religion. I'm certain that Microsoft doesn't do thing that way so I'm going to make a stand that their logo doesn't mean racism or the exclusion of any people based upon religion or culture. So I'd prefer if the logo wasn't used that way by people in my city. The same goes for any corporate logo.

So it is for these reasons that Shhhh! Digital Media and the stories I create here will remain free of specific association with specific religions, especially where it might be used to put religions down or to unfairly elevate any one religion to exclude others. I will never sell nor accept investment from the interests of religion ever. Much the same, if someone showed up with a million dollars to purchase my creative properties, I likely wouldn't take it especially if it would mean that I lost control of those properties. They're my children. They can't be bought that way unless I'm kept as their parent with the most controlling interest.

Oh and I have nothing to do with anyone with the initials KN and I've never been in a relationship with anyone named Karen. My name isn't Chuck. I've never been to prison or jail and I'm a Scorpio, but there's good and bad to every Astrological sign. That's what makes the Zodiac so interesting. Astrology might find its way into A Lady's Prerogative so long as it remains independent of religious influence in the context of a story. For instance, I do love Hong Kong, but I'll always use Mandarin Chinese Astrology when referring to Chinese Astrology for the simple reason that the Chinese Astrology in Hong Kong was forcefully changed upon their conversion to Christianity. So the sign for a Goat (my sign) was changed to a Sheep for Christianity's sake and to Christianize Chinese Astrology. Unfortunately the Goat has a bad reputation in mysticism and folklore which resulted in its use to represent the form of the devil (see Baphomet) and as a scapegoat (ie substitute).

So I will always stand with the Mandarin Chinese version of Chinese Astrology over the Christianized version to more accurately stand in line with Chinese history. There are people in Regent Park who believe that the Chinese people are the devil and the ten headed beast. The kind of people who could if left unchecked lead the world into war.

I personally believe that China will respect the rights of Hong Kong and the Christians living there. China has a history of opening its doors to religion where it did not involve coordinated effort to convert its population. This resulted in much scholarly learning between China and Europe. That all happened as a result of the presences of representation of Christian, Jewish and Muslim Scholars in China from some time just before or beyond 1000 AD. (412 AD is when the New Testament was written and 682 AD is the appearance of Mohammed and Islam). These countries learned from one another without fighting over religion like we do now. Religion was the foot in the door for the exchange of knowledge. That doesn't mean that it can't be used for great destruction. So the Sanctum will remain free of it as will most of my stories unless it is directly tied to the plot of a particular story and currently the chances of that happening are slim to none.

In the case of the Butterfly Dragon, there will be allusions to religion where it crosses over from mysticism for the plot of the Butterfly Dragon III. I can't say more.

Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5A 3Z5



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